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Can Probiotics Help With Uti

Definition And Characteristics Of Probiotics

Docs turn to probiotics to prevent UTIs

The term probiotic consists of the words pro in Latin and bios in Greek meaning life. The concept of probiotics was first introduced by Elie Metchnikoff, the Russian Nobel Prize winner in 1907. Metchnikoff notes that the microbes in the digestive system can provide positive contributions, especially in the digestive system diseases. The World Health Organization has defined probiotics as useful living microorganisms that have a positive effect on the health and physiology of a person when taken in sufficient quantities. The properties that a good probiotic should have are indicated in .

Creating Stronger Strains Of Bacteria

Over time, some species of bacteria have become resistant to traditional antibiotics. According to some research , several species of E. coli, the primary cause of UTIs, are showing increasing drug resistance.

The more a person uses an antibiotic, the greater the risk of the bacteria developing resistance. This is even more likely when people do not follow a doctors instructions to complete the full prescribed course of treatment.

It is essential to continue a course of antibiotics until the end date that the doctor provides. People should also never share antibiotics with others.

Does Taking An Antibiotic After Sex Prevent Utis

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, having sex three or more times a week increases your risk for recurrent UTIs. Your risk is also increased if you use a diaphragm or spermicide products, regardless of the frequency of sexual activity. If you experience recurrent UTIs, changing your method of contraception should be the first thing you consider.

If you continue to suffer from UTIs and they are getting in the way of living a normal life, taking a preventive antibiotic could be an option. Taking regular antibiotics is not a risk-free treatment though, so have a conversation with your provider about whether this is right for you. Taking an antibiotic before or after sex can prevent recurrent UTIs especially if UTIs repeatedly show up 24 hours after intercourse.

During sex, bacteria can get into the urinary tract and cause infections. Antibiotics work by fighting these bacteria. E. coli is the most common bacteria that causes UTIs. Common antibiotics used to treat UTIs are nitrofurantoin, cephalexin, or trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole .

A clinical trial showed that only 2 out of 16 women who took TMP/SMX right after sex had recurrent UTIs compared to 9 out of 11 women who had a sugar pill. The results were the same regardless of how often the women had sex.

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What The Wild Oregano Oil Research Tells Us

Although wild oregano oil has demonstrated strong antibacterial and antifungal properties, there have been no studies in humans to evaluate its effectiveness for the treatment or prevention of UTI.

Wild Oregano Oil studies:

  • The antibacterial activity of wild oregano oil.
  • The activity of carvacrol against biofilm development.
  • The antimicrobial and antifungal activity of carvacrol bearing essential oils.
  • Wild oregano oil as an alternative antimicrobial agent against vaginal infections.
  • The antifungal activity of wild oregano oil as compared to the most common antifungal drugs.

What was found:

In vitro

  • Oregano oil was active against all tested strains of E.coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, but strains of E.coli were more sensitive to the oil.
  • Carvacrol was demonstrated to be effective against the usual biofilm development in S. aureus and S. enterica serovar Typhimurium, S. epidermis bacteria and candida species
  • Escherichia coli 1, E. coli 2, Staphylococcus aureus 3 and Candida albicans isolated from vaginal infections were found to be susceptible to wild oregano oil.
  • Wild oregano oil displayed greater antifungal activity than the most common antifungal drugs against Candida albicans.

In vivo

  • When placed in the ear canal of rats, Carvacrol effectively treated infections of the middle ear caused by pneumococci or Hemophilus Influenza.
  • Oral candidiasis in immunosuppressed rats disappeared completely from the tongue mucosa in the animals treated with carvacrol.

Questions /false Answers At End Of References

Best Probiotic for UTI Treatment [2020] Top Probiotics ...
  • Probiotics are defined as friendly bacteria that improve intestinal wellbeing.

  • Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria are the most commonly used probiotic organisms.

  • Lactobacilli probiotics can be used to treat urinary tract infections.

