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Best Probiotic For Gut Health And Weight Loss

Using Probiotics For Womens Health

Best Probiotics for Weight Loss – Jillian Michaels

Taking a probiotic supplement is a great way to boost your gut health and promote overall wellness. By choosing the right probiotic for your needs, you can enjoy a range of health benefits, including an improved mood, hormone balance, gut health, and clearer skin.

To get the most out of your probiotic supplement, a healthy lifestyle is the best way to promote balance within your gut. A nutrient-dense diet, managing stress, and staying active help the beneficial bacteria in your gut continue to keep you feeling your best.

How Does Food Affect The Gut Microbiota

The food you eat plays an important role in the balance of good and bad gut bacteria.

For example, a high sugar and high fat diet negatively influences the gut bacteria and may contribute to insulin resistance and other conditions (

One of the things your good gut bacteria do with prebiotic fiber is turn it into a short-chain fatty acid called butyrate.

Studies suggest that butyrate production in the colon cannot be maintained without adequate intake of prebiotic fiber .


Prebiotics are types of fiber that humans cannot digest, but your gut bacteria can. These types of fiber provide nutrients to the bacteria that support healthy digestion and immune function.

Two Main Ways That They Use This Strategy

The first method involves adopting more diverse diets by eliminating the foods that contain a high amount of fat, carbohydrates, and sugar which include almost everything on the approved recommended list for a healthy diet.

For example, if youre going on a diet to lose weight, its not only important to cut out all of the comfort foods, but you need to eat more whole foods and organic produce as well.

The second method involves taking high doses of certain probiotics. These usually consist of ingredients like FOS , LAFA , and IPA .

These microbes are present in most people, but its believed that up to 75% of the population has excessive amounts of harmful bacteria in their bodies.

Many people believe that when you get sick, its because your body has an imbalance with the various microorganisms that make up your immune system.

By helping to restore the proper balance, these organisms can be used in a number of different ways. One of the most popular ways to take advantage of the power of these microbes is to lose weight.

Its been established that some types of probiotics can stimulate the production of good bacteria that aid in digestion, while others can suppress the appetite and increase metabolism.

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Dr Mercola Complete Probiotics

Dr. Mercola Complete Probiotics come in pill form. It contains lactobacillus sporogenes per capsule so you can be assured that it is safe to take.

It also helps promote a healthy immune system, relieve occasional constipation, reduce bloating and flatulence, improve digestion, support cardiovascular health, and improve general well-being.

Image courtesy Renew Life

What If I Don’t Want To Take A Supplement Can I Get Probiotics Anywhere Else

05 Best Probiotics for Weight Loss &  Belly Fat In 2021 ...

You sure canin fact, it might be better to get your probiotics from food sources. I would always urge people to eat food first,” says Gorinthat way, you’re getting other nutrients too, in addition to probiotic benefits.

Apovian agrees, saying that most probiotic foods are healthy foods and it certainly cant hurt to eat them . Here are a few ways to get probiotics from food:

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How To Choose The Best Probiotic Supplement

Seek out the right bacteria. General-use supplements should contain well-researched strains Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Saccharomyces boulardii have been studied the most, Dr. Rajapaksa says. If youre trying to address a specific health concern, seek out a probiotic thats been studied for that issue. Ask your doctor about strains that have been shown to be particularly helpful. Plus, be sure youre getting enough: Theres no official recommendation for how many CFUs, or colony-forming units, you need, but most supplements contain between five and 10 billion per dose.

Look for a few key extras. A good supplement has time-release technology and delivers a dose of prebioticsfibers that act as food for probiotic bacteria. The time-release technology ensures the probiotic reaches your intestine and the prebiotic component aids in absorption, says Dr. Rajapaksa. Another important extra is third-party certification seek out a seal of approval from groups like Consumer Lab, NSF International, or the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention , which ensures the product has been tested for quality, purity, potency, and ingredients.

