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Sakara Life’s Probiotics Chocolate

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    How Much Does Sakara Cost

    The price of Sakara varies based on if youre a subscriber, the meal delivery plan, and the frequency of your meals.

    For example, if you choose to subscribe to the Signature Meal Program with three meals per day, five days per week, the cost of food is $70/day or $350/week. The same option without a subscription is $410.

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    Who Is Sakara For

    Sakara isnt just for those seeking relief from physical conditions or those looking for more time back in their dayits a great solution for nearly every food-related sensitivity under the sun. Tingle elaborates, Our Signature Nutrition Program is 100 percent plant-based and does not contain any gluten, dairy, or meat. Its safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, celiacs, vegetarians, and anyone looking for a baseline of healthy eating.

    The only food allergy that it doesnt address? Nuts. A lot of meals are made with nuts, or have nut-based sauces and dressings. However, Tingle clarifies, Were also able to accommodate almost all allergy requests if you are a local client within our hand-delivery zones near NYC and California. Hows that for convenience?

    Best Sakara Life Products

    The Chocolate You *Should* Be Eating This Halloween

    World, Im back on my chlorophyll water BS and all thanks to a TikTok trend . A few years back, I went through a fervent but relatively short-lived phase of chugging bottles of the stuff I loved the slightly minty taste and how it motivated me to drink water but didnt love the single-use plastic. Enter Sakaras genius solution: I put one dropper in a glass of water, stir, and voilà: Refreshing H20 with a side of health benefits. After regularly drinking the stuff for a month, Ive noticed fewer breakouts and more energy during my day, our Beauty & Wellness writer, Karina Hoshikawa, shared in her under-$100 MVP review of Sakaras Detox Water Drops.

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    Sakara Life Cookbook Eat Clean Play Dirty $29

    As mentioned above, one way to hack a more affordable Sakara Life meal plan is by picking up the founders bestselling cookbook Eat Clean Play Dirty. Featuring 240 pages detailing its most popular recipes, healthy lifestyle tips, and more, Sakara Lifes cookbook will only cost you a comparatively low $29 on the Sakara site or . Our Beauty & Wellness writer, Karina Hoshikawa, was able to cut the cost of a Sakara Life meal plan in half after she spent a week whipping up its recipes on her own from scratch. For those who are curious about trying Sakara, I honestly recommend giving the cookbook a go as a start. In total, three days of eating straight out of the cookbook ended up being $140 cheaper than the three-day meal plan, Hoshikawa shared in her Sakara cookbook review.

    Sakara Clean Boutique Discount Code + Favorites


    For all the Sakara-lovers, you know what I mean when I say theres nothing better than a shopping spree in the Sakara Clean Boutique. If youre new to Sakara then youll soon know what I mean. In fact, Im sharing a Sakara Clean Boutique discount code, XOMARISSAV, for 20% off your purchase plus a few of my Clean Boutique favorites to get you started.


    What is the Sakara Clean Boutique?

    Its a collection of Sakara extras to enhance your meal program and up level your kitchen and home think everything from teas and candles to granola and supplements. Browse around the Sakara Clean Boutique and if youre not sure where to start, let me help you with some of my recommendations.

    Sakara 10 Day Reset

    If you love to cook, are on a budget or want to recreate the Sakara recipes in your own kitchen, the Sakara 10 Day Reset is for you. Read my full review of the 10 day resetand see how I created one of the signature Sakara recipes, Zucchini Linguini, here.

    I hope this guide has inspired you to take a look around the Sakara Clean Boutique and maybe even try something new. Dont forget to use my Sakara Clean Boutique discount code XOMARISSAV for 20% off your order. This discount is good for not only Clean Boutique but also the Sakara 10 day reset, and Sakara meal delivery.

    Read my full Sakara review of the 5-Day Meal Delivery here.

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    Is Sakara Life Worth It

    As a plant-based eater myself, I am no novice to fresh food and healthy ingredients. Its an expensive lifestyle that I personally find worth it after discovering my intolerance to dairy, gluten, and meat. But, Sakara Life changed the entire game for me. Although the price is steep and the recipes are tedious, my body has never felt better . Ive been eating clean for years but, until these past five days, Ive never felt so revitalized. TMI: I have horrid digestion issues that cannot be fixed with lemon water or coffee in the mornings SO it takes a lot for me to go like a normal human being. I initially had my doubts, but after a week of eating Sakara my bloat and constipation had completely disappeared, my skin looked dewy, and I woke up easily each morning especially when I paired it all with the brands bestselling probiotics.

