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Best Probiotics For Alopecia Areata

Heres How Probiotics Can Help You Transform Your Hair Game For Good

Alopecia Areata Research Update 2020:

From being promoted as the good bacteria needed for a healthy gut in tv commercials to being appreciated for the immense health and beauty benefits they possess probiotics have surely come a long way.

Touted to help improve your gut health, probiotics can help you bid farewell to your hair loss ways and get you closer to your dream of flaunting a head full of healthy, lustrous and shiny hair. Yes, really! If youre someone who is suffering from hair loss or are noticing bald spots, then having a probiotic-rich diet could give you miraculous results. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the connection between probiotics and your hair.

But, what are probiotics, anyway?

Simply put, probiotics are nothing but live bacteria and yeasts, that are necessary for a healthy digestive system and overall health. These bacteria aid in the healthy functioning of your entire system by regulating your gut health. Probiotics can be taken in the form of supplements such as powder or pills and you can also include fermented foods like dosa, cheese, yoghurt, apple cider vinegar and sourdough bread in your diet.

What are the benefits of probiotics for hair?

Can Probiotics Assist Thinning Hair

Nonetheless, the pores and skin and the mucosal floor have hundreds of thousands of micro organism that trigger various metabolic results. The microbes play a big position in homeostasis within the gastrointestinal tract. Theres proof that signifies theres a hyperlink between microorganisms and native immunity networks with systematic results on the immune system.

The imbalance between microbial communities within the intestines leads to allergic, autoimmune, metabolic, and neoplastic points within the gastrointestinal tract.

The usage of probiotics prompts the immune and metabolic methods to revive tissue homeostasis and promote total well being. Thus reversing thinning hair by bettering the variety of wholesome intestine micro organism in your physique.

What Do Probiotics Do For Hair Progress

Hair is principally a set of lifeless protein strands, however as people, we see hair as a part of our look. Its an enormous a part of how we current ourselves to the world.

Our hair is utilized in some ways together with how we categorical ourselves, attracting a accomplice, non secular and non secular practices, and typically a job! So when hair loss happens it may possibly have a considerable impact on who were.

Probiotics promote serum lipid profiles thereby bettering peripheral blood circulate. On this case, supplementation of probiotics can profit sufferers with hair loss because it improves blood circulate to the scalp. Probiotics enhance hair thickness, promote hair progress, and reverses hair loss.

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Does Intestine Well Being Have An Effect On Hair

Theres a relationship that surrounds the enteric nervous system, the neuroendocrine-hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-axis, the intestine immune system, and the intestinal mucosa barrier. Which connects the digestive system to the remainder of the physique. Subsequently, the intestine microbiome dictates the general well being of your physique.

Elements comparable to stress, frequent use of antibiotics, poor vitamin, and different life-style behaviours are threats to a wholesome intestine. These elements have a damaging toll on the intestine as they lower microbial variety.

Research point out that theres a connection between intestine flora and immune situations. Thus affecting hair loss. Furthermore, the intestine modulates the immune system.

Whereby the intestine microbiome and the way it can modulate the immune system notably the immune-mediated cytokines that have an effect on the standing of hair progress.

Treatment Of Alopecia Areata : Revitify Probiotic Hair Growth Serum for Men ...

There is no definitive cure for Alopecia. The hair is usually regenerated on its own. The treatments make the hair grow faster and avoid recession.

Some of the most common conventional treatments for Alopecia Areata include:


The doctor injects local, infused or systemic corticosteroids to reduce inflammation and promote hair growth. Dermatologists usually use corticosteroid injections to treat Alopecia. You should repeat the procedure every four to six weeks.This method of treatment does not prevent the occurrence of new hair loss. It is only used to help hair grow back into bald areas. One side effect of corticosteroid infusions is that it can leave scars or cause atrophy on the skin after a treatment. Some other side effects include discoloration of the color of the injection, pain at the injection site, and inflammation at the injection site.


Minoxidil is a hair growth drug used to help patients see their hair grow again. It is applied topically to adults and children, spreading the drug in the area of hair loss, whether it be scalp, face or body. Minoxidil treatment is usually combined with other types of treatment. It is not by itself effective in the treatment of extensive hair loss.




