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Is Hum Flatter Me A Probiotic

Probiotic Supplement For Digestive Health

Everything You Need To Know About Flatter Me | FAQ Digestive Enzyme Supplement

Probiotic supplements are often simply taken to promote a proper balance of flora in the digestive tract and support digestive health. There is some research to suggest that probiotics may be beneficial for controlling diarrhea caused by antibiotics and for easing symptoms of certain medical conditions like lactose intolerance, irritable bowel disease and traveler’s diarrhea. People also take probiotics for women to help support urinary and vaginal health. At this time, there is not enough evidence to prove that probiotics are beneficial for any medical condition, illness or disease.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of The Hum Flatter Me

Hum Flatter Me is designed by a company named HUM Nutrition Inc., located in West Hollywood. The business specializes in wellness and beauty products such as skin, hair, nails, among other bodily functions. Walter Faulstroh is a cofounder of the company, a serial entrepreneur, and an innovator with track records in creating products and building start-ups.

HUM Nutrition coordinates with professional nutritionists and dietitians to identify crucial substances for healthy living. Based on the company claims, their supplements are backed by clinical research, and each official page includes references and links to that material. At HUM Nutrition, visitors may take advantage of free professional nutritionists by taking quizzes.

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Flatter Me Capsules: Definitely Worth The Buy

Provided that there isnt a indication that the corporate is a rip-off and that this product has a strong listing of elements, we suggest Hum. Enzymes are recognized to assist with digestion and every Flatter Me capsule has tons of fine enzymes. It is usually very reasonably priced, characteristic contemplating that many boutique dietary supplements can get fairly costly.

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Did Hum Nutrition’s Supplements Help Me

After my first month on those three vitamins, I decided to try a couple of different ones that had sparked my interest. I tried their Skinny Bird for appetite suppression and weight loss and Private Party for vaginal health. I wrote full reviews on both of those supplements, so you can check them out to get an in-depth feel for both of those and how they worked for me.

In addition, I just tried their Collagen Pop tablets. Ive been taking a collagen supplement for some time now, usually this powder mixed in with my morning smoothie. However, in the spirit of mixing it up, I tried these tablets and honestly I love them!

These are so easy to take on the go and all you do is drop a tablet into a glass of water, it dissolves like an Alka Seltzer tablet and you drink it up! They have a couple of flavors, I tried the Wild Strawberry and loved it. Its a nice mix-up from my regular water. I did see some reviews that said they did not like the strawberry lemonade flavor.

Final Verdict: Are Hum Vitamins Legit

HUM Flatter Me Review

In my opinion, yes! HUM vitamins are definitely legit and work as advertised. So far, all of the products I have tried have worked great for me. I will say that I prefer the Hair Sweet Hair gummies to the Sunflower seed oil formula as I feel like I see better results with the gummies. Other than that, I have no complaints about HUM and I recommend them all the time, especially to clear up acne for clear skin. In fact, I just got my mom to order a few products.

If youre someone whos looking for healthy, natural solutions to some of the most common female problems, then youll love Hum Nutrition and their products. From the bright colors and fun names to the all-natural ingredients and comprehensive support, youll feel the love and passion HUM Nutrition has for its products.

If you decide to check them out, dont forget to use the code FITMOMMA10 at checkout to get $10 off your first order and then stop back and let me know what you tried and what you think of it. I love hearing back from my readers!

Be well, ladies.

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Flatter Me Capsules: Definitely Worth The Buy Is Hum Flatter Me A Probiotic

The physique naturally synthesizes enzymes for digestion to interrupt down meals. AS we become old, nevertheless, this manufacturing slows down. Every capsule of Hum incorporates a broad-spectrum mix of enzymes that assist break down all types of vitamins, together with lactose, carbohydrates, fibers, and fat. Hum claims it could actually lower bloating, enhance digestion, and make youre feeling much less full after you eat.

