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The Human Microbiome And Probiotic Mechanisms

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To understand the role that probiotics may have in influencing health, it is important to have an appreciation of the roles of the normal intestinal microbiome . The human gastrointestinal tract is host to over 500 bacterial species as well as a less well-described virome. These microbiota form a virtual bioreactor facilitating digestion, nutrient provision and the shaping of our immune system. Our intestinal bacteria weigh up to 1 kg and bacterial cells outnumber human cells by 10:1. The bacterial genome may outnumber the human genome by 100:1. Nutritional factors including several B vitamins, vitamin K, folate, and short chain fatty acids are produced by these bacteria. Up to 10% of anindividuals daily energy needs can be derived from the byproducts of bacterial fermentation. Gastrointestinal microbiota are also critical for normal immune system development. The physiologic impact mediated by our resident microbes is substantial enough to have earned the label of other organ from some.

Beyond contributing to or modifying the metabolic and nutritional functions of the commensal microbiota, probiotic bacteria have several putative mechanisms by which they may confer specific beneficial effects. General categories include modulation of immune or sensory-motor function, enhancement of mucosal barrier function and anti-pathogen effects . Some of these mechanisms have been worked out in animal models and/or in vitro systems only.

What Do Probiotics Do

Probiotics are made up of the types of live bacteria and yeasts that live in your gut. Not all bacteria is bad the good bacteria that lives in your gut is responsible for a wide range of functions in your body, including:

  • Supplying essential nutrients
  • Regulating thinks like bile and vitamin levels
  • Helping digestion and absorbing nutrients
  • Supporting the immune system

When you eat foods that contain probiotics or take probiotic supplements, youre increasing the amount of good bacteria in your gut, which can help to fight off the bad bacteria that can cause a range of issues. Even though theres still a lot of research that still needs to be done, its thought that probiotics can help with diarrhoea, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, yeast infections, gum disease, lactose intolerance and even some respiratory infections like the common cold, ear infections and sinusitis. Its also important to know that not all probiotics work in the same way and have the same effect. Each different strain will have its own individual benefits, which is why you can find specific probiotics for women, including Optibac Probiotics for Women and probiotics for vaginal health.

We also stock specific products for men and even children. For your little ones, check out Optibac Probiotics for Babies & Children 30 Sachets.

Everyday Value Extra Strength Daily Probiotic 10 Billion Cfu 30 Ct : Grocery & Gourmet Food

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Our Extra Strength Daily Probiotic formula combines 8 types of beneficial bacteria and prebiotic FOS to support a healthy digestive system.

The unique blend includes strains that are beneficial to the immune system and help maintain a healthy intestinal flora balance, as well as lactobacilli that help maintain healthy respiratory function.

Each capsule contains 10 billion CFU colony forming units, which helps support digestive system health when taken every day. Clinical studies on the safety and effectiveness of eight probiotic strains have been conducted.

Certified vegetarian.

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They Can Increase Infection Risk For Some

Probiotics are safe for the vast majority of the population, but may not be the best fit for everyone.

In rare cases, the bacteria or yeasts found in probiotics can enter the bloodstream and cause infections in susceptible individuals .

Those at greatest risk for infection from probiotics include people with suppressed immune systems, prolonged hospitalizations, venous catheters or those who have undergone recent surgeries .

However, the risk of developing an infection is very low, and no serious infections have been reported in clinical studies of the general population.

It is estimated that only about one in one million people who take probiotics containing Lactobacilli bacteria will develop an infection. The risk is even smaller for yeast-based probiotics, with only about one in 5.6 million users getting infected .

When infections do occur, they typically respond well to traditional antibiotics or antifungals. However, in rare cases, deaths have occurred .

Research also suggests that people with severe acute pancreatitis should not take probiotics, as this may increase the risk of death .


People with compromised immune systems, venous catheters, recent surgery, acute pancreatitis or prolonged hospitalizations should avoid taking probiotics.

What Was The Inspiration For Creating Synbiotic 365

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I interviewed the Canadian founder of United Naturals about how he become interested in digestive health. He said that his initial interest in digestive health came from his girlfriend who was having life-destroying digestive issues.

He started looking into what might help her digestive health, and landed on probiotics. Laboratory testing also found that her vitamin B levels were quite depleted. And because she was having issues digesting vegetables containing prebiotics, her digestive health was further boosted by taking a prebiotic.

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Fights Allergies And Eczema

A few reviews or studies support that probiotics help fight allergies and eczema. Some people might just have been lucky that probiotics treated their allergies, but it is not the case for many people. There isnt much clarification on this subject, but some studies also show that mothers who consume probiotics during pregnancy pass better protection against allergy and eczema in babies.

