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Best Probiotic For Restoring Gut Flora

What Foods To Eat For Your Intestinal Flora

Beyond Probiotics: Permanently Restore Your Gut Health

Dr. Bulsiewicz advises that there are many culprits for diminishing the beneficial bacteria and microbes in a healthy gut. One of the biggest is refined sugar and saturated fats. Our modern diet can be linked to causing a healthy gut to become unbalanced. Therefore, a change in diet should be able to help restore the microbes. Based on Dr. Bulsiewicz’s advice, here are some tips on what to eat after treatment.

Eat Vegetables

After a course of antibiotics gut flora is essential to get back to optimal health. Your intestinal flora needs to be restored. One of the best foods you can eat is vegetables. Many vegetables contain good beneficial bacteria that help restore balance to your intestinal flora.

Resistant starch is also a good source of beneficial bacteria. This is because resistant starch ferments in the intestines, to restore intestinal flora. Well-fed beneficial bacteria will populate the lining of the gut.

Eat a Range of Good Foods

Generally, the more diverse microbiota you have, the healthier your intestinal flora. Unfortunately, the modern Western diet is very rich in fats and sugar. Eating a balanced diet that consists of whole foods can lead to a balanced intestinal flora. Which is beneficial for your gut health.

Legumes, Beans, and Fruit

Prebiotic Foods

Here are 9 reasons to choose BIOHM Whole Probiotics from BIOHM Health:

How do you keep your gut healthy? Let’s talk in the comments below!Up Next:

How To Tell If Probiotics Are High

I like a bargain as much as anyone, but buying a probiotic supplement is something you don’t want to skimp on. Warehouse stores are great to buy paper towels and grass-fed beef in bulk, but those mega-containers of probiotics are hardly the great deal they might seem.

Quality matters for any supplement, and that goes triple for probiotics. Many commercial brands lack the technology to identify specific strains and how much of that strain each dose contains. That could mean you get an ineffective or potentially harmful dose. It’s a great sign if the company is using probiotic strains that have been used specifically in clinical trials at a dose similar to or the same as that used in the study. This is one of the only ways to guarantee a probiotic’s effectiveness.*

And even then, with probiotics, it’s all about survival. These delicate microorganisms must survive several obstaclesthe manufacturing process, packaging, shelf life, and the acid in your stomach environmentto reach your intestines, where they do their job.

To avoid those and other problems, I strongly recommend buying a professional brand from a reputable health care professional or another vendor who stands by their products and submits their products for multiple rounds of quality testing, from raw ingredients to finished product. Some of these brands have created advanced technology that preserves a probiotic supplement’s survival on the shelf and in your gut.

What Probiotics For Antibiotic Side Effects

Typically, it will take the body time to balance the microbiome to healthy, diverse bacteria levels. In fact, research shows that it takes about 6 months to recover from the damage done by antibiotics. And even then, the body might not even be back to its pre-antibiotic state.

Saccharomyces boulardii, a probiotic yeast is particularly good at preventing and alleviating antibiotic-associated diarrhea and travellers diarrhea. Its also a friend to your gut bacteria that supports good bacteria and prevents inflammation.

Lactobacillus acidophilus, a probiotic bacterium best known for being in yoghurt is also great for your gut. Studies show that its good at treating and preventing infections, and reducing the digestive side effects of antibiotics.

Other bacteria that help recover from antibiotic use include:

  • L. casei

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Eat Food With 5 Ingredients Or Less

This rule is intended to help differentiate between lightly processed foods such as olive oil, flour and yogurt and highly processed foods such as ready meals, chips and fast foods.

When we say 5 ingredients we mean on the label not in the recipe. The number of ingredients a packaged food contains is a very good indication of how processed it is and therefore how bad it is for you.

Whats more you should be extra fearful if you dont recognise or worse still cant pronounce any of the ingredients on the label.

Good Bacteria And Gut Health

Nutriza Select Advanced Probiotics Supplement Promotes ...

But weve been told for decades that all bacteria are evil, so if youre wondering, Is flora good for you? right now, then youre not alone. Dont worry, this widespread belief is a myth. In fact, now we know that bacteria are overwhelmingly harmless, some are great, and only a few are bad.

