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Probiotic Maker Shark Tank Update

The Idea Behind Probiotic Maker

Is It Safe? | Probiotic Maker on Shark Tank

Merrick Maxfield along with his wife and eight kids are yogurt lovers who understand the importance of probiotics.

However, with such a large family it was hard to keep enough yogurt on hand. The family invested in four yogurt makers and spent countless hours making yogurt from scratch.

They wanted to create something that was hassle-free, cost-effective and didnt contain artificial ingredients like most commercially made yogurts.

So the Merricks got to work in hopes of creating a yogurt maker that would fulfill their needs and improve upon the traditional yogurt makers that they were forced to use.

The process wasnt an easy one, but after going through 27 generations of prototypes they found the perfect one, and the Probiotic Maker became a reality in 2016.

Will Sharks Like This Yogurt

In one of the clips for this product, Robert is seen tasting it and making a face. Perhaps he sampled some kefir, a more tart and yeasty flavored drink than yogurt. You can also make kefir with this machine, buut most people prefer the taste of yogurt which is smoother.

My initial thought is this is a Lori product. There are tens of millions yogurt lovers out there whod love an inexpensive alternative to store bought brands. The simplicity of the device is appealing too. I think if any Shark makes an offer, it will be Lori, otherwise Merrick is out of luck.

Update On Jugurts Probiotic Maker From Shark Tank

ABCs Shark Tank is a business-oriented reality series wherein aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their innovative plans and ideas to a panel of industry experts, or Sharks, in the hopes of persuading them to fund their dreams for the future. The Sharks decide whether the overall business is feasible enough for them to…

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Who Is The Founder

Merrick Maxfield is the founder of Probiotic Maker. Merrick and his family of eight children and wife are a yogurt-loving family. But this habit of consuming store-bought yogurt was turning out to be a very uneconomical option. Considering 4 cases of yogurt lasted for less than 2 days at his home, he began looking for a more economical way of indulging his family’s love for yogurt.

So, they ended up investing in four yogurt makers. The long preparation time, and the endless utensils that eventually ended up in the sink for wash, deterred them from using the yogurt maker. Also since the traditional yogurt makers made yogurt at ‘lethal-fever temperatures’ it ended up killing a lot of probiotics. So Merrick thought to himself, “If you want probiotics to thrive at body temperature then why not grow them at body temperature.” This gave birth to ProBiotic Maker.

Probiotic Maker Strikes Out In The Shark Tank

Hand Out Gloves

Merrick Maxfield came to the Shark Tank seeking a partner willing to invest $150,000 in exchange for 7% equity in his company, Probiotic Maker. As a father of 8 kids, Merrick spends a lot of money on yogurt and probiotics for his family. He has developed a way to culture and create yogurt overnight. Probiotic maker comes with a starter pack that is added to a bottle of milk or milk alternative. A warming sleeve is then placed over the bottle of milk and the milk cultures and thickens overnight. In the morning ingredients can be added to taste such as sweeteners and fruit.

Are you Pro or Anti? #SharkTank

Shark Tank

Although they like the product, the Sharks are concerned with the safety of the product. They also are worried that sales trends are falling rather than increasing. Among other concerns, the Sharks also worry that there would need to be significant education of the market in order for Probiotic Maker to be a success. Because they have so many concerns and reservations, the Sharks do not extend an offer to Merrick and he leaves the Shark Tank without a deal.

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Jugurts Probiotic Maker: Where Are They Now

Formerly Shake Genie, the Probiotic Maker resembles a sort of heating pad that allows milk to be turned into a healthy probiotic that everyone can consume. It is not only accommodating to all sizes of milk cartons and bottles, but milk alternatives can also be used if they contain no pre-added preservatives, only natural sugars. With just a minute of prep time, all you have to do is add the starter pack or seeds into the milk, culture it for eight to nine hours in the plugged-in Maker, and let it cool down before its ready to enjoy. As if all this isnt enough, you can even have it flavored.

