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What Is A Women’s Probiotic

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The Problem With Probiotics.
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What Are Probiotics And How Are They Used

Probiotics are microbes, usually bacteria but sometimes fungi, that have a beneficial effect on the body and human health. Louis Pasteur, the father of germ theory, found that different bacteria species compete with one another to create ecosystems within the human body and the balance of various good and bad microbiota affects many aspects of your health. Probiotics work in the gut by increasing the number of healthy microbes and keeping the number of harmful bacteria in check. Since these early discoveries, medical research has focused more on developing antibiotics to kill bad bacteria than how to promote the growth of good bacteria.

In recent decades, a substantial amount of research has found that beneficial probiotic bacteria have numerous benefits. They may ease digestive upset, support a healthy immune system, promote a balanced mood, improve absorption of nutrients, and help symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. Probiotics are even being studied as an alternative to antibiotics which, in medical circles, is called microbial interference treatment .

If You Take A Probiotic You Need To Eat Prebiotics

The bacteria in your gutboth visitors and residentsneed to eat too. Enter prebiotics, nondigestible carbs that feed friendly bacteria and help them multiply. They may even be helpful on their own, at recalibrating microbiota that have been thrown out of whack by stress a recent study found mice who ate prebiotics slept better after a stressful experience. Hutkins advises taking them daily in the form of food, not pills, because it’s difficult to get the needed amount from a supplement. Prebiotics are found in wholegrain oatmeal, bananas, onions, garlic, and asparagus.

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Achieving Balance In The Gut

While it produces no sensations for you to detect, an entire natural ecosystem is living in your digestive tract. In the average person, 100 trillion microorganisms reside in the healthy bowel with more than 500 different species accounted for in their vast numbers. Some of these bacteria are harmful and can produce symptoms of illness. However, there are healthy good bacteria present to keep them in check. Among these bacteria are Lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium or bifidus. In some people, levels of the healthy bacteria are below the norm. Low levels can be caused by taking antibiotics, which kill good bacteria. This allows harmful bacteria to reproduce rapidly and cause various symptoms. Probiotic rich foods and dietary supplements may help to re-balance the gut. They add live cultured good bacteria to the stomach. In addition, the healthy bacteria may assist with digestion, strengthen the immune system and help nutrients become absorbed more efficiently.

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Probiotics Lower Stress & Anxiety

Female Perineal Care

Changes in your intestinal bacteria can play a big role in your mental health. You might be a little surprised to hear probiotics may help treat stress, depression, and anxiety.

Stress can not only wear you down mentally but you could gain belly fat from stress despite the rest of your body is thin .

If youve ever had problems with anxiety or depression then a probiotic supplement may help you out. Intestines are their own nervous system. They generate many of the same neurotransmitters that the brain generates.

Many researchers today believe your brain and gut can talk to each other. This is why when you have anxiety or depression it can cause you to get stomach pain. If youve ever gotten butterflies in your stomach when youre nervous then youll know what Im talking about.

This 2017 study found evidence supplementing with probiotics helps to lower depression and anxiety . Newer studies have found supplementing with probiotics to be effective for relieving stress .

Researchers in this 2016 review analysis found probiotics significantly decreased depression in participants . So if youve ever had problems with anxiety or depression then a probiotic supplement can help give you a solid mental boost.

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Can You Take Probiotics During Pregnancy

Yes, women who are pregnant can safely take probiotics. The National Institutes of Health has concluded that probiotics have a good safety record, and adverse effects from probiotics are rare. A review of many studies found that taking probiotics during pregnancy neither increased nor decreased the risk of preterm birth in other words, probiotic supplementation was safe and did not negatively affect the birth outcome. However, pregnant women and anyone with a serious medical condition should consult their healthcare provider for specific advice.

In addition to improving overall health, probiotics may even have benefits for pregnant women. One study found that pregnant women with gestational diabetes had better cholesterol readings when they took probiotics.

Probiotics Can Help Restore The Bodys Bacteria After Antibiotic Use

Antibiotics can wreak havoc on the body, as they destroy bacteria that protects the vagina, as well as other systems. After using antibiotics to treat an illness , lots of women also develop a vaginal yeast infectionwhich is frustrating, itchy, and inconvenient. If this is the case for you, probiotics can help by restoring the good bacteria your body needs.

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Not Just Quality But Quantity

The quality and quantity of a probiotic supplement should also be involved in your decision. Quality-wise, to make sure a probiotic contains what it says it doesand that those live bacteria actually make it from production to your intestines without dying offlook for professional brands that undergo third-party testing.

Buying Guide Of Best Pre And Probiotics For Women

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Having prior knowledge of the product is always essential when you are in a Pre And Probiotics For Women selection. This knowledge may contain features, pros and cons, and other performance controlling factors. Thus, we suggest you know the pricing level of the product compared to its usefulness for a happy purchase.

