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Best Organic Fiber Supplement Complete Gut Health + By Mary Ruths

Review of 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum

Complete Gut Health + is packed with organic prebiotic fibers and 1 billion CFU of probiotics to provide support for optimal gut health and immune function.

Its organic prebiotic fiber blend consists of alfalfa, barley grass, wheatgrass, and cracked cell chlorella which are all superfoods that possess antioxidants and other phytonutrients required for natural detoxification.

Additionally, Complete Gut Health + contains the leading probiotic strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Bifidobacterium longum, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, making it a powerful synbiotic supplement.

It is recommended for adults to take 2 capsules daily.


Comparison: 1md Vs Umzu

Nature-based dietary supplements arent a brand new idea. So it shouldnt come as a surprise that another brand, UMZU, also founded in 2015, is pretty similar to 1MD. If youre wondering what each is like, let us break it down for you.

Here are four things the brands have in common:

  • American brand
  • Supplements made for women, men, or both genders
  • Subscription services or one-time purchases
  • But, here are two key differences:

  • UMZU sells more than supplements: personal care, food, books, and apparel
  • UMZUs supplements are focused on hormone balance
  • Both companies come backed by research and recommended by customers. So, the one that you choose to go with depends on what type of supplement youre looking for.

    For a detailed explanation of UMZU, check out the review we did on it.

    Md Complete Probiotics Platinum Questions And Answers

    Q: How Many Days Will a Bottle Last?A: There are 30 capsules in each bottle. This means that if you take one capsule a day as directed, your bottle will last for 30 days.

    Q: What Is The Correct Way To Take This Product?A: We propose using the substance in one of two ways:

    • On an empty stomach, before tea.
    • Immediately after breakfast.

    It does well on most people if they take it first thing in the morning. However, some people would feel better if they take the supplement right after eating. I suggest playing with all methods to see which produces the best results.

    Q: What is the return and Refund Policy?A: The company has a 90-day refund policy with no questions asked. When an organization backs a product with a solid promise like this, it tells everyone that they truly believe in it. Most firms only sell a 30-day money-back guarantee, but 1MDs Complete Probiotics Platinum comes with a 90-day guarantee, demonstrating their faith in the product.

    Q: Is 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum Scam?A: We looked for 1MD Probiotic scams but couldnt find any. But, the internet is a dangerous place, and something could pop up in the future. Buying directly from the retailer is the safest way to ensure youre not being duped.

    However, since this company has a strong control of the supply chain, the chances of fraud are minimal.

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    Thanks To Our Doctor Formulation You Can Enjoy Pure Effective Ingredients

    • Lactobacillus Acidophilus

      A probiotic strain carefully-selected to promote digestive and immune system health.*

    • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus

      A probiotic strain shown to be particularly helpful in restoring gut health and nourishing the bodys natural defenses.*

    • L-Lysine

      An essential amino acid shown to block arginine and reduce everyday stress and tension.*

    • Zinc Sulfate

      A common form of zinc for supplements, zinc sulfate delivers absorbable zinc that is required to develop and activate T-lymphocytes, promoting immune system strength and more.*

    • Nutraflora® Prebiotics

      A prebiotic designed to nourish probiotic bacteria to ensure strength and viability both before and after taking ImmunityMD®.*

    Types Of Probiotic Strains Used

    1md Complete Probiotics Platinum 51 Billion CFU Diet Supplement

    The probiotic supplements listed above all contain a variety of strains to provide many different health benefits. The best probiotics include more than one or two bacterial strains and prioritize those that work well together, so this was a major consideration in how we ranked products to bring you the best five probiotics.

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    Who Should Not Use Complete Probiotics

    This supplement has been created by a gastroenterologist himself using natural ingredients.

    There should ideally not be any problem for any user.

    However, some categories of people should refrain from using this product.

    • 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum should not be used by those below 18 years of age.
    • If someone is on an existing medical regimen, he or she should consult the health care provider before beginning on this dietary supplement.
    • For those with severe irritable bowel syndrome, it is better to speak with their doctor first.
    • If there is an allergy to any of the ingredients listed, then it is better to avoid this product.