  • L acidophilus available on most health food store probiotics can clear bacterial vaginosis.

  • Yoghurt contains bacteria designed to reduce the risk of intestinal and vaginal infection.

  • Most vaginal and bladder pathogens, as well as the normal flora of the vagina ascend from the rectal skin.

  • All hydrogen peroxide producing lactobacilli kill Candida albicans.

  • FAO/WHO guidelines for probiotics make it essential that human studies proving health benefits are produced in order for a product to be referred to as a probiotic.

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    What Bacteria Live In The Vagina

    Im going to focus on the bacteria in the vagina. The opening to the bladder, or the urethra, sits right by the vagina and the bacteria in the vagina can impact the bladder. There is ongoing research looking at the small amounts of bacteria in the bladder but this is fairly preliminary.

    There are different bacteria that live in the vagina and they change based on race, hormonal status, sexual activity, age, and even where you live. Lactobacilli are the good bacteria that are commonly found in the vagina. They do many things including release lactic acid, maintain an acidic environment, and modulate the local host immune system . There are different types of lactobacilli. Lactobacillus crispatus , L. iners, L. gassen, and L. jensenii are found in most women. A fifth lactobacillus can also be found and this type depends on where you live. L. Crispatus and L. iners are the most common lactobacilli in the vagina.

    Uti Home Remedies People Search For Online

    This is not a list of recommendations. This is a list of UTI home remedies that have gained enough attention to be searched online. Popularity is not the same as effectiveness:

    We havent managed to find enough research into the following, so you wont find more information on these below:

  • Baking Soda
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Pay no attention to the order above. Search volumes change all the time, but these are consistently among the top UTI home remedies people are looking for.

    Again, this is not a list of recommendations.

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    How Wild Oregano Oil Works For Utis

    The main components of wild oregano oil are the isomer phenols carvacrol and thymol. Carvacrol in particular has been the subject of numerous studies, as it has been demonstrated to have strong antimicrobial properties. The antibacterial activity of carvacrol has been put down to its effect on the structure and function of bacterial membranes. At high enough concentrations, carvacrol severely damages cells.

    Consider This Before You Try A Home Remedy

    How Can Probiotics Help Prevent Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)?

    Not knowing if or how something works comes with a set of problems you shouldnt ignore:

  • Plants are made up of chemicals, just like everything else. Without studies to test these chemicals, we dont know if they are safe short term or long term.
  • We often dont know which organisms natural UTI remedies are effective against, if any.
  • We may not know how much to take, how often you should take it, or how long you need to take it for the best results.
  • The products are not standardized. How do you know if the particular product you buy is strong, or weak, or high or low quality? How do you even know its the product it says it is?
  • Studies into natural remedies is an area that requires urgent attention. We need answers to these questions.

    There is plenty of evidence that some herbal compounds can be as or more effective than antibiotics in certain cases, but we dont know if they work the same way on pathogens in the urinary tract.

    If you use UTI home remedies, or are considering trying something, it pays to do a little research so you can make a more informed decision about what youre putting into your body.

    Although studies are lacking, you can often find helpful information online if you look in the right places. Well provide a few tips on what to look for below. But first, let us do some of the work for you.

    You can also learn more about non-antibiotic UTI remedies that may help, in our expert video series.

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    How Uva Ursi Works For Utis

    Uva ursi works as an antimicrobial and has been shown to act against E.coli, Proteus mirabilis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus and 70 other urinary tract bacteria. It is believed the antimicrobial action is due to arbutin and hydroquinone, constituents of Uva ursi. It also contains tannins that help to shrink and tighten mucous membranes, which in turn helps to reduce inflammation and fight infection. Importantly, arbutin is only released in alkaline urine, which means Uva ursi may have little benefit if the urine is acidic.