Every capsule of Hum is 100% vegan and incorporates 18 kinds of enzymes derived from pure sources like ginger, fennel, and peppermint. A single bottle comes with a 60-capsule 30 day provide and its endorsed to take twice a day within the morning to advertise wholesome digestion all day lengthy. Some customers say that they see results whereas taking only one capsule a day

Remember that Hum shouldnt be a magic capsule. They work greatest when mixed with a change in eating regimen for extra fiber and wholesome fat. Sadly, this disclaimer signifies that it may be exhausting to inform if the advantages of Hum come from the capsule itself or simply from altering your eating regimen.

Hum does have fairly excessive person scores on its web site and a good quantity of damaging critiques, which implies they probably dont scrub their web page and take away damaging critiques.

Is Hum Private Party Good For You

Scientific studies have shown that Private Partys 36 mg of cranberry PACs is proven to be effective in protecting the urinary tract. Previous research has shown that PACs limit the ability of pathogenic bacteria to adhere to the urinary tract, thereby supporting urinary tract health while improving gut health.

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Hum Raw Beauty Superfood Greens Powder

  • The ultimate beauty snack with 39 superfoods and just 30 calories to help improve energy, support radiant skin and support the metabolism.*
  • Organic alkalizing greens like wheat grass, kale and spirulina work alongside herbal adaptogens ginseng and rhodiola to fight midday slumps and act as an afternoon pick-me-up.*
  • Includes 5 billion live probiotics, multiple digestive enzyme blends, and three fiber blends including prebiotic fiber for optimal gut support.*
  • EGCG-packed matcha green tea, organic moringa, and acai are just some of the powerful antioxidant-blend ingredients included to help promote protection against environmental stressors and support radiant skin.*
  • In a HUM consumer survey with Raw Beauty: 89% avoided unhealthy snacks and 76% saw an improved skin tone after one month. Add one scoop to water, milk or a smoothie.*

Verified Buyers Review Hum Nutrition

REVIEW: HUM Nutrition Probiotics and Supplements | Pearls of Wisdom | Simply Nieccee

According to, most of the reviews for HUM Nutrition are positive, while only a few are negative. Out of 24 products that were reviewed, the lowest rating was a 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Most HUM users report that this brand has helped nearly every facet of their lives. Customers state that HUM has helped them control their cravings, feel full longer, gives them energy throughout the day, and clears their skin all with natural ingredients. In addition, happy buyers have reported that these beauty supplements do not make them feel jittery like others do.

To sum it up, most Hum Nutrition users appear to be extremely happy with their services and their products, thanks to their cutting-edge business practices. Most women would agree that these are much needed products. Results such as clearer skin, better sleep, and excellent nutrient and supplement intake have improved their body and diet.

For many women suffering from beauty pitfalls and health issues, HUM Nutrition allowed them quick and affordable access to a professional service and vitamins which is a huge life saver. One customer noted that it’s like having your own personal nutritionist. Watch the videos below to see what other happy customers are saying about the brand.

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Hum Flatter Me Overview

Hum Flatter Me is a dietary supplement designed to support healthy digestion. It involves enzymes that boosts intestinal health and can also help to manage weight by ensuring proper food processing.

Healthy digestion forms an essential platform for weight management. This becomes successful when food is supplied in all body organs efficiently.

This also helps to overcome all forms of digestion complications.

Once this supplement is consumed, it helps in breaking down food substances to ease digestion process. It also helps to melt away accumulated fat in the body.

This explains how it is closely associated with weight loss process.

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

It contains plant based ingredients that are naturally extracted. Customers are therefore guaranteed safety during consumption period.

It conveys enduring outcomes to all committed users.

Incorporating this supplement on your daily routine usually helps to alleviate minor intestinal discomforts.

However, those under medications are restricted from consuming this supplement unless under prescription by a medical professional.

