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How Do I Know Which Probiotic Is Right For Me

How To Know If Your Probiotic Is Working

Are Probiotics Good for You? | Earth Lab

When it comes to taking care of your gut, it can be tough to determine whether or not your current course of action is enough.

Fortunately, you have an incredible tool: Your poop!

Your stool will give you all of the information that you need to know about how well your gut is functioning. The texture, frequency, and even colour can tell you how your gut bacteria are doing.

It also provides clues about what changes you might need to make in order to get yourself back on track.

So, if youre wondering how to know if your probiotic is working, take some time during your day to check out where things stand with these points.

Remember, checking them more than once is always good for peace of mind especially if something isnt looking right.

  • Stool Texture
  • Stool Frequency
  • Stool Colour
  • 1) Stool Texture: You should expect to see normal stools that fall somewhere between soft and hard. If you notice your stools are consistently coming out wetter than usual or abnormally hard, you may want to try adding an additional source of soluble fiber into your diet.

    This includes foods like vegetables, fruits, oats, barley/barley flour , canned pumpkin puree, pears , canned peaches in a heavy syrup, etc.

    2) Stool Frequency: For adults, stooling three times per day is considered optimal. Going less often means that not everything you eat has been processed properly which means toxins could start building up in your body and eating away at your health.

    What Does 100 Billion Cfu Mean

    100 billion CFU means “100 billion colony forming units” – which is a fancy way of saying “100 billion probiotic cells. Most probiotic supplements range from 1 billion CFU, all the way up to 400+ billion CFU. You might think that more probiotics is better, but that isn’t always the case. Just as with many medications , it’s important to increase the dosage slowly, sometimes over a period of months. A great starter dose is Less than 5 billion CFU.

    Get Started Taking Probiotics

    Bryan Joseph: Well, I think my closing thoughts would be very simple. Number one is consider a which probiotic is best for me as a place to start if you’re not on anything. Second thing, and probably the last thing is just to imagine if we all had x-ray vision and we can actually see under our skin what was actually truly happening in our organs, in our digestive track, I think we may make different decisions with the choices that we make on a daily basis.

    Bryan Joseph: Rather than waiting until you experience symptoms or breakdown and then you see those things, why don’t you consider being on the front end of all those things and actually prevent these things from happening? And that’s what we’re hoping to share with you. So, till next time, this is the Wellness Connection show.

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    How Many Probiotics Are In Yakult

    Can I take 2 probiotics a day?Taking too many probiotics wont cause any dangerous side effects or death, but it can cause uncomfortable symptoms like gas, bloating, and upset stomach. However, people with severe illness or who are immunocompromised should consult with a doctor before taking probiotics.

    What You Can Do

    How do I know when filing for bankruptcy is a good idea?

    Don’t start taking probiotics without talking to your doctor or pharmacist about whether probiotics might help you. People who have immune deficiency or are being treated for cancer should not use probiotics without a doctor’s okay.

    The most common species of bacteria used in probiotics are species of Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium. The bacteria are usually freeze-dried when you take the supplement, they warm up in your digestive system and become fully active. You can find probiotic supplements in most drugstores and supermarkets. They come as capsules or tablets to swallow and as loose powder to sprinkle on food. You’ll want a product that explicitly states a “sell-by” date. Dosages vary by product, so no general dosing recommendation can be made. However, common dosages for adults range from five billion to 10 billion colony-forming units per day. Take just one dose of probiotics per day.

    Some people may experience loose stools in the first few days of taking probiotics, but this goes away. Taking probiotics at the end of a meal may help to reduce the symptoms.


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    Depression And Regular Bowel Movement

    Olivia Joseph: Last week, I literally was reading a study on probiotics preventing postpartum depression. And in the study, it’s showing how it works, is our brain hormones, serotonin, dopamine, GABA are made in our gut. So literally, the connection was that using probiotics helped to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression because it’s working on a healthy gut.

    So, I’m just reading this study and I’m like, “Oh my gosh, there’s this correlation between depression. It makes sense to me. Anxiety, it makes sense to me.” And they might have done it in a very specific demographic-like postpartum because they were trying to do a study on probiotics in pregnant women on infants that were born on breast milk. So they were using a very specific demographic, but it makes perfect sense.

    Bryan Joseph: Well, you said something about regular bowel movements, and it made me think of It’s amazing to me when you hear people say that they Some people don’t have a bowel movement every two days, every three days, once a week.

    So because of that, we hold it in and then we train our body that it’s only able to eliminate maybe one time in the morning or at night when I’m in my own environment. But you’re creating a breakdown to that system in your body, your digestive system doing that. And so just pay attention to that. You’re supposed to be able to eliminate, and it’s part of It’s natural to be able to have a bowel movement.

    What To Do When Your Probiotic Isnt Working

    Probiotics are living organisms, so it can be tricky to figure out whats going on when you dont notice any difference.

    It could be that your gut flora has adapted to your new diet and lifestyle changes, or that there are microbes in your environment that outnumber your probiotics.

    Your microbiome may not need more probiotics because it is already balanced and changing again might have unwanted effects.

    Its also possible that youre swallowing whole tablets instead of letting them dissolve in your mouth, which means theyre unlikely to take effect.

    Check with your doctor if your symptoms dont improve after 4-6 weeks. They may prescribe antibiotics or other medications to help get things back on track.

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    Supplements Are A Self

    Supplements are not required to be approved by the FDA before being sold or marketed. Supplement companies are responsible for having evidence that their products are safe, and the label claims are truthful and not misleading . This is an innocent until proven guilty model that works in favor of the supplement companies, not consumers.

