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Best Probiotics For Bladder Health

When Is The Best Time To Take Probiotics

How do probiotics help with urinary tract infections?

As with many supplements and medications, there are certain times and factors that can change their efficacy, for good or bad. Research shows that the best time to take a probiotic is 30 minutes before a meal. Consistency is key when it comes to taking a probiotic and experiencing as many of the potential health benefits as possible. This means that it is necessary to take it daily to ensure routine and regular replenishment of the guts bacteria.

The stomach is a highly acidic environment, which can make it difficult for many supplements to pass through in their most bioavailable form. The same is true for probiotics. Look for a high-quality probiotic that uses time-release tablets to deliver its bacteria safely to the gut.

The composition of your meal can also help or hinder your probiotics efficacy. A large meal will move more slowly through the stomach and trigger more stomach acid production. If your probiotic is taken along or prior to this type of meal, the probiotic will move more slowly and be exposed to a hostile environment for longer.

Ranking The Best Probiotics Of 2021

Some of the best probiotic supplements are listed below with indications, uses and their reviews.

Elm & Rye overall best for quality, value and immunity

Provitalize Best weight natural weight management probiotic

Culturelle Daily Probiotic, Digestive Health Capsules

Probiotics 60 billion CFU

Renew Life #1 Womens Probiotic

Dr Mercola Complete Probiotics

Dr Ohhira’s Probiotics Original Formula 60 capsules

Mason Natural, Probiotic Acidophilus with Pectin

Flora Childrens Probiotic, 60 capsules

Probiotic Protein

Flora Bloom Womens Health Probiotic

This is a high potency probiotic formula from Flora Bloom brand is effective in maintaining digestive health, immune system health, vaginal health and urinary health.

Each capsule of this supplement provide 10 billion active cultures to the intestine and it contains 4 effective probiotic strains.

This supplement makes use of time-release formula that ensures that the microorganisms survive the stomach acids and arrive alive in the intestine.

This is a 100% vegetarian supplement free from GMOs, wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, nuts and artificial ingredients.

It is manufactured in a GMP facility and the potency, quality and purity of the product is guaranteed through expiry.

Things We Liked:

  • Manufactured in a GMP facility

Things We Didnt Like:

  • Can cause initial digestive distress in some users

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Buyers Guide: How To Find The Most Effective Probiotic Supplement

Probiotics are live microorganisms that are edible and usually included in fermented foods and supplements. Numerous studies have shown the effects of a balanced and imbalanced number of bacteria in ones digestive functions and how it can affect our overall health and wellness.

So, start taking probiotic supplements. They provide the right amount of gut bacteria needed by the body, resulting in an array of health benefits. Some of these include weight loss and improvement in digestive health, immune functions, and more.

Definition And Characteristics Of Probiotics

Garden of Life, Dr. Formulated Probiotics, Urinary Tract+ ...

The term probiotic consists of the words pro in Latin and bios in Greek meaning life. The concept of probiotics was first introduced by Elie Metchnikoff, the Russian Nobel Prize winner in 1907. Metchnikoff notes that the microbes in the digestive system can provide positive contributions, especially in the digestive system diseases. The World Health Organization has defined probiotics as useful living microorganisms that have a positive effect on the health and physiology of a person when taken in sufficient quantities. The properties that a good probiotic should have are indicated in .

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Wholesome Wellness Raw Probiotics

For women who have never had probiotics, the Raw Probiotics line from Wholesome Wellness is an excellent option to start with. The company guarantees that it has at least 100 billion cultures and 34 strands per serving.

Whats also remarkable is that the probiotics are organic. They have no trace of soy, gluten, binders, milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts, shellfish, additives, or preservatives. They are even capable of maintaining lengthy shelf life, too.

If youre looking for digestive support, this is the one for you. It contains plenty of probiotics and enzymes that can tackle a spectrum of bowel and digestive issues.

Best Probiotic For Pregnancy: Megafood Megaflora For Baby & Me

Aside from the beneficial probiotics, this has plant-based compounds like ginger to soothe upset stomachs and support healthy digestive function, says Beth Warren, RDN, a dietitian in Brooklyn, New York. It also has prebiotics, which encourage the growth of healthy bacteria that support the well being of pregnant and breastfeeding women, she explains. The formula has L. rhamnosus HN001, which has been shown to support the childs developing immune system during the last trimester and early breastfeeding period.

