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Maximized Living Vitamin D3 Probiotics

Am I At Risk For Vitamin D Deficiency

Why I Take Collagen, Probiotics, & Vitamin C Every Day

Certain demographics with an increased risk for vitamin D deficiencies include:

  • Breastfed infants
  • People with inflammatory bowel disease and other conditions causing fat malabsorption
  • People who are obese or who have undergone gastric bypass surgery

Sufficient amounts of vitamin D, on the other hand, support immune health and reduce the chronic inflammation that contributes to numerous diseases.

The right amounts can help prevent and treat numerous conditions including type 1 and 2 diabetes, hypertension, glucose intolerance, and multiple sclerosis. Other research shows sufficient vitamin D can prevent respiratory tract infections, asthma flare-ups, and pregnancy complications.

The key phrase is the optimal amounts. Even when you’re eating foods rich in vitamin D and getting sufficient sunlight, getting enough can sometimes be a challenge. While researchers find that average intake levels from foods alone were often insufficient, dietary nutraceuticals can substantially increase those amounts.

Altogether Maxliving Vitamin D3 + Probiotics Might Be The Most Effective Vitamin D Product You Can Buy

With just one capsule with a meal every day, you can rest assured that youre getting the right amount of vitamin D to fight infections, support bone health, lower your risk of depression, maintain a healthy weight, and so much more.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient. To absorb MaxLiving Vitamin D3 + Probiotics, always take it with a meal containing some healthy fat.

Finally, while most people dont get enough vitamin D, taking too much can also be harmful.67 Talk with your healthcare practitioner about monitoring your levels to assure youre getting the right amount of vitamin D to get its many benefits.

Health Habits For A Strong Immune System

It should be obvious that the most important factor in keeping your immune system working properly is to follow a healthy lifestyle. This is not just important for immune function but every system in your body. Your overall health improves when you limit breathing or ingesting harmful chemicals from processed foods, unfiltered water, or air pollution and are maximized by healthy-living strategies including:

  • Eating more fruits and vegetables
  • Regular exercise
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Getting enough sleep

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Approximately 50% Of The Population Worldwide Has A Vitamin D Deficiency Paired With Immunity Benefits Patients Are Asking How To Heal Your Gut With Vitamin D

Vitamin D is perhaps best known for its role in bone strength and growth. However, this nutrient offers other health benefits as well. These include reducing inflammation, supporting immunity, and aiding in glucose metabolism. This is in addition to assisting the body with the absorption of another key nutrient: calcium. In November 2020, the journal Nature Communications published a study that shines an even brighter light on the positive impact that this vitamin appears to have on health, and this light is aimed directly at how to heal your gut.

Vitamin D And Depression

Maximized Living Vitamin D3 with Probiotics

While it impacts more women than men, depression doesnt discriminate. It can happen to anyone at any age.

Several factors oftentimes contribute to depression. You cant usually pin depression on any one specific condition or life event, and being depressed looks different for everyone.

Addressing the underlying factors that contribute can help prevent or alleviate mood disorders such as depression. Vitamin D can help. This key nutrient plays an important role in brain health.

Deficiencies can impair how your brain works and lead to problems including depression. People with depression often have low vitamin D levels. People have low vitamin D, on the other hand, have a much greater risk of depression.

One review looked at observational studies. Of those studies, 65 percent connected low levels of vitamin D with depression. Thats where a nutraceutical can help. One study gave either a high-dose vitamin D nutraceutical or a placebo to 441 overweight adults. The vitamin D group had a significant improvement in depressive symptom scale scores after one year.

Spending time in the sun and exercising outdoors can improve mental wellbeing and help improve vitamin D levels. To get enough vitamin D levels to ease depression, however, youll want to supplement.

If you struggle with depression, please seek professional help. Talk with your healthcare practitioner about using vitamin D nutraceuticals as a way to manage depression.

