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Daily Probiotic To Prevent Yeast Infections

Probiotics For Yeast Infection

Will A Probiotic Cure My Yeast Infection? | Ask Eric Bakker

Using probiotics for yeast infection is a very important part of the yeast infection treatment, especially since the majority of the yeast infections are caused by an overgrowth of candida yeast in the gut. Probiotics supplements work by populating the intestines with beneficial organisms that can prevent the yeast from overgrowing and help the body to naturally balance the infection.

When choosing the best probiotic supplements for yeast infections, it is important to use the right probiotic strains. Different probiotic strains have different properties and as such, they have different uses, benefits and side effects. Taking the wrong probiotics can cause die off symptoms and side effects such as bloating, gas and other digestive issues. In some cases, it can even make the yeast infection become worse.

This experts guide summarizes our experience working with probiotics for yeast infection and candida issues. We hope this guide will help you get the many probiotics benefits while minimizing the side effects and risks.

In this guide

Probiotics For Immune System

Considering that a weak immune system is one of the main causes of yeast infections and candida issues , having a healthy immune system can be very helpful in order to prevent candida and yeast infections. The Lactobacillus probiotics immune system connection is well known and has been extensively studied. Various Lactobacillus strains such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus paracasei and Lactobacillus casei were shown in different studies to enhance gut and systemic immune function . Another study suggested that Lactobacillus plantarum can enhance the antitumor immune response and delay tumour formation .

How Does Candida Become A Health Issue

The Candida genus of yeasts is very large and includes many different species, although C. albicans is the most common culprit behind human fungal infections. Whilst C. albicans is the most common species of Candida to proliferate and cause health issues, others, such as C. glabrata and C. auris are increasing in prevalence. Candida is a natural resident in our intestinal tract, and normally our own defence mechanisms keep it in check however, stress, illness, medications such as antibiotics and a high intake of sugary foods can create conditions favourable for the yeast to proliferate12. . Even our external environment is important in the fight against Candida. Reducing the mould count in our homes, schools and offices limits our exposure to Candida and other microbes in the air, and therefore reduces the burden put on our immune system.

On the whole, however, anti-Candida diets typically exclude processed, high-sugar foods, some fruits, and ‘yeasty’ foods and drinks like bread and alcohol which are all thought to promote the growth of this pathogen. Foods to which the patient are intolerant to, are also excluded. A gut-healing, immune health -supporting diet is desirable, along with foods that can help to naturally suppress Candida and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. Coconut oil14 contains caprylic acid so can be a useful addition, as can olive oil, garlic13, onions and ginger for their anti-fungal and prebiotic potential.

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How Do These Probiotics Help

Probiotics are packed full of healthy bacteria that not only help your GI tract, but also your vagina. Studies have shown that when taken, probiotics will improve symptoms for those who already have a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis.

Probiotics are also able to prevent a potential infection. These bacteria work to balance out the pH level of the vagina, which makes for a healthy and hospitable environment.

Preventing Genital Yeast Infections Lovebug Probiotic Wellness Support Supplement ...

For the prevention of genital yeast infections, consider the following:

  • Avoid sexual activity while a partner has a yeast infection, even if they dont have active symptoms. Yeast infections can be passed back and forth. They can also be transferred from one area of the body to another, like genitals to mouth.
  • Wipe front to back to help prevent additional microorganisms from being pushed up in the vagina or introduced into the urinary tract.
  • Wear cotton underwear and change it regularly. Also wear loose, cotton clothing. Tight clothing might trap in moisture and cause friction on your skin, making areas more susceptible to yeast overgrowth.
  • Wash certain garments like underwear in hot water. Add bleach if necessary. Also, be sure to use gentle detergents that are free of fragrances and colors. These will be less irritating to your skin should an infection develop.
  • Let your bathing suit dry fully. Avoid constantly re-wearing the same wet bathing suit.
  • Eat foods that help balance out microflora in the body. These can include yogurts containing Lactobacillus acidophilus, a type of natural probiotic.
  • Take a probiotic supplement. Always let your doctor know what supplements you take.
  • Take antifungal medications whenever youre prescribed an antibiotic. Speak to your doctor or pharmacist if youre prone to yeast infections.