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Lovebug Probiotics Complete Women’s Health 50 Billion Cfu Vaginal Care And Ph Balance Probiotic Proven Ingredients With Pacran Promotes Urinary Tract Health Advanced Strength 30 Capsules

  • BALANCES YEAST & BACTERIA. Lactobacilli shield the vagina by producing lactic acid, which lowers the pH, making it slightly acidic and inhospitable to pathogens.
  • FORMULATED WITH PACRAN. Pacran is a clinically studied cranberry fruit extract proven to promote urinary tract health naturally.
  • ALLERGEN FRIENDLY, VEGAN PROBIOTICS. We take everyone into account which is why our probiotics are free of the 8 major allergens.
  • NON-GMO WITH NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS OR FLAVORS. Choose a probiotic with natural ingredients! Our probiotics are free of GMO’s, fillers, artificial colors, flavors or ingredients.
  • Made in the USA with US and worldwide ingredients.

Best Probiotic For Period Cramps: Ortho Molecular Products Ortho Biotic

Good to Know: Can taking probiotics improve our health to help us lead better lives?

This probiotic doesnt contain any bacteria that produce histamine, a substance linked to inflammation, according to Nour Zibdeh, RDN, an integrative and functional dietitian in Washington, DC. Histamine intolerance is more common in women because of estrogen. The higher your estrogen level, the more histamine your body will produce. Symptoms of histamine intolerance include headaches, itchy and red skin, anxiety, congestion, post-nasal drip, stomach pain, diarrhea, and period cramps. If these symptoms are worse at ovulation or right before your period, I suspect histamine intolerance and recommend a probiotic that will help break histamine down. Dr. Zibdeh recommends this brand. Its a mix of strains that are either neutral or may help metabolize excess histamine, she explains.

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Replenish The Good Womens Probiotic

Second from our list comes a famous brand called Replenish the Good. This specially formulated womens probiotic is good in treating urinary and yeast infection.

This supplement contains 6 effective probiotic strains and each capsule contains 6 billion CFUs. The probiotic strains include L. rhaamnosus, L. acidophilus, L. fermentum, L. plantarum, L. reuteri and B. lactis.

This supplement also contains vitamin D3, cranberry and D-Mannose. These ingredients help in preventing the pathogenic bacteria from colonizing the walls of the urinary tract. It is also helpful in treating vitamin D deficiency.

This supplement contains specially selected strains that help to prevent and treat urinary tract infections, yeast infections, vaginosis and vaginal dryness. It also helps to improve digestive health, immune health and brain health.

This probiotic supplement is completely safe and suitable for daily long-term use. Patented time release formula of this supplement delivers 15 times more probiotics to the intestine compared to other probiotic supplement brands.

This is a shelf-stable probiotic supplement that does not require refrigeration. It is made from 100% natural ingredients, so it is completely safe and suitable for long term use. This supplement doesnt contain lactose, egg, soy, wheat, nuts, chemicals, shellfish, sugar, artificial colors, preservatives and gluten.

Things We Liked:

Things We Didnt Like:

How Can Probiotics Help Women

Probiotics are bacteria which exert benefits on the host. You may already know that some probiotics are helpful for gut-related issues, but they can be beneficial for other areas of health too, including vaginal health and skin health .

We all have a microbiome in our gut, mouth, skin and lungs, but the beneficial bacteria and microbes which inhabit the urinary tract and vagina are of particular importance to those who have them1. In the vagina and urinary tract, these helpful microbes are thought to exert many of the same beneficial effects as they would in the gut, helping to maintain a healthy balance. Their presence limits the likelihood of bad bacteria and yeasts being able to overgrow, causing conditions such as thrush, urinary tract infections and bacterial vaginosis .

Typically, healthy vaginal and urinary microbiomes are populated largely by Lactobacilli bacteria which discourage the growth of harmful bacteria and yeasts1,2. However, due to the proximity of the vagina to the anus, it is much easier for bad bacteria and yeasts to translocate from the gut in those with vaginas than in those with penises3. It is believed that most infections like thrush, cystitis or UTIs stem from bad microbes in the gut, which can travel through the digestive tract to the anus, across the perineum and over to the urogenital tract.

