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How Will Probiotics Help Me

How Probiotics Influence Weight

Will a Probiotic Help Me Lose Weight?

Your digestive system is a busy factory of trillions of bacteria. Some of these bacteria are friendly, helping you digest food and absorb nutrientswhile others can be harmful. When your gut is functioning optimally, theres a healthy balance that helps good bacteria keep the bad ones in check.

If something throws this complex system out of balance, such as an illness, poor diet, stress, or medication, the bacteria in your gut can shift in the wrong direction.

Research shows that a change in the amount or type of bacteria in your gut can affect your health, and contribute to weight gain, increased fat storage, and sometimes make it harder to lose weight .

How Might Probiotics Work

Probiotics may have a variety of effects in the body, and different probiotics may act in different ways.

Probiotics might:

  • Help your body maintain a healthy community of microorganisms or help your bodyâs community of microorganisms return to a healthy condition after being disturbed
  • Produce substances that have desirable effects
  • Influence your bodyâs immune response.

How Do Lifestyle Factors Come Into Play

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As we mentioned earlier, no supplement or vitamin will ever serve as a one-pill wonder or magical cure-all . Therefore, it’s fortuitous to be realistic regarding other factors that can come into play and could possibly impact the efficacy of a probiotic.

“Stress, medications, travel, and a poor diet can all throw your microbiome off balance, which can lead to undesirable symptoms like digestive distress, gas, and bloating,” Heim tells us. And especially in terms of diet, some foods can cause some issues. For instance, vegetables can be problematic in addition to certain types of sugars.

“A diet that’s low in FODMAP , monosaccharides , and sugar alcohols , such as sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol, and maltitol) may help keep bloating at bay,” Lin tells us. “Foods are composed of short-chain carbohydrates, which are known to feed the beneficial bacteria in the gut, which essentially is like throwing a party in the colon, creating gas, drawing in water, and more. For a person dealing with bloating, this may increase their symptoms.”

That being said, one lifestyle factor that can enhance your probiotic and naturally lessens bloating is exercise, as it has been shown to increase the motility of the gut and keep gas from sticking around too long in the digestive tract.

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How Probiotics Have Helped Me Feel Healthier

Many of us have heard about the health benefits of probiotics, but are the stories true?

I struggled for a long time with frequent bowel movement problems, as well as bouts of cramping and crushing headaches. I was eventually diagnosed with IBS, and my doctor recommended I begin taking a regular probiotic supplement.

Within weeks, my intestinal symptoms, as well as my head pain, abated tremendously. I truly feel these supplements helped me get my life back. Once I began incorporating probiotics into my diet, they helped just about every system in my body work more smoothly.

Boost Metabolism

Ive noticed since I started taking probiotics that I actually have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight. At first, the connection wasnt clear, and it seemed especially weird since they had cleared up my tummy problems and I was therefore back to eating more again. But I began researching it and, indeed, there is some sort of connection between metabolism and probiotics.

While the exact connection is still not fully understood, recent studies have shown that probiotics help to reverse the weight gain that seems to creep up on us as we age due to our slowing metabolism.

Improve Overall Gut Health

Probiotics are perhaps best known for improving gut health. The value of this cannot be understated, as millions of people suffer from conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome that impact their overall quality of life.

Maintaining a Healthy Vagina

Boost Mood

How Fast Can You Lose Weight

Amazing 4U2 Probiotics 50

In some studies, participants lost 5% in three months, mostly abdominal fat. This is surprising considering that the participants did not move over to a strict diet. They only consumed a fermented milk product daily without changing anything else.Effect of Lactobacillus on abdominal adiposity PubMed Abdominal adiposity by probiotics PubMed

Each individual has unique circumstances but the idea in these guidelines applies to most people. And if you follow all the seven suggestions above things might move faster. But one thing is sure: the body loves probiotics. Therefore, consuming probiotics for weight loss will be beneficial for your gut and body.


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What Are Probiotic Bacteria

The name Probiotic bacteria does not cover a single type of bacteria.

Its an umbrella term for all the good types of bacteria that normally reside in the human gut. The most popular probiotic bacteria on the market include:

There are, of course, many more strains present in the gut but the ones listed above are common to many probiotic products.

As you may have noticed, the bacteria names are double-barreled and Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus turn up again and again.

Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus are families of bacteria, the second half of the bacteria names refers to individual strains.

The bacteria listed above are also the strains that have received the most study for their health benefits.

However, the human gut is home to hundreds of different types of microorganisms. Believe it or not, the number present is generally around 100 trillion microbes. Not all of these microbes are probiotic.