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Should I Take A Vitamin D Supplement

We can see from the previous section that obtaining an optimum intake of vitamin D each day in your diet is not as easy as you might think. Thats why taking a vitamin D supplement is recommended by the NHS3 especially for breastfeeding mums. Lets look at other reasons why some people might be at higher risk of having less than optimal vitamin D levels.

The majority of people spend less time outdoors than our ancestors did, reducing the sun exposure which our body needs to synthesise its own vitamin D. When we do go outside on sunny days, the risk of skin cancer means it is very necessary to apply sunscreen, which can reduce vitamin D absorption by more than 90%4. The body also produces its own natural sunscreen, a substance called melanin, which darkens the skin. High levels of melanin in the skin interfere with vitamin synthesis and consequently, people with darker skin need more sun exposure to generate the same amount of vitamin D5. Finally, for many of us, sun exposure is a rarity! In the Northern Hemisphere, many months of the year are devoid of sunny days, and when it does make an appearance, the sunlight and UV rays are weaker, so people living in these locations may always struggle to make enough vitamin D from sunlight6.

Vitamin D And Immune Health

If you find yourself coming down with a cold or flu, you might have low vitamin D levels. Thats because vitamin D works directly with the immune cells that fight infection. These cells depend on vitamin D to function.

Deficiencies can stall your immune response, increasing your risk of illness and infection.

More specifically, low levels of vitamin D can increase your risk of respiratory tract infections including colds, bronchitis and pneumonia. Taking a vitamin D nutraceutical can reduce your risk of respiratory tract infections.

One study among school children found that taking vitamin D nutraceuticals in the winter could reduce your likelihood of getting the flu. Vitamin D can support your immune system in other ways, too. Optimal levels can lower chronic inflammation, a low-grade simmering inflammation that can impair your cells and organs.

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How Much Vitamin D Do I Need

To avoid deficiency and support your bodys vitamin D requirements, how much vitamin D do you need to take each day?

The FDA recommends a daily value of 10mcg per day from birth to 12 months old, 15mcg daily from one to four years of age, and 20mcg per day from the age of four years onwards3.

It can be difficult to determine how much vitamin D you or your children are receiving from their diet. Formula milk should have added vitamin D but check the label, and as previously mentioned, some foods are fortified with vitamin D so should give the amount per portion. But to be certain of getting enough vitamin D, many people prefer to take a supplement, then they dont need to worry. You may see supplements containing much more than the recommended daily values You might also see supplements giving the amount of vitamin D in international units , but its simple to convert as one microgram of vitamin D is equal to 40 IU.

Speak to your doctor or health care professional for advice if you want to take more than the recommended daily amount.

Daily Essentials For Women

When to Take Vitamins and Supplements ? Dr.Berg

The MaxLiving Daily Essentials for Women is your source of essential nutrients to keep you at your best, formulated in an all-in-one packet. These daily essentials packets include a multivitamin designed specifically for womens nutritional requirements, plus an impressive B vitamin group which is essential for ones metabolism and enhances cognitive function and cardiovascular health. Our powerful Vitamin D3 + Probiotics is a two-in-one formula which supports healthy bones, joints, skin, and teeth with vitamin D3, and a healthy digestive tract with probiotics. Also included is our Optimal Omega, which provides an appropriate ratio of essential omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids, and Magnesium Glycinate to support protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, bone development, energy production, and more. Maintain optimal bone health, vitality, and wellbeing with these convenient, easy-to-use packets.

  • Thick packet for required child proofing .
  • Packets go through a review process to ensure the correct supplements are inside.
  • Display boxes made of thick cardboard to reinforce them during transit.
  • This nutraceutical supports the nutritional focus of the 5 Essentials®.


    Take one packet daily with a meal or as directed by your qualified healthcare practitioner. Each packet contains:

    • Two capsules of Women’s Multivitamin
    • One capsule of B-Complex with Delayed Release
    • Two capsules of Optimal Omega
    • One capsule of Vitamin D3 + Probiotics
    • Two capsules of Magnesium Glycinate

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    Ways To Get Vitamin D

    You need optimal levels of vitamin D to keep your immune system working well, support strong bones, prevent depression, maintain a healthy weight, and so much more.

