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Do Pre And Probiotics Help You Lose Weight

Risk Of Adverse Reactions


If youre allergic and intolerant to many foods, then its wise to read the labels of any probiotic supplements you buy carefully. Some of these supplements may contain common allergens such as dairy, soy, and eggs. Such supplements should be avoided by anyone with allergies since they may trigger allergic reactions .

In the same vein, if you are allergic to yeast, consider taking bacteria-based probiotics instead of yeast-based ones .

You arent lucky either if you are lactose intolerant. For one, lactose is one of the ingredients in these supplements . You may increase bloating and flatulence if you take lactose-containing probiotics. Therefore, its best to choose lactose-free options instead.

Whats more, some probiotic supplements contain prebiotics. These are simple plant fibers that the bacteria use as food, but you cannot digest them. The most common prebiotic is lactulose . When a supplement contains both a prebiotic and a probiotic, it is referred to as a synbiotic .

Some individuals may experience flatulence and bloating when they consume synbiotics.

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Probiotics For Weight Loss

While the benefits of probiotics were once thought to be restricted to gut and digestive health, new research on the gut-brain axis is connecting our microbiome to brain health, immunity, bone density, blood sugar, mood, and even our intuition!

A few things you should know about probiotics:

1. Only a few have the ability to make it through the stomach acid, the livers bile secretions, and the pancreatic enzymes without being destroyed.

2. There is a distinction between transient and colonizing probiotics.

3. Most probiotic supplements on the market today are transient probiotics, meaning they transit through the gut but do not make a permanent or lasting change to the microbiome. They can make you feel better, for sure, but once you stop taking them, the microbiome generally returns to its original state.

4. Colonizing probiotics actually adhere to the gut wall, become permanent residents, and build microbial diversity.

One microbe that has been shown to adhere to the gut wall and survive transit through the human GI tract is calledBifidobacterium lactis . This probiotic strain can also increase the populations of other good bacteria in the gut, such as other bifidobacteria and lactobacilli .

Another probiotic that is able to safely transit and remain in the gastrointestinal tract isLactobacillus plantarum . It is found in fermented foods like live sauerkraut and fermented olives.

  • kimchi
  • raw cheeses
  • plain yogurt

Sohow Can I Add More Probiotics To My Diet

While you can get probiotics through food, the easiest way to get some probiotics in your diet every day without fail is likely through a probiotic supplement.

But here’s the thing: There are dozens of probiotic supplements on the market, with different supplements containing different strains. Unfortunately, according to Apovian, the few studies that have been done so far offer no real evidence about which probiotic strains might work best for weight-loss results. In the 2013 British study, LGG was chosenbut why? They just picked one! Apovian says.

If you still want to experiment with probiotics for weight loss, though, Gorin says to hit up your doctor for the go-ahead before taking any supplementswhile probiotics are generally considered to be safe, they may cause some gastrointestinal upset at first, like bloating and gas.

Gorin notes that one study in Obesity found daily supplementation with the brand VSL#3 may provide some protection against weight gain when eating a high-calorie, high-fat diet. However, the sample size was limited: only 20 non-obese men were studied.

Similarly, a 2013 study published in the Journal of Functional Foods found a link between loss of body fat and the probiotic strains lactobacillus fermentum and lactobacillus amylovorus , but only 28 participants were studied.

Once you get the green light, you can try any of the following:

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How Does Food Affect The Gut Microbiota

The food you eat plays an important role in the balance of good and bad gut bacteria.

For example, a high sugar and high fat diet negatively influences the gut bacteria and may contribute to insulin resistance and other conditions (

One of the things your good gut bacteria do with prebiotic fiber is turn it into a short-chain fatty acid called butyrate.

Studies suggest that butyrate production in the colon cannot be maintained without adequate intake of prebiotic fiber .


Prebiotics are types of fiber that humans cannot digest, but your gut bacteria can. These types of fiber provide nutrients to the bacteria that support healthy digestion and immune function.

Can Probiotics Cause Weight Gain Yes And Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Can Probiotics Help You Lose Weight?

While shopping for your groceries, you have probably come across probiotic yogurts. What do you know about probiotics? No, they are not yogurt flavorings, and neither are they preservatives. Probiotics are live organisms found in food and supplement forms. They have immense benefits to the body, including improving your gut and immune health. Did you know that probiotics can also help you lose weight and get rid of that stubborn belly fat? To illustrate, certain bacteria turn indigestible carbohydrates into fatty acids which are then absorbed by us and used as energy , consequently impacting the amount of calories your body absorbs . Additionally, some prebiotic fibers stimulate your body to release the satiety hormone, making you feel fuller faster .

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What Does A Healthy Diet Look Like

A healthy diet is essential for optimal health. Eating the right foods in the right portions can go a long way toward not only keeping your waistline trim, but also protecting your body from illness and disease.