    What Is The Correct Way To Take 1md Complete Probiotics Platinum Product

    There are 2 ways I would recommend to take the product:

  • Before breakfast, on an empty stomach.
  • Just after breakfast.
  • Most people do best by taking it before breakfast. But some people will feel better by taking the product just after breakfast. I recommend experimenting both ways and seeing which gives you the best results.

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    Enjoy The Numerous Health Benefits That Result From A Healthier Digestive Tract

    • 24 Hours

      After only 24 hours, the prebiotics in PrebioMD® can increase the levels of some of the healthy gut bacteria by as much as 1000%. Youre well on your way to taking back control of your digestive health.*

    • Week 1

      After 7 days of supplementation, gas, bloating, and other digestive problems that can occur right after eating will begin to decrease. Stick with it! The benefits of a healthy digestive system only increase over time.*

    • Month 1

      Studies have shown a significant decrease of harmful bacteria in the gut, such as E. coli, after 28 days. By crowding out the bad bacteria, you create more room for the good, leading to systemic benefits.*

    • Month 3 and Beyond

      After 3 months, your digestive system will be restored to its proper balance. As you continue to take PrebioMD®, this balance relieves pressure off other systems in your body. Thanks to improved mineral absorption, your body is now better able to absorb the calcium and magnesium you need for better cardiovascular and bone health.*

    *Individual results may vary. This timeline may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, and is not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

    Benefits Of Using 1md Probiotics Platinum

    3 Best Probiotic Brands in 2020

    Listed below are the benefits that this product brings to the user, in terms of physical and mental wellness:

    1) Improves gut health and stomach issues

    This is the primary reason behind the formulation of this probiotic supplement.

    It packs in the goodness of both prebiotics as well as probiotics in a revolutionary combination.

    Users report better bowel movements and lessened complaints of bloating and gas.

    2) Better encapsulation

    The outer cover for 1MD Probiotics Platinum capsules is specially formulated to resist stomach acid and reach where they are supposed to, which is the intestine.

    This ensures the better efficacy of the product.

    3) Efficient absorption of nutrients

    One of the challenges of any supplement is optimum nutrient absorption.

    It is a fact that the best products on the market aim at providing a boost of nutrition to the user through their formulations.

    Most of them do pack in a punch.

    Much of this, however, might not get absorbed optimally in the body.

    Probiotics help in breaking down our food into nutrients that are essential for the body.

    With better absorption, these nutrients get absorbed into the system, providing better healing.

    Does 1MD Probiotics Platinum formula Really Work?

    1MD Probiotics Platinum appears to be the same thing that the human digestive system. The choice of probiotics inside it is remarkable. While most people lack them from food sources, taking these probiotics in a supplement is practical and easy.

  • Has 51 billion CFU
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    Md Biomemd Probiotics For Women

    • Powerful Digestive Support: With a diverse set of 16 clinically studied probiotic strains paired with 4 prebiotics for optimal support, BiomeMD for Women is specifically designed for female digestive and immune system needs.*
    • Immune Support: The majority of your immune system stems from your gut. The bacteria influence the functioning of the other systems, creating a positive ripple effect. With a healthier microbiome and greater immune support, your body is better equipped to fight foreign pathogens.
    • Doctor-Formulated for Potency: BiomeMD for Women is the highest-quality digestive and immune system health supplement available for women today. Created by a board-certified physician, it uses pure ingredients and precisely matched probiotics and prebiotics based on current clinical evidence.*
    • Revolutionary Gut Defender: Prebiotics nourish the beneficial bacteria in your gut, but HMO by CARE4U does much more: by bonding with bad bacteria, it helps defend the gut from damaging pathogens and can even help reduce their numbers. All while helping improve the amount of good bacteria in the gut.*
    • Especially for Womens Health: While improving the balance of good bacteria in your gut microbiome, BiomeMD for Women also contains specific strains meant to reach and rebalance the vaginal microbiome as well. This helps encourage a healthier vaginal microbiome and helps reduce infection risk.*

    Md Complete Probiotics Platinum Review

    Complete Probiotics Platinum is a probiotic supplement thats been on the market for the last couple of years.

