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Best Probiotic To Keep You Regular

Are Probiotics Well Regulated

Probiotic Benefits | Top Signs You Should Be Taking A Probiotics

If you are interested, the regulation of probiotics was discussed at greater length in the previous post on probiotics for kids and babies. But here is a quick summary. Probiotics are available over-the-counter and are considered a natural health dietary supplement instead of a drug. In Canada, probiotics are subject to regulations and must have a product license. Probiotics with a natural product number , visible on the product label, have been assessed by Health Canada and are deemed safe, effective and of high quality. Next time you are at the store to purchase a probiotic supplement, make sure you look out for the NPN number as confirmation that the probiotic has been approved by Health Canada.

We Begin Developing Our Gut Microbiota When Our Mom Gives Birth

Some researchers argue that a small amount of good bacteria is transferred via the placenta during pregnancy. However, our mom mostly helps us stabilize good gut bugs from birth by vaginal delivery, initial skin-to-skin contact, and breastfeeding. This is another reason why good health before and during pregnancy is so important!

Important Features To Look For

While many moms-to-be think that all probiotics are the same , I learned that some are much better than others!

So, when shopping around, keep your eyes peeled for the following features:

  • 10 billion CFU minimum. This ensures that the perfect amount of good bacteria gets deposited into your system.
  • Multiple strains. Probiotic blends are loaded with different strains so you get all kinds of benefits from each of them, not just one main kind.
  • No refrigeration. When you dont have to refrigerate your probiotic, you have the opportunity to bring it with you wherever you go.
  • Time-released. This helps ensure you experience a steady, controlled flow of strains when your body needs balance.
  • Enhances nutrient absorption. This will benefit you greatly since youre really focused on your nutrition and vitamins.
  • Coated. Non-coated probiotics tend to leave a bad taste in your mouth, and could make you gag, especially if you experience morning sickness.
  • Easy to use. Youve got a lot on your mind when youre pregnant. The last thing you want to be bothered with is remembering to take your probiotic multiple times per day. Use a supplement that allows you to be one and done.
  • Odorless. You dont want anything that has a strong odor out of the bottle, due to your heightened sense of smell.
  • Contains vitamins. If you can find a probiotic and multivitamin together, that will save you money and will be one less supplement youll need to take.

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Considerations When Taking Probiotics For Constipation

If youre considering taking probiotics to increase stool frequency, its also helpful to evaluate any and all other factors that might be contributing to the problem.

Is there anything else you can do to influence your digestive health along with taking probiotics? If medically appropriate, see if you can:

  • Up your water intake.
  • Consume more soluble fiber that will act as prebiotics for your good bacteria.
  • Increase your activity level.
  • Ask your doctor if any medications youre taking can be contributing to constipation and if there is an alternative.

While probiotics are safe for an overwhelming majority of people, those who are dealing with critical health conditions should consult a probiotic-literate healthcare professional for medical advice.

Finally, sometimes people feel temporary side effects when they begin taking a probiotic supplement. Gas, bloating, and general stomach upset can occur as the gut microbiota rebalances.

This generally subsides after a few days but if it doesnt, here are a few tips:

  • While its best to take probiotics on an empty stomach, you could try taking your supplement with food while your body adjusts.
  • Reduce the amount youre taking and gradually increase the dose.
  • Make sure there are no ingredients in the supplement you might be allergic to, like gluten or dairy.
  • Consider trying a product that contains different strains of bacteria.

But Will Probiotics Help With Constipation

The 10 Best Probiotic Yogurts To Keep Your Gut Healthy ...

Ah, the million dollar question! Probiotics can certainly help relieve constipation, but not always. Its important to remember that were all individuals, so what works wonders for one of us may have absolutely no effect whatsoever for someone else.

Probiotics are definitely not a silver bullet for constipation and should not be treated as such. As we always say here at Happy Happy Vegan, diet is the priority.

Pills and potions have their place, but only in tandem with a healthy, balanced diet coupled with a good exercise regime.

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Swiss Bioenergetics Full Spectrum Probiotic Defence

Contained inside DRCaps capsules, the bacteria in this probiotic are particularly hardy able to withstand the acids in the stomach long enough to reach the intestines – where theyre really needed – intact.

Free from artificial ingredients and suitable for vegans, they contain 10 billion CFU so are digestive and immune system boosting. Theyve also been proven to help relieve Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms and to galvanize the gut after a round of antibiotics.

Containing 120 capsules, these should last between 6 to 12 weeks, depending on whether theyre taken once or twice a day and come in a handy carton package that can be posted through the letter box and stored with ease.

How Much Do The Best Probiotics Cost

Like virtually all supplements, pricing varies enormously from one brand to the next.

And also like most supplements, price isnt necessarily reflective of quality or effectiveness.

That said, were not usually huge fans of super-cheap probiotics.

They tend to be missing some of the things we like to see and arent always made of the best ingredients.

On the other hand, weve seen some very expensive probiotics that didnt work any better than their less expensive counterparts.

While we do go into this in our individual reviews of each product, we have noticed that many of the best probiotics fall within that $20-$30 range.