Without proper research and comparison, you alone may waste your valuable time. But we have already completed the study and comparison to help you save time for other chores. You can buy the right Pre And Probiotics For Women within the shortest possible time without losing the performance selected from our list.

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The Buying Guide: Our Advice On How To Buy The Organic Probiotic For Women

Before you invest your hard-earned money into a product, you should properly educate yourself about the available products and the best alternatives in the market. We have compiled the list of factors you should consider before buying a organic probiotic for women to make your task easier.

Like almost any product, before buying a organic probiotic for women, you should ask yourself these few questions:

  • How reputable are organic probiotic for women in comparison to market competitors?
  • How durable and long-lasting are they, and how easy is it to service or fix them if something goes wrong?
  • Why is it worth buying organic probiotic for women instead of other products?
  • What are some key features and highlights of organic probiotic for women? Are those features worth it for your needs?
  • What are some positives and negatives of organic probiotic for women, and how do they affect your user experience?
  • Where can you buy organic probiotic for women and service or repair it if necessary?

These are just some of the questions that you need to seek the answer to when purchasing the product. It is essential to keep in mind that you may have further queries and questions, as you should.

These are just a few considerations that we consider absolutely crucial. You can find detailed answers to almost all of your questions by some internet research or even by trying out the product at the store.

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What Makes A Female Gut Different From That Of A Male

Women have the gift of bringing another life into the world something which is truly special. This is because of the reproductive system that they have within their abdomen. A mans body, on the other hand, doesn’t have this system and there’s no way that they can naturally give birth to a child.

The other difference is the medication tolerance level. Due to different enzyme systems, women are more prone to suffer from GI tract inflammation and similar damage. Also, scientists have found evidence that has highlighted that women perceive certain tastes such as bitterness or sweetness more prominently than the other gender. As a result of this, the experience undergone by their GI tract differs too.

Speaking from a mans perspective, men tend to suffer mostly from acid-related problems such as heartburn or acid reflux. Men also have nearly double the risk of developing duodenal ulcers than that of women.

All these reasons contribute to the requirement of both, men and women having different probiotic formulas to combat different digestion and gut health issues. While there might be probiotics that are suitable for both genders, there is no harm in opting for specialized formulations as well.

We have listed three main reasons for how women function differently than that of men below to help you understand this concept better.

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A Primer On Probiotics & Your Gut Flora

Probiotics are supplements that contain some of the types of good bacteria that live and thrive in your gut . When there are enough of these good bacteria, they can conquer the effects of the bad bacteria that inevitably grows within your gut as well. Bad bacteria are normal they live in everyone, but they shouldnt take over the beneficial gut flora.

According to Kelsey Kenney, dietitian, Potential pathogens are gut flora that have the potential to be pathogenic Pathogens or pathogenic bacteria are the bad gut bugsthese are ones that, if found, are very like to make you symptomatic. Depending on the pathogen, that could mean symptoms from anything like bloating, excessive gas, flatulence, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, reflux, and more. When your gut microbiome is well-balanced, it helps you digest food, make nutrients, influences the immune system and the metabolic system, and more.

Probiotics are best obtained from eating a healthy, natural diet, and while most people could probably benefit from the addition of a probiotic supplement, they are not appropriate for everyoneand taking a probiotic supplement should not be a replacement for eating healthy. You should discuss if you would benefit and which one to take with your doctor before adding it to your daily regimen.

Raw Probiotics Ultimate Care

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Image Courtesy ofThe Vitamin Shoppe

With 34 probiotic strains, this health supplement is perfect for any woman wishing to develop a healthy and robust gut biome. All you need to do is take one pill with breakfast every morning and you will be well on your way to having a better digestive system, more energy, and healthier life overall.

Available for only $39.89, this bottle contains everything a lady needs to get started on her health journey. Made with high-quality, vegetarian, ingredients, she will not only be helping herself but be making a stand for sustainable living and environmental friendliness to boot.

Our team of experienced product reviewers was delighted to take these supplements home for a week. There, they quickly added them to their daily lives. It was easy to take these small capsules right when we got up in the morning. They were flavorless and easy to swallow, fitting right in with our normal morning routines.

One thing we were particularly enthused by was the assurance that the pills contained no genetically modified organisms. Meaning everything is completely natural. A sure-fire hit for any lady striving to only have all-natural products in their homes and lives.

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Can Probiotics Make Your Vagina Smell Better

A few years back there was some buzz around a probiotic supplement that claimed to get your vagina smelling like a peach! However, this turned out to be misleading and was not intended to change the smell of the vagina as far as we know there arent any probiotics that can do that.