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Do Probiotics Help Support Candida

Probiotics can help with Candida in a number of different ways.

  • Competitive Inhibition the term competitive inhibition just means that probiotic bacteria compete for space and nutrients with pathogenic microbes in the gut. By taking up the space on the epithelial lining, probiotics prevent pathogens from adhering to our gut cells and damaging them. They also compete for nutrients, and generally make it harder for pathogens, including Candida, to flourish. The same principle can be seen in the vaginal tract. Using specific strains of probiotics that are known to colonise the vagina, results in less space and fewer nutrients being available to pathogens including Candida albicans, which cause vaginal thrush.
  • Heal the gut barrier probiotics re-enforce the lining of the gut8. This helps to prevent gaps from forming in the space between the enterocytes which leads to a leaky gut. Probiotics also produce short-chain fatty acids such as butyrate which are known to enhance the integrity and functioning of the intestinal epithelial barrier9.
  • Binding of pathogens one particular probiotic, Saccharomyces boulardii has the ability to bind to pathogens and successfully remove them from the GI tract via the stool 10.
  • Have anti-fungal effects Saccharomyces boulardii produces three different anti-fungal acids, which inhibit the growth of Candida albicans and other Candida species in the gut11.

Probiotics With Antibiotics To Prevent Yeast Infections

Taking probiotics with antibiotics to prevent yeast infections was suggested by published human studies as a useful strategy to reduce the risks of developing yeast infections due to the antibiotics use. In one study, a mix of Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and other probiotics strains was given to patients who were treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics. The study finding suggested that the probiotic mix was able to reduce the growth of Candida in blood and candida in urine .

Another published human study, showed that participants who took Lactobacillus probiotics during the antibiotic treatment, had reduced risk for developing antibiotic-associated diarrhea, a very known side effects of antibiotics .

Using antibiotics is one of the most common causes of yeast infections . If you are planning to take antibiotics, we encourage you to consult with your doctor, share this information and consider taking probiotics with antibiotics to prevent yeast infections.

Lactobacillus anti-candida properties

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When To Expect Results

Vaginal suppositories may work faster than oral probiotics. Oral probiotics may be helpful in preventing recurrent yeast infections, while vaginal suppositories are intended for more serious or acute cases.

You will see the number of probiotics in a particular supplement listed as colony-forming units, or CFUs. This is the number of probiotic strains in the supplement at the time it was produced.

Your time-to-results depends on multiple factors, including your specific clinical history, the dose and quality of the probiotic strains in your supplement, and other factors. It is best to consult a healthcare professional when selecting the appropriate strain for your yeast infection.

What Does The Research Says

Suzy Cohen on Antibiotics, Yeast Infections and Buggy Yogurt

The evidence for consuming healthy bacteria to treat or prevent yeast infections has been consistently concluded in a host of research on the topic.

One of the earliest reports which studied the benefits of probiotics on vaginal health was published in 1992. The researchers concluded that daily ingestion of yogurt containing Lactobacillus acidophilus decreased candida colonization and infections.

Another study published in 2010 found that probiotics could result in fewer recurrences of yeast infections when taken after conventional treatment of vaginal yeast infections .

A 2001 research conducted at the University of Western Ontario demonstrated the ability of L. rhamnosus and L. reuteri to restore and maintain a normal urogenital flora in women after just 28 days of daily oral use.

A review published in the Journal of Chemotherapy found that Lactobacillus probiotic strains could help treat and prevent both bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. However, the evidence to prevent yeast infections was low.

The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews published a review in November 2017 with evidence showing that probiotics can help cure yeast infections and effectively prevent them, when combined with conventional treatments.

