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Where Can I Buy Winclove Probiotics

What Is Winclove Probiotics

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Winclove Probiotics is a probiotic supplement distributor that has partnered with pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturers around the world.

The company has been manufacturing probiotic formulas for over 25 years. Today, their products continue to be sold under private labels worldwide.

Winclove Probiotics has several unique distinctions from other probiotic distributors. The company sells probiotic formulas designed to address specific health concerns, for example, including gut health, allergies, brain health, and ear health, among others.

The companys product family is also separated into different sections for different age groups.

Control Variables Time And Risk Preferences

We controlled for a series of variables, such as mood, self-control, arousal and diet. No significant effects on the part of the probiotics protocol were observed on the mood scores , self-control , arousal or diet . There were also no significant changes in diet when comparing the two time points estimated .

We used the GPS to estimate participants time and risk preferences before the probiotics/placebo protocol, assuming a stability of this construct along time. These measurements were correlated to the task results aiming to find a correlation between risk preferences and risk-taking behavior and time preferences and intertemporal choices .

Our results indicate a small significant correlation between risk-taking behavior estimated with the MGT and the GPSs qualitative =0.03, p=0.042) and quantitative estimation of risk preferences =0.02, p=0.045). GPSs qualitative measure of time preferences were negatively correlated with \ =0.04, p< 0.001) and no significant correlation with \ . Its quantitative estimation, named patience, was positively correlated with participants \ =0.04, p< 0.001) and \ a =0.33, p< 0.001). The visualization of such correlations are available in the Supplemental material .

What Makes Winclove Probiotics Different

Obviously, all probiotic supplements promise similar things: they promise to provide your body with high levels of beneficial bacteria, improving your gut health and leading to health benefits throughout your body. What makes Winclove Probiotics different?

Winclove Probiotics developed its flagship formulas like Ecologic in collaboration with leading European universities and academic hospitals.

Theyve also tested their formulas in human trials with positive results. Other advantages of the companys supplements include:

  • Multispecies supplements, with strains that were carefully selected for compatibility
  • Evidence-based with both in vivo and in vitro evidence
  • High cell count, with at least 5 * 108 colony-forming units in each gram
  • 1 to 2 years of stability at room temperature with no refrigeration needed
  • Excellent survival of the gastro-intestinal tract
  • High viability and metabolically active bacteria

Bacterial strains are naturally derived and typically of human origin, explains the official website they also have QPS status or an extensive safety file.

All formulas are made in a GMP-certified facility and tested for their efficacy. The formulas also have a 1 to 2 year stability at room temperature.

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Eniva Health specializes in optimizing health outcomes.

Since 1998, weve been a trusted source for premium quality, safe and effective wellness products designed to help you excel at living.

Nutrition: Were experts at it. The right forms, the right concentrations, and the right combinations. We take seriously the fact people put our products in and on their bodies. They expect them to be safe. They want the product to have in it what the label says is in it. And, they want to get the results theyre looking for.

We choose to control the factors of a superior product, rather than giving that control to third party developers, researchers, or testers. Its our product, our name, our integrity. A dedicated team of wellness experts control the entire process from design to delivery. They believe in producing natural, innovative products that allow people to experience nutritional outcomes. For more than 20 years, we have shared the same principal with our customers: Your body was designed to be healthy. You simply need to give it the right nutrition, in the right form, so it can do the right thing. And the right thing means being healthy.

What Top Scientists Are Discovering About Our Gut And How It Can Dramatically Affect The Quality Of Our Lives

Now Foods, Sunflower Lecithin, Pure Powder, 1 lb (454 g)

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Many people turn to popular restrictive diets in order to rid themselves of digestive issues. However, when it comes to improving digestive health, most diets usually fall short. Thats because they don’t address the underlying problem – gut health.

Most modern foods lack the vital nutrients needed to maintain a balanced gut. In fact, new studies are showing that the gut directly impacts our digestion, lungs, heart, and even our brain health. So when bad bacteria outnumbers the good, it can negatively impact various parts of our health.