Thats definitely not cheap for a months supply, but its not exorbitant either.

There are some good products that go for less then this, and some that go for more. But in general, that price range seems to contain many of the better products weve tried.

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Boosts The Happy Hormone Serotonin

Changes in the gut microbiome can have a profound effect on hormone production and neurotransmission in the central nervous system.

But more importantly, the neurotransmitter Serotonin has an essential role in digestive health including the stimulation of the peristaltic reflex.

90% of serotonin is produced in the gut

Its also important to remember that 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut. Therefore, the more serotonin is made available the greater improvement in intestinal motility.

Studies suggest that microorganisms in the GI tract can increase the production of tryptophan an amino acid that’s converted into serotonin.

Inessa Advanced Daily Biotic


Coming in a rather suave looking bottle, these vegan capsules contain a whopping 10 billion CFU of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus – the probiotic strain thats potentially beneficial at preventing eczema.

This has also been studied the most extensively and has shown evidence to colonise in the intestine – the area where bacteria is the most effective at fighting off imposters. Manufactured in the UK, these capsules have been designed with a delayed release, ensuring they can pass through the stomach without being harmed. Youll get 60 capsules in a bottle, meaning they should last you for two months.

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Best Probiotic Supplements For Gut Health In 2021

This article was produced in partnership with Blue Ribbon Group

Due to the pandemic, people have mostly stayed indoors. As a result, keeping a well-nourished and healthy body has become challenging even for those who actively go to the gym or exercise regularly.

However, along with the efficient & best probiotics, one can still attain an immunized body and good health to push through the boundaries these rough times have given us.

With a combination of safe and beneficial bacteria, probiotics help optimize your immune system. They aid in fighting damaging bacteria and assist tissues and cells through their vital repair process. Probiotics can also help good bacteria with their natural selection and get rid of unwanted microbes that toxify our blood.

Now more than ever is the time to take care of ourselves and be healthy through proper diet and exercise. So, make sure to consume the right probiotics that will ensure sustainable immunity and everyday health.

In this article, we have provided the best and most trustworthy probiotics available and have described how each can help you achieve good health.

Md Probiotics: Best Probiotic Supplement Overall

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum is one of the best probiotic supplements of 2021 that aids in ones microbial balance. With all of its good quality probiotic strains, 11 in total, it helps protect ones immunity from harmful diseases.

This probiotic has prebiotic fibers of nutraflora, so each capsule may revitalize and help in ones health and wellness overall. What makes it even healthier and more nutritious is its non-dairy, gluten-free composition.

1MD Complete Probiotics may also aid in the fast absorption of nutrients, prevent bloating, regulate heartburn, combat irregularities in low bowel movement and diarrhea, and assist in cell immunity function.

The consumption of probiotics assists beneficial bacteria to be brought to ones gut so it can provide the support to the body to enhance well-being.

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How Long Should You Take Probiotics For Constipation

Probiotic supplementation can take several weeks to work. For this reason, you want to stick to just one type of probiotic supplement for at least 3 to 4 weeks to see if it is effective before you make the switch to something else. In the meantime, you can also introduce various probiotic foods to your diet that can also help with constipation.

Prunes: These contain a high amount of fiber per serving. The soluble fiber found in prunes is fermented in the colon and produces short-chain fatty acids that can ultimately increase stool weight. They also produce sorbitol which can create a laxative effect in a small number of people.

Apples: These are a great way to boost your fiber content and alleviate constipation. Apples contain a soluble fiber called pectin. The pectin is fermented by the bacteria and forms short-chain fatty acids that pull water into the colon and can ultimately relieve the symptoms related to constipation while also increasing the number of beneficial gut bacteria you have.

Chia Seeds: This is another fiber dense food you can introduce to your diet to help with occasional constipation. The fiber in chia is 85% insoluble fiber and 15% soluble fiber. When the chia mixes with water, it creates a gel. When this happens in your gut, it can effectively soften stool and make them much easier to pass.

What Are Some Health Benefits Of Good Gut Bacteria

Recommended by HEALTHLINE â Best PROBIOTIC Supplement 5 ...

Some benefits include healthier skin, hair, nails, better sleep patterns, living a healthy lifestyle with increased energy levels, more focused during the day while performing tasks, improved digestion, weight loss or management around the waist, heart health through prevention of dangerous diseases, cancer prevention with increased immune system functions.

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Use Of Probiotics For Anxiety

Research has shown that there exists an important relationship between our gut and our brain aka the gut-brain axis. New and exciting research has begun to take a deep look at this relationship, with some studies showing that probiotics may play an important role in not only supporting a healthy gut but a healthy brain, as well. For example, a 2017 meta-analysis looking at the efficacy of probiotics on anxiety found that probiotics significantly decreased anxiety compared to controls. More specifically, a 2011 study included in the analysis found that L. helveticus and B. longum taken in combination displayed anxiety reducing activity in rats and beneficial psychological effects in healthy human volunteers. However, the meta-analysis concluded that more studies are needed to assess the specific probiotic strains, doses, and treatment periods most beneficial for anxiety. Therefore, the analysis did not recommend specific bacterial strains.