While fad diets will come and go, the majority of health experts agree that the body benefits most from a combination of low-sugar fruit, non-starchy vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes, protein sources such as fish and poultry, and good-for-you fats such as olive and sunflower oils. Limiting or avoiding sugar, excess sodium and unhealthy fats is also important.

You may have heard this type of diet referred to as the Mediterranean diet because of its prevalence in Mediterranean countries including Greece, Italy and Spain. Over the last several decades, scientists have come to associate this way of eating with a healthy mind and body, and leading U.S. universities have attributed a Mediterranean-style diet with weight management, heart health, stronger bones, improved mood, reduced cognitive decline and protection against some types of cancer.

What Does Gut Health Have To Do With My Weight

Diet and exercise are the two biggest factors in helping people maintain a healthy body weight, but the quality of bacteria in your gut and digestive system may also play a role.

Having a healthy digestive system that houses trillions of diverse microorganisms is ideal, but sometimes our gut needs extra support.

Your guts bacteria pulls a lot of strings, and probiotics help support the growth of good bacteria, which in turn may keep your gut in a healthy shape when plentiful.

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What If I Don’t Want To Take A Supplement Can I Get Probiotics Anywhere Else

You sure canin fact, it might be better to get your probiotics from food sources. I would always urge people to eat food first,” says Gorinthat way, you’re getting other nutrients too, in addition to probiotic benefits.

Apovian agrees, saying that most probiotic foods are healthy foods and it certainly cant hurt to eat them . Here are a few ways to get probiotics from food:

Do Probiotics Help With Weight Loss

Can Probiotics Really Make You Lose Weight? | What the Science Says

While good bacteria help you break down nutrients and get energy from your food, there isnât clear evidence that taking a probiotic supplement or food containing probiotics can help you lose weight. Here’s what some studies have found:

Visceral fat wraps around your organs and can affect how your hormones work. It’s associated with obesity and leads to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. One clinical trial showed that people who have large amounts of visceral fat were able to lose some of this fat after drinking 200 grams of probiotic-containing fermented milk daily for 3 months. â

But other trials using specific probiotic supplements show conflicting results. Some probiotic strains were linked to weight loss, while others were not.

Overall, the best probiotics for weight loss may depend on a variety of factors, including:â

  • Dosage

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Healthy Weight Management Is A Lifestyle Not A Short

Too often people get caught up in the latest diet trend and forget that maintaining your ideal weight is actually a long-term commitment to making healthier choices every day. Focusing on good nutrition, exercising more often, taking a daily probiotic supplement, and minimizing stress are just a few of the ways you can support a balanced gut and a healthy body, which in turn will help you achieve your healthy weight goal.

How To Choose Good Weight To Lose Weight

In the market today, it has been established that there exist a variety of probiotics and strains. Each of these probiotics do not work in the same manner. They are formulated for different purposes.

While shopping check the label for details like strains, number of CFU expiry date, what it is meant for etc.

The label is the most basic yet very important evaluation criteria. Also look around for evidence, testimonials or studies that say that whatever you are yet to buy works.

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How Fast Can You Lose Weight

In some studies, participants lost 5% in three months, mostly abdominal fat. This is surprising considering that the participants did not move over to a strict diet. They only consumed a fermented milk product daily without changing anything else.Effect of Lactobacillus on abdominal adiposity PubMed Abdominal adiposity by probiotics PubMed

Each individual has unique circumstances but the idea in these guidelines applies to most people. And if you follow all the seven suggestions above things might move faster. But one thing is sure: the body loves probiotics. Therefore, consuming probiotics for weight loss will be beneficial for your gut and body.


The Health Benefits Of Prebiotics And Probiotics

Can Probiotics Help You Lose Weight and Belly Fat?

While the benefits of probiotics were once thought to be restricted to gut and digestive health, new research on the gut-brain axis connects your microbiome to the health of the brain, immunity, bone density, blood sugar, and even your mood.

When the bacteria in the intestinal tract is off, it not only can affect your health, but it can also contribute to weight gain or make weight loss more difficult because your gut bacteria are connected with both your metabolism and digestive system.

This might be due to how gut bacteria interact with your cells and digestive process. One study found that simply overeating can tip the scale in favor of bad bacteria. This means these bacteria can harvest even more calories from the increased intake of food to be turned into energy and body fat.

Gut bacteria also play a role in appetite regulation. When the “good” bacteria outnumber the “bad,” the levels of short-chain fatty acids increase in the gut, triggering the production of hormones that regulate appetite. So, if these hormones are out of balance, then your body might not get the signal that you are full. The result can be a vicious weight-gain cycle, and thus the importance of regulating your gut bacteria with probiotics for weight loss.

Many probiotic foods exist to help with weight loss and overall gut health, and prebiotics and probiotics also exist in supplements.

