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Where Do I Get Probiotics

What Are Probiotics And Why Do You Need Them

Episode 47 – How to Make Your own Powerful Probiotic at Home

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially your digestive system. They come in various forms, including capsules, tablets, drinks, and powders.

Probiotics are live bacteria that help maintain a healthy gut. Other than supplements, probiotics can be found in some fermented foods, like yogurt and kefir.

The use of probiotics is not just limited to adults. Studies have shown that infants and children can benefit from the use of probiotics too. Taking probiotics is costly though, as they are generally expensive and will not be covered by insurance.

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Prebiotic Benefits: What They Can Do For You

Other than serving as nutrition for probiotics, supporting your gut health, and enhancing your immune system prebiotics have additional benefits when you consume them.

Some of the health benefits of prebiotics include:

  • Enhancing mineral absorption, potential anti-cancer properties, anti-inflammatory, and other immune-assisting effects. A 2011 study in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology reported on these findings.
  • Encouraging normal blood sugar levels. A 2013 study in the journal Endocrine Practice found that prebiotics may be beneficial for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.
  • Aiding weight loss. A 2002 study in The British Journal of Nutrition found that prebiotic foods promote a feeling of fullness, which helps prevent obesity and aids weight loss.
  • Boosting bone health. A 2007 study in The Journal of Nutrition found that prebiotics enhance the absorption of minerals in the body, including magnesium and possibly iron and calcium which are all necessary for strong bones.

How Might Probiotics Work

Probiotics may have a variety of effects in the body, and different probiotics may act in different ways.

Probiotics might:

  • Help your body maintain a healthy community of microorganisms or help your bodyâs community of microorganisms return to a healthy condition after being disturbed
  • Produce substances that have desirable effects
  • Influence your bodyâs immune response.

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Probiotic Foods That Are Super Healthy

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Probiotics are live microorganisms that have health benefits when consumed .

Probiotics, which are usually called beneficial bacteria, provide all sorts of powerful benefits for your body and brain. They may (

5 ).

Consuming probiotics in supplement form is one popular way to get them, but you can also get them from fermented foods.

Here is a list of 11 probiotic foods that are super healthy.

Linwoods Ground Flaxseed With Probiotics & Vitamin D

Align Kids Probiotic Supplement Gummies, Natural Fruit Flavors, 50 Ct ...

This is yet another product packed with GanedenBC30and Linwoods is charging an arm and a leg for it. While a typical bag of flax will cost you about $0.42 an ounce, their probiotic variety goes for about $1.25 an ounce, which is more than three times as much!

The Bottom Line:Be cautious of cost when considering which probiotic foods to buy, warns Koszyk. If food makers are charging more for the product because of the added bacteria, it may be a good indicator that its more a marketing ploy than a product with many additional benefits. She suggests you stick to regular ground flax and get your probiotics elsewhere.

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Count The Colony Forming Units

This tells you how much bacteria you’re getting in each dose. How much you need varies with different types and what you want to treat. There’s no general rule to follow. Most doses range from 1 to 10 billion CFUs that you take once or twice a day.

If you don’t get enough CFUs, you might not get the results you want. But more isn’t always better. It could just be a waste of money. To find out what you might need, ask your doctor.

On the label, some makers list CFUs “at time of manufacture.” But it’s important for the CFU count to tell you how much you’re getting when you use the probiotic before it expires. If you’re not sure what the count tells you, get in touch with the maker.

Keep in mind that the CFU listed is usually the total for all probiotic types in the product. If you can find one that lists it for each type, that’s even better.

Strains Can Help Keep Your Heart Healthy

People are aware that probiotics enhance your gut health and regulate the immune system. But little did they know that probiotics also check your cholesterol level and keep your heart healthy.

Probiotic organisms like Lactobacillus plantarum CECT 7527, Lactobacillus plantarum CECT 7528, Lactobacillus plantarum CECT 7529 and Lactobacillus reuteri NCIMB 30242 contribute to healthy cholesterol levels.

