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What Probiotics Are Good For Weight Loss

Should I Take A Probiotic To Lose Weight

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The bottom line is the scientific jury is still out on taking probiotics to lose weight. There are three main reasons why theres no definitive answer yet:

  • Most probiotic supplements on the market havent been well studied and are not regulated by the FDA. This means many commonly sold probiotic supplements may be of questionable quality or not even have any probiotic microorganisms in the bottle at all .
  • Scientists are still researching how probiotics work, as it is still unclear how gut bacteria contribute to weight gain, body fat, and obesity. There are certain factors that need to be examined, including the probiotic strain, the dose, and how long to take it. Additional factors for consideration include the persons age, baseline body weight, and birth gender .
  • While there is some good research on certain probiotic strains, there is a critical need for an increased understanding of the function of other kinds of gut bacteria and the long-term influences of probiotic supplementation on your overall health .
  • The World Gastroenterology Organization recommends that you speak to your healthcare professional before taking a probiotic supplement to guide you to a specific probiotic strain, dose, timing, storage of the probiotic, and length of use, whether for weight loss or other health issues .

    What To Look For In A Probiotic

    Since over-the-counter probiotics are supplements and not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as drugs, its important to look for third-party certification. Third-party testing can ensure the product actually contains what it says it does, and that its free of harmful ingredients like heavy metals. Resources like and can provide information on a supplements certifications and testing.

    And, as mentioned above, a probiotics health benefits are strain-specific. Speak with your doctor about which strain is best for you and your needs.

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    What Happens When You Take Probiotics

    Taking a probiotic doesnt change the way your body works, but probiotics do help promote the natural process of digestion, and the way your body breaks down and absorbs nutrients from food.

    Its likely there wont be any noticeable changes right away when you begin taking a probiotic. After several weeks, you may notice increased energy, less belly bloat, or a trimmer waistline.

    Most studies examining probiotics for weight loss take place over 12-24 weeks , so its important not to expect overnight weight loss.

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    Is Whey Powder A Probiotic

    There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that whey powder is a probiotic. While whey does contain some beneficial bacteria, it is not the same as a probiotic supplement, which is specifically designed to support gut health.

    Probiotics are microorganisms that can be beneficial to human health and serve as viable microorganisms. In the late twentieth century, Russian scientist Elie Metchnikoff, a Nobel Prize winner, proposed the concept of probiotics. In general, probiotics are live microorganisms that can be beneficial when consumed in sufficient quantities, according to the World Health Organization . Jamuri and Rajorhia 1998 state that India produces approximately 2 million tones of whey, which contains approximately 130,000 tonnes of valuable milk nutrients per year. Rennet whey and paneer whey are two types of whey obtained during the production of paneer and cheese. Rennet whey is the milk serum obtained by separating casein-containing milk after it has been rennet-free. Whey has many antibacterial properties, including immunoglobulins , lactoferrin , lactoperoxidase , glycomacropeptides , and sphignolipids.

    Shilovskya et al As part of the production of TVorog whey, whey-based biological enrichment is carried out. De. Sukumar, 2002 In line with the Oxford University Press, New Delhi, a book on dairy technology is published.

    Enhances The Immune System Functions

    Best Daily Probiotics for Women and Weight Loss and Men  with ...

    The primary ingredients in this yogurt, probiotics, help enhance the immune system and prevent inflammation. In addition to that, it effectively prevents eczema in children and limits the chances of repetition in bladder cancer.

    Recently, it has been found that the probiotics available in this yogurt encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines.

    Also, these probiotics minimized the conversion of bile into cancer-causing substances commonly known as carcinogens. It also boosts immunity by regulating lymphocytes and antibodies.

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    Best Probiotic Foods For Weight Loss:

    • Stock up on yoghurt.
    • Apples, bananas, beans and lentils, oats, and chia seeds.
    • Use apple cider vinegar on salads.

    The connection between body weight regulation and gut bacteria:

    • There are many different microorganisms in the digestive system. Of these, many gut bacteria produce important nutrients like certain types of vitamin B and vitamin K.
    • Our body cannot digest fibre and these gut bacteria break down this fibre and convert it into butyrate and other short-chain fatty acids that have many benefits.
    • The gut bacteria also protect your body from disease-causing germs and they also help to break down medications.
    • They are also known to keep the gut lining healthy.

    Now let us check how this gut bacteria has an impact on weight loss. In the gut, there are two types of good bacteria and these are bacteroidetes and firmicutes. It is believed that there is a connection between the weight of the body and the balance between these two types of good bacteria.

    Some studies point out that people with moderate weight have different gut bacteria as compared to people who are obese. It has been found that obese people have more firmicutes and fewer Bacteroidetes as compared to people with moderate weight.

    Whats The Best Time To Take Probiotics To Lose Weight

    While research is ongoing, some research has found the best time to take a probiotic is with or right before breakfast or dinner.