    How Are Sakara Meals Created

    SAKARA MEAL PLAN REVIEW | vegan what I eat in a week

    Sakara meals look delicious, but its a lot more complicated than whipping up an aesthetically pleasing plate. The framework for our Detox Level I and Detox Level II nutrition programs combines cutting-edge nutrition science, such as epigenetics and studies of the microbiome, with ancient healing modalities that have been used for hundreds of years, along with the teachings of the doctors and experts on our Science and Advisory Council, says Tingle. Even more impressive? Sakara has hundreds of doctors and nutritionists across the country prescribing its nutrition program to their patients. Food really is medicine, she adds.

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    These New Beauty Chocolates Are The Most Brilliant Excuse For Any Sweet Tooth

    We all know that real beauty is on the inside, which is why we are huge fans of eating beautiful handfuls of food until our insides have transformed into gorgeous entities. But now, there are beauty chocolates we can add to our Rolodex of favorite skin care snacks, and we are 100% down for this.

    The new Sakara Lifes beauty chocolates are packed full of 70 mg of collagen-promoting phytoceramides so that you can shine with glowy celebrity baby skin after stuffing your mouth full of sugar.

    So Is Sakara Worth It

    If youre on the hunt for an all-in-one solution to eating healthier, even when you have zero time for prep, Sakara is more than worth it. Because you can choose either a two, three, five, 10, or 20 day meal program, or an ongoing weekly shipment of meals, its customizable to your own needs. I love the idea of having lunch and dinner ready for me during the workweek, so buying a weekly plan is probably the best solution for me . Will I sign up weekly? Probably not, just based on price alone. I will, however, do another three or five day program in the future, because I felt great, and it’s a convenient way to get back on track after indulging a little too much.

    There’s also the drawback of not getting to pick exactly what meals are sent. But having tried many, I know they’ll all be full of flavor, so that doesn’t really bother me much. That said, if you’re a picky eater, Sakara probably isn’t for you. Another thing to consider: the meals are labeled based on consumption time , but I went out of order some days, depending what I was in the mood for and if I thought the meals would keep past the day they were labeled for. I don’t believe it had any effect on the way I felt, so I’d think of those date stamps as a loose guide rather than a rigid schedule.


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    How Are Sakara Meals Delivered

    Depending on your delivery zone, you can choose the meals youd like to receive . Along with the meals, you receive SakarasDetox Tea , and Complete Probiotic Formula to help you maintain a diverse and balanced gut microbiome. Youll also receive access to our wellness team, so you can feel supported throughout your journey, adds Tingle.

    As far as the actual delivery? Sustainability is a core focus. We believe that companies have just as much of a responsibility to care for the planet as governments. Sustainability is one of Sakaras strategic priorities as a company and something we are always thinking about and working on, Tingle says.Adopting a plant-based diet is one of the proven ways humans can positively make an impact and we are happy to be having a positive effect by being leaders in the space.

    And when it comes to packaging, innovation is top of mind. Sakara Lifes current packaging is made from recycled water bottles, which diverted more than 15 million plastic bottles from landfills in 2020. We have committed to having 100 percent recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable packaging by 2023, says Tingle. To achieve this, were excited to be partnering with a sustainable packaging firm to undergo an exhaustive impact assessment of every piece of package we use.

    On the topic of sustainability, Sakara is also committed to:


    • Not suitable for nut allergies
    • No choice in meals
    • Expensive

    How Much Does Sakara Life Cost

    Sakara Chocolate Probiotics

    Its hard to discuss Sakara Life without mentioning the steep price this meal-delivery service is not that affordable. One single day of meals is about $110 . However, there are ways around this: Sakara is available on Afterpay and offers a variety of recipes on its website as well as inside its beautifully curated cookbook, Eat Clean, Play Dirty. A good tip, if you want to try it out but dont want to commit to the budget-crushing price: order three days worth of lunches first. That way, you can continue the lifestyle with fun recipes on your own time that are mixed in with your own grocery budgets.

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    What Is Sakaras Shipping Policy

    The brand only delivers to the contiguous US. Shipping for Sakaras meals and subscriptions is always free. Your meals will be delivered on the day you choose before checkout.

    Delivery for orders from the Clean Boutique is available to customers in the continental US. Your order should arrive in 4-10 business days, and youll be sent a tracking number when your order ships.

    The Biggest Revelation To Healing My Complexion Was Understanding That I Did Not Have A Skin Problem I Had A Gut Problem

    Whitney and her partner Danielle went on to start Sakara Life to help thousands of other women discover the power of harnessing a gut-healing lifestyle for themselves. At the core of their anti-inflammatory and microbiome-balanced diet are the brands professional-grade probiotics.