Acute Onset Infectious Diarrhea

Several randomized controlled trials have evaluated the use of probiotics in acute infectious diarrhea. The data are largely from pediatric studies where both prevention and treatment were examined. Trials were conducted across the world with durations of up to 1 year. In the pediatric population, rotavirus has been the most common cause of infectious diarrhea. Data suggests that the benefit of probiotics in preventing acute infectious diarrhea is modest., Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG , L. reuteri and L. casei all have shown benefit, with an approximate NNT of 7 children to prevent 1 case of rotavirus in the child care center setting. With the currently available rotavirus vaccine in consideration, the American Academy of Pediatrics states that probiotics for preventing acute infectious diarrhea are not universally endorsed, but acknowledges that they may have a role in special circumstances. According to the US Center for Disease Control, data is not sufficient to support the use of probiotics such as LGG to prevent travelers diarrhea of bacterial origin.

The data supporting treatment of acute infectious diarrhea with probiotics are stronger. LGG is the most effective probiotic reported on to date, reducing both severity and duration of diarrhea by ~1 day., The American Academy of Pediatrics supports the recommendation of LGG early in the course of acute infectious diarrhea to reduce symptom duration.

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Complications Of Chronic Liver Disease/hepatic Encephalopathy

Luminal microbiota play an important role in the pathogenesis of both spontaneous bacterial peritonitis and hepatic encephalopathy. Ammonia produced by gut bacteria is believed to play a key role in hepatic encephalopathy. Antibiotics are employed in clinical practice to reduce severity or frequency of both these chronic liver disease complications. Lactulose, a mainstay of therapy, is a prebiotic for lactobacilli which can limit bacterial ureases.

The role for probiotics in these disorders is an area of ongoing investigation. Treatment of hepatic encephalopathy with lactobacillus acidophilus was studied as early as 1965. More recently, Liu and colleagues offered a probiotic and prebiotic mixture to 97 patients with minimal hepatic encephalopathy and observed a reduction in ammonia levels and improvement in encephalopathy. Another group found that a yogurt-based probiotic supplement significantly improved quantitative measurements of minimal hepatic encephalopathy in nonalcoholic cirrhotics. The latter group is now completing a more comprehensive trial using the probiotic LGG in a similar patient cohort.

Society guidelines and expert consensus panels do not currently support a recommendation of probiotic use for any chronic liver disease associated condition.

Possible Side Effects Of Probiotics

OptiBac Probiotics ‘For every day EXTRA Strength

Probiotics are living bacteria and yeasts that provide health benefits when consumed in large amounts.

They can be taken as supplements or consumed naturally through fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha .

The health benefits of probiotic supplements and foods have been well documented, including a lower risk of infections, improved digestion and even a reduced risk for some chronic diseases .

While there are many health benefits linked to taking probiotics, there can also be side effects. Most of these are minor and only affect a small percentage of the population.

However, some people with serious illnesses or compromised immune systems may experience more severe complications.

This article reviews the most common side effects of probiotics and how to reduce them.

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Nuzena Probiotic 40 Gut Boost+

With the recognition of well-reputed scientific authorities, Nuzena Probiotic 40 Gut Boost+ has earned a significant position in the market. A scientific research-based formula is used in this supplement.

The good bacteria present in the formula nourish digestive and gut health, and it helps absorb essential nutrients required to improve your daily routine. The supplement also fights inflammation in the body and stops harmful bacteria from causing infection. The increased immunity provides support against autoimmune diseases.

Nuzena released its probiotic supplement after getting it tested by professionals to make a strong impression on the market. All the ingredients present in the supplements are of high quality.

Since it has so many health benefits, you are advised to try it at least once to check the results yourself. You will get one months supply of this supplement at an affordable price.

Phytage Labs Replenish 911

Do you want to lose weight and maintain gut health? PhytAge Labs Replenish 911 is a fantastic option in that regard.

It is a potent supplement that contains ten different bacterial strains. All these strains perform other functions but mainly target gut health.

Moreover, the brand claims its supplement aids in weight loss. Since this supplement aids in digestion, it does not allow the body to retain fat, resulting in weight loss. It also helps by controlling food cravings at odd hours and making you feel less hungry than usual.

Not only weight loss, but the Replenish 911 is also significant for curing bloating and inflammation in the body. Lastly, it is an exceptional formula that provides balance to the gut. Due to these highly beneficial qualities, this supplement is included in our list of best probiotic supplements.

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What Makes A Probiotic A Probiotic

Definitions of the terms probiotic, prebiotic and synbiotic are provided in . This review focuses on probiotics, though some probiotics have been tested as part of a synbiotic product. Lactobacillus and bifidobacterium species are the most commonly used probiotics. However, one of the first probiotics, which is still in use, is the non-pathogenic Escherichia coli Nissle 1917 . Most probiotics were initially cultured from humans and resemble known commensal gut bacteria. However, the commensal population they resemble typically represents only a fraction of the total luminal bacteria. Saccharomyces boulardii is a probiotic yeast strain with the potential advantage of having resistance to most antibiotics.

Some Ingredients May Cause Adverse Reactions

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People with allergies or intolerances should read the labels of probiotic supplements carefully, since they might contain ingredients they could react to.

For example, some of the supplements contain allergens such as dairy, egg or soy.