Probiotic bacteria is good bacteria. It enhances the immune system, aids digestion, and benefits the health in numerous ways.

Unfortunately, it has to share its home with bacteria that is more hostile in nature.

Often referred to as bad bacteria the hostile organisms have the potential to damage our health.

Fortunately, the probiotic bacteria fights these hostile organisms and keeps their numbers down. Thats one of the main things that makes probiotic bacteria so good for the health.

Taking Probiotics At Night Could Make Them Way More Effective

Probiotics are one of the biggest wellness trends of the moment. Not only can you find supplement versions, but everything from bottled water to tortilla chips are being laced with the friendly microbes.

In case you need a refresher, probiotics are good bacteria thought to boost the health of your microbiome, or the balance of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that lives in your intestines. You can and should get them from foods , but you may also want to throw back some Bac in pill form.

While studies havent proven that probiotic supplements are beneficial for already healthy peeps, they have been shown to help treat a handful of specific conditions, like digestive disorders such as diarrhoea, constipation, and acid reflux.

Theres also evidence that probiotics can help reduce inflammation for people who have ulcerative colitis, can be helpful for people who have a condition called travellers diarrhoea , and can help if you have bad diarrhoea after having taken antibiotics.

You should talk to your doctor to find out which probiotic strain is best for you to take for whichever condition or issue youre dealing with, since not every strain works for every aliment. Once you have a doc-recommended supplement, its also important to consider the timing of when you ingest it.

How often should I take probiotics?

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Can Probiotics Be Harmful

  • Probiotics have an extensive history of apparently safe use, particularly in healthy people. However, few studies have looked at the safety of probiotics in detail, so thereâs a lack of solid information on the frequency and severity of side effects.
  • The risk of harmful effects from probiotics is greater in people with severe illnesses or compromised immune systems. When probiotics are being considered for high-risk individuals, such as premature infants or seriously ill hospital patients, the potential risks of probiotics should be carefully weighed against their benefits.
  • Possible harmful effects of probiotics include infections, production of harmful substances by the probiotic microorganisms, and transfer of antibiotic resistance genes from probiotic microorganisms to other microorganisms in the digestive tract.
  • Some probiotic products have been reported to contain microorganisms other than those listed on the label. In some instances, these contaminants may pose serious health risks.

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Help Support Hot Flash Relief

Do You Need Probiotics for Down There?

Of the dozens of ways you can support your menopausal symptom health, taking probiotic supplements is just one. Making changes to diet and exercise can also help alleviate hot flashes to a degree. Talking to a doctor can help you better identify your options and what lifestyle changes you can make to get the most menopausal symptom relief.

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Why Taking Probiotics Can Transform Your Health

Show your gut some love.

By Lauren Zielinski

Probiotics are here to stay, people. More than just a passing new age health fad, growing bodies of research backing the benefits of probiotics continue to stack up. Furthermore, what scientists are learning about the brain-gut connection , shows that by supporting a healthy gut you may profoundly decrease levels of anxiety, depression, and in general how you feel as you move through this world from day to day.

Read on for a fascinating mini science lesson on how your gut may actually tell your brain how to feel, and how supporting healthy gut bacteria with probiotics is one step you can take to improve your mental health!

How To Take A Probiotic

The good news is that it appears most probiotic strains are probably harmless. But use caution. Studies have shown that often what’s on the label is not what’s in the bottle, so it pays to be careful.

Will taking one a day improve your mood? The jury is still out, and it’s not a good idea to use probiotics as a replacement for any prescribed mood-managing medications. But if taking one a day for a month at least helps ease your gut issues, that alone might make you feel a little bit happier.

If the probiotic you’ve tried doesn’t have any effect at all, it may not be the right one for you. Switching to another type might be worth a try.

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Do I Need To Take Probiotics After I Take Antibiotics

Antibiotic medications are often needed to fight an infection. However, while antibiotics are killing the bad bacteria, they are also knocking out the good bacteria in your body. Some people develop conditions like diarrhea after taking an antibiotic. In other people, this may allow for really bad bacteria to take over and populate the gut, such as with C. diff. Some research has shown a positive connection between taking probiotics after an antibiotic and relief from diarrhea. This hasnt been proven yet and doesnt work for everyone.

The thought behind adding probiotics back into your body after taking an antibiotic is that it can repopulate the good bacteria that was destroyed by the antibiotics and re-boot your system. The extra good bacteria helps repopulate your gut and fight off any remaining bad bacteria. Many people feel that adding in probiotics wont hurt, might help you feel better a little faster and prevent diarrhea.