Its no surprise many people are turning to probiotics to improve their overall health. But youll want to be careful because not all probiotics are created equal. And with so much clutter on the market it’s tough to know which ones are actually effective.

Thats why the Smarter Reviews team explains exactly what to look for and what to avoid before buying a probiotic. We also reveal the top 5 digestive probiotics on the market today.

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Bringing Back 84000 Trees With Winclove Probiotics

Together with our partner Winclove Probiotics, weve started to bring back 84,000 trees in Tanzania this year. By bringing back these trees, we regreen 2100 ha of land: an area almost half the size of Amsterdam North, the home base of Winclove Probiotics.

Winclove Probiotics invests in a greener TanzaniaWinclove Probiotics and Justdiggit work together on a greener and cooler Dodoma. The goal is to bring back 8 million trees in the region, of which 84,000 through the support of Winclove Probiotics! By bringing back trees, Winclove compensates for their business trips. The partnership with Justdiggit is one of their many approaches to minimalize their ecological footprint and to contribute to a healthy planet.

Maarten Pekelharing, Managing Director of Winclove Probiotics: When youre talking about organizations making a real impact, I think Justdiggit is an inspiring example. They fit in perfectly with the purpose economy we support. An economy and society in which meaningful business is leading.

Marjolein Albers, Managing Director of Justdiggit: Just like Justdiggit, Winclove Probiotics uses the power of nature to make a positive impact. In terms of mentality, we are also on the same page: positive and can do! We feel a strong connection with the organization and are very happy with their support.

Probiotic Dietary Supplement Market Is Booming Worldwide Probi Winclove Probiotics Nutrascience Labs

New Jersey, United States, Sept. 20, 2022 /DigitalJournal/ Probiotic supplements are one way to add good bacteria to your body. Probiotics are made up of both bacteria and yeast. Common probiotic bacteria can include lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. The most common yeast in probiotics is Saccharomyces boulardii.

The prevalence of digestive disorders is increasing at a faster rate, which is expected to lead to increased demand for probiotic products. Probiotics help treat conditions such as intestinal inflammation, urogenital infections, and antibiotic-associated diarrhea by fighting bad bacteria in the gut. Rising consumer awareness about preventive healthcare is expected to support the growth of the global market in the coming years. Probiotics help boost immunity by improving gut health. Yogurt is a widely consumed source of probiotics.

Get the PDF Sample Copy of this report @:

Competitive landscape:

This Probiotic Dietary Supplement research report throws light on the major market players thriving in the market it tracks their business strategies, financial status, and upcoming products.

Some of the Top companies Influencing this Market include:Probi, Winclove Probiotics, NutraScience Labs, Bifodan, Deerland Enzymes, Attune Foods, Chr. Hansen Holding, DowDuPont, Mercola Probiotics, Bayer, BioCare Copenhagen, Lallemand

Regional Coverage:


This report aims to provide:

Chapter 2 Global Economic Impact on Industry

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Winclove Probiotics And Artis

May 24, 2022

Winclove Probiotics and ARTIS-Micropia teach children in Amsterdam Noord the importance of healthy intestines.

With the Samen in Noord teaching programme, Winclove Probiotics and ARTIS-Micropia are inspiring primary schoolchildren to live more actively and healthy. The programmes core: health and nutrition in relation to your own microbiome the trillions of bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and fungi that every person carries with them.

Samen in Noord targets 8- to 12-year-olds in the primary schools of Amsterdam Noord. The programme starts in September and runs for two years. Participating schools first receive classroom instruction from a Winclove education specialist who explains the microbiome and the importance of healthy intestines. The children then go to Micropia where the world of micro-organisms is revealed.

Probiotics: 3 Things To Avoid

Limited Unique Strains

There are many different strains of probiotics and each one provides a different benefit. So its important to choose a supplement with a variety of gut buddies.While most probiotics feature only one or two strains we recommend looking for a formula with at least 9 unique strains to boost your overall health and wellbeing.