    The good news is that with a few adjustments, you can usually fix vitamin D deficiencies.

    Your skin can make vitamin D from sunlight. Sun exposure — between five and 30 minutes between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., at least twice per week, without sunscreen — can provide vitamin D.

    However, most people dont spend time in the sun. Perhaps you have sensitive skin that burns easily. Or if you do go out, you use sunscreen, which can reduce vitamin D synthesis over than 95 percent.

    People with naturally dark skin tones need more sun exposure — three to five times more,in fact — to make the same amount of vitamin D as a person with a white skin tone.

    Likewise, if you live farther away from the equator, your body might not be making sufficient levels or sometimes any vitamin D. So can spending time indoors and living in big cities where buildings block sunlight.

    In a perfect world, your body would make enough vitamin D from sunlight. But in reality, most of us dont.

    You can also get vitamin D from your diet, but getting sufficient amounts can be hard. Very few foods are rich in vitamin D, and many people dont eat enough foods that are including fatty fish.

    Three Supplements That Everyone Should Have

    Hey guys, Dr. Christopher Hood here from Hood Chiropractic.

    A lot of my patients are always asking me Doc, what do you do? What are your supplements? What do you recommend? First off, hear my heart when I say I recommend eating good quality food before we even talk about supplements. Eating the right type of food is something we should all be investing your time and our money into cause its cheaper to eat food, its better for you, it absorbs better than supplements.

    That being said, there are three supplements, THREE! That I recommend for all of my patients and if youre not a patient, theses supplements will still be very beneficial for your overall health and well being.

    Why probiotics? The food supply that we have, particularly the meat supply in our country is pumped full of antibiotics. To keep the cattle and chicken healthy they actually pump antibiotics and steroids into the meat. So even though the meat is cooked and prepared, youre still getting antibiotics in your food supply. When you take a steady stream of antibiotics, it kills both good and bad bacteria in your system.

    If you like this information on basic nutrition supplementation. Make sure you like us on Facebook, make sure to follow us on Twitter or Instagram it is a pleasure to serve you guys with some life changing information. If you have any information of need help on a local level. Go to

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    Nutritional Deficiencies Are Common

    Dr. Nikhil Kapoor, MD, FACC, FSCAI, a cardiologist with Dignity Health St. Mary explains, “Nutritional deficiencies are in fact very common and the Centers for Disease Control estimates nearly 10% of the US population has a nutritional deficiency. These deficiencies vary widely based on race/ethnicity, age, and gender. For example: non-Hispanic black and Mexican-American people were more likely to be vitamin D deficient compared to nonHispanic white people .”

    Dr. Suzanna Wong. a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic and health expert with Twin Waves Wellness adds, “Depending on where you live, your skin colour, and your diet will depend on whether you need supplements. There are so many factors that influence whether we have all of the vitamins and nutrients that we need so don’t just take everything. Vitamin D is the only supplement that should perhaps be taken all the time this is because it has such a big impact across how our body works but around 50% of the population are deficient, and large parts of the world aren’t able to get enough from natural sources like the sun.”

    Combined Vitamin D And Lactobacillus Probiotics

    If you aren

    Manufactures are creating vitamin pills with ever increasing doses on vitamin D but research is showing us that its not the amount in the gut but how much is absorbed which matters. If you have the the wrong type of bacteria, or an inflamed gut wall, your absorption of vitamin will be very low. Low vitamin D levels, along side a leaky gut, both leading to chronic inflammation, is a perfect storm for ill health.

    Several clinical trials have reported that oral Lactobacillus probiotic strains resulted in significantly increased serum vitamin D3 levels. Researchers have shown that the likely mechanism for this is increased lactic acid production from the probiotic bacteria, which in turn increases the enzyme responsible for vitamin D absorption and synthesis.