    Uti And Yeast Infection

    Using antibiotics for UTI or for recurrent urinary tract infections often creates a vicious cycle many women have to go through: you take antibiotics for the UTI, the UTI gets cleared but since the antibiotics also kill the good bacteria. The result: you end up with a yeast infection.

    This is an area where using probiotics for uti may shine: in addition to being effective for UTIs, using lactobacillus species complex may also be helpful for yeast infection prevention due to their anti-candida properties. As research suggests, lactobacillus probiotic inhibit early stages of candida albicans biofilm development by reducing their growth, cell adhesion, and filamentation .

    To learn more about using probiotics for yeast infections treatment and prevention, see:


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    Description Of The Intervention

    Currently there is no proven prophylaxis for UTI in people with neuropathic bladder, such as people with SCI. A recent research directions document recommended probiotic studies in SCI for bacterial interference of the urological tract to reduce colonisation by uropathogen and manage the dual problems of infection and pathogen resistance to antimicrobials . Probiotics are defined as a preparation of or a product containing viable, defined microorganisms in sufficient numbers, which alter the microflora in a compartment of the host and by that exert beneficial health effects in this host . There are many species and strains of probiotics available, prepared in different formulations, and administered through a variety of routes. suggested that Lactobacillus rhamnose GR1 and Lactobacillus reuteri RC14 could be the most effective probiotics for UTI prevention. A dosefinding RCT determined that oral doses above 8 x 108 colony forming units /d were necessary to colonise the vagina and prevent urogenital infection in women .

    Probiotics That Help With Urinary Tract Infections

    3 Pack AZO Cranberry Supplement Urinary Tract Health ...

    A number of beneficial bacteria have been shown to help with UTIs . This is fabulous news because the incidence of UTIs in both women and men, and especially the former, is high and can be life-altering. Thats why we thought it would be useful for you to know about the probiotics that may provide relief from symptoms of UTIs.

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    Probiotics Are Very Important Duh

    Bad bacteria must overcome many obstacles to get to our vaginas or bladders and wreak their havoc.

    Pathogenic bacteria start life in our gut and move to the vagina and periurethral area by attaching to these organs walls. However, probiotics block this process by creating large biofilms, or sheets of good bacteria that form a barrier on the vaginal and bladder walls.

    Lactobacilli make the vagina acidic and unwelcoming to infection-causing bacteria and make hydrogen peroxide, which kills bad bacteria.

    Moreover, they also wake up the immune system, which brings in reinforcements to combat the bad bacteria and produce mucus, another barrier preventing bad bacteria from grabbing onto the vaginal walls. . It is like an action movie in our vaginas!

    Always Research Uti Natural Remedies Before You Try Them

    While we are firm believers in a holistic approach to health, there are a number of reasons a scattered approach to UTI home remedies is unlikely to be effective

  • Most UTI home remedies are not supported by scientific evidence
  • The lack of research around home remedies means dosage information is inadequate
  • Those remedies that have been studied often target a specific organism one that may not be the cause of your UTI
  • The quality of many supplements is questionable, and thorough research is required before selecting an option.
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    Things To Look For When Buying Probiotics For Uti Treatment

    With emerging numerous vaginal diseases in women, it would make sense that there are many supplements out there in the market that are manufactured to address the situation. The reason why women prefer probiotics is because of the few side effects.

    Vaginal discomfort is brought by hormonal imbalance in the body. The hormonal imbalance could be a result of stress or pregnancy. These small changes in the body hormones, which many people tend to ignore, are the primary cause of virginal and urinary tract discomfort.

    Keeping that in mind, it is therefore essential to make sure that as we are trying to cure the urinal disease, we use medicines that do not result from changes in hormone balance In anyways. Probiotics have proven to be the best choice.

    With the many UTI flora treatments, many can find it challenging to settle on the best. It is a common thing you may still find yourself not sure which product to buy even after going through the product review section.