Probiotics bind to the cholesterol in the intestine and block them from getting absorbed. They also produce certain acids and bile, which metabolise the fat in the body. They break down the bile and prevent it from reabsorbing into the gut.

A research study was conducted with 127 people with high cholesterol. They were administered with the probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri for nine weeks.

The results revealed that administration with the probiotic bacteria reduced the total cholesterol level by 9% and LDL level by 12%.

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So You Know That Probiotics Are Good For You But Where Do We Get Them From And What Probiotic Should We Consume And Is One Better Than The Other Two That We Know Are Useful For Our Large Colon And To Fight Candida Are Bifidobacterium And Sacrobouradis As Time Goes On We Will Find Many More And Bacterias Will Become The Base Of Our Medicine

There are several different ways we can absorb this super food and we can even make some ourselves! I havent gone into detail on all variations today but the popular ones I have!

One of the best known probiotic foods that we can eat is yoghurt the live cultures, lactobacillus or acidophilus makes it a delicious fermented dairy product. Although be sure you dont get caught out, by live cultured yogurts which are not packed full of sugars, ideally any product under..0 grams of sugar! You can find several different good brands at your local grocer or health food shop, my favourite the raw coconut yoghurts that have not been pasteurized or homogenised or ideally I like to make my own, with our kefir starter and coconut milk.

Another great probiotic is Kefir, which is started by little granules, yellow or white. Or to be sure of integrity of your starter buy the kefir in sachets. The granules are made up of yeast/bacteria, milk proteins and complex sugars. Goat Kefir is an excellent source of probiotic and even better you can make it yourself with any milk, from almond to coconut milk. I tend to make my own using coconut water.

It is so important that we eat a balanced fresh diet in order for our body let alone our gut to operate at optimal levels. At the conference in August we will be talking more in depth about this plus loads more.

Why You Need Probiotics

Probiotics- HOW TO CHOOSE | The Ultimate Guide

You need probiotics to keep your body balanced.

When you get sick, good bacteria fight off the increased amount of bad bacteria to keep your levels as close to neutral as possible.

One of the most significant benefits of probiotics is that they ease symptoms of digestive issues, such as:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Infectious diarrhea
  • Antibiotic-related diarrhea

Many people experience other health benefits of probiotics, such as eczema relief, oral health, and prevention of allergies or the common cold. Although there is some research to support these uses, the data is not conclusive.

Recent studies have also found that having necessary probiotics is associated with a reduction in depression. Additional research is needed to understand if probiotics can be used as a preventative strategy for depression. Studies have also looked at the effects of probiotics on alleviating anxiety. However, studies have been inconclusive and additional research is needed.

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What Types Of Bacteria Are In Probiotics

Probiotics may contain a variety of microorganisms. The most common are bacteria that belong to groups called Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Other bacteria may also be used as probiotics, and so may yeasts such as Saccharomyces boulardii.

Different types of probiotics may have different effects. For example, if a specific kind of Lactobacillus helps prevent an illness, that doesnât necessarily mean that another kind of Lactobacillus or any of the Bifidobacterium probiotics would do the same thing.

Can A Dog Have Too Much Probiotics

Simply put, dogs cannot overdose on probiotics as they do not contain directly troublesome ingredients. This is because ingesting higher amounts of probiotics is not directly harmful or toxic. However, too many good bacteria can upset the dogs digestive system and cause issues like diarrhea and excessive gassiness.

Worst-case scenario, dogs that eat too much probiotics will develop mils and transient digestive issues in the form of stomach upset diarrhea, vomiting, gassiness, and bloating.