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Vetsmart Formulas Dog Probiotic Pet Supplement

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Islands Miracle Ultra 30 Womens Probiotic

Islands Miracle is one of those brands who concentrate on womens health. Among their products, Ultra-30s women has grabbed last but not least place in our list because of its efficacy and potent blend.

This supplement contains 18 beneficial probiotic strains and each capsule has 30 billion colony forming units. Apart from that it also contains an herbal blend Cranberry extract, Golden Rod and Bearberry which fight off bacteria to support urinary and vaginal health. It also contains digestive enzymes which break down the yeast cell membranes to kill them.

This unique combination of probiotics and herbal blend is self-sufficient in treating yeast infection. Additionally, this supplement contains pre-biotics which encourage the good bacteria grown in the colon.

These capsules are free of gluten, dairy, soy, wheat, eggs, fish, shellfish and ingredients that are derived from GMO. Each batch undergoes vigorous testing before dispatching to ensure quality. This supplement is third party tested for viability and potency.


  • Also contains unique herbal blend and digestive enzymes.


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Risks Of Using Probiotics

Bad reactions to probiotics are extremely rare. These bacteria already exist in your body, so adding more of them generally doesnt carry any risks. However, if you have a weakened immune system, due to an underlying condition or treatment youre receiving, its best to check in with your doctor before adding any type of bacteria to your body.

As well, keep in mind that you could experience mild side effects such as gas and bloating.

Dont Use Harsh Products:

ReNew Life Ultimate Flora Women

The use of harsh deodorants, perfumes, soaps etc can damage the human friendly bacteria and their population in the body. For example, vagina contains oils that fight against formation of yeast but the use of sanitary napkins for a long time, sprays, perfumes etc can strip the naturally occurring protective oil from vagina resulting in yeast infections. The use of hygienic products especially during menstruation is a key for females to keep them protected from vaginal infections.

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Things That Contribute To Yeast Infections

To help you prevent a yeast infection, its good to know which factors contribute to one in the first place. While yeast infections can happen to anyone at any age, there are certain risk factors that can increase your chances.

The core of a yeast infection is the overgrowth of yeast, so simply having too much in the body can automatically put you at risk.

More specific factors that increase your risk include:

  • Taking antibiotics. While antibiotics get rid of harmful bacteria, they also kill good bacteria. Without healthy bacteria to keep Candida at bay, it can quickly multiply and become a potential problem.
  • Taking high-estrogen birth control pills.Estrogen in birth control pills can lead to yeast overgrowth. Pregnant women are also at a higher risk of yeast infections due to naturally higher estrogen levels.
  • Humidity.Candida yeasts and other fungus tend to thrive in wet, humid conditions.
  • Moisture in your clothing. Sweaty clothes and wet bathing suits can increase moisture in the genital area, making it a breeding ground for fungal overgrowth.
  • Having certain conditions. Diabetes or a

Probiotics For Yeast That Work

Reportssuggest that probiotics can help in negating these yeast infectionsto a certain extent . Probiotics are a group of microorganismsregarded as a normal flora which helps in masking binding sites ofpathogens, inhibiting their colonization. Most common probioticspecies include Bifidobacterium spp.,Lactobacilli, andthe yeast Saccharomycesboulardii .

1. Superti, F. De Seta, F. Warding Off Recurrent Yeast and Bacterial Vaginal Infections: Lactoferrin and Lactobacilli. Microorganisms, 2020, 8.2. Ghasemian, A. Eslami, M. Shafiei, M. Najafipour, S. Rajabi, A. Probiotics and Their Increasing Importance in Human Health and Infection Control. Rev. Med. Microbiol., 2018, 29, 153158.

Lactobacillus acidophilus

Lacidophilus,originally named as Bacillusacidophilus was first isolated fromthe human gastrointestinal tract in 1900 by Moro. They are 210mshort, gram-positive bacillus that grow optimally from 37 to 42°Cand at temperatures as high as 45°C . L.acidophilus is shownto lowerC. albicans burden .