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Commercial Probiotic Foods And Drinks Are Overloaded With Sugar

There is the common misconception that a probiotic food or drink is a healthy product. This isnt necessarily the case. These products are often typical yogurts, and other drinks, with a higher probiotic count. Researchers at the University of Reading have analyzed the contents of probiotic yogurts. and concluded that the combination of milk proteins, lactose and sugar, all help to increase the survival rate of the bacteria. Therefore, there is a good reason why manufacturers place these probiotic strains in these yogurts in the first place.This can mean good news and bad news for consumers. We all want products that are effective and yogurt can be more appealing than supplementation. However, high sugar content isnt going to help those weight loss efforts.

For anyone looking to manage weight, consider reducing the consumption on such products. Its perfectly alright to enjoy it once in awhile or even daily, but do make sure it is part of a healthy diet with plenty of exercise to burn off those extra calories.

Read The Label Before You Buy A Probiotic Supplement

There is no doubt from current research that gut imbalances can increase the risk for weight gain and make weight loss more challenging. However, as with any intervention, its important to use the right strategies.

One of the simplest and most effective ways of getting a highly diverse community of beneficial bacteria into your gut is to make fermented foods at home. Kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi and natto are all foods rich in beneficial bacteria and probiotics.

If these dont make your mouth water, it might be time to look at a probiotic supplement.

As you might have guessed, a diverse microbiome is much better than focusing on a probiotic with just one strain. In addition to helping with weight loss, diversifying your gut microbiome can help:

  • Boost cognitive function and mood
  • Reduce anxiety


You can maximize the products ability to colonize your gut by taking it on an empty stomach at least a couple of hours before eating your first meal of the day. Before buying the first probiotic supplement you find, consider these important strategies:

  • Look for a product manufactured following current Good Manufacturing Practices with a track record of making high-quality products.
  • Seek out products with a potency count of 50 billion or higher with diverse for multiple strains of bacteria.
  • The products should not be made with bioengineered ingredients.
  • The package must be resealable to prevent spoiling.

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Assume Prior To You Snack

Hunger isnt always the reason behind eating. For a great deal of people, there are a number of emotional triggers, such as really feeling burnt out or stressed, that are typically disguised as appetite. So, the next time you feel hungry between meals, take into consideration the last time you consumed. If it was less than 3 to four hours earlier, your stomach isnt grumbling, as well as youre not weak or tired, youre possibly mentally dissatisfied somehow instead of genuinely physically hungry. Maintain a journal convenient to write down every single time you find yourself reaching for some food when you recognize youre not starving so that you can acknowledge the feelings and obstruct them before they become worse.

Human Tests For Probiotics And Weight Reduction

Will a Probiotic Help Me Lose Weight?

A lot of the tests establishing the link between weight loss and healthy bacteria have been done on lab animals. But there have been human-based studies as well.

In 2005, the International Journal of Obesity published a report indicating that humans with a higher level of healthy bacteria have lower BMI.

In contrast, those without B animalis tend to have a higher BMI.

The researchers also noted that taking milk or supplements with B animalis ssp lactis had significantly lower BMI.

The subjects were also less vulnerable to inflammation and they had a lower cholesterol level. Their lipoprotein had low density too.

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How Can I Tighten My Stomach Overnight

Here are 8 ways you can feel trimmer and slimmer in your bellyin some cases, nearly overnight. Stand up straight. Dress in belly-flattening fashions. Turn in an hour earlier. Swap soda for Sassy Water. Munch more whole grains and protein. Have watermelon for dessert. Add this cupboard staple to your diet. Go slowly at meals.

The Truth Of Whether Prebiotics Can Help With Weight Loss

Most of us could do with losing some weight, its not just the obese who could do with losing excess fat around vital body organs.

Weighing too much puts greater strain on your body, makes everything feel like it takes more effort, and can put us at greater risk of diseases like hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and cirrhosis if we dont do something about it.

Many people like to stick to the calories-in versus calories-out method for weight loss, and while this is key, its not the whole story.

If youre a fan of this website, you probably already know quite a bit about the benefits of prebiotics and probiotics and what they can do for your overall health.

But this article is going to focus on whether prebiotics can help you to lose excess body weight.

Were going to cover:

  • Whether prebiotics can help with weight loss
  • The effect of bad bacteria on body weight
  • The weight loss benefits of using prebiotics
  • Can having a healthy gut microbiome prevent weight gain?
  • How to incorporate more prebiotics and probiotics into your diet
  • Answers to your most frequently asked questions

Please feel free to scroll ahead to any section that interests you.

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Gut Bugs Are Personal

If you want to learn more about the microbes in your gut, join the ZOE program, which includes the most advanced gut microbiome test in the world.

We use the latest microbiome analysis to tell you exactly which bacteria call your gut home, and we provide you with personalized recommendations for foods that support optimal gut health.

Unpublished research from the ZOE team shows that closely following our personalized nutrition program led to an average weight loss of 9.4 pounds after 3 months. And around 80% of participants didnt feel hungry and had more energy after their meals.

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