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Udo’s Choice Infant Probiotic

What Makes Udo’s Choice Probiotics Special

Improving your Gut health with Amanda Hamilton and Udo’s Choice

Udo’s pioneering work in nutrition started in the 1980s. In the 1990s, we brought the first-ever line of age-specific, high-potency probiotic blendsfor toddlers, children, adults, and advanced adultsto the world. Why? The best mix of strains changes over our lifespan as we age, we need more and blends outperform single strains. We also make blends for after-meal and oral health, travelers, and more challenging GI tract issues.

All Udo’s Choice probiotics contain only human-adapted strains that implant and thrive in the gut lining. They multiply and protect you for far longer and more effectively than transient probiotics that pass through you much faster.

We deliver: An independent research group compared ours with four other well-known brands and found that only Udos Choice ‘viable cell count’ met label claim.

Fight Against Harmful Bacteria

When you don’t get enough probiotics, an unbalanced gut microbiome occurs and can make you ill. Probiotics out-populate harmful bacteria by inhibiting their growth and stealing their food. They do this throughout the entire GI tract . Also, probiotics make beneficial molecules that you absorb into your body, supporting liver, brain, immune, kidney, and gut function. They enhance mucin production, fight bacterial diarrhea, and raise glutathione level.

% Money Back Guarantee No Risk Refund Policy

Since the 1980s, we’ve been setting the highest standards for making products with your health in mind. We are driven by the principles of safety and effectiveness. Please follow our use recommendations. They’re based on decades of research knowledge, and world-wide practical application and results. We back our products with a guarantee. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with one of our products, return it within 60 days of purchase for exchange or a full refund.

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Udos Choice Probiotic Super Childrens Formula

7 strain formula specifically for children

Recommended for:

  • Promotes regular bowel movements
  • Produces lactase to help with lactose digestion and intolerance
  • Immune support limits the action of invading pathogens and disease causing bacteria
  • Reduces allergies
  • Supports digestion and absorption of nutrients

Synthesis of important B vitamins

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Udos Choice Infants Probiotic, 2.64 oz Pwdr

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The human body is a walking ecosystem. Ten times more bacterial cells live on your skin and in your GI tract than human cells live in your body. This is your ‘microbiome’. It creates thousands of unique molecules affecting your health, both good and bad.

ProbioticsLactobacilli, Bifidobacteria, and other ‘friendly’ bacteriaare a natural defense system throughout your GI tract. They keep ‘bad’ bacteria in check, help digestion, make B and K vitamins, stimulate mucin secretion along the gut lining, turn prebiotic fiber into short chain fatty acids to feed cells lining your colon, and break down bile acids and toxins.

But their health benefits extend far beyond your GI tract, profoundly affecting metabolism, immunity, health, and psychology.*

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Suggested Use For Maximum Benefit

Take 3 times daily. FOR BEST RESULTS: Mix 1/4 teaspoon of concentrated probiotic powder into infant formula, juice, yogurt, pureed food, or other food not too hot to eat. Or, cover a wet spoon a clean, wet fingertip or a nipple with the probiotic, and let baby or toddler optimize its intake that way.

KEEP REFRIGERATED. Probiotics don’t ‘go bad’, per se, but gradually die off over time. Every 24 hours at room temperature, you lose about 1% of the viable cells. Refrigerated, they live 10x longer. To extend shelf life even more, freeze opened or unopened bottles.

Flora Udos Choice Infants Probiotic Review

Everybody needs to replenish their bodys supply of live and beneficial probiotics that are essential for effective and smooth digestion as well as strong immunity against diseases. Yes, you have read that right I said everybody. And that includes not just adults and teens BUT babies and toddlers as well.

That is especially true for Bifidobacterium infantis. Just in case you dont know, different studies and researches revealed that Bifidobacterium infantis is the most important micro organism found in the digestive tract of babies and toddlers. For one thing, this strain of beneficial and healthy bacteria is responsible for smooth digestion and weight gain in infants.

BUT you may be thinking where on earth will I get a steady of supply of this probiotic? What would be excellent sources of probiotics for my baby? Heres the answer Flora Udos Choice Infants Probiotic. You see, this probiotic supplement in powder form comes with B. infantis that, as mentioned earlier, your baby needs for good health.

Why Powder?Im sure you have seen different probiotic supplements before. Most of them come in capsules, gels, tablets, and even liquid. However, most of these types of probiotic supplements would give your baby a hard time consuming them. With Flora Udos Choice Infants Probiotic powder, your baby gets a steady supply of Bifidobacterium infantis by simply mixing the powder to formula milk, water, and other liquid after it has been heated.

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Who Is Udo Erasmus

Udo’s pioneering work in health and wellness started over 40 years ago. As a prominent voice of the Healthy Fats/Oils movement, Udo raised manufacturing standards of food oils, including flax oil. In 1994, he co-founded the Udo’s Choice supplement brand, a global leader in cutting edge health products specializing in healthy oils, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and greens. Udo is an accomplished author of several books including Fats that Heal Fats that Kill, with 250,000+ copies sold. With extensive education in Biochemistry and Biology, and a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, Udo has impacted millions of lives by delivering his fresh message on how to achieve perfect health. You can check out his latest expert appearance in the feature documentary Eating Our Way To Extinction .

What The Experts Say


…We also have this shake in my house that we pretty much have every morning. It’s made of rice milk, bananas, Udo’s Oil, and protein powder. I’ve been drinking it ever since I was little.

– Victoria Justice, Actress & Singer

I add Udo’s Choice Oil to food daily for essential fats. I recommend it to all of my clients for the highest grade fuel. That’s where I get my energy from, not sugars.

