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Best Live Probiotic For Gut Health

How Long Do Probiotics Take To Work

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It may take some trial and error to find the right probiotic for your needs. Some people often see initial improvements in health and digestion around 12 weeks after starting a probiotics regimen. You might notice some bloating and gas or changes in your stool, but these are all indications that the probiotic is working vs. signs of an unhealthy gut. For more specific information, consult the Suggested Use information on the supplement you are taking, or talk with your healthcare professional.

Nature Wise Daily Care Probiotics

  • Provides a variety of the most common bacteria.
  • Delayed-release formulation
  • Third-party tested and solid return policy


  • Unclear how the delayed release actually works
  • Contains trace amounts of milk
  • Additional CFUs in the MaxCare product provide no real benefit

Nature Wise has two different probiotic products for general health.

The Daily Care product provides 30 different bacterial types with a variety of both Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus and 10 billion CFUs.

The MaxCare Probiotics is similar but has 30 Billion CFUs and a higher price point. Both products contain 30 mg of prebiotics.

Both products have an additional benefit of a delayed-release capsule called WiseBiotics.

NatureWise claims that this makes the products 15x more effective because it can protect the probiotics against destruction by stomach acid so that the bacteria can reach the intestine.

Price: $26.99 for a 60-day supply

The Bottom Line: NatureWise Daily Care Probiotic is a solid choice for general health. It contains a variety of strains at a reasonable price point. There is no need to spend the extra money on their Max Care product.

Why Do You Want To Take A Probiotic

Understanding why you want to take a probiotic can help you pick which probiotic is best for you based on which strain of bacteria is in it. Probiotic names can be long and confusing. Think back to high school biology class. Each name refers to the genus, species, subspecies , and strain designation in that order. The most commonly studied probiotic genera are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Knowing the full name of the strain in probiotic, prebiotic or symbiotic can help you research and see if you are taking the right one to meet your goal.

For example, are you looking to increase your health in general, or do you want something to help with constipation or diarrhea?

Here is a list of some strains and how they may help you:

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Why You Should Trust Us

Every brand and product on our list has been reviewed by registered dietitians and vetted to ensure that it aligns with Healthlines brand integrity standards and approach to well-being. Each product in this article:

  • adheres to allowable health claims and labeling requirements, per Food and Drug Administration regulations
  • is manufactured in facilities that adhere to current good manufacturing practices established by the FDA
  • is produced by a medically credible company that follows ethical, legal, and industry best standards
  • is made by a company that provides objective measures of trust, such as having its supplements validated by third-party labs
  • Strains:Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG
  • Best for: IBS-related symptoms, travel

One capsule of Culturelle Digestive Daily probiotic has 10 billion CFUs of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, a probiotic strain that may benefit a number of health conditions like diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome , plus 200 mg of the prebiotic inulin, which fuels beneficial gut bacteria .

Culturelle guarantees that the stated number of CFUs on the box is viable through the expiration date of the product, something the NIH recommends customers look out for.

Culturelle products are packaged to maintain viability, and the company is certified through NSF International, an organization that independently tests supplements for quality and potency and inspects manufacturing facilities.

Culturelle products dont require refrigeration.

How We Chose Our Winners

Live Probiotics

We took the time to research and fact-check each brand and the best probiotic for gut health supplement that it offers. We used the following factors as a frame of reference when compiling our list:

  • Reputation: We made sure that each probiotic listed was created by a company with a long-standing reputation.
  • Ingredients: We looked for only probiotic supplements that were created using high-quality and clean ingredients.
  • Supported by Research: We looked at companies that were dedicated to research and creating products that have been proven to help with certain conditions.
  • Customer Reviews: We examined customer reviews to ensure previous users of the product were happy with the probiotic and its results, as well as the brand itself.
  • Personal Needs: Regardless of whether you need a specific strain for a certain condition or follow a Keto diet, there are options included to suit a variety of preferences and needs.