    In its commercial existence it has become one of the best selling probiotic dietary supplement brands in the world selling particularly well in the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia.

    It has been formulated by a gastrointestinal doctor an expert in gastrointestinal health.

    Its become a popular choice with both men and women of all ages, but how good is it really and will it be the right choice for you?

    Lets take a closer look and find out.

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    Theralith Xr Vitamin & Minerals Supplement

    • OPTIMAL FORMULA – Contains vitamin B6, potassium citrate, and magnesium in optimal doses to promote and maintain healthy urine chemistry.* For those who have low urinary magnesium or citrate levels, or high amounts of calcium oxalate in their urine.
    • EVIDENCE-BASED – Research at Stony Brook University Medical School showed a 29% reduction in urinary oxalate levels, 22% reduction in calcium oxalate supersaturation and a 48% increase in both urinary magnesium and citrate levels.
    • OPTIMAL ABSORPTION – Extended release coating for optimal absorption and tolerance.
    • DYE-FREE & GLUTEN-FREE – TheraLith XR does not contain artificial dyes and certified gluten-free.
    • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST – Made in the USA. Independently tested and certified by NSF, in a cGMP registered facility.

    Final Thoughts On Probiotics

    1md Biomemd Probiotics for Women 62 Billion CFUs 16 Strains W ...

    If you could benefit from improved gut health, give one of the five probiotics listed above a try. We analyzed many products to bring you the best probiotic supplements available to help you overcome your digestive issues.

    Not sure if you need probiotic supplements? Probiotics aren’t necessary for everyone. Schedule an appointment with your health care provider to discover if consuming beneficial bacteria supplements might benefit you.

    *This article is provided by an advertiser. Statements made are not meant to offer medical advice nor to diagnose any condition. Any studies cited here may be preliminary, and may or may not be peer reviewed, and may or may not have sufficient participants to be statistically relevant. Anecdotal accounts should not be taken as scientific results. Products discussed in this article are not designed to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. The FDA does not evaluate dietary supplements. Consult your doctor about possible interactions, allergies, and if you are considering using a natural and/or dietary supplements for any condition. Individual results will vary.

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    What Is The Correct Way To Take This Product

    There are 2 ways I would recommend to take the product:

  • Before breakfast, on an empty stomach.
  • Just after breakfast.
  • Most people do best by taking it before breakfast. But some people will feel better by taking the product just after breakfast. I recommend experimenting both ways and seeing which gives you the best results.

    Can You Take Prebiotics And Probiotics Together

    Yes, you can take prebiotics along with probiotics.

    In fact, many of the supplements we reviewed earlier combine prebiotic fibers with probiotic blends to promote the proliferation and potency of specific probiotic strains.

    Supplements that combine prebiotics and probiotics together are referred to as synbiotics.

    For example, Daily Synbiotic by Seed encapsulates 24 probiotic substrains within prebiotic fiber capsules sourced from Indian Pomegranate.

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    Md Money Saving Hints And Tips

    Here are some great tips & tricks for extra savings at 1MD:

    • Always check visit USA TODAY Coupons for the latest money-saving Promo Codes and deals at 1MD before you finish your purchase.
    • Join the 1MD newsletter to get the best offers, money-saving promotions and exclusive deals sent straight to your inbox.
    • Be sure to check out the sale offers and Promo section on the 1MD website for the latest promotions and discount offers.
    • Follow 1MD on social media to stay updated with their new arrivals and offers.

    Md Probiotic With Prebiotic Supplements

    My Review: 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum – Is It A Scam?

    1MD Supplements is a health company that was founded in 2015. Dr. Brian Greenberg MD, Dr. Michael S. Fenster MD, and Dr. David Kahana MD all run the business. According to the official website, this brand has one mission: to help people live longer and healthier lives.

    Other products from 1MD Supplements include:

    • LiverMD
    • BiomeMD
    • GutMD

    1MD aims to provide some of the best probiotic supplements and digestive health products on the market today.

    So the benefits of 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum are not just limited to digestion only. All other body functions are directly connected to digestion, which is why taking 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum daily ensures overall good health.