The seeds we mentioned above contain 11 different types of all-natural probiotics, which means that yogurt from this Maker has more benefits than any other commercial ones. As per the companys website, the only place the product is currently available, you have the option to choose from low-carb, keto, and fat-free alternatives. Both the 120 Volt and 230 Volt Probiotic Maker are priced at $97, while the three-pack seeds costing $10 and the six-pack being $19. Probiotic Maker is billed as a product that saves time, money, and the planet.

X19 Stepnpull Dynosafe Probiotic Maker Phoozy

First Aired:

Summary:An entrepreneur from Springfield, Missouri, shares his invention that helps prevent the spread of germs like COVID-19. A husband-and-wife duo from Scottsdale, Arizona, introduce their refrigerated safe that makes contactless delivery more secure. An entrepreneur from South Jordan, Utah,An entrepreneur from Springfield, Missouri, shares his invention that helps prevent the spread of germs like COVID-19. A husband-and-wife duo from Scottsdale, Arizona, introduce their refrigerated safe that makes contactless delivery more secure. An entrepreneur from South Jordan, Utah, hopes his idea for an at-home probiotic maker grows on the Sharks. A pair of entrepreneurs from Charlotte, North Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia, respectively, is over the moon about their spacesuit-influenced gadget guard.

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Make Probiotics Quickly With This Shark Tank

Because entrepreneurs need to invest in their health and wellness.

When you’re leading a busy, stressful life as an entrepreneur, it’s easy to overlook important health issues like exercising and eating right. When it comes to actively supporting your immune system and health? Who has time for that? You will with the Probiotic Maker + Free Starter Packets.

Probiotic Maker

This Shark Tank-featured product lets you make fresh probiotic yogurt and kefir at home in just a minute of prep and without any dirty dishes. It’s the world’s first and only in-bottle probiotic yogurt/kefir maker, allowing you to grow trillions of 11 fresh probiotics that start working overnight. Probiotics are said to offer a huge range of health benefits, make a great breakfast or meal replacement, and let you actively support your body and get all the nutrients you need without overhauling your life or diet.

The Probiotic Maker is easy to use. Just add the probiotic starter pack to a fresh bottle of milk, slide on the Probiotic Maker, plug it in and the Probiotic Maker makes magic happen overnight. Each gallon batch is equivalent to hundreds of pills and takes only a minute to prep so you’re saving both time and money.

One user writes, “Probiotic Maker is so quick, easy and with perfect predictable results. What a money saver it will be. I am only getting started with it. Love it!”

Prices subject to change.

How Do You Make Homemade Probiotic Yogurt

probiotic maker shark tank

Youll need a probiotic maker culture, some milk, and a pot, thermos, or another vessel that can hold hot liquid. Depending on what kind of yogurt youd like to make, you might also need a greek yogurt starter or culture for Greek-style yogurt . Add your preferred ingredients and heat it all up until it reaches 180 degrees F. Using an incubator or using an oven with temperature control will help keep bacteria from getting into your food while it cooks a water bath can accomplish much of the same thing, though at risk of heating unevenly. More Food

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Meet Shark Tanks Newest Companies: Dynosafe Phoozy & More

Get details on this weeks Shark Tank companies: DynoSafe, Phoozy, StepNpull, and The Probiotic Maker. They will debut on Friday, April 2.

Shark Tank is back with another new episode this week. On Friday April 2, a fresh lineup of entrepreneurs will dive into the tank and see if they can make a deal with one of the sharks. There are four businesses featured in the episode including Phoozy, for example that will pitch their products to the panel. So, what do these businesses sell? Who are the people behind the big ideas? Find all that and more out below.

What Makes Probiotic Maker Special

The Probiotic Maker offers the ideal solution for making fresh probiotics at home and boasts a range of benefits.

In terms of cost, youll save quite a bit each month. The creators claim that the price works out to a couple of pennies per serving in comparison to buying pills, drinks, yogurts, and powders that contain probiotics.