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How To Choose The Best Probiotic Pills

Research on good probiotics can sometimes be indeterminate, and the benefits are hard to pin down for the general population. This is because everyone has a wholly unique micro-ecosystem in their body, determined at birth by their DNA, containing different combinations of bacteria from one person to the next.

While certain probiotics may turn one persons life around, another person might experience no effect. Its essential to find the probiotic that works with your body and addresses your specific needs.

To help you determine the best probiotic supplement for you, well discuss several factors to consider when evaluating each product.

Improve The Effectiveness Of Vaccines

There is evidence that probiotics may increase the effectiveness of vaccines by speeding up the immune response.

A review published in 2017 examined 26 studies in which probiotics were used alongside of vaccines. Around 40 different probiotic strains were tested for their efficacy in functioning as 17 different vaccines.

The researchers were able to show that around half of these studies reported probiotics to be beneficial. The most effective of these were in using probiotics alongside oral vaccines and parenteral influenza vaccination.

It was found that probiotics can reduce the time between taking a vaccine and the antibodies showing up in the blood.

Studies have suggested that L. acidophilus may be one of the best candidates for taking alongside vaccines.

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The Probiotic Strain Game

U.S. guidelines state that yogurt must contain at least two specific strains, Streptococcus thermophilus, and Lactobacillus bulgaricus, although manufacturers can add more. Its easy to assume that all yogurt is the same, but thats not the case at all, Ansel says.

Only three familiesLactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Streptococcushave been widely researched, and the data suggests they may improve immune and digestive health and protect against yeast infections in women. In fact, these are the kinds nutritionists trust most. But probiotic yogurt brands vary in other ways, from the number of strains they contain to the amounts in each serving.

How Are Probiotics Named

What Is the Best Probiotic for Your Gut Health?

If youve ever picked up a bottle of probiotics, the description might seem a bit confusing. However, the combination of Latin words and numbers is far from random. Probiotics are named using a specific system. First is the broader category, or genus name, followed by the species name. Most species have also differentiated into multiple strains, often labeled by an alphanumeric code. This code is called the strain name.

For example, this might look like: Lactiplantibacillus plantarum PS128 or Lacticaseibacillus paracasei PS23. Given that names like those are quite a mouthful, probiotics are often referred to simply by their strain names, such as PS128 and PS23, respectively. Different strains can have different effects, with some being more general and some more specific. For example, PS128, found in the supplement Neuralli, has been shown to have positive physiological effects in autistic people and folks with Parkinsons.

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Best Probiotics For Optimal Gut Health

Add this helpful supplement to your routine for better digestion and other health benefits.

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When you hear the term bacteria, you probably think of something bad. However, all bacteria are not harmful, which includes the best probiotics for optimal gut health.

Probiotics are living microorganisms that are beneficial for your digestive system. From aiding the digestion process and alleviating gastrointestinal symptoms to boosting immunity and improving mood, there are numerous health benefits women can experience from probiotics.

One of the most popular types of dietary supplements, sales of these supplements continue to rise each year. In fact, its projected that probiotic supplement sales will exceed $64 billion by 2023.

Probiotics can be found in certain types of food and dietary supplements. Because there are so many different probiotic dietary supplements available, weve helped narrow it down below.

Culturelle Digestive Health Daily Probiotic

Optimize your digestive system function and promote a strong, healthy gut with Culturelle Digestive Health Daily Probiotic. This probiotic supplement not only supports a healthy gut microbiome, it also helps to reduce occasional bloating, gas, and diarrhea. It’s formulated with Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, the most clinically studied probiotic.

Each capsule provides 10 billion CFUs along with the prebiotic inulin. Backed by 35 years of science, Culturelle Digestive Health Daily Probiotic is a supplement that you can trust. These capsules are vegetarian, non-GMO, and don’t contain any wheat, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, or dairy.