    Skin issues are most often an inflammatory response, Tingle says. When the body is under constant stresswhether its physical stress due to a lack of sleep or improper diet, mental stress from work, or emotional stress from relationships it throws the ecosystem of the microbiome out of balance. This shift allows for bad bacteria or yeast to grow inside your body. It also triggers a natural inflammatory responseyour bodys reaction when its trying to heal itself.

    This microbial imbalance in the body can show up in many different ways and it most definitely can show up as acne. In order to actually rebalance the microbiome and decrease inflammation, you must feed the good bacteria and recreate that healthy ecosystem.

    The simplest and perhaps most important way to build and bring balance to our microbiomes is with a daily probiotic. Creating gut health is not an overnight miracle, but takes time to allow the body to adjust. Weve found that thirty days are usually enough to begin to see a difference in skin quality, but everyone is different.

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    My Totally Honest 3 Day Sakara Meal Plan Review

    After treatment, Ive made it my mission to rethink the way Ive been living. For the most part, I lead a relatively healthy life, but post chemo, Ive been looking for ways to detox. I consider my diet to be overall healthy and I try to approach my eating with the 80/20 mindset, meaning 80% of the time I eat healthy and 20% of the time, I dont 🙂 Still, I wanted to do a quick reset after our recent trip to Carmel and decided to schedule a Sakara 3 Day Meal Plan. I paid for this service and wasnt gifted anything, so heres my fair and unbiased review!

    My plan was scheduled Monday-Wednesday, so my package was delivered to my doorstep Sunday overnight. Right off the bat, I loved how everything was packaged. The materials used were all recyclable and the containers themselves were well sealed to avoid any leaks or spills. I opted to do 3 days of lunches and dinners. The breakfast options did look delicious, but the price including breakfast was out of my budget and I already feel like I have a lot of healthy breakfast options I can easily whip up. Lunch and dinner were places I wanted a little more help!

    In addition to my meals, Sakara includes some bonus goodies. My delivery included 3 bags of their Detox tea, a weeks worth of their probiotic supplement, a superfood bar and a little Palo Santo stick. It also included a cooler bag, which I didnt end up needing, but would be handy if you were on-the-go and needed to bring your meals with you.

    Pros & Cons

    Should You Use Chocolate Probiotics

    Trying Green Snacks for the First Time! (Plant-based) | SAKARA LIFE

    Those who are working to help support their bodys digestive health will want to try this innovative product by Sakara. Chocolate probiotics is full of living bacteria which will help support gut health by increasing the number of live cells within the digestive system.

    With the inclusion of yacon root, consumers will be giving their body the tools it needs to stay healthy and have improved digestion. Interested consumers can learn more by visiting the Sakara website at

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    How Does Sakara Work

    Its pretty apparent from the get-go that Sakara makes it easy to stick to a healthy eating plan, even when pressed for time. Only have 30 minutes in between Zoom meetings? Just grab your Sakara salad from the fridge, dress it, and enjoy without wasting time on prep. But what’s the whole point? Co-founder and co-CEO Whitney Tingle shares, OurSignature Nutrition Program was created to optimize your health and designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle through the convenience of ready-made, fresh, organic meals delivered straight to your door. Each plant-rich meal is designed to heal and nourish the gut by encouraging the growth of healthy bacteria in your microbiome , keeps your blood sugar balanced, and floods your body with phytonutrients and powerful polyphenols that support aging.

    Tingle, who had been struggling with cystic acne for years and her co-CEO Danielle Duboise, who had been suffering from a poor relationship with food, decided to take health into their own hands through adopting a whole, plant-based, organic diet.

    Through eating this way, the duo completely transformed themselves, both physically and emotionally, and knew that they had to help others via the power of food as medicine.

    Are Probiotics Why My Skin Is Suddenly So Perfect

    Free People Beauty + Wellness Spotlight | Free Peoples Beauty + Wellness Shop has become an incredible resource for shopping top wellness and clean beauty brands we love. In addition to their assortment, they offer editorial articles highlighting pro-vetted guides, industry interviews and immersive I tried its, you can discover all the most rave-worthy products and practices around on their website. If you havent explored it yet, shop now and find a slew of TCM-approved products, brands and articles for the summer season including our top picks for probiotics below inspired by Free Peoples article Are Probiotics The Reason Why My Skin Is Suddenly Perfect?.

    The quest for glowing skin usually starts with a skincare spending spree whether through an online brand, a big beauty retailer or even a dermatologists office. While no ones sense of self-worth should be based upon how skin looks day to day, we know that chronic breakouts can be frustrating, uncomfortable, distracting and painful. People with perfect skin may never realize all the mental and emotional gymnastics that go into managing problem skin whether its trying to look natural at the beach while still covering up breakouts or heading on a trip to a hot location without worrying about the havoc its going to wreak on your skin. Managing acne is a battle were more than happy to have put behind us.

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