Its true that when you have a vaginal infection, the smell can be unpleasant and upsetting. Probiotics can indeed help to solve this problem and get you smelling fresh, naturally!

Culturelle Digestive Daily Probiotic

Image Courtesy ofWalmart

Thanks to the included 200 mg inulin, this probiotic is designed to be a one-two punch that will help you deal with common digestive system issues with ease. All you need to do is take a single capsule and start feeling relief from common issues such as gas, bloating, and irregular bathroom experiences.

Inulin has been shown to help digestive health by promoting regularity and a healthy digestive experience. All you need to do is take one capsule every day and watch as your digestive system slowly starts working better providing you with more energy, a stronger immune system, and easier trips to the bathroom.

Our team of all-lady reviewers had a hard time with this one. This brand is marketed as a quick and easy treatment for occasional digestive system issues. The problem was that few members of our team actually had issues during the testing phase. Thankfully, someone started bringing in Mexican food for the team every day for lunch. Within days we were all reaching for the bottle, getting relief right when we needed it most.

We strongly recommend this probiotic for anyone looking for an all-natural treatment for occasional digestive system issues. The price is right at just $16.88 and is available through Walmarts online store and in-person in many locations throughout the country.

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Zenwise Health Digestive Enzymes Plus Prebiotics & Probiotics Supplement 180 Servings Vegan Formula For Better Digestion & Lactose Absorption With Amylase & Bromelain 2 Month Supply

  • Digestive Enzymes with Pre & Probiotics Supplements: Pre-meal plant-powered pills formulated to help women and men find relief from occasional bloating, gas, and discomfort. AVA-Certified Vegetarian
  • Complete Gut Wellness: Replenishes digestive enzymes that may decline with age. Advanced enzyme + prebiotic, probiotic non-GMO formula tackles hard-to-digest foods. For regularity, digestive + immune health. Health Concern: Sensitive Stomach
  • Clinically Proven Reliably Alive De111 Probiotic: Guaranteed to arrive alive and work within hours in small intestine where 90% of nutrient absorption occurs + 70% of immune system resides
  • Botanical Bounty: Turmeric, Ginger, Green Papaya, Inulin, Apple Pectin, Bladderwrack, Fennel, and Wakame all aid gut health and stomach comfort
  • 180 Serving Supply: Includes 1 Zenwise Digestive Enzymes + with Pre & Probiotics. We suggest taking 1 capsule before each meal to experience digestive delight. No refrigeration needed

Best Probiotic Or Vaginal Health: Jarrow Formulas Fem Dophilus

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Probiotics can help protect against common gynecological conditions such as bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis, and urinary tract infections, says Jennifer McDaniel, RDN, a dietitian in St. Louis. Bacteria can pass through our digestive system into the vagina, so we have the opportunity to consume probiotics that can benefit our vaginal health. L. rhamnosus GR-1 and L. reuteri RC-14 are evidenced-based probiotic strains for womens urogenital health. Not only do they disrupt the infection of a range of unhealthy bacteria and yeast in the vagina, they offer benefits to the vagina and reduce the risk of problems such as bladder infections. Fem Dophilus, made by Jarrow Formulas, has the critical strains and the company adheres to the highest production standards, she says.

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Garden Of Life Dr Formulated Probiotics Urinary Tract+

$ as of March 18, 2022 8:30 am


  • No Refrigeration Required
  • DIGESTION SUPPORT: This 50 billion CFU probiotic supplement contains L. reuteri, Lactobaccilus acidophilus and Bifidobacteria for digestive health and constipation relief
  • PROBIOTIC WITH CRANBERRY: Contains organic pacran cranberry powder and whole food vitamin D3 for urinary tract support
  • IMMUNE SUPPORT: This dietary supplement has 50 billion CFU and 16 probiotic strains for immune system health
  • SHELF STABLE PROBIOTICS: This 50 billion probiotic comes in 60 capsules no refrigeration required HYPOALLERGENIC PROBIOTIC: Our probiotics supplement is dairy free, gluten free, soy free, vegetarian, and made with over 70 percent organic ingredients

The Benefits Of Probiotics For Women

When your microbiome isn’t in good shape, it can lead to issues like GI distress, allergies, autoimmune issues, skin conditions , hormonal imbalances, weight gain, frequent vaginal infections, and more.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you may want to consider taking a probiotic supplement.*

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What Are The Benefits Of Probiotics For Women

  • Promote normal bowel movements
  • Defend against UTIs
  • May reduce the impact of harmful microbes

Women have different health concerns, different hormones, and different bodies than men, and so it should not be a surprise that womens health needs are also unique. Probiotics offer many benefits for both genders but carry some specific benefits for women. These include supporting vaginal health and urinary tract health. Probiotics also help with other conditions that are more common in women, such as irritable bowel syndrome , yeast infections, and bacterial vaginosis.

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