    The bacterias chance of survival is greater at these times, which means the probiotic is able to better survive the acidic environment in the stomach.

    The food can act as a type of buffer between the probiotics and stomach acid.

    After all, if the probiotics dont survive in the acidic nature of the human digestive tract, theyre not going to have much of a benefit to you.

    However, its always best to refer to the label on your probiotic and the recommended use listed.

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    Does Activia Help With Constipation

    In some people with constipation, feeding probiotics may help relieve symptoms. Probiotics are live microorganisms that can be found in foods such as yogurt, cheese, fermented vegetables, and certain supplements. Some studies on adults have found the products to be helpful in alleviating chronic constipation.

    Can You Take Probiotics To Lose Weight

    Best Probiotics for Weight Loss – Jillian Michaels

    They can support your gut health, but can you take probiotics to lose weight? An expert weighs in

    Can you take probiotics to lose weight? They have plenty of benefits, from keeping your digestive system healthy to improving your mood, but is weight loss one of them?

    Defined by the World Health Organization as live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host,probiotics live in your colon and other parts of the body, and are most likely to be found in fermented foods or supplements.

    Thanks to their myriad of health benefits, many people aim to up their probiotic intake, with yogurt being among the best-known probiotic foods. Other opt for best probiotic supplements. But, can they impact your body composition?

    We spoke with Sophie Medlin Doctify -reviewed consultant dietitian and director of CityDietitians to discuss the impact that probiotics may have on weight loss, what quantity you should be consuming, and whether you should be getting them from food or supplements. We also combed through all the existing research to find out how gut bacteria affects body weight.

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    An Animal Study On Probiotics

    In addition to human studies that show important findings, there are also very promising animal studies that will soon be followed by similar human studies. For instance, a promising study showed that diet-induced obese mice supplemented with Bacillus probiotics were protected against metabolic disorders .

    Probulin Total Care Probiotic

    Probulin is a business that has created a new standard of probiotic supplements. They have numerous probiotic supplements to cater to your digestive health needs.

    Their supplements are backed by science, effective and high-quality.

    Key Benefits

    • Probulin contains 15 various strains of probiotics for maximum effectiveness.
    • This supplement does not have to be refrigerated.
    • It uses the MAKTrek 3- Delivery system, which ensures the probiotics reach the gut undamaged by the digestive system.
    • It is free of GMOs, dairy, soy, and gluten, making it allergen-friendly.

    The probiotic strains are partially formed from the fermentation of fruit and vegetables.

    It improves immune response and digestive health.


    Probiotics are tiny, living organisms that inhabit your digestive system. And having the right kind of probiotics in your gut may actually be able to help regulate weight and metabolism. Several studies show that certain types of probiotics might be able to help you lose weightespecially belly fat.

    Which probiotics are the most effective for weight loss? And how does gut bacteria actually influence weight and metabolism? Keep reading to learn why probiotics are a healthy guts best friend, and why thats crucial for healthy weight loss.

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    How Probiotics Speed Up Weight Loss

    Probioticsand this depends largely on the strain usedcan speed up weight loss in a multitude of ways:

    • Reduce hunger cravings and appetite by increasing production of short-chain fatty acids4.
    • Cut down on the amount of dietary fat being absorbed in the intestine, excreting it through feces instead5.
    • Regulate hunger pangs by increasing hormones that suppress hunger and end up assisting an added burn of energy and fat6.
    • Decreased storage of fat7.

    Are Probiotics Good For Weight Loss

    Probiotics 40 Billion High Potency, Probiotic Supplement For Immunity ...

    Curious about whether probiotics are an effective weight loss supplement? Heres a deep dive into the research on whether they are good for weight loss.

    Probiotics are one of the most popular supplements on the planet.

    The concept of introducing probiotics is simple: add good bacteria to your gut to improve digestive health.

    But probiotics are more than just about balancing out things in your digestive system.

    They are also good for weight loss.

    This is an overview of how probiotics can be helpful for losing weight.

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    Natures Zest 100 Billion Cfu Bio Cultures

    Natures Zest is produced right here in the UK which is something we always love to see, and were a fan of their 100 billion CFU probiotic. Its manufactured in a GMP Registered facility and all ingredients are tested to ensure quality.

    This formula contains 12 strains of cultures, and includes Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and Saccharomyces boulardii strains, as well as prebiotic fibres to aid digestion. Theyve been tested to be shelf stable meaning you can keep them in or out of the fridge, and the 180 capsule bottle should last you a couple of months at least.

    Its also vegan and vegetarian friendly, non GMO and free from artificial colours. While the spectrum of flora this supplement offers isnt quite as broad, we think its great value for money and still a very high quality product. If you have healthy bowel movements and are generally healthy overall, this would be a great as a maintenance option rather than trying to fix any serious deficiencies.