That being said, another meta-analysis published one year later, in 2018, found that the evidence of probiotics in treating anxiety is insufficient. This analysis showed no significant difference between probiotics and the placebo in alleviating anxiety symptoms. The paper concluded that more reliable evidence from clinical trials is needed before a case can be made for promoting the use of probiotics for anxiety treatment.

Example:Probiotics SticksCFU/Dose: 3B/stick, Dose/day: 1 stick approved by Health Canada

Can Probiotics Interact With Medications

A. Probiotics are typically considered safe with most foods and medications, but they might interact with antifungals or antibiotics. You should keep your pediatrician updated about which probiotics your child is taking to prevent any possibly dangerous medication interactions. The probiotic could have an impact on which medications your pediatrician prescribes for your child.

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The Differences Between Probiotics Prebiotics And Synbiotics

Probiotics contain friendly living microbes, whereas prebiotics do not. Prebiotics contain non-digestible food particles that support the growth of friendly microbes already living in your intestines. Good sources of prebiotics include bananas, berries, flax, onion, garlic, artichokes, leeks, legumes, and whole grains. Synbiotics combine both a probiotic and a prebiotic.

What Are Probiotics And How Do They Work

The best Probiotic foods to improve gut health | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

Probiotics are are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your digestive system and overall health.

They are considered good bacteria, and they live in your body with the bad, or unhelpful kinds of bacteria.

Sometimes, the balance of bacteria gets out whack, so taking probiotics helps resolve this situation.

The good stuff overpowers the bad stuff and a healthier mix is established.

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Find The Right Age Range

Baby probiotics are meant for all babies, from the newborn stage through the toddler stage. That being said, you should check the age rage of the probiotic you choose to make sure its appropriate for your child. There are some probiotic formulas that are meant for ages 0-6 months, while others are meant for 0-12 months or 12-24 months.

Safety & Side Effects

Probiotics are generally safe for most people, with the exception of some mild side effects like bloating or flatulence in some people. However, for some at-risk people, such as infants, elderly people, hospitalized patients, and those with compromised immune systems, probiotics may do more harm than good. Therefore, it is always a good idea to talk with your healthcare provider first before starting any supplement to ensure that it will safely fit within your current health routine.

Staci Gulbin, MS, MEd, RD is a registered dietitian, freelance writer, health editor, and founder of She has been a registered dietitian with the Commission on Dietetic Registration since 2010. Staci has graduate degrees in Biology, Human Nutrition, and Nutrition and Education from New York University, the Columbia University Institute of Human Nutrition, and Teacher’s College, Columbia University. She has been a featured expert for sites including,,, and Eat This Not That.

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Q Should Men Who Are On A Diet Take Probiotics

Probiotics are likely to assist in losing weight if you eat healthily and work out as well. Probiotics may assist you in getting the most out of your meals. As a result, even when you are not eating more than you used to, you must be able to retain appropriate nutrition. Probiotics are not, however, diet pills. Overall, you cannot take supplements and end up losing weight if you keep eating the same things you have always eaten.

Consider Which Probiotic May Be Best For You

The 10 Best Probiotic Yogurts To Keep Your Gut Healthy ...

If you have digestive issues

Bifidobacterium infantis 35624 has been shown to reduce symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome like bloating, abdominal pain, and straining with bowel movements. In fact, a large analysis study found that B. infantis is the only probiotic that showed any significant benefit for IBS patients. This may be because B. infantis has shown to improve your gut barrier . Align® is the only brand with this specific B.infantis strain. This is a good probiotic for IBS. You can purchase Align®here.

For kiddos with abdominal pain or GI issues

Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG may reduce GI pain frequency and intensity in kids. Some parents also say that it helps promote bowel regularity. Culturelle® has a kids probiotic in powdered form for ages 1 year and older.You can purchase the kids Culturelle® probiotic through my online supplement store .

If you are traveling abroad

Dont let GI problems damper your vacation. Consider taking Saccharomyces boulardii a few weeks before your trip to help prevent travelers diarrhea. S. boulardii is actually beneficial yeast that has probiotic activity. Already have a case of the runs? S. Boulardii is also helpful for reducing the length of diarrhea from infections. Here is a great probiotic blend that includes 5 billion cells of S. boulardii. This may be a useful probiotic for diarrhea and/or traveling.

If you suffer from chronic constipation

If you are taking antibiotics

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Bioglan Biotic Balance Ultimate Flora

Those suffering with acne or hormonal imbalances will probably find a supplement such as this Bioglan to be the most effective at helping tame the problem. Each capsule contains 5.8 billion CFU of lactobacillus acidophilus, which aside from helping boost the immune system is also known to help soothe the symptoms of a hormonal imbalance .

There are four bacteria strains in this brand overall and each of the 30 capsules contains 20 billion live cultures. The recommended dosage is one capsule a day and being free from gluten, wheat and soy, theyre a great option for those with coeliac disease.

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