For your gut to stay happy and keep you healthy, it depends on microbial diversity. Basically, there must be lots of different types of microbes living together. When there isnt, it leads to dysbiosis, in which there isnt enough diversity and some bacteria can grow out of control.

When an imbalance of good and bad bacteria happens, the microbiome can become unhappy, and this has consequences for digestion, inflammation, the gut lining, and even mood and brain health.

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Dr Ohhira’s Probiotics Original Formula 60 Capsules

Dr Ohhira’s Probiotics Original formula has a three-year-long shelf life and is fermented in nature made from prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics. It contains live cultures and is fully vegetarian with no gluten, no dairy product, and completely non-GMO. The prebiotic food components used are seaweed, mushroom, fruits, and vegetables. Live probiotics are twelve selected strains that have been cultured together with no fermentation. Postbiotics from the fermentation process include short-chained fatty acids, organic fatty acids like acetic, citric, fulvic, humic and phenyl lactic acid, trace amounts of minerals, lactic and amino acids. The supplement does not contain products that have carcinogenic substances. The probiotic supports good digestion, immune health and promotes a healthy microbial environment.

Dr Ohhiras Probiotics Original Formula 60 Capsules

Dr. Ohhiras Probiotics Original Formula 60 capsules come in pill form and contains 12 billion acid-resistant lactobacillus sporogenes per capsule. Each capsule should be taken once daily on an empty stomach or as recommended by your doctor.

This product does not require refrigeration for storage, but it should be stored away from heat and moisture.

Image courtesy Smarty Pants

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Probiotics 60 Billion Cfu

Probiotics 60 billion CFU contains 60 CFUs per serving, unlike other probiotic supplements that might exaggerate their serving CFU. These CFUs work to give the body maximum energy and stamina. The supplement is made of 10 probiotic strains and premium grade non-GMO ingredients. Probiotics and organic prebiotic components are clinically approved as effective and safe for consumption for improved digestive functionality. Benefits of Probiotics 60CFU are improved intestinal health, gas, and bloating relief after eating, reduced constipation without needing fiber foods, repairs a leaky intestinal tract, improved digestion, enhanced immune function against infections and promotes weight loss.

The once-daily Probiotic for women has 50 CFUs per serving that help with digestion, improve the immune system and general feminine health. It is made of prebiotics and six organic strains with D-Mannose and a cranberry extract called Procan, rich in antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals and oxidative stress. Women’s prebiotic and probiotics with patented cranberry extract help fight Urinary Tract Infections and Vaginosis.

Probiotic For Leaky Gut Syndrome Buyers Guide

How COMPLETE SPORE RESTORE Helps Protect and Recondition Your Gut Flora

Probiotics are often considered one of the best supplements for leaky gut, but why? There have been many studies conducted over the years that have confirmed that probiotics can help to treat and prevent over one hundred diseases and conditions. Probiotics consist of healthy bacteria that help to support digestive health, immune health, and gene and cell function. There are hundreds of organisms that are naturally occurring in the digestive tract. These bacterial colonies are crucial to your well-being and support the assimilation of nutrients and the digestion of food. Essentially, healthy bacterial will play a major role in keeping you healthy. When your digestive tract lacks this bacteria, bad bacteria is able to take over, which can lead to a variety of health issues, including leaky gut syndrome.

But searching online among hundreds of different types of probiotics can feel like a daunting task, especially if youre not familiar with probiotics, how they work, and how you can benefit from use.

Unfortunately, while most products claim to contain pure, high-quality probiotics, approximately only ten percent contain the bacteria that the manufacturers claim they do.

When youre shopping for probiotics, make sure you look for the following characteristics to ensure youre getting a product that works and contains the volume of bacteria that the manufacturer claims it does:

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Elm & Rye Probiotic Is The #1 Choice

Elm & Rye is an up-and-coming entrant on the probiotics scene whose mission is to improve the lives of humanity by making high-quality supplements accessible and convenient. Their products are made from the highest quality ingredients and are tested by a third party to ensure purity and consistency. No additives or fillers are ever used.