    As well as the benefits mentioned above, vitamin D and probiotics have been shown to increase the effectiveness of anti-viral vaccines this is why Yourgutplus+ has been selected for the UK covid vaccine enhancement study.

    Yourgutplus+ was selected for the UK National Nutritional Covid intervention study, the first paper was published in Nov 2021 and found a link between this lactobacillus blend with enhanced recovery from early and long covid .

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    What Is Vitamin D

    Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin which can either be absorbed from the diet and supplements or synthesised by the body.

    Since its association with better Covid-19 outcomes1, vitamin D has received a lot of media attention. But what is vitamin D, what does it do in the body, and most importantly, how can you make sure youre getting enough?

    Ill answer all of these questions and more, to tell you everything you need to know about this very important vitamin:

    Benefits Of Vitamin D

    So, what is all the fuss about? What does vitamin D do for the body?

    Its most well-established and well-known benefits2 are for the absorption/utilisation of calcium and phosphorus, keeping blood calcium levels balanced and consequently supporting bone health. Vitamin D also contributes to the maintenance of teeth and muscle function.

    But most media interest is directed towards its recognised benefits for immune health, as it contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

    In fact, science is uncovering a myriad of different roles for vitamin D in the body, from cardiovascular health to anti-inflammatory properties. Its a must-have for our bodies! But how do we obtain this wonder vitamin?

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    Vitamin D And Insulin Resistance

    Being obese can increase your risk of insulin resistance, where your cells resist the signal of this hormone. As a result, those cells cant use glucose for energy. Insulin resistance can pave the way for other health problems, including type 2 diabetes.

    Many people who are insulin resistant have ow vitamin D levels. Optimal vitamin D levels, on the other hand, can improve how your cells respond to insulin.

    Vitamin D can also support the cells in your pancreas that help make insulin. The right amount can lower the chronic inflammation that often accompanies obesity and diabetes, too.

    Besides insulin, vitamin D impacts other hormones that regulate your body weight. They include:

    Leptin, your satiety hormone that can help lower hunger levels.

    Cortisol, your stress hormone. Elevated levels of cortisol can store belly fat, leading to other problems including diabetes.

    Vitamin D can keep these and other hormones in check to decrease body fat and support a healthy weight. weight loss and decrease body fat. Keeping a healthy weight, in turn, can improve your vitamin D levels, so you get all of this nutrients many benefits.

    Discover The Health Benefits Of Curcumin C3 With Bioperine

    Top 5 Vitamins & Supplements To Support A Healthy Body in 2020

    Curcumin is the yellow pigment in the Indian spice Turmeric and is a natural anti-inflammatory that supports the bodys ability to reduce inflammation.

    Numerous clinical studies have shown curcumin to be a therapeutic agent in the treatment of many diseases and cancers due to its ability to inhibit inflammation mediated in multiple pathways. These include atherosclerosis, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimers, cervical cancer, breast cancer, and cell lung cancer.

    MaxLiving Curcumin C3® Complex with BioPerine® is formulated with Sabinsa Corporations Curcumin C3 Complex®, a unique composition of the three curcuminoids: curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, and bisdemethoxycurcumin. Curcumin C3 Complex® is the, Most Extensively Studied and Clinically Documented, C3 complex in the market. There are more than 45 clinical studies testing the bioavailability and therapeutic benefits of the patented formula.

    MaxLiving Curcumin C3® with BioPerine® is a highly bioactive form of curcumin due to the addition of BioPerine®, which is piperine from black pepper extract. Piperine has been demonstrated to enhance the bioavailability of curcumin and therefore, its therapeutic effects.

    Delivered in a bioactive formula, with BioPerine®, MaxLiving Curcumin C3® with BioPerine® has the potential to reduce the inflammation that may contribute to disease and obesity as well as support cognitive functions.

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