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Does Celiac Illness Trigger Hair Loss

Much like IBS, celiac illness impacts the digestive system and is usually characterised by gluten intolerance. Unbeknown to many, gluten intolerance could cause hair loss particularly for these with extreme celiac illness.

Celiac illness limits the flexibility of the small intestines to soak up sure vitamins, nutritional vitamins, or minerals. The deficiency of the micronutrients can decelerate hair progress leading to hair loss over time.

The Gut / Scalp Connection

Our digestive tract is connected to all body systems, especially our immune health. These key factors affect scalp and hair health:

  • We need a good level of stomach acid to absorb many of our nutrients
  • If you have high levels of inflammation in the gut it could be driving inflammation in other parts of the body, such as hair follicles.
  • Hair loss is common among patients with IBD, but loss may be reduced in those taking certain medication.

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Diagnosis Of Real Causes & Treatment Of Alopecia Areata

  • Gradual restoration of cellular function
  • Personalized therapeutic protocols, without chemical residues and excipients
  • Treating the real causes
  • Therapeutic formulas that work alone or in combination with any other medication
  • Adopting a Molecular / Therapeutic Nutrition Plan

There are medicines and creams that doctors often prescribe to help the regeneration of hair. But most of the patients notice side effects and the only result is temporary hair growth. There are also treatments that will help you boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and to correct nutrient deficiencies that may exacerbate the situation.

Top 5 Probiotics For Hair Loss

4 vitamin supplements to help treat alopecia areata

There are different strains of probiotics. Although some of them may share certain traits they are seen as separate probiotic bacteria. The two most popular genera of probiotics are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, which are known to reside in the small and large intestine, respectively. Within those two genera, there are separate species and strains which have different properties. By the way, the human body plays host to over 500 unique strains of probiotics.

Here are our top 5 probiotics for hair loss, although these wont be consistently the best ones throughout the population. Some will respond better to other strains. However, these are thought to be useful when taken in adequate amounts. Also, these claims have not been verified 100%, so take them with a grain of salty caramel yogurt.

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Keeps Hair Woes At Bay

Consuming probiotics helps in increasing the release of anti-inflammatory T-cells, which improves the functionality of your immune system by fighting off unhealthy germs, viruses and bacteria. Therefore, a lack of these cells leads to a decrease in blood circulation to the follicles leading to conditions like alopecia areata .

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Probiotic Topical Treatments: Are They Worth It

With an increasing interest in probiotics for skin and hair health, there has been a plethora of probiotic topical treatments released on the market.

Hair masks, shampoos, and conditioners are just a few kinds.

But, are they worth it? Do they actually work?

Unfortunately, there isnt any research to review. So lets consider what we do know.

We know that poor gut health can contribute to poor immune functioning and chronic inflammation. We also know that these can trigger hair loss if left untreated.

What does this tell us? Well the fact is that probiotics are more helpful when consumed than when applied.

This doesnt mean that topical probiotics cant have their own benefits.

Topical probiotic treatments likely have other ingredients which are beneficial for hair growth.

For example, antioxidants are found in many cosmetic products. Antioxidants have been proven to fight signs of aging, and perhaps even promote hair growth .

So, whats my recommendation?

Consumption of probiotic foods if your best bet if youre looking for the most effective way to use them for hair growth.

What Are The Best Probiotics For Dogs

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Microbiome: Gut Dysbiosis Linked To Development Of Alopecia Areata


Patients with alopecia areata appear to have a gut dysbiosis not seen in healthy individuals, according to research presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology.

There have been reports of gut microbiome dysbiosis associated with autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and celiac disease. It is now clear that these events not just shape the immune response in the gut, but also distant sites and immune-privileged organs, Tanya Sezin, a doctor of natural science from the University of Lübeck and Columbia University, New York, said in her presentation.

Whether the gut microbiome may also play a role as an environmental factor in alopecia areata, another T-cellmediated autoimmune disease for which there are few available treatment options, is being evaluated at the Christiano Laboratory at Columbia University, Dr. Sezin noted. Much of the difficulty underlying the lack of an effective treatment has been the incomplete understanding of the pathogenesis of AA.