– Jason Walsh, Celebrity Trainer & Founder of RiseNation

I know how important quality-made oils are for physical and overall health. The right oils can rebuild and rejuvenate you. For me, Udo’s Oil is that right blend of good oils.

– Carol Alt, Supermodel, Actor, & Health Enthusiast

Udo’s formulas are completely unmatched: often imitated, never duplicated. As a professional athlete of 15 years now, Udo’s Choice products have been a large part of my recovery and support in the toughest times in my career.

– Jon Andersen, Strongman & Bodybuilder

When I started taking Udos Oil regularly, I almost immediately began to feel I was recovering faster from hard workouts and races. Udos Oil is now part of my daily routine to keep me pushing hard through peak racing season.

– Ellie Greenwood, Ultramarathon Runner

One of my issues in converting over to longer ultra distance races has been fat metabolism. Ive noticed a significant change in how my body can convert fat to energy since using Udos Oil and I can run longer and stronger than ever before.

– Max King, Ultra-runner

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How To Use Baby Probiotic

Follow all directions on the product package. Refer to the label directions for your specific product to see if the dose should be swallowed whole, chewed, sprinkled onto food or mixed with liquid. If you are using the liquid form of this medication, carefully measure the dose using a special measuring device/spoon. Do not use a household spoon because you may not get the correct dose. If you have any questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Some probiotic products may contain live bacteria . Antibiotics may prevent these products from working well. Take any product containing live bacteria at least 2 to 3 hours before or after taking antibiotics. Follow the directions for your specific product.

If you are taking this product for diarrhea due to antibiotics, do not use it if you have a high fever or for more than 2 days, unless directed by your doctor. You may have a serious problem that requires medical treatment.

If your condition lasts or gets worse, or if you think you may have a serious medical problem, seek immediate medical attention.

Break Down Bile Acids & Toxins

Probiotics’ genes can do amazing things that the genes in our human cells cannot. Our body makes cholesterol and bile acids, but cannot break them down once their jobs are done. Fortunately for us, probiotics take care of that. Probiotics also break down other toxins that our body is unable to, doing vital detoxification work on our behalf. When we optimize our intake of probiotics, we benefit from the life-saving work they do. They are microscopic in size, but the value of their work is immense.


Emerging research shows a fascinating connection between the gut and the brain. They communicate, in both directions. Your gut microbiome impacts your brain, thoughts, and emotions, and positive effects occur when you optimize your intake of probiotics. Happy thoughts and emotions also affect gut function in a positive way. With probiotic-supported digestive function comes the production of molecules that improve energy level, sharpen focus, and lighten mood. We’re now discovering that the body’s systems are deeply connected.


A loss of probiotics leaves us vulnerable to harmful bacteria that can overrun our gut, creating an unbalanced state known as dysbiosis, which can lead to severe health concerns.

Udo’s Choice Toddler’s Probiotic blend for daily use prevents the loss of probiotics and normalizes a disrupted microbiome.

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Shipping Costs & Delivery

  • We deliver free of charge to Ireland & Northern Ireland for orders of 40 or more.
  • We deliver free of charge to Austria, Belgium, Czech, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands & Poland for orders of 150 or more.
  • We deliver to all other countries free of charge for orders of 200 or more.

Udos Choice Babies & Toddler’s Blend Microbiotic Powder

Flora Udo

Udo’s Choice Baby & Toddler Blend Microbiotics Powder contains 6 beneficial microbiotic bacterial strains, selected for their role in ensuring good bowel health in babies and infants below the age of 5. Microbiotics live in the intestines and are essential for good digestive health at all stages in life, from infancy to later life.

Babies gain beneficial bacteria from their mother during childbirth and breastfeeding. Evidence suggests that babies born by Caesarean section or fed pasteurised formula milk may have significant differences in the composition of their gut microflora. This powder has been manufactured with friendly lacto and bifido bacteria cells, specific to infant health and to the requisite viable count.

  • A Blend of ‘Friendly’ Lacto and Bifido Bacteria Designed for Infants Aged 0-5 Years
  • 6 Microbiotic Strains
  • 1.7 Billion Cells at Expiry
  • Easy to Use Powder

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Udos Choice Probiotic Super Toddler Formula: Ages 1

Super Toddler Formula: 3 strains of Bifidobacterium for the colon, including bifidobacterium infantis, which is the most important microorganism in the large intestine of babies and toddlers.

Recommended for:

  • Maintain and stimulate immune functions
  • Supports growth and development
  • Antibiotic use
  • Ear infections

In powder form can be mixed with liquids, apple sauce, baby food, or placed on nipples of nursing moms

Udos Choice Infants Probiotic 3 Billion Cells 264

Up to1%cash back · Udos Choice Infants Probiotic 3 BILLION CELLS by Flora at the Vitamin Shoppe.Udos Choice Super 8 Probiotic Overall Rating: Best Used As: Supplement for a specific ailment: Ingredient Profile: 42 billion CFUs in 8 probiotic strains: Allergy Concerns: Traces of milk and soy: Price/Value: $26.99 for 60 capsules, Powder Code: FMD039

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Udos Choice Probiotics For Babies

Jon Andersen, Commonly used for upset tummies, I had a different baby once he started on them, Our multiple award-winning blends of age- and condition-specific probiotics for a healthy gut microbiome, simply add to breast milk, This is a supplement of different types of probiotics for infants, Dissolve

Udos Choice Probiotic Toddler And Childrens Fomulas

Miso and Seaweed Soup

HomeFeatured ProductsUdos Choice Probiotic Toddler and Childrens Fomulas

Udos Choice ProBiotics are age-specific, condition-specific, and science-based. All strains are medicinal and clinically tested and studied. The two most commonly used bacterial families in probiotics formulations are lactobacilli and bifidobacteria these can restore and maintain a normal balance of the intestinal flora.

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