Ingredients In Gut Instinct

There are exactly 10 active probiotics found in Gut Instinct. These probiotics are listed below with a brief description of their benefits.

Acidophilus: Reduces bloating and helps produce vitamin K and lactase.

Lactis: Often found in dairy, specifically yoghurt, Lactis resists microbes that could harm the body, supporting the immune system. It also supports the intestinal tract and stomach.

Longum: A probiotic that helps protect the colon, longum also helps digest protein. Longum is also an anti-inflammatory that helps protect cells from toxins.

Rhamnosus: A powerful anti-inflammatory that helps with gut health.

Paracasei: Often found in yoghurt, paracasei supports good bacteria health in the intestines, giving the immune system and digestive tract a boost.

Breve: Breaks down food and supports gut health and the digestive tract.

Casei: Helps protect the gut from problems caused by antibiotics and infections.

Salivarius: Produces enzymes that kill harmful bacteria and helps protect the immune system.

Thermophilus: Enhances the immunity and also improves digestion.

Plantarum: Boosts the immune system and fights disease. Also helps cleanse the body of toxic microorganisms.

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Who Make Hum Flatter Me

These capsules are made by Hum, a magnificence and wellness firm that focuses on dietary supplements for the hair, nails, pores and skin, and different bodily features. Hum claims to take the science of its merchandise very critically which is why they are saying they carry out intensive R& D earlier than making merchandise. Hum works with skilled dietitians and nutritionists to determine the mandatory substances for wholesome bodily functioning.

Hum additionally claims that a number of of their merchandise are backed by medical research and every web page has hyperlinks and references to those supplies. Contemplating what number of dietary dietary supplements declare to be based mostly on medical proof, its good to see one that really has some handsome information to again up its declare.

Different merchandise from Hum embrace probiotics, collagen dietary supplements, pores and skin dietary supplements, hair progress dietary supplements, immune system boosters, and sleep dietary supplements, amongst many different issues. All of Hums merchandise are vegan, GMO-free, and sustainably sourced.

The Creators Of Hum Nutrition

HUM Clear Skin &  Body Detox Support Supplement Set with ...

HUM Nutrition was created by Christ and Walter. For years, Walter had struggled with skin problems. Despite trying creams and prescriptions drugs, he still struggled. The worst part was that the solutions that were supposed to help him ended up scarring him. This struggle gave Walter the idea that there must be something tied between his nutrition and his skin. The problem was, there was very little research that connected the two.

Walter met Chris, a nutritionist, in London and the two soon found that they agreed with the two were connected. By changing his nutrition, Walter was finally able to clear his skin.

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What Is Hum Nutrition

HUM Nutrition is a personalized vitamin service that provides monthly shipments of supplements to your doorstep.

The company was co-founded by Walter Faulstoh, who was inspired by the role that nutrition played in resolving his struggle with acne.

While HUM Nutrition was originally focused on skin and beauty products, it now offers a full lineup of vitamin and mineral supplements many of which are designed to target certain concerns or needs, including:

  • skin care
  • aging

In addition to offering supplement delivery to your home, the company aims to customize recommendations for you using the results of a brief online health assessment.

However, you can also pick and choose your own products if you already know what youre looking for.

Additionally, HUM Nutrition differentiates itself from other personalized vitamin services by assigning each customer an RDN. This person can give you information about the various HUM Nutrition products and general wellness advice.


HUM Nutrition is a subscription vitamin service that offers access to an RDN, personalized product recommendations, and monthly deliveries.

To get started, the first step is taking a 3-minute health quiz on HUM Nutritions website.

The quiz asks for basic health information, such as:

Speaking of subscriptions, you can choose to pay monthly or for 3 months at a time . You can also pause or cancel your subscription if needed.