She also referred to several case reports describing hair growth in patients who received fecal microbiota transplantation , including a 20-year-old with alopecia universalis, who experienced hair growth after receiving FMT for Crohns disease.

Ioplus By Pure Horizon Niacin


Totally amazed. Thanks to all who posted their results here. Been dealing with Alopecia just what is expected for anyone, 50-100 strand per day any Dr. will tell you this. Only wish I’d dome this research earlier. Have to wear my hair in a pony with a hair piece to be comfortable in public, heck even at home . Working with Biotin, follicle cleansers/boosters, etc. Maybe sometime soon I can actually come out of the beach or pool and not be TOTALLU freaked by areas of almost total hairloss. Wish me luck. Reordering deffinately.

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The Bacteria In Probiotic Supplements Are Mostly From Cow Intestines And Cannot Optimally Colonize The Human Gut

The most typical species of bacteria in probiotic products and supplements are extracted from cow intestines, grown in large batches, and then put into long term cultures from where massive quantities of bacteria are extracted and then put into probiotics products for yours truly.Those cow bacteria cannot colonize the human gut due to different environment between human and cow guts different pH, different digestive enzymes.

When a product says that it contains live strains of bacteria, we dont know if they are in fact live. There is usually no testing done to prove that, or prove that these probiotics actually do anything positive for your gut.

So, if you have a really screwed up gut, with your biome being so severely narrow, probiotics supplementation may in fact make you feel a little better and provide that temporary relief, for a very short time. But you will not get to an optimal health point by consuming cow bacteria probiotics. And I personally wouldnt entertain the idea of taking these probiotic supplements for the long term.

Can Alopecia Areata Be Reversed With Diet


Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease. Inflammation triggers and worsens autoimmune symptoms, says Harvard Health, and many foods promote inflammation. You may be able to reverse alopecia areata, or at least calm some of its more uncomfortable symptoms, by following certain dietary recommendations.

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What Is Alopecia Areata

Frequent symptoms

Alopecia Areata or spot baldness is an autoimmune disease that involves the immune system that attacks your hair follicles, leading to hair loss. The word Alopecia means baldness in Latin. Gyroid means in patches. So, this perfectly explains this disease that results in small bald patches on the scalp and other parts of the face and body. The amount of hair loss experienced by people with Alopecia areata varies. Some lose small, round patches of hair about one quarter of the total surface area, a phenomenon which is more common. Other patients experience extensive or total hair loss.

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What Are The Best Vitamins For Hair Growth

Vitamins and mineral supplementation and proper diet prevent hair loss. A vitamin-rich diet, especially vitamin D, improves scalp health and reduces hair loss. Ingesting sufficient nutrients stimulates hair growth by enhancing the quality of your blood which boosts hair growth.

In addition, vitamin A, vitamin B, C, E, iron, selenium, and zinc are essential for hair follicle development and immune cell function. Their deficiency can have negative effects on the prevention and treatment of hair loss.

Prevents Hair Fall And Boosts Hair Growth

8 Probiotic Hair Products You Have to Try

Consuming probiotics helps to combat skin inflammation, which is a very common reaction to stress. This reduces the inflammation on your scalp to help strengthen the hair follicles and helps prevents hair fall. When you consume probiotics regularly, it helps to constantly counteract inflammation, thereby promoting faster hair growth.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Alopecia

There are two different types of hair shedding: one linked to hair damage and the other linked to decreased hair growth, or alopecia. Hair damage happens because of excessive chemical treatments, such as hair straightening, or mechanically pulling hair too hard in tight braiding or ponytails but this form of hair loss is common and different from alopecia areata. It does, however, make it difficult to notice patterns in baldness caused because hair has stopped growing.

Common symptoms of alopecia include a receding hairline. For men, hair loss typically occurs at the top and front of their heads. Women may experience hair thinning on the crown of their heads and a broadening of their hair part, but hairlines are relatively unaffected.

Excessive hair loss in the shower, clumps of hair removed when combing, or hair fall on other body parts such as eyelashes, eyebrows, and beards are also signs of alopecia.

Since alopecia is often coupled with other autoimmune conditions, any hair loss coupled with unexplained weight changes, erratic mood swings, and menstrual changes could be a sign of the condition.

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