Low CFU Count

Colony Forming Units or CFUs is another important piece of the probiotic puzzle. It highlights the exact number of beneficial bacteria youre getting in each dose. The bigger the number, the bigger the health benefits. Our research suggests the optimal number of CFUs is 45 billion and above.

Required Refrigeration

Probiotics requiring refrigeration can be damaged or killed off during shipping. They may also be unable to survive the hot, acidic environment of our gut. Therefore, we suggest choosing a probiotic that is shelf-stable and does need to be stored in the refrigerator.

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The Effect Of A Multispecies Probiotic On Reducing The Incidence Of Antibiotic

The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government. Read our disclaimer for details.
First Posted : November 7, 2017Last Update Posted : October 7, 2021
Condition or disease
Dietary Supplement: Multispecies probioticOther: Placebo Not Applicable

Certain individual probiotic strains have been proven to be effective in reducing the risk of antibiotic-associated diarrhoea . However, the effects of using multispecies probiotics remain unclear. The investigators aim to assess the effectiveness of a specific multispecies probiotic preparation in reducing the incidence of AAD in children.

Layout table for study information

Study Type :
Primary Purpose:
The Effect of a Multispecies Probiotic on Reducing the Incidence of Antibiotic-associated Diarrhoea in Children.
Actual Study Start Date :
  • Incidence of antibiotic-associated diarrhea Antibiotic-associated diarrhea will be defined as 3 or more loose or watery stools per day in a 24-hour period, caused by C. difficile infection or of otherwise unexplained aetiology after testing for common diarrhoeal pathogens , occurring during the intervention period.
  • Discontinuation of the antibiotic treatment due to severity of diarrhoea
  • Things All Effective Probiotics Must Have

    High CFU Count

    Since our microbiome is composed of about 100 trillion good and bad bacteria, a high number of Colony Forming Units will have greater impact on the growth of beneficial bacteria within our gut. 23 It’s essential to choose a probiotic which specifies CFU versus “active cultures” or “live cultures.” Look for a formula with a minimum of 40 billion CFU.


    The latest research shows that fiber-based prebiotics feed the probiotics, helping them to populate and flourish in our gut. 24 Choose probiotics supplements containing prebiotics to significantly increase the overall effectiveness of the probiotic.

    Clinically Studied Strains

    There are hundreds of different probiotics strains, but many have never been proven effective. The best way to identify the potency of a particular strain is to look at the clinical studies backing it up. To find out if a particular strain has clinical backing, search the strain name on the internet. Look for strains proven effective by clinical studies.

    Formulated By A Doctor

    It takes specific expertise to form an effective probiotic formulation. More is not necessarily better. The exact combination of strain type, potency, quantity, and prebiotics determines the product’s quality. Look for real doctors specializing in gut health backing the product.

    Proof of Results

    Here are some of the most effective strains available in a high-quality probiotic:

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    Getting To Know Your Own Microbes

    Many people still know little about microbes and the impact of their own microbes on health, or about how important healthy eating habits and more exercise are for a healthy microbiome. Winclove Probiotics and Micropia want to help children make healthy choices and are aiming at this demographic in their own area: Amsterdam Noord.

    With this teaching programme that among other things brings research, commerce, and education together interactively, the partners are contributing to the districts socio-economic development. In addition to Samen in Noord, other joint projects such as scientific conferences and public events concerning the microbiome are in the pipeline. Through such action an ever-wider target group is becoming conscious of its own ecosystem and learning to nurture its microbiome.

    Food Supplement Demonstrates Positive Results In Psoriasis Therapy

    Now Foods, Certified Organic, Psyllium Husk Powder, 12 oz (340 g)

    AxisBiotix-Ps food supplement shows positive results in a recent consumer study evaluating its efficacy for psoriasis treatment.