How Does The Flatter Me Work

Flatter Me works with plant based enzymes that help break down food and support healthy digestion. It is a capsule form that you take twice per day for best results

Other benefits of the Flatter Me include:

-Can help flatten your stomach and melt away fat because it helps proper digestion and breakdown of food

-Peppermint can help soothe nausea and indigestion

-Pineapple enzymes can help break down food better

-It contains fiber to make sure that everything keeps moving in your intestines

-Contains plant based ingredients to break down carbs so your body does not store them as belly fat

-Can help break down proteins better so they do not get stuck in the intestines and cause pain, constipation, or weight gain

-Can help maintain healthy digestive tract

-Ginger is known for helping maintain a healthy weight and easing digestive inflammation

-It contains enzymes that help your body process milk and sugar better to avoid the stomach upset that sometimes comes from these food items

-May help with issues such as indigestion, bloating, gas, etc from normal diet

-Is a clinically proven formula that supports healthy digestion and food processing

-Is a pure product that is non GMO, sustainable sourced, and gluten free

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Is Hum Third Party Tested

However, HUM prides itself on the purity and potency of their ingredients. Their products are GMP certified which means they are evaluated by a third party to test for contaminants and to make sure that the indicated ingredients are used. On top of that, every capsule is GMO-free, gluten-free, and 100% natural.

Are Hum Nutrition Supplements Effective

Hum Nutrition Vitamin Supplements: Do they work? Are the worth it? My honest thoughts!

For quality and efficacy, all of HUM Nutritions products are developed using an evidence-based approach. This means that the company selects its ingredients and dosages based on the results of high-quality scientific studies.

HUM Nutrition has also conducted its own research on the effectiveness of certain products, the results of which are available on the companys website.

However, its important to take these in-house studies with a grain of salt due to the possibility of bias in the findings.

Additionally, the studies have not been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and are mostly based on survey results or observations made without a control group. Therefore, the data may not be as strong or reliable as results from a randomized controlled trial.

Regardless, HUM Nutrition is unique in that it uses only ingredients backed by research.

In contrast, many other supplement companies offer products that while they may have been used traditionally fall short when it comes to scientific evidence of their effectiveness.

HUM Nutrition also includes RDNs and researchers in nearly every step of the process, from developing products and choosing ingredients to providing customer recommendations.


HUM Nutrition uses scientific research to inform its product development and ingredient selection. Still, as with any supplement, effectiveness is not guaranteed and results may vary by individual.

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Flatter Me Hum Nutrition Review Who Is It For

Flatter Me by Hum Nutrition is aimed at anybody who wants to improve their digestive health and overall well being.

If youre reading this Flatter Me Hum Nutrition review, thats probably what youre interested in.

Its like this:

Your mood, performance, and libido will thank you for looking after your internal organs.

Heres the deal:

Men and women eat the same foods.

Who would have guessed it?

Sex hormones and other things may be different between the two genders, but we all eat the same things and they are broken down in the same ways.

Our food is our fuel source to survive, thrive, and repair, but we think that Flatter Me by Hum Nutrition is only offering something that the human body can do for itself anyway!

So this supplement is designed for people who:

  • Are willing to follow a healthy diet, to ensure they are doing the best for a healthy gut
  • Will stay active and exercise often
  • Have digestive issues such as bloating, gas, pain, cramps and more
  • Want a slimmer stomach

Dont see this as a typical Hum Cleanse review, as that is not what this product is for.

Flatter Me Hum Nutrition Review Does It Work

There is certainly potential for it to work but that is such an open-ended question!

Flatter Me Hum could prove to be a worthy weapon in somebodys arsenal.

Given the right circumstances.

The bottom line?

We think it will actually work to an extent with digestive issues, but remember that it is offering to do something that most peoples bodies can do by themselves.

If you have a fully functioning pancreas then the chances are that, at best, this gives your digestive system a break.

If you are a powerlifter and eat a lot of food, then this may be worth taking. As for normal people? You can probably give it a miss and look for better alternatives.

See here:

Womens Best Burner caps did not make our list of thetop 5 fat burners on the market for women.

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