    What To Look For

    KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY: PROBIOTICS 5 tips for choosing the best probiotic 2019

    Knowing what the best strain for your ailment is important, but there are a lot of brands out there and it can be hard to know which one is right for you. There is a quick checklist that you can do while shopping for probiotics to try and find the best brand and type for you.

    First, check the expiration dates and make sure that the bacteria in your probiotics are live. Check to see the CFUs, thats colony forming units, in the billions. Anything less than that is not going to be a potent probiotic and wont have a strong effect. The best brands will not only list the amount of live organisms, it will list the exact strains used.

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    Best Probiotic For Immunity

    This is another important thing to keep in mind, as the strength of our immunity keeps up healthy and safe from dangerous pathogens that we may come in contact with. B. Lactis has been found to be a great promoter of immunity strength, as it has been found in studies to increase the amount of antibodies in the human body. On top of that, a 2009 study of the strain B. Lactis DN-173, led to self-reported improvements in digestive comfort.

    Is A Higher Cfu Count Always Better

    In a word, no. More bacteria isnt always better, or more effective. Which is important to know, because we are starting to see companies play a numbers game. But 100 billion of a bad probiotic wont help you.

    In the research, it appears that 10 billion CFU is a kind of average/minimum for effectiveness. However, there are exceptions to this, where evidence-based probiotics have been found to work at lower doses.

    Each product will have its own specific CFU count that is its effective dose, and that dosage should be based on actual researchnot just what sounds good on the front of the package. The way to know? Check the brands website to see if they link to studies that show if the product works at the dosage they sell.

    So, if you have a probiotic you like, and then another one comes out with double the CFU, dont assume its going to be better.

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    Sign 4 Better Response To Stress And Lower Anxiety

    The link between the brain and the gut can also be seen in the bodys response tostress. Stress has been shown to harm our gut just as much as junk food.Likewise, one study found that having an intestinal infection is associated with anincreased risk of developing an anxiety disorder over the next two years.The absence of certain bacteria in our guts could alter areas in our brains that areinvolved in anxiety. Probiotics can therefore be helpful to establish, or reestablish,beneficial microorganisms in the gut, especially when there is a deficiency of goodbacteria, helping us to stave off stress and reduce anxiety.So pay attention to your ability to deal with stress after you start taking probioticsas an improvement in this area could be related to a healthy probiotic balance.

    What Sets Seed Apart From The Rest

    How Do I Know If Therapy Is Right For Me?

    There is definitely no standardization talk when it comes to SEED. SEEDs Daily Synbioticincludes clinically studied probiotic strains that deliver core benefits to the gastrointestinal system which, in turn, influence systemic health.

    I personally love that with 24 strains, I am getting a wide, diverse range of probiotic activity. But not only that, SEED includes probiotic strains to target the following areas:

    • Digestive Health/GI Immunity/Gut Barrier Integrity
    • Dermatological Health
    • Cardiovascular Health
    • Micronutrient Synthesis

    Did you notice Dermatological Health? Yeah, thats skin health, ladies! Several of the strains in the Daily Synbiotic have been studied for their beneficial effects on atopic dermatitis and have demonstrated improvement in SCORAD scores and the promotion of overall skin health.

    SEED adds, To date, our strains have collectively been studied in 16 strain-specific, double-blind, placebo-controlled, published human studies conducted in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Japan, as well as 13 in vitro/ex vivo mechanistic studies. You can check out those studies here.

    AKA, there is no sneaky all-natural,heal your gut today or restore digestive health marketing talk around here. Just the facts to back it up.

    For more, you can check out all the included strains and what they specifically target on SEEDs Label Reading 101 resource page.

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    The Need For A Healthy Gut

    Bryan Joseph: So, I think a lot of us don’t really pay much attention to our gut until we have to. Right? Like, not until you notice that you have extensive cramping or bloating or gas or diarrhea or constipation or whatever it is that you’re dealing with. The more that I’ve actually been in healthcare and actually understand the subject matter and have paid attention, it’s kind of like planting a garden in fertile soil. The need to make sure that that foundation is really healthy or that the soil is healthy really is going to dictate what the outcome of those veggies would be in your garden, right?

    Olivia Joseph: If your gut isn’t healthy, then you can eat a very healthy diet, but you’re not getting the maximum benefit from that. And I think when it comes to gut health, people assume that if I don’t have gut symptoms, then I’m good. But that’s definitely not the case, because you mentioned, we’re talking about thyroid, autoimmune disease, among manytype 2 diabetes and glucose metabolism. These things are affected when your gut isn’t functioning for you optimally. So it’s not just about gut symptoms.

    What Are The Major Health Benefits Of Prebiotics

    Some health benefits of having prebiotics in your diet include improved gastrointestinal health , reduced blood lipid levels, and improved brain function.

    Recent research has found that prebiotics may help prevent and treat Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, lower cholesterol, and positively impact metabolism. Researchers have also found that a healthy gut microbiome fed by prebiotics positively affects bone density and strength.

    A 2017 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that children who tried prebiotics felt more satisfied after a meal, which could help children with obesity regulate their appetites. In addition, a 2017 study at the University of Colorado published in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience was the first research to demonstrate that a prebiotic diet provides protection from stress and positively impacts sleep.

    Prebiotics represent an exciting new area of scientific research. Many organizations are funding projects to study how they work, what they can do, and how they might be used to prevent or treat disease.

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    When Should I Take Prebiotics

    How long should probiotics be taken?NICE guidance suggests people who wish to try probiotics be encouraged to select one brand and take it at the recommended dose for at