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What Should I Look For In Probiotics For Dogs

When choosing probiotics for dogs there are several things to consider. Here is a closer look at those factors:

  • Bacteria Strains. The first thing is to check the type of bacteria in the supplement. Some probiotics for dogs have one and others have several different strains of beneficial bacteria.
  • Colony Forming Units . CFUs measure the number of beneficial bacteria in the supplement. In general, the higher the CFU of the supplement, the better its quality.
  • Added Ingredients. In addition to good bacteria, some probiotic supplements feature added ingredients such as prebiotics or dietary fiber, fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Supplement Form. Probiotics for dogs come in different forms such as powders, capsules, liquids, and edibles . You should get the type that is easiest to give.
  • Probiotic Flavor. To ensure straightforward use, manufacturers add flavors to the dog probiotics. Popular flavors are bacon, beef, and chicken. Choose the flavor your dog likes best.
  • Brand. Finally, pay attention to the probiotic brand. A trustworthy brand will be open about its ingredients and practices. It will also feature reviews from previous customers.

What Conditions Do Probiotics Help With


Some of the conditions that might be helped by taking probiotics include:

Antibiotic associated diarrhoea

There’s good evidence that taking widely available types of probiotics alongside a course of antibiotics may help reduce the risk of getting diarrhoea.

They may also reduce the likelihood of getting a Clostridium difficile infection, which can have long-term serious consequences.

Successful strains include Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, L. acidophilus , L. caseii and Saccharomyces boulardii .

Infectious diarrhoea

Probiotics can also reduce the severity and duration of infectious diarrhoea in children.

There’s no consensus on which strains of probiotics helps with IBS.

Irritable bowel syndrome

While there are studies that show some benefit from probiotics in reducing symptoms of IBS, there’s no consensus on which strains or dose.

The symptoms of IBS vary from person to person, so it’s considered unlikely that there’s a one size fits all treatment. That said, they could be worth a try discuss the options with your doctor.

Inflammatory bowel disease

Probiotics may be useful for treating pouchitis, a side effect of bowel surgery for people with ulcerative colitis.

However, the evidence for treatment of ulcerative colitis itself is inconclusive, with some studies suggesting a modest effect. Your doctor may be able to recommend products that could help.

There’s no evidence probiotics are useful for Crohn’s disease.

Eczema and other allergies

Coughs and colds


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How To Get More Probiotics

There are two ways to get more good bacteria into your gut: fermented foods and dietary supplements. Fermented foods are the most natural source. Probiotic supplements, which are typically sold over the counter, are reserved to treat specific ailments as suggested by your doctor, and not recommended for everyday use. Plus, supplements do not have the same FDA oversight as medications do.

So, a big question remains: How many probiotic foods do you need? That’s not easy to answer.

There is no recommended daily intake for probiotics, so there is no way to know exactly which fermented foods or what quantity is best. Therefore, the general guideline is to just add as many fermented foods to your daily diet as possible.

Why fermented foods? Fermenting is one of the oldest techniques for food preservation. Mankind has been fermenting foods and drinks like beer and wine for centuries. Foods that are fermented go through a process of lactofermentation in which natural bacteria feed on the sugar and starch in the food, creating lactic acid. This process creates an environment that preserves the food and promotes beneficial enzymes, B vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids, as well as various species of good bacteria.

Another way to look at fermentation is that it takes one type of food and transforms it into another kind. For instance, cabbage becomes sauerkraut, cucumbers become pickles, soybeans turn into miso, and milk can be made into yogurt, cheeses, and sour cream.

Dont Stick To One Type Of Probiotic Food

Alita Ong/Stocksy

Eating foods rich in probiotics is great, but eating a variety of probiotic-rich foods is even better, Foster explains. This is really the key to taking full advantage of gut health benefits. You see, different foods can contain different probiotic strains, with each one having a different effect on your body. Some limit the growth of harmful bacteria in your gut, while others can help your body better absorb nutrients, and some can give your immune system a boost. And as a bonus, a lot of these foods have other nutritional benefits, such as calcium, potassium, protein, and magnesium.