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Preparation Of Probiotic Suspensions

Lactobacillus culture conditions were 37 ðC for 16 h. The conditions of Bifidobacterium were anaerobic culturing at 37 ðC for 30 h. The two-generation activated strains were placed in 1 L of fresh culture medium the inoculum amount was 2%. These cultures were placed in the incubator with the corresponding conditions. The obtained bacterial liquid was centrifuged at 6000Ãg for 15 min. After the bacteria were washed twice with saline solution, they were resuspended with a sucrose solution and stored at â80 ðC for later use. We measured the concentration of the bacterial solution before use. The probiotic compounds were prepared by Sirio Pharma. They contained only compounds of the five strains above.

We mixed the probiotic compounds and saline solution in proportion to make a probiotic suspension for subsequent gavage into mice. We ensured that the concentration of each probiotic reached 2.5 Ã 109 CFU/mL for the low-dose group, and 2.5 Ã 1010 CFU/mL for the high-dose group.

How Much Do Probiotic Pills Cost

NATURELO Probiotic Supplement  50 Billion CFU  11 Strains  One Daily ...

The cost of probiotics varies depending on the brand and the quantity you’re buying. In general, the most cost-effective option for long-term probiotic use involves subscribing to receive regular bottles for a discounted monthly price.

For example, 1MD’s Complete Probiotics Platinum costs $44 per bottle if purchased one bottle at a time. Customers can also opt to subscribe to one bottle per month for $41 each or even six bottles every six months for $30 each.

If your chosen brand does not offer savings through subscriptions, it likely sells bottles in bulk. For example, one bottle of Probiology Gut+ costs $60, but the manufacturer often offers savings deals like a “buy two, get one free” offer or discount code.

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Probiotic Supplements Customer Reviews

Regardless of the brand, nobody knows more about the things probiotic supplements can do than the people who have experience using them.

When we were ranking each of the 27 supplements that made our initial short-list, we wanted to see plenty of positive customer comments. We also needed to see a pattern between them that showed the majority of customers were on the same page.

Things we did not want to see included reports of side effects, billing or quality issues, shipping problems, or auto-ship scams.

We had to reject several probiotic supplements pretty quickly when we discovered reviewers were reporting such issues.

In the case of our top four probiotics, customer reviews were very positive, across the board, with many customers stating their commitment to buying their chosen option again and again.

Before And After Results 30 Days

Probiotic supplements are generally slow acting but thats not what YourBiology has to offer. It ignites the whole body with 40 billion CFU and MAKtrek Bi Pass technology that works within 24 hours straight. After a week, you will finally notice the overpopulated microbiomes in the gut and the signs of improper digestion will be eliminated sooner than you think.

Symptoms like bloating, indigestion, and flatulence disappear within the first 30 days.

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Trubiotics Adult Probiotic Gummies

Optimize your digestive and immune health with TruBiotics Adult Probiotic Gummies. These sugar-free gummies are made with a unique, clinically-researched formula of prebiotic, probiotic, and vitamin D3. Boosting your well being has never been so simple or delicious!

Each mixed berry flavored gummy contains Bacillus along with inulin. These compounds work within the gut to nourish beneficial bacteria while supporting regularity. Just two TruBiotics Adult Probiotic Gummies a day is all you need to strengthen your digestive and immune systems.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Probiotic Vitamins & Pills:

The best Probiotic foods to improve gut health | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

Indeed, a wide variety of best probiotics are available in the market all seem the best. On the downside, where there are reputed brands in the market, scammers also co-exist. So, it is crucial to ensure the products legitimacy and efficacy before consumption.

Here, we have enlisted a few crucial factors to consider to get your hands on the best products.

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What Is The Best Probiotic For Ibs

Before you rush out to buy a daily probiotic, theres a few things you need to consider. The first is that there are different types of IBS, and so there are different probiotics suitable for the different types. So, it pays to do your research into IBS and probiotics first.

Finding the best probiotic brands for IBS depends on your IBS type, your symptoms, and your microbiome. When it comes to probiotics and IBS, there is often a trial and error process involved to find which bacterial species and their strains work best for you.

If you want to know more about the composition of your own gut microbiome, an Atlas Microbiome Test can give you unique insight into your gut bacteria and how they influence your health.