Another advantage is the short length of time that it takes to prepare the ingredients although the actual process takes a few hours.

You only need one minute of prep time and theres no mess or cleanup to worry about either.

The Probiotic Maker resembles a heating pad that wraps around your milk container and can accommodate different sizes of containers. You will need to add a starter mix known as seeds to the milk and shake. The seeds are packed with 11 different types of probiotics which are more strains than commercial yogurts.

The next step is to place the milk container into the Probiotic Maker then plug the device into a power source and leave for eight hours.

Once the yogurt done, it is placed into the refrigerator to cool and thicken.

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The Product Resembles A Heating Pad

The Probiotic Maker appears to act like a heating pad for milk. To use it, customers start with an unopened gallon or half-gallon of milk, add the probiotic starter, and then shake the jug. Then, the customer slides the Probiotic Maker with the heating side facing the jug.

Once the Probiotic Maker is plugged in, it will heat the milk to around 98 degrees and start making the yogurt. It should be left on for about 8 hours before removing the heating pad.

After the milk has been heated for the eight hours, then the jug should be placed in the fridge to cool and thicken before any flavor is added.

Remember The 3 Main Rules Any Time You Are Trying To Grow Probiotics:

Hand Out Gloves

Natural Sugars: There has to be some natural sugars for the probiotics to consume to get the energy needed to grow. Check the label for carbohydrates and sugars to see there are some natural sugars present.

Avoid Preservatives: You will want to avoid harsh preservatives that can inhibit probiotic growth. There are even some natural preservatives that can inhibit growth. So you may want to avoid Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin E… Some of the alternatives worked even with preservatives “to protect freshness” or “to preserve flavor” but we had to go much longer than normal as they slowed down the probiotic growth quite a bit. Some milk alternatives with Vitamin C or more Ascorbic Acid didn’t grow the probiotics even after nearly 24 hours of culturing .

Protein: Remember that if you want the probiotics to thicken the proteins then there has to be enough proteins present . In some cases with very little protein, you could see the protein “flakes” had congealed/thickened but there was not enough protein present to thicken all the liquid.

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What Is A Probiotic Maker

Im sure youve heard of probiotics maker the healthy bacteria that help keep your digestive system in check and aid overall good health. But what is a probiotic? Probiotics are live, beneficial bacteria that are found naturally in foods such as yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, miso soup, and certain other fermented foods. The purpose of these tiny creatures is to help maintain balance in your gut so harmful microorganisms cant take over. Thats why taking a probiotic maker supplement can be really helpful when you have digestive issues like bloating or constipation, or if you want to improve your immune system and keep colds away.

The Idea Came After Maxfields Family Went Through Dozens Of Yogurt Cups In Two Days

Merrick Maxfields family loves yogurt so much that they were going through it at a rate that was not sustainable.

According to the company website, the family went through 32 cups of yogurt in just two days. Since that was expensive, they decided to buy yogurt makers instead. That wasnt a catch-all solution, however, as the machines were difficult to use and clean in some cases.

Ultimately, the familys consumption of yogurt led to the creation of the Probiotic Maker, which was billed as Shake Genie on Shark Tank.

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Probiotic Maker On Shark Tank: Heres What Makes It Special And Where To Buy It

Theres a new company making its debut on tonights episode of Shark Tank, but will Probiotic Maker impress the sharks?

The entrepreneurs behind this creative concept will be making their pitch to get some well-needed cash for the company.

If you understand the importance of probiotics and their numerous benefits, then this one will surely grab your attention.

Where Is Probiotic Maker Now

Probiotic Maker-Introduction to the Probiotic Maker & yogurt maker for dairy and dairy alternatives

According to the brand’s website, they sold 7.392 units of Probiotic Makers. The website is filled with glowing reviews of the product from satisfied customers. A customer wrote, “Beyond thrilled with this amazing product! It is so incredibly easy to use and I love that it is an eco-friendly product as well. It is small and can be easily stored when not in use. Making delicious healthy probiotics for my family is so easy and heading into cold and flu season I am happy to have probiotics on hand easily! Thank you!”