    Garden Of Life Raw Microbiome Ultimate Care 30 Capsules

    Best: Overall

    With 100 billion CFU and 34 strains of good bacteria, including both lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, one capsule a day of this supplement guarantees a high-potency dose of raw probiotics for gut health. The formula is created with Bulgarian yoghurt and wild kefir, and each pill contains 45mg of raw eastern European fruits and vegetables, including cherry, plum and carrot. The blend is classed as raw because it is made in conditions below 4C, which means the bacteria cultures arrive alive and stay that way until the expiry date. This supplement does contain milk, so it is not suitable for vegans or people who are lactose intolerant, but it is gluten-free.

    Considering switching to a vegan diet? Check out our round-up of the 8 best vegan cookbooks for easy plant-based recipes

    IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.

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    Risks Of Probiotics For Weight Loss

    While probiotics are generally safe, there can be some risks associated with taking them.

    Quality. As a food product or supplement, probiotics donât go through the same rigorous testing as medicines, which means you canât be sure of the quality of the product youâre buying.â

    Because there are fewer regulations with probiotics, it’s hard to tell exactly what you’re getting and if the product even has enough bacteria to have any impact on your body. There have also been reports of products that have different strains than what are listed on the label.â

    Bacteria are also living organisms. If the product isnât made or stored correctly, or is close to its expiration date, the bacteria might not survive long enough to have any beneficial effect on your gut.

    Different strains. Probiotic supplements often have different bacteria strains. As mentioned earlier, researchers are still unclear as to which strains may have the most effect on weight loss. This is important to keep in mind if you’re taking a probiotic specifically to help you lose weight.

    Immune system problems. People who have compromised immune systems or severe diseases can get sick from taking probiotics. You should avoid consuming probiotics if youâre taking medications that suppress your immune system. It’s best to talk to your doctor first before taking any probiotic supplement.

    Show Sources

    How To Choose The Best Probiotics For Weight Loss In 2022

    How to Use Probiotics for Weight Loss and Digestion – VitaLife Show Episode 183

    There are a few things to consider when choosing the best probiotics for weight loss in 2022. First, you want to make sure that the probiotic you choose is backed by science. Second, you want to make sure that the probiotic has been shown to be effective for weight loss in humans.

    Lastly, you want to make sure that the probiotic is safe for you to take. With so many different probiotics on the market, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. You will want to make sure that these ingredients are included in the right probiotics for you:

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    Best Probiotic Supplement For Weight Loss Summary And Conclusion

    There are many commercial probiotics on the market each offering several health benefits. Most good probiotic brands can improve gut health, the digestive system and treat conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, IBS and candida overgrowth.

    We position Probiology Gut+ as the best probiotic supplement for weight loss and a whole host of other conditions. It is ideally formulated to not only help you lose weight but to also prevent future weight gain.


    Probiotics Lower Stress & Anxiety

    Changes in your intestinal bacteria can play a big role in your mental health. You might be a little surprised to hear probiotics may help treat stress, depression, and anxiety.

    Stress can not only wear you down mentally but you could gain belly fat from stress despite the rest of your body is thin .

    If youve ever had problems with anxiety or depression then a probiotic supplement may help you out. Intestines are their own nervous system. They generate many of the same neurotransmitters that the brain generates.

    Many researchers today believe your brain and gut can talk to each other. This is why when you have anxiety or depression it can cause you to get stomach pain. If youve ever gotten butterflies in your stomach when youre nervous then youll know what Im talking about.

    This 2017 study found evidence supplementing with probiotics helps to lower depression and anxiety . Newer studies have found supplementing with probiotics to be effective for relieving stress .

    Researchers in this 2016 review analysis found probiotics significantly decreased depression in participants . So if youve ever had problems with anxiety or depression then a probiotic supplement can help give you a solid mental boost.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Probiotics For Weight Loss

    Certain studies are now finding that probiotics, whether those found in foods or supplements, may be able to help individuals to lose those extra pounds.

    A research study that was published byLay, et al, in the journal Nature found that the balance of good bacteria is different in those who are obese when compared to those who are leaner. As the obese participants in the study lost weight, the balance of this microbiota became more equalized, showing how excess stores of fat can affect digestive health.

    This could make it appear that obesity, or the storage of excess adipose tissue, can negatively impact gut flora. Scientists are finding that this association may go both ways. By regulating the balance of the microbiome in the gut through the use of probiotics, individuals may be able to lose excess weight.

  • Increased Fat Elimination
  • For some dieters, removing consumed fat from the body before it has a chance to do damage would be a great help. Probiotics may increase the amount of dietary fat that is released by the body through feces, according to the results of a study published inLipds in Health and Disease by Japanese researchers.

    Fat consumed by the subjects was not as easily digested for use or for storage by the body in those who were given certain probiotics, resulting in the excess consumed fat being eliminated by the body through the digestive tract.

  • Diminished Appetite
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