These ingredients should be avoided by anyone who is allergic, as they may trigger an allergic reaction. If necessary, read labels carefully to avoid these ingredients .

Similarly, yeast-based probiotics should not be taken by those with yeast allergies. Instead, a bacteria-based probiotic should be used .

Milk sugar, or lactose, is also used in many probiotic supplements .

While studies suggest that most people with lactose intolerance can tolerate up to 400 mg of lactose in medications or supplements, there have been case reports of adverse effects from probiotics .

Since a small number of people with lactose intolerance may experience unpleasant gas and bloating when consuming lactose-containing probiotics, they may want to choose lactose-free products.

In addition to containing powerful probiotics, some supplements also contain prebiotics. These are plant fibers that humans cannot digest, but that bacteria can consume as food. The most common types are lactulose, inulin and various oligosaccharides (

39 ).

Some people experience gas and bloating when consuming synbiotics. Those who experience these side effects may want to select a supplement that does not contain prebiotics .

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Probiotics In This Product

Im very impressed with the large range of highly research probiotic strains in this product. Ill go over the dosage and individual strains below.

20 Billion CFU Per Capsule

This United Naturals probiotic has 20 Billion CFU in each capsule. And if youve downloaded our probiotics buying guide, you know that thats a great starting dose of probiotics.

This Goldilocks CFU is the highest dose I recommend to people buying their first probioticits a good dose that reduces the chance of side effects, yet its strong enough for most people to have symptomatic relief. And if someone wants a higher dose, they can take multiple capsules, spaced throughout the day.

Contains 15 Proven Probiotic Strains

This product has 15 different probiotic strains in it. Each one of these strains is extensively researched and have research supported digestive health benefits. Additionally, many of these probiotic strains also have immunity and anti-allergy health benefits.

  • B7 200% DV
  • B9 200% DV

People can have all sorts of health problems from thinning hair, all the way to extreme fatigue by being deficient in B vitamins. So I like that this product supports those aspects of our health as well.

Probulin Daily Care Probiotic

Next up, we have Probulin Daily Care Probiotic, targeting many health issues. Probulin comes up with different products for different health concerns.

However, this specific formula is a daily care supplement that solves variable issues. It aids in quick digestion, enhances immunity, boosts energy levels, and improves gut health.

Within a short span of its release, it earned a lot of attention, and it is safe to say that people loved the results. Other than this variant, all other probiotic supplements of Probulin are doing exceptionally well on the market.

On top of that, you also get a 45-day money-back guarantee. If you have any concerns with the product within the allotted time, you can return it for a full refund.

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Advanced Bionutritionals Advanced Probiotic Formula

Advanced BioNutritionals Advanced Probiotic Formula is an affordable option for probiotic supplements. It delivers incredible results at an unbelievable price, yet it is a massive competition for any big brand.

It contains 15 billion CFUs and four bacterial strains that directly affect the overall well-being of a person. After consistently using this supplement, you will notice better digestive health, gut health, increased memory, and several other benefits.

Finding such incredible supplements in an affordable price range is quite challenging. But here is an option that is reasonably priced and provides impressive results.

Good Bacteria In Your Digestive System

When and how to take an Extra Strength Probiotic

The digestive system performs a massive task of food digestion that can become messed up due to harmful bacteria in the stomach or digestive tract. You can suffer from vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and other severe issues in such cases. Probiotic supplements play a significant role in maintaining your digestive system. So, it is essential to include them in your daily diet.

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Gundry Md 24 Strain Probiotic

Gundry MD has a wide range of exceptional products for maintaining your health. All their products are vegan, caffeine-free, and dairy-free, safe for consumption.

Gundry MD 24 Strain Probiotic is a highly infused supplement and undoubtedly provides excellent results. It also contains up to 30 billion CFUs.

This formula mainly helps nourish and maintain a healthy gut and digestive system. It also reportedly helps with bloating and reduces gas. The capsules are easily swallowed and contain no unpleasant odor.

The company provides a 90-day moneyback guarantee to return the product for a full refund if you do not like it. To get the best results, you should continue using this supplement every day for an extended period to decide its effectiveness.

Best Probiotics Of 2022 The Most Effective Probiotic Supplements

Due to their many health benefits, probiotic supplements are becoming increasingly popular. People use these supplements to improve their digestion, gut health, immunity, and other benefits.

A sound digestive system comes from healthy gut bacteria, and it affects your day-to-day life, which is why it is crucial to maintain good gut health.

Several supplements claim to improve gut health to cater to the demands. There are, however, some that are better than others. Some of them contain good-quality probiotics, and others contain poor-quality ingredients.

But how can you identify good probiotic supplements? We researched and tested various supplements since we wanted to help you out. After carefully researching each product, we have finally come up with a list of the best probiotic supplements on the market.

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Dr Forumulated Men’s Once Daily Probiotic Veg Cap 30b

We dont have any additional info for this product just yet. Check back as were continually adding info about our products.

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