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The Probioticmaker Is Available For Purchase Online

At the time of writing, the Probiotic Maker is available for purchase online from the companys website.

The 120 Volt USA Probiotic Maker & two free starters is sold for $97. The cultures can be purchased online as well. They cost $10 for a three-pack and $19 for a six-pack.

There is also an international version of the product available.

Probiotic Maker Shark Tank Update

Probiotic maker BioK+ is returning to Shark Tank for its third appearance on Sunday. The Boulder, the Colo.-based company, which has raised nearly $15 million in venture capital from investors including Social Capital and Kaiser Permanente Ventures, brings a wide range of probiotics to market in chewable tablets and powder packets. In 2017, Mark Cuban invested $3 million for 25 percent equity stake in BioK+, according to LinkedIn Danielle DiMartino said she plans on asking Cuban for an additional $1 million investment on Shark Tank. To date, two-thirds of sales have come from online sales while only one-third of sales are through retail locations. The Shark Tank episode airs at 9 p.m.

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Appeared On Shark Tank

The Internet has become overrun with advertisements featuring products allegedly endorsed by “Shark Tank” or the Sharks. Many merchants are using the names and images of the show and the Sharks in an attempt to sell their products. Unfortunately, with every new episode comes the opportunity for imposters to use false information to exploit the unwary. While many products claim to have been on “Shark Tank,” that is not always the case.

To see a full list of the products that appeared on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” please see below. We also have a special Shark Tank store featuring products you’ve seen pitched in The Tank for sale to consumers. No endorsement of these products by ABC, the Sharks, or the producers of “Shark Tank” is implied.

VIDEO: The Sharks tell you how to avoid “Shark Tank” scams

Please note this list will be updated periodically as additional products appear on new episodes of “Shark Tank.” Last updated: February 25, 2022.


Who Is The Probiotic Makers Founder

Andrew Smith, Author at Shark Tank Recap

Merrick Maxfield, an entrepreneur and father of eight, invented the Probiotic Maker.

Merrick, his wife, and their children adore yogurt. The issue was that it was becoming an expensive habit.

Because the family went through 32 cups of yogurt in two days, they purchased four yogurt-making machines to save money.

The issue was that they were both sluggish and difficult to clean.

Merrick made the decision to seek at alternative possibilities.

Probiotic yogurt is created by combining probiotic microorganisms with milk and cooking it between 100 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit until it thickens.

Merrick decided to try heating the milk directly in the gallon jug at 98.5 degrees Fahrenheit, and it worked. That is how Probiotic Maker came to be.

The Probiotic Maker is priced at $99. Culture refills cost $19 for a packet of 6 .

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Dynosafe Gets A Last Minute Deal With Robert Herjavec

Husband and wife duo, Eric and Rebecca Romanucci, have developed a safer way to have packages delivered. Their DynoSafe locker is a safe and easy way to appropriately store all deliveries. From groceries to medications, the DynoSafe can easily be temperature controlled using an app to keep contents safe and stored at the perfect temperature. Using a one-time code, the delivery person is able to access the DynoSafe locker to deposit the packages.

Will this package-safe product deliver? #SharkTank

Shark Tank

Because the product is still in the prototype phase, the Romanuccis are looking for a Shark who can provide strategic direction for getting the company off the ground and who is willing to invest $150,000 in exchange for 15% equity in DynoSafe. Although the Sharks feel that there is a lot of work to do, they are interested specifically in the patent that covers DynoSafe and its app technology. They feel that the app and smartphone control has big potential outside of just the DynoSafe locker. Robert Herjavec and Kevin OLeary were both willing to take a risk on investing and hoping the technology patent holds up. They accepted Roberts offer to invest $150,000 in exchange for 25% equity and the majority of the board seats with Mark Cuban as one of the board members.

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