Lactobacillusrhamnosus GG , ATCC 53103 wasinitially isolated from faeces of a healthy human adult . It isprotective against vulvovaginal candidiasis. It colonizes the vaginaand restores the urogenital flora in women with a history ofbacterial or yeast vaginitis, or urinary tract infections. Moreover,a combination of L. acidophilusand L. rhamnosuswith bovine lactoferrin are able to prevent vaginal infections ofdifferent origins .

Lactobacillus plantarum

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Male Genital Yeast Infections

Genital yeast infections are really rare in men, and if they do occur, they are contracted from a woman partner. If a man has sexual intercourse with a woman who has a vaginal yeast infection, they are not likely to develop a yeast infection on their own genitals. However, in the rare case that it does happen, men may experience inflammation of the head of the penis, redness, itching, burning, white patches on the skin, and white, liquid substances on the skin of the penis. Or there may be no symptoms at all. Men who are immune compromised, have diabetes, or are uncircumcised may be more susceptible to yeast infections .

Best Probiotic For Yeast Infection In Reviews

Medical Information : Home Remedies for a Vaginal Yeast Infection
  • BALANCES YEAST & BACTERIA. Lactobacilli shield the vagina by producing lactic acid, which lowers the pH, making it slightly acidic and inhospitable to pathogens.
  • FORMULATED WITH PACRAN. Pacran is a clinically studied cranberry fruit extract proven to promote urinary tract health naturally.
  • ALLERGEN FRIENDLY, VEGAN PROBIOTICS. We take everyone into account which is why our probiotics are free of the 8 major allergens.
  • NON-GMO WITH NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS OR FLAVORS. Choose a probiotic with natural ingredients! Our probiotics are free of GMOs, fillers, artificial colors, flavors or ingredients.
  • Made in the USA with US and worldwide ingredients.
  • Clinically tested probiotic.Does Not Contain Any of the 8 Major Allergens
  • #1 Trusted Brand

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Replenish The Good Womens Probiotic

This supplement is best suited for women who want to prevent yeast infection, urinary tract infection and improve digestive health. It is also helpful to relieve stomach bloating and acid reflux.

This supplement contains 4 beneficial probiotic strains that include L. acidophilus, L. fermentum, L. plantarum, B. lactis, L. reuteri and L. rhamnosus. All these strains are well known in preventing leaky gut, reducing inflammation, treating yeast infection and improve overall gut health.

Apart from these strains, it also contains D-mannose and cranberry juice which support gut health and discourage candida growth. It also contains vitamin D and C which help our body to absorb the nutrients faster. Each capsule contains 6 billion colony forming units which is good enough for maintaining overall health daily.

This company uses a special patented time release BIO-tract system which protects the good bacteria from harsh stomach acids. So, the strains will reach the intestines 15x faster and start repairing the damage caused by the imbalance.

The extended shelf life of this supplement is 18 months from the manufacturing date. The size of the capsule is normal so they are easy to swallow. The outer shell of the capsule is made up of cellulose so this supplement is 100% vegetarian.


How Can Someone Tell They Have Candida

Candida can be tested via a blood test, a swab of the potentially infected area, and via a stool test. The swab test works especially well for Candida infections in the mouth, on the skin and in the vagina. A stool test or a blood test are best used if Candida overgrowth is suspected in the gut.

If you suspect that you have Candida overgrowth in the gut, there is a simple at-home test that you can do. This test is by no means an accurate diagnosis, but it can give you a better sense for whether Candida is affecting your health. This test is called the Candida Saliva Test.

Candida migrates from the gut to the mouth overnight when youre sleeping and not swallowing as frequently. This means that in the morning, Candida has collected in your mouth. You may see this in the form of a very thick, white coating on your tongue and thick, white saliva.

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