Learn more about how to take care of your vaginal microbiome by reading our article: All About the Vaginal Flora.

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Bladder Health Benefits Of Cranberry

Cranberries contain proanthocyanidins, a type of polyphenol commonly found in plants. Research has shown that the antioxidant benefits of cranberries due to these compounds are promising. And most people can easily include cranberries in their everyday diet. However, if you dont want to eat cranberries or drink cranberry juice, a supplement may be more convenient. Cranberry supplements are made from dried, powdered cranberries and offer a simple way to enjoy the health benefits of the fruit. Some supplements contain vitamin C or probiotics as well to enhance their effects.

The potent antioxidant content of cranberries can help fortify your body against free radicals. Research has shown that taking cranberry supplements daily for eight weeks can result in significantly reduced oxidative stress in the body.8, 9

Cranberry Benefits & Uses

Read Benefits of Cranberries: Raw, Juice, Pills, Tea & Extract to learn more.

Can You Take Too Many Probiotics

Dr Formulated Probiotics Urinary Tract, 60 Veg Caps

Taking too many probiotics is not a common issue. For those who have taken too many probiotics , they will likely experience gut disruptions and gastrointestinal side effects.

Probiotics are generally safe regardless of the amount taken, and any side effects are generally mild. It is impossible to take a toxic level of probiotics. The most common side effects of taking more probiotics than you can tolerate are gas, bloating, and diarrhea. These side effects can be treated individually and are generally corrected after 24 to 48 hours and stopping the probiotics until they are resolved.

It can be tempting to discontinue probiotic use altogether after a negative experience out of fear of another bad reaction, but simply reducing your dose and taking your probiotic as directed should prevent further issues. It is important for those with a weakened immune system or serious illness to discuss probiotic use with their healthcare provider before starting a probiotic regimen.

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Does Taking An Antibiotic After Sex Prevent Utis

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, having sex three or more times a week increases your risk for recurrent UTIs. Your risk is also increased if you use a diaphragm or spermicide products, regardless of the frequency of sexual activity. If you experience recurrent UTIs, changing your method of contraception should be the first thing you consider.

If you continue to suffer from UTIs and they are getting in the way of living a normal life, taking a preventive antibiotic could be an option. Taking regular antibiotics is not a risk-free treatment though, so have a conversation with your provider about whether this is right for you. Taking an antibiotic before or after sex can prevent recurrent UTIs especially if UTIs repeatedly show up 24 hours after intercourse.

During sex, bacteria can get into the urinary tract and cause infections. Antibiotics work by fighting these bacteria. E. coli is the most common bacteria that causes UTIs. Common antibiotics used to treat UTIs are nitrofurantoin, cephalexin, or trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole .

A clinical trial showed that only 2 out of 16 women who took TMP/SMX right after sex had recurrent UTIs compared to 9 out of 11 women who had a sugar pill. The results were the same regardless of how often the women had sex.

Synergy Between An Abnormal Vaginal Microbiota And The Spread Of Human Immunodeficiency Virus In Women

The data from 2001 reveals that the proportion of women between 15 and 24 years of age, living with HIV / AIDS is 62% worldwide . The main reasons are multifactorial, namely, lack of awareness and access to health information, rape, and dependence on men for housing and income, diminished educational opportunities, low male use of condoms, and young age at first intercourse. Multiple studies have also shown that the absence or depletion of Lactobacilli in the vagina, associated with overgrowth of anerobic pathogens causing BV, results in significantly increased risk for HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and herpes simplex virus infections.

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Provitalize Best Weight Natural Weight Management Probiotic

The product is made of six herbal components that enhance its effectiveness in the body. These components include the Lactobacillus gasseri, which boosts the body’s immune function, helps fight allergies and has many other benefits. Bacterium Breeve lowers the overall fat mass, Bacterium Lactis reduces the BMI, total body cholesterol that could lead to cardiac problems, and breaks down low-density lipoproteins. Tumeric root extract helps reduce inflammation, and Moringa leaf is rich in Vitamins E & C, promoting good brain health. Bioperine improves nutrient absorption b 30%, and sunflower lecithin enhances the effectiveness of the formula. e Delayed-release capsules protect the probiotics from stomach acid effects.