In addition, the company has made a commitment to sustainable sourcing in all aspects of production, from farming to packaging to transportation. They aim to build long-term relationships with their customers by providing superior customer service and education that allows consumers to take charge of their health.

Elm & Ryes Probiotic serves up a double whammy of supplement benefits, as it contains ingredients that both boost the functioning of the bodys immune system and promote healthy gut bacteria and ease digestion.

If transparency and social responsibility top your list of requirements for your probiotic supplier, Elm & Rye Probiotic should be at the top of your shopping list. At $50 for 30 tablets, they are not the cheapest option on this list, but orders always ship free.

All Things In Moderation Including Moderation Itself

One of my favourite sayings I cant remember who or where I first hear this from but it applies to all walks of life.Exercise self restraint most of the time but reward yourself when you deserve it and dont let your discipline prevent you from enjoying the odd indulgence.As has been noted in many studies stress has been found to be just as harmful as a bad diet so remember to enjoy life and treat yourself once in a while.

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Get Some Vitamin D To Boost The Immune System

Yellow vitamin D3 gelatine capsules and green bottle on clay plate on burlap background. Vitamin D3 nutrient beneficial for supporting bone health Restoring gut flora is also possible when you increase your vitamin D. Studies show those who have a deficiency of this vitamin are also prone to infection. A study by the University of Edinburgh may explain why.

According to it, the vitamin can modulate or regulate the way the immune system works, going as far as helping control the factors that result in autoimmune diseases. The body can produce this vitamin, but it needs the help of sunlight. Try spending at least 20 minutes outdoors during early midday without wearing sunscreen. On days when theres not enough sunlight, you can supplement your diet with a vitamin D supplement. Even better, when outside, exercise to further improve your gut.

Antibiotics Attack All Gut Bacteria

GI Balance Probiotic: Restore Healthy Gut Flora

Antibiotics target all bacteriathe good ones and the bad. You can take certain actions to replace the good bacteria while youre on antibiotics, and help nurture them back into balance after the course is over.

Back in the day, doctors used to think that a healthy body was a sterile body, and that our immune systems were constantly fighting the microbes we came in contact with. Once antibiotics were invented, millions of lives were saved as people were protected from bacterial infections.

Now, the medical community understands that theres a whole world of beneficial organisms living within your intestines, and as long as we keep them balanced, well stay healthy. Unfortunately, this means that antibiotics are one of the biggest threats to gut health.

Antibiotics kill off the bacteria responsible for infection, but they also kill the friendly gut bacteria and microbial diversity you want to nurture. In the best case, you might have gas and diarrhea for a few days. In the worst case, it can get so bad that the balance of your microbiome shifts, and you can end up with problems like malapsorption, changes to your digestion, candida overgrowth and even changes to your mental health.

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Probiotics For Males And Females

The effects of probiotics may be different in males and females.

In a 2014 study, researchers gave males and females with obesityLactobacillus rhamnosus. The results suggested that females lost weight and fat during the trial, and that they maintained the loss after study completion. The males in the study, however, did not.

A different study in people with Salmonella infection suggested that the effects of taking Lactobacillus plantarum varied according to sex. Although the study authors saw little evidence that this probiotic can treat Salmonella, they noted how males and females experienced the symptoms and clearance of the infection differently.

Scientists need to conduct more studies to establish whether or not probiotic therapy should be different depending on a persons sex.

shows that people with obesity have lower bacterial diversity.

A small 2019 study found that people following a low calorie diet for 15 weeks had changes in their gut bacteria. They also had a reduction in bacteria associated with atherosclerosis, which occurs when the arteries become clogged with plaque.

The links between weight and gut bacteria could indicate that probiotics may be able to support weight loss.

Some suggest that supplementation with synbiotics, using strains such as Lactobacillus gasseri, cause weight reduction in large independent studies. Adding certain fibers may increase these effects.

Gut Flora Specialist Testing

The gastrointestinal tract has two main functions

  • To digest and absorb important nutrients for the bodys growth and function
  • To act as a barrier to keep harmful substances and microorganisms from entering the blood.