Now that youre an expert on the best probiotic supplements, here are a few that come recommended by experts and reviewers alike.

Best Probiotic Foods For Weight Loss

Are you losing weight, or are you losing the battle against weight?

It can be utterly frustrating to see weight pile on, especially if you think youre doing everything humanly possible.

And it only seems to get harder as you age, but especially past your forties.

Think youre the only one? Far from it. According to recent stats published by the CDC, in 2014 more than 70% of the adult US population was considered overweight.

So whats the real problem then? Often times, its an aspect of health that you may have overlooked time and time again your gut health and the friendly residents living there, the probiotic bacteria.

Do probiotics help you lose weight? Many clinical studies have proven they do, and they’re undoubtedly worth adding into your diet. Try these 5 best probiotic foods for weight loss and start seeing the difference the right strains of good bacteria can do for you.

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Some Probiotics May Prevent Weight Gain

Losing weight is not the only way to fight obesity. Preventing unwanted weight gain in the first place may be even more valuable in avoiding obesity.

In one 4-week study, taking a probiotic formulation called VSL#3 reduced weight gain and fat gain in people following a diet that provided 1,000 extra calories than they needed per day .

Those in the probiotic group gained less fat, although they didnt experience any significant changes in insulin sensitivity or metabolism.

This indicates that some probiotic strains might prevent weight gain in the context of a high calorie diet. However, this needs to be studied further.


Certain probiotic strains may be able to reduce weight gain in people following a high calorie diet.

Not all studies have found that probiotics aid weight loss.

Some studies have found that certain probiotic strains might lead to weight gain not weight loss.

One recent review found that probiotics effects on body weight depend on which species and strains are used. For instance, while one strain of Lactobacillus gasseri reduced weight gain compared with a control, another strain promoted weight gain .


Not all probiotics aid weight loss, and some may even cause weight gain. The effects depend on the probiotic strain and may vary by individual.

Assume Prior To You Snack

TOP 9 PROBIOTICS STRAINS – Health Benefits of Probiotics for Weight Loss & Leaky Gut

Hunger isnt always the reason behind eating. For a great deal of people, there are a number of emotional triggers, such as really feeling burnt out or stressed, that are typically disguised as appetite. So, the next time you feel hungry between meals, take into consideration the last time you consumed. If it was less than 3 to four hours earlier, your stomach isnt grumbling, as well as youre not weak or tired, youre possibly mentally dissatisfied somehow instead of genuinely physically hungry. Maintain a journal convenient to write down every single time you find yourself reaching for some food when you recognize youre not starving so that you can acknowledge the feelings and obstruct them before they become worse.

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How Much Weight Can I Lose By Taking Probiotics

The benefits of probiotics are better known for digestive health, and for things like reducing bloating.

But as outlined above, having the right probiotics in your gut can impact your weight, and lead to healthy weight loss.

How much, you ask?

More research may be needed before accurate estimates can be made, as the amount of studies that indicate weight loss via probiotics are still limited.

That being said, a 2019 meta-analysis and review on the effects of probiotics for weight loss found that probiotic supplementation helped people lose on average between 0.25 to 0.73 kg .6

Another study found that probiotics may help individuals lose up to 1 kg of fat mass when taken regularly.7

These arent exactly dramatic figures, but when you consider that these results were from simple gut bacteria alone they become slightly more promising!

Combining several of the best probiotic strains for weight loss with a comprehensive diet and exercise program could very well help drive rapid weight loss.

A natural weight loss supplement is another way to complement a healthy diet and exercise program.

Why It Is Important To Have A Specific Strain Of Probiotic And A Prebiotic To Lose Weight

Most probiotics on the market contain correct strains of beneficial probiotic bacteria. However, even if the proper mix of probiotic bacteria are included in a probiotic supplement, theyll never be effective unless they also contain a prebiotic. Prebiotics are plant fibers that cant be digested by human digestive tracts. They move through the colon where probiotic bacteria use them for nutrition and growth. In other words, prebiotics are the food probiotic bacteria need to thrive, and create healthy guts so our bodies can achieve optimal health. These prebiotic plant fibers are found in foods like Apples, Bananas, Oatmeal, Wheat Bran, Barley, Onions, Asparagus, and Dandelion Greens.