The Provitalize capsules work to ease hot flashes that may occur during menopause, manage to bloat, energize the body, improve gut and digestive health, and improve sleep at night. The capsules work effectively to minimize the side effects of menopause in women, leaving you feeling lighter and energized.

Promoting Better Gut Health

Best Probiotics for Women 2020 and 2021

Maintaining a healthy gut is about more than just a healthy diet and ensuring you eat your five a day. Studies show that probiotics can help with maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract. This can contribute to keeping common GI illnesses at bay. If you suffer with bloating, constipation or diarrhoea, finding the right probiotic could help you get things under control.8

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Role Of Commensal Microbial Flora In Preventing Urinary Tract Infections

L. iners is the most common habitant found primarily in the white population. After attaining menopause, some 25 to 30% of the women still have Lactobacilli present, and this number rises to between 60 and 100% with the use of vaginal or oral estrogen-replacement therapy. The interest in the potential role of the normal vaginal flora began almost 30 years ago with the finding of low lactobacilli counts in the vagina and urethra, in women suffering from recurrent UTIs. J M Seddon et al., in their study of normal volunteers showed a marked variation in introital organisms mediated by changes in urinary frequency. The defensive role of Lactobacillus also depends on multiple factors, namely:

  • Their symbiosis with potential pathogens.

  • Their capability of producing antibacterial materials, such as hydrogen peroxide, to limit pathogen growth.

  • Their production of biosurfactants that inhibit pathogen adherence.

  • Their ability to prime macrophages, leukocytes, cytokines, and other host defenses.

  • The Best Probiotics For Women Over 50

    While these wonderful bacterial organisms can be found naturally in foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, and kefir , they also come in supplemental form.

    The best probiotics for women over 50 will be specific to your needs, whether that includes digestive issues, like diarrhea and leaky gut, or general health issues, such as urinary tract health or weight loss.

    According to the American Nutrition Association, the recommended daily intake for probiotic supplements can range from 1 billion colony forming units to 100 billion per day.

    If you find your gut and overall health to be pretty good, then a low number of CFUs may be all you need. Since our immune systems weaken as we age, however, a higher number may be necessary for women over 50 in order to stay healthy and see significant results. A probiotic with a CFU ranging from 25 to 50 billion is a great place to start.

    As with any supplement, its important to consult your doctor before adding a probiotic to your daily vitamin regimen. If youre ready to shop, keep scrolling to read up on Womans Worlds picks for the best probiotics for women over 50.

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    Natural Cranberry And D

    Urinary tract health and support is significant to womenâs overall health. E.coli â bacteria that are normally found in the intestine â can make their way to the bladder hampering urinary tract health. It is estimated that half of all women will experience an impedement of urinary tract health at some point in their lifetime, and 30% of these will suffer recurrences. Our probiotic for women contains Cran-gyn, a proprietary, comprehensive womenâs health formula with a blend of cranberry extract, natural D-Mannose, plus feminine immunity boosters, antioxidants and anthocyanins. Our D-mannose is a naturally-occurring, non-caloric, simple sugar from the Birch tree. Most mannose products on the market are made from synthetic material. Our formula combines the proven efficacy of unsweetened whole cranberry juice with the scientifically validated effects of D-mannose. This powerful combination helps prevent urinary tract infections because it inhibits bacteria from adhering to the walls of the urinary tract. If bacteria canât latch onto your bladder, itâs less likely to cause an infection.

    Good Girl Probiotics Love Wellness

    Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics Urinary Tract+ 60 ...

    This probiotics supplement is easy on a womans belly since it only has 1 billion CFUs. Chances are you will still get all the benefits you need even if you do have are a bit sensitive in the middle.

    All of the eight probiotic strains that are included in its formula are the ones that naturally occur in the vagina. But it supports gut health and boosts the immune system as well.

    It is shelf-stable and the bottle is of great quality. That means you dont need to keep it in the fridge once you crack it open. Note that the shelf-life of this product is up to two years.

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