    A novel food supplement is quickly emerging as a potential therapy for inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis. In a recent announcement by SkinBioTherapeutics, a consumer study showed positive results for their probiotic food supplement AxisBiotix-Ps.1

    The food supplement, developed in partnership with Winclove Probiotics B.V., consists of a proprietary blend of bacterial strains designed to balance the gut microbiome and tackle the over production of new skin cells seen in conditions like psoriasis.

    The study enrolled 177 participants who self-identified with the diagnosis of mild to moderate psoriasis. They were tasked with taking the powdered food supplement, which was dissolved in a glass of water, once daily for 56 days . Participants were monitored through a mobile phone app consisting of frequent questions and image submissions of any affected areas.

    Results of the study showed that of the 91 participants that completed the study, 76% reported a reduction in itch, as well as the following:

    • 75% reported a decrease in the appearance of redness
    • 73% reported a reduction in skin irritability
    • and 65% reported fewer flaky patches of skin.

    Additionally, the participants who responded positively also reported positive changes to their lifestyle while taking the food supplement.

    On average at day 56:


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    Probiotics For Sports Nutrition

    Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes | 01-Feb-2021 | Application Note

    A healthy gut and improved immune system are key factors to help overtake the competition. For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, optimizing digestion and…

    The evolution of anything suggests the future, a new era and betterment.In the dawn of a new year IPAs first 2021 webinar will touch on…

    Key Strengths Of Our Formulations

    • multispecies: a carefully selected combination of strains and species
    • evidence-based: we deliver both in vivo and in vitro evidence
    • in addition to clinical studies, we are increasingly carrying out patient centred research
    • PROBIOACT® Technology
      • -stable at room temperature: no refrigeration required
        -excellent survival of the gastrointestinal tract
        -high viability and metabolic activity of bacteria
    • some of our strains are derived from humans, some are from milk cultures or plants and have QPS-status or an extensive safety record
    • available in various forms from bulk consignments to fully finished products, ready to market under private label.

    Probioact® Technology helps your products stand out from the restTo take the quality of its premium probiotic formulations to the next level, Winclove developed Probioact® Technology. Probioact® Technology consists of carefully selected ingredients that support the viability and premium quality of your probiotic formulation. These ingredients ensure the cell count in the product until the end of its shelf life at room temperature. Additionally, it not only supports optimal survival of the probiotic strains during GI passage, it also stimulates metabolic activity making sure that the bacteria in our premium probiotic formulations are alive and kicking.

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    Technical Details & Test Data

    The effect of Ecologic® BARRIER on vulnerability for depression was tested in a triple-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, human trial, performed by Leiden University, The Netherlands. The researchers investigated the effect of Ecologic® BARRIER on cognitive reactivity to sad mood using the Leiden Index of depression sensitivity scale . Forty healthy participants received 2 grams Ecologic® BARRIER or placebo for 4 weeks. The results showed that Ecologic® BARRIER significantly reduced overall cognitive reactivity to sad mood10 . In addition, Researchers from University of Technology Sydney, Australia, conducted a randomised, triple-blind, placebo-controlled trial to determine the effect of Ecologic® BARRIER in patients with Major Depressive Disorder . Seventy-one participants were randomised to receive 4 grams of Ecologic BARRIER or placebo for 8 weeks. The symptoms severity improved in both groups. Ecologic® BARRIER significantly reduced cognitive reactivity, particularly in mild to moderate depressed individuals.11

    Figure 3: LEIDS-r scores before and after 4 weeks of supplementation with Ecologic® B

    Figure 4: Seconds of immobility during the Forced Swim Test. *Significant decrease, p< 0.001

    Data Subject Rights Request

    As a California resident, you have the right to request or remove certain data from our system. Please use the following form to let us know what you would like to do

    * The information contained within this site is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. If you have, expect to have, or suspect you may have any medical condition, you are urged to consult with a health care provider… Read More. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or medical conditions. Results are based on the Smarter Reviews Ranking System and do not necessarily reflect typical results from the use of these products. Please visit product websites for more information.

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