There is a lot of misinformation about how probiotics work in our bodies. For example, although probiotic bacteria are necessary for our bodies to both achieve and sustain optimum health, they dont actually help our bodies directly, which I know sounds confusing. Let me explain. I described above that probiotic supplements require prebiotics to be effective, and heres how that process works. Probiotic bacteria feed on the prebiotics, and in the process, the prebiotics are fermented.

Reduce your cravings and jump start losing weight.

  • Acetate
  • Propionate

Your gut manufactures these SCFAs by transforming plant fibers, starches, and carbohydrates into the three SCFAs listed above. Lets examine briefly what each of these do, and how they affect gut health.




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Prebiotic Health Benefits In The Overweight Person

It is quite surprising that so much medical research has occurred so quickly in this area. So, here is what we know:

  • A predominance of good bacteria in the gut makes fewer calories than when bad bacteria are predominant.
  • There is a hunger hormone made in the wall of the stomach. Less of this hormone is made when prebiotics are a rich part of your diet. You have less hunger.
  • There are satiety or fullness hormones made in the wall of the small intestine. Prebiotics increase the release of these beneficial hormones to give you an earlier sense of fullness when you eat.
  • A leaky gut is corrected and the passage of toxins and other unwanted materials into the blood is slowed down or stopped.
  • Blood sugar control is better and there is less insulin resistance.
  • Inflammation in the gut and body is reduced.
  • Believe it or not, when a good bacterial balance is present in the gut, different chemical signals are sent to the brain via the blood stream. Positive behavioral emotions seem to occur, perhaps even changing your eating habits. Mood and emotions seem to improve. This is early but very startling research.

Best Probiotics For Weight Loss: Improve Your Gut Health And Lose Weight

ProbioSlim Probiotic and Weight Loss Supplement for Women ...

Trying to lose weight? The struggle is real. While there are no miracle drugs or easy ways to lose weight, one thing that can help as part of a weight loss plan is probiotics. Were going to take a look at the best probiotics for weight loss and how these bacteria can help you get you gut health in check and start feeling better.

As the numbers of obesity across the world continue to grow and increase, it is important to pay attention to the different diets and practices on weight reduction. Probiotics, on the other hand, have been proven by countless studies and research to promote better weight management.

In this article, we have an informative guide with detailed information on how probiotic supplements work, what the best products are and how to choose one thats right for you.

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How Probiotics Can Help With Weight Loss

If you haven’t heard of them before, let us introduce you to probiotics, the bacteria we consume through supplements and fermented foods to keep our digestive system healthy. Among their many benefits, these bacteria can improve your immune system, digestion, and heart health, but can probiotics also help you lose weight? When we look at this question, the science gets a little less clear. Here’s what we know so far.

Should I Take A Probiotic To Lose Weight

The bottom line is the scientific jury is still out on taking probiotics to lose weight. There are three main reasons why theres no definitive answer yet:

  • Most probiotic supplements on the market havent been well studied and are not regulated by the FDA. This means many commonly sold probiotic supplements may be of questionable quality or not even have any probiotic microorganisms in the bottle at all .
  • Scientists are still researching how probiotics work, as it is still unclear how gut bacteria contribute to weight gain, body fat, and obesity. There are certain factors that need to be examined, including the probiotic strain, the dose, and how long to take it. Additional factors for consideration include the persons age, baseline body weight, and birth gender .
  • While there is some good research on certain probiotic strains, there is a critical need for an increased understanding of the function of other kinds of gut bacteria and the long-term influences of probiotic supplementation on your overall health .
  • The World Gastroenterology Organisation recommends that you speak to your healthcare professional before taking a probiotic supplement to guide you to a specific probiotic strain, dose, timing, storage of the probiotic, and length of use, whether for weight loss or other health issues .