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Additional Benefits Of Probiotics

Ongoing research continues to reveal more potential benefits of taking probiotics. Consider some of the conditions probiotics may help:

  • Reduction of systematic inflammation, which is linked to many chronic health conditions
  • A small reduction in blood pressure, which can help people with cardiovascular problems
  • Lowered blood cholesterol, including LDL levels
  • Improvements to skin conditions such as acne, eczema, rosacea, and others
  • Better immune system function so people can combat common colds and flu
  • Reduction of the symptoms associated with anxiety and clinical depression

Switch Up Your Strains Of Probiotics

The Best Probiotic Food Is Definitely NOT Yogurt

Many people end up taking the same probiotic month after month because they think a quality supplement must work well all the time. The truth is you need variety in strains of probiotics to maintain homeostasis. So switching out your probiotic with different strains is crucial.

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Are There Any Storage Instructions For Probiotics

Several probiotic strains are very fragile and need to be protected from heat, oxygen, light and humidity. The probiotics might start to break down or die if they are exposed to these elements. Because of this, you may need to refrigerate your probiotics or store it in a particular place. Refrigerating certain probiotic strains ensures that theyre still viable when you go to use them and will still provide the full benefit of the probiotic. Always read the labels on any probiotic product you purchase to make sure you store it correctly and use it within the expiration date.

Our Partner In Health

IIN has partnered with Seed Health* a mission-driven, research-backed company thats pioneering the applications of microbes to improve human and planetary health. Their probiotic, the DS-01TM Daily Synbiotic, is unlike other probiotics. Theres an abundance of probiotic products available today, which makes it even more confusing for consumers to figure out which ones actually do what they claim to do.

We talked with Seed Health to clear up the confusion so that you can make informed decisions for you, your family, and your clients.

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What Are The Best Probiotic Supplements

Weve made taking extra probiotics easy to fit into your active lifestyle. From on-the-move probiotic snacks to nutrient-dense protein powders that can be stirred into your morning cereal here are the top probiotic supplements available online at GoodnessMe:

  • Protein Powders Our Nutra Organics protein powders contain 1 billion probiotics and are made with organic pea and hemp pea protein. Shop Thriving Protein, Clean Protein and Hemp Protein with vegan collagen thats full of plant-based prebiotic fibre, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to feed the body and support gut health.
  • Probiotic Balls and Bars Purabon Probiotic Balls are gluten-free, dairy-free, fibre-rich and loaded with vegan probiotics. Theyre the perfect size to add to a school lunch or munch as an afternoon snack and come in a range of delicious flavours, including Matcha Cacao, Salted Caramel and Apricot Delight. Weve also got Nutra Organics wholefood probiotic bars with vegan probiotics and prebiotic plant fibre to fuel your day.
  • Prebiotic and Probiotic Blends Add a prebiotic and probiotic blend to your daily routine. Eden Health Foods Ultimate Biotic contains 18 strains of probiotic flora, including soil-based organisms, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium for promoting microbial balance. Health Kultcha Motion Potion is a nutritional formula with prebiotic fibres, alkalising greens and certified organic probiotic strains to aid in digestion and immune function.
  • Issues To Be Aware Of

    Align Prebiotic Probiotic Supplement Gummies, Natural Flavors, 50 Ct ...

    If you’re considering trying probiotics, there are a few issues you need to be aware of.

    Probiotics are generally classed as food rather than medicine, which means they don’t go through the rigorous testing medicines do.

    Because of the way probiotics are regulated, we can’t always be sure that:

    • the product actually contains the bacteria stated on the food label
    • the product contains enough bacteria to have an effect
    • the bacteria are able to survive long enough to reach your gut

    There are many different types of probiotics that may have different effects on the body, and little is known about which types are best.

    You may find a particular type of probiotic helps with one problem. But this doesn’t mean it’ll help other problems, or that other types of probiotic will work just as well.

    And there’s likely to be a huge difference between the pharmaceutical-grade probiotics that show promise in clinical trials and the yoghurts and supplements sold in shops.

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