How Your Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health

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Your mouth is the gatekeeper for the rest of your body. If your mouth is unhealthy, this will likely affect your overall health.

Bad bacteria that grow in your mouth can transfer to your blood vessels and be carried to the rest of your body, as described in this review by Purnima S. Kumar in the Journal of Physiology.

In fact, your oral microbiome can even affect your lungs. Poor oral hygiene and lack of dental hygiene visits can increase the risk of developing pneumonia. This is a sign that bad oral bacteria might be a link between oral and lung diseases.

Periodontal disease is also related to cardiovascular disease anything from stroke to high blood pressure. In the 1990s, it was found that both caries and periodontitis can cause tooth loss, although the effect of gum disease on stroke risk was much higher a whopping 400% more.

In fact, according to Kumar, there are many other health problems and diseases that can be linked to an unhealthy mouth microbiome, including problems with pregnancy, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s.

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Can I Get Probiotics From Food

You can absolutely increase beneficial microbes in your body from the foods you eat. Certain foods have probiotics in them and can benefit the health of your microbiome.

These foods can be introduced into your diet at any point of the day. You may even be regularly eating them now and not realize that they contain probiotics. You will want to check the food label for live and active cultures. A few suggestions for just some of the probiotic-rich foods you can add to your diet and some times to try them include:

For breakfast, try:

  • Powders.
  • Liquids.

Probiotic supplements may be combined with a prebiotic. Prebiotics are complex carbohydrates that feed the microorganisms in your gut. Basically, prebiotics are the food source for the good bacteria. They help feed the good bacteria and keep it healthy. Prebiotics include inulin, pectin and resistant starches.

When you have a supplement that combines a probiotic and prebiotic, its called a synbiotic.

How Long Does It Take For Probiotics To Work

Taking probiotics? Maybe youve been taking them consistently for a few days now and you havent noticed any improvement in your symptoms yet.

That begs the question — how long does it take for probiotics to work?

But lets rewind first — we need to understand how probiotics work before we can understand why and when they work.

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A Look At Some Research For Probiotics And Weight Loss

Research conducted at the University of Alabama in 2015 certainly suggests a link between dysbiosis and obesity but it also suggests it may not be the underlying cause.

However, research conducted elsewhere supports the use of certain probiotic bacteria strains as a weight loss aid.

One study, which was published in The British Journal of Nutrition, examined the way Lactobacillus rhamnosus affected people who were already obese.

The women who were given the probiotic bacteria in supplement form lost more weight than women who were given a placebo.

Furthermore, the women taking the probiotic supplement continued losing weight in the weight-maintenance stage, after they stopped dieting.

Unfortunately, for reasons yet to be determined, the men involved in the study did not show the same positive response.

Sexist bacteria? Possibly, but lets not forget this is just one of many studies investigating the things probiotic bacteria can do.

An earlier study, conducted in Canada in 2013, evaluated the value of Lactobacillus fermentum and Lactobacillus amylovorus as weight loss aids.

The study ran for six weeks. During that time, the overweight individuals who took part consumed yogurts that provided the two Lactobacillus strains. This resulted in an average body fat reduction of 3-4 percent.

In a study of a slightly different nature, Japanese researchers set out to evaluate the potential of Lactobacillus gasseri as pertains to fat-loss.

Do Probiotics Need To Be Taken Every Day

Episode 47 – How to Make Your own Powerful Probiotic at Home

Some people find that taking them a few times a day is sufficient. However, others like to take them as a supplement or have them incorporated into their diets.

Many foods are already rich in probiotics and you dont need to buy supplements for them. Thats one of the advantages of using them as a dietary supplement instead of as a medicine.

If you have been asking how do probiotics help with bowel movements? now you know the answer.

They can help you out when you have needed them, either as a dietary supplement or in your diet. You just need to make sure that you are getting enough of them and you arent overdosing on them.

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Use Apple Cider Vinegaron Salads

Many purported health benefits of ACV are pretty conflated , but ACV really does have probiotics to help your gut health. Instead of taking it via shot , try adding it to your salad dressings for an extra kick of healthy bacteria.

The bottom line: Probiotics won’t work weight-loss magicbut they can help with gut health, so it doesn’t hurt to give them a try.

Use The Right Prebiotic And Probiotic

While prebiotics and probiotics can be found in many foods, like yogurt, asparagus, artichokes, and onions, some people prefer to take a supplement. Unfortunately, many commercial probiotic supplements wont survive the harsh conditions in your digestive tract. To ensure your probiotics are effective, look for live strains that dont have to be refrigerated, double encapsulated options, or spore-based organisms.

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