    Here is what makes this product better than other probiotic formulas available in the market.

    • The company provides a guarantee that each capsule contains 51 Billion Powerful Colony-Forming Units .
    • It contains 11 highly functional probiotic bacterial strains.
    • These capsules are designed as delayed-release, allowing their movement to intestines where it is needed for absorption.
    • It helps to overall all common digestive issues and saves from chronic digestive diseases.
    • It makes sure that all toxins are filtered out from the body.
    • It is a non-GMO product.
    • Free from soy, gluten, and dairy
    • It comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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    Formulated Specifically For Nourishing And Maintaining Gut Health The Benefits Start Early And Only Grow Over Time*

    • Within Hours

      Delayed-release capsule technology allows for more probiotics to pass through the acidic conditions of the stomach and reach the gut intact.*

    • 2 Weeks

      Stick with the routine. You need to stay consistent to give yourself optimal results. Maximize your microbiome support by reducing sugar and caffeine intake as you continue your 1MD Nutrition® journey.

    • Month 1

      B. lactis UABla-12 and L. acidophilus DDS®-1 strains help support microbiome balance to ease occasional bloating, support healthy bowel movement, and promote digestive comfort.*

    • Month 3 & Beyond

      The Advanced Prebiotic Blend helps nourish the good bacteria to help maintain a healthy balance in the gut, supporting immune health so you will be well-equipped to handle seasonal threats that come your way.*

    *Individual results may vary. This timeline may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, and is not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

    Unisom Sleeptabs 80 Count Non

    • GET THE RESTFULL SLEEP YOU NEED: Unisom SleepGels are easy to swallow soft gels, without the chalky aftertaste of many sleep aids. Unisom uses a non-habit forming antihistamine to encourage drowsiness, so you fall asleep faster & wake up feeling refreshed.
    • FALL ASLEEP FASTER: Is anxiety, stress, or being overly tired keeping you tossing and turning at night? Do you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep? Unisom sleep aids reduce your natural urge to stay awake, and may be the solution to your sleep problems.
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    • A WELL ROUNDED MEDICINE CABINET: When you or a family member is in pain, sick, hurt, or just generally feeling under the weather, you dont want to run to the pharmacy. A well stocked home medicine cabinet helps ensure relief is at hand when you need it.
    • SLEEP AID: Get rid of sleep deprivation with Unisom sleep aid products. Try our non-habit forming sleep tablets, softgels, melts, mini-capsules & liquids for nighttime sleeping solution for adults & children.

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    Are There Any Product Complaints Or Scams Regarding Balancemd

    Customer comments about BalanceMD are very positive although I have read an occasional complaint about temporary stomach discomfort. That said, if you have an allergy to tree nuts or coconut, you may want to avoid BalanceMD. If you tend to have digestive discomfort from supplements, I suggest you test BalanceMD for yourself. If you have a problem, youre covered under the 1MD refund policy for 90 days.

    As for scams, I regularly check search engines and various websites that track such problems and have not found anything that should concern you. As always, however, I recommend that you do your own research and only purchase from a reputable retailer. The safest option is to purchase directly from the manufacturer

    Where To Buy 1md Complete Probiotics Platinum

    1MD Complete Probiotics

    The manufacturers website is the best place to go if you wish to buy the product online.

    Buying direct helps you avoid counterfeits and allows you to be certain you are getting the legitimate product and the best price.

    1MD Probiotics is available to buy at selected Walmart, Walgreens and CVS the official website is the most cost effective.

    It also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of special deals you wont be able to get elsewhere.

    The other good thing about purchasing via the manufacturers site is it allows you to avoid quibbles over the money-back guarantee, which is good for 90 days.

    Each bottle of Complete Probiotics Platinum contains a 30-day supply of pills and costs $49.99.

    If you add a couple of extra bottles to your order, it brings the price down to $43.99 per bottle. When you order six bottles, the price comes down even further.

    However, the best deal goes to customers who buy via the subscribe and save option and agree to receive a six-bottle shipment every six months.

    Choosing this option bags a $120 saving and brings the price per bottle down to only $29.99.

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