    It is because of this reason that I have prepared for you a buying guide. This will help you to be confident about the purchase you have made. Some of the essentials for you to consider while buying the products in discussion include

    Urinary Tract Infections: Foods That Fight Bacteria

    How to Cure a UTI Naturally with Probiotics and Diet

    Urinary Tract Infections affect millions of people every year. They occur when bacteria infects our urinary tract, causing unpleasant and sometimes painful side effects.

    Although UTIs are traditionally treated with antibiotics, alongside this course of treatment there are also many at-home nutritional strategies available to help treat infections – and prevent them from reoccurring!

    If you’re suffering from, or you’ve recently had, a UTI, then try out these top tips for keeping the infection at bay.

  • Increase your vitamin C intake
  • Evidence from John Hopkins Medicine has shown that your vitamin C intake can be linked to a reduced risk of UTIs.

    Vitamin C is thought to work by increasing the acidity of the urine, thereby killing off the bacteria that causes infection. In fact, a study by Universidad de Colima in Mexico found that pregnant women who ingested 100mg of vitamin C a day cut their risk of contracting a UTI by more than half.

    Stock up on fruit and vegetables if you’re looking to up your vitamin C intake â oranges, grapefruits, kiwis and red peppers are all great sources.

  • Incorporate more probiotic foods into your diet
  • Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that are consumed through food or supplements, and they’ve been found to promote a healthy balance of bacteria in our guts.

  • Take supplements
  • There are other supplements you can take to help you battle regular UTIs:

    Most popular

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    Relationship Between Premenopausal Uti And Probiotics

    Most studies on probiotic application in recurrent UTI in the literature have been performed in premenopausal women. In fact, the risk factors in premenopausal women are different from those of the postmenopausal women. These risk factors include recent sexual intercourse, use of spiral or condom containing spermicide, history of UTI, and recent antibiotic use. In a multivariate analysis, Scholes et al. reported that frequent sexual intercourse is the most important risk factor for UTI. Other risk factors can be described as factors that cause vaginal colonization of uropathogens and decrease in the number of Lactobacilli which pass through ascending route into the urinary system.

    Though sufficient number of studies on the efficacy of probiotic applications containing especially Lactobacillus spp. in UTIs developed as a result of changes in the balance of vaginal flora in sexually active women have been reported in the literature, studies with postmenopausal women have not seem to be at an adequate level.

    Best Vaginal Probiotics For Uti Prevention

    So, what vaginal probiotic should you get? Great question! Unfortunately, if you live in the US, this may be a tall order. Here are two options:

  • Purfem probiotic: This contains one billion colony forming units each of L. rhamnosus and L. gasseri. It helps to prevent and treat vaginal infection as well as build up the vaginal flora after using antibiotics.
  • Invag: It contains more than a billion CFU ofL. fermentum 57A, L. planatarum 57B and L. gasseri 57C in gelatin capsule. Whats great about this product is that it is resistant to spermicides and easily survives the digestive system . Invag is available in Europe but in the US, you can only get it through through third party sellers and is quite expensive.
  • Here is a little trick you can put most oral probiotics directly into the vagina. Yes, you read this correctly! If you go this route, make sure the probiotics are in powdered form in a capsule .

    Insert about 2-3 inches inside the vagina after washing your hands or use a vaginal applicator. There may be some drainage, so it is best to insert the capsule at bedtime and wear a panty-liner. Studies show that if you use powdered lactobacilli in a capsule, the health-bringing critters are rehydrated in the vagina and get to work! .

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    How Can I Avoid A Uti

    There are a number of things that women in particular can do to look after your urinary health and limit the instances of UTIs, including:

    • Remain properly hydrated
    • Look after your vagina
    • Take a probiotic formulated for intimate health
    • Try and pass urine after sex
    • Try supplements such as D-mannose or cranberry juice
    • Eat a balanced diet, high in fibre
    • Look after your gut health

    Practising good health and hygiene are always a good way to maintain your wellbeing. If you are concerned about any symptoms you may be experiencing, its always a good idea to see a doctor.

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