Within the gastrointestinal tract thousands of different bacterial species can be found. These bacteria also play a key role in digestion, nutrition, pathogen defence and immune system development.

When the function and interplay within this complex system is disturbed, ill-health can easily develop. Multiple areas can influence this fine balance including digestion, absorption, the location, number and specific species of bacteria, parasitic infection, as well as epithelial integrity and inflammation.

Typical symptoms consist of diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, bad breath, abdominal pain, anemia, food sensitivities and osteoporosis. However, other conditions not typically recognized, but associated with gastrointestinal health, include chronic fatigue, depression, autism, atopy, arthritis and autoimmune disorders.

These conditions may result from leaky gut and the subsequent exposure to foreign particles which may trigger local and systemic immune and inflammatory mechanisms.

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Buyers Guide: How To Find The Most Effective Probiotic Supplement

Probiotics are live microorganisms that are edible and usually included in fermented foods and supplements. Numerous studies have shown the effects of a balanced and imbalanced number of bacteria in ones digestive functions and how it can affect our overall health and wellness.

So, start taking probiotic supplements. They provide the right amount of gut bacteria needed by the body, resulting in an array of health benefits. Some of these include weight loss and improvement in digestive health, immune functions, and more.

Consume Fermented Foods While Taking Antibiotics

The #1 Master Tip to Help Restoring a Normal Gut Flora

Many fermented foods contain probiotics and can help to restore normal gut flora that has been disrupted by antibiotics. Here are a few of the best probiotic-foods.

Yogurt. You can eat raw yogurt when taking antibiotics because it contains strains of healthy bacteria. One study found that people who consume yogurt have more Bifidobacterium in their gut. Other studies have shown that raw yogurt containing Lactobacillus casei can positively influence gastrointestinal health. Yogurt is also one of the best foods for treating yeast infection.

Some studies seem to indicate that calcium-enriched foods may inhibit the absorption of certain medications. However, this has not been proved with calcium-rich dairy products when taking moxifloxacin.

Kefir. This is a fermented milk drink that contains many types of good gut bacteria. Several studies have shown that kefir has antimicrobial, antitumor and anticarcinogenic activity. Consuming kefir can also boost your immune system and improve lactose digestion.

Kimchi. Another probiotic food you can take after antibiotics is kimchi. Kimchi is made by fermenting vegetables with probiotic lactic acid bacteria. Studies have shown that kimchi contains probiotic properties that have a positive effect on your gut health and immune system.

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Only Eat Food That Will Rot

Or as Michael Pollan says, Dont eat food that doesnt rot. Processed foods are designed to make food last longer. More often than not the more processed a food is, the more preservatives and emulsifiers it will contain .

Preservatives and Emulsifiers are chemicals that are designed to kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria and stop food going off. This is fine for preserving the shelf life of a bottle of mayonnaise however when we eat that mayonnaise the additives perhaps unsurprisingly have a similar disruptive effect on our gut bacteria.

Look out for additives in any processed foods you buy or better still avoid processed foods and only eat food that will rot.

A Weaker Immune System

Scientists have proven that a strong immune system helps in the fight against diseases and infections. People with stronger systems stand a better chance at fighting diseases.

On the other hand, people with weaker immune systems are more susceptible to bouts of infections. A weak system is brought about by the presence of insufficient or inadequate bacteria within the gut.The intake of probiotics comes in to take care of the deficiency, by restoring lost bacteria. Your immune system is boosted. You therefore become stronger and resistant to the effects of infections and diseases.In addition to these effects, there are other common problems that may be associated with the lack of enough bacteria within the gut.

Diarrhea is noted in some incidences. This is a condition in which the affected persons have stalled foods within their digestive systems because of the lack of enough bacteria in their systems.

The problem is usually caused by bad bacteria that cause illnesses. Probiotics come in to fight such bacteria by replacing them with the helpful ones that aid in the absorption of nutrients into the body.Other effects include the increase of cholesterol and the formation of a leaky gut.

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