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    How Probiotics Impact Body Weight

    The methods by which probiotics affect body weight and belly fat arent yet well understood.

    Probiotics seem to affect cravings and energy use via the production of acetate, propionate, and butyrate, which are short-chain fats.

    Its thought that certain probiotics may hinder the absorption of dietary fat, increasing the quantity of fat excreted with feces.

    Simply put, they make your body harvest fewer calories from the foods you consume.

    Specific germs, such as those from the Lactobacillus household, have actually been discovered to function in this way.

    Probiotics might likewise fight weight problems in other ways, including:

    Releasing appetite-regulating hormonal agents: Probiotics might help launch the appetite-reducing hormones glucagon-like peptide-1 and peptide YY . Increased levels of these hormones might help you burn calories and fatIncreasing levels of fat-regulating proteins: Probiotics might increase levels of the protein angiopoietin-like 4 . This may lead to reduced fat storage.Strong proof links weight problems to inflammation throughout the body. By improving the health of your gut lining, probiotics might lower systemic inflammation and secure against obesity and other illness.

    More research study is required to fully comprehend these systems.

    In particular, studies have actually found that particular pressures of the Lactobacillus family can assist you lose weight and tummy fat.

    Physicians Choice Womens Probiotic

    TOP 5 Probiotics for a Healthy Gut, Improve Digestion, Reduce Belly Aches, Weight Loss Tips

    Physicians Choice makes a heavy-hitting 50 billion CFU womens probiotic supplement that focuses mostly on specific strains of Lactobacillus bacteria. Its a good option for a general-purpose probiotic thats tailored for women, and its great to see Physicians Choice specifying the exact strain of each type of bacteria used in making the supplement.

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    Culturelle Daily Probiotic Digestive Health Capsules

    Culturelle Daily Probiotic comes in capsule form. Each serving contains 10 billion lactobacillus sporogenes and 5 mg of plant-derived calcium.

    It also helps promote healthy intestinal flora, prevent occasional diarrhea due to antibiotic use or mild cases of irritable bowel syndrome, maintain general well-being, relieve occasional constipation, and improve overall health.

    Image courtesy Hyperbiotics

    Can Probiotics Help Support A Healthy Weight Here’s The Science*

    Your gut is a teeming warehouse of trillions of bacteriasome of those are good and protective while others are not. When everything is functioning optimally, your body is able to maintain a healthy balance. But it doesn’t take much to throw it out of whack.

    When the bacteria in the intestinal tract lack in volume or diversity, or the wrong types of microorganisms starts to flourish, it not only can affect your health, but it can also make healthy weight maintenance more difficult. Why? Because your gut bacteria are intricately connected with not only your digestive system, but also your metabolism and whole-body health.*

    How do you care about your gut microbiome mix proactively? A probiotic supplement that contains science-backed strains of good bacteria can help maintain or restore a healthy microbial balance to your digestive system.* These supplements deliver certain probiotic strains, such as those from genera Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, and when taken regularly, they lay down the good bugs you want in your gut, and over time, your health will thank you for it.*

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    Probiotics For Brain Health

    The gut plays a major role in your mood so much so that it’s referred to as your “second brain.” The gut and your brain communicate with each other that means psychological interventions may help with gut-related problems, per Johns Hopkins Medicine.

    And the reverse may be true as well: One small study found that taking probiotics is linked to easing negative thoughts due to a sad mood, per August 2015 research in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. And probiotics are linked to helping with symptoms of psychological conditions , per an October 2016 review in the Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility that looked at both animal and human studies.

    Taking Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei and Bifidobacterium bifidum were observed to ease depression symptoms in people with major depressive disorder in a small March 2016 study in Nutrition. More research is needed to understand this gut-brain relationship.

    Try This

    Natures Way Fortify Daily Probiotic

    This one daily capsule contains several probiotic strains .

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