Best Combination: Lovebug Probiotics Yeast & Vaginal Ph Support Probiotics

  • Designed to support vaginal, digestive, and immune health

  • Helps prevent and treat urinary tract infections

  • Patented capsule ensures survival in stomach acid

  • Large pill size

Offering slightly more Colony Forming Units of specific, clinically studied probiotic strains than the above product, Love Bugs Yeast Is A Beast probiotic is designed with women’s health in mind. Featuring five different strains of Lactobacillus, this product may help support optimal vaginal flora as well as digestive and immune function.

In addition to probiotics, this Love Bug includes 250 milligrams of D-Mannose from cranberry extract. D-Mannose has been researched for its ability to help prevent or treat urinary tract infections. All of Love Bugs probiotics use BIO-tract®, a patented delivery technology scientifically developed to protect the tablets against stomach acids and other rigors of digestion. These probiotics are non-GMO, gluten and artificial flavor, and color-free.

Type: Capsule | Colony Forming Units: 50 billion | Dosage: 1 daily | Certified: Non-GMO, allergen-friendly

Price at time of publish: $25

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Best Budget: Culturelle Daily Probiotic

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Includes prebiotic fiber to boost results

  • Not as strong as others on the market

Probiotic supplements that are super affordable are hard to come by. One 30 day supply of Culturelle wont break the bank and contains a potent, evidence-backed strain of good bacteria. Lactobacillus rhamnosus has been used in multiple clinical trials focusing on abdominal pain, infection-induced diarrhea, and allergic reactions such as eczema.

Culturelle contains ten billion Colony Forming Units of this evidence-backed bacteria strain per serving. In addition to these beneficial bacteria, Culturelle combines 200 mg of inulin, a naturally occurring prebiotic fiber to feed the probiotic. Independent product testing company, Consumer Labs, confirmed that it contains the listed amount of probiotic organisms and is free of contamination as well as yeast, milk, dairy, lactose, wheat, and gluten, which makes this a great option for anyone who may be following a gut-healing specific diet looking for an extra gut health boost.

Type: Capsules | Colony Forming Units: 10 billion | Dosage: 1 daily | Certified: Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO

Price at time of publish: $17

  • Blend contains both a prebiotic and probiotic

  • Uses only research-backed probiotic strains

  • Patented microalgae capsule ensures survival in stomach acid

Type: Capsules | Colony Forming Units: 53.6 billion AFU | Dosage: 2 daily | Certified: Vegan, allergen-friendly

How Do I Know Which Probiotic Is Best For Me

The Best Probiotics for Women Over 50 for a Healthy Gut

Experts recommend taking a general, diverse probiotic with Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains for anyone new to probiotics. These two genera of probiotics are the most widely researched to date. Specific probiotic strains have specific benefits, so its worth looking into their impact and science backing before choosing a supplement. Targeted probiotics should include strains with benefits specific to those health areas.*

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What Is A Probiotic

Probiotics are live, good bacteria and yeast found naturally in our bodies. These good strains of bacteria help eliminate the bad strains of bacteria and yeast in our bodies, restoring the correct balance. Some people turn to probiotic supplements to help maintain this healthy balance.

Depending on the strain and potency, each probiotic supplement is labeled with a colony-forming unit, determining the number of bacteria colonies. The higher the number, it is suggested, the higher the chance of the probiotic taking. However, this doesn’t necessarily improve its efficiency.

Probiotics are also found naturally in foods like:

  • Sourdough bread

Not everyone needs a probiotic. If you are already obtaining probiotics naturally in your diet and are not experiencing any gut health issues, chances are you don’t need a supplement. If you suspect you are experiencing gut issues, talk to your doctor or primary care physician before beginning any probiotic or supplement.

Not all probiotics are created equal, and not all probiotics will work for you. It is important to find a product that caters to your unique needs.

We reviewed a number of probiotics, along with their prices, ingredients and consumer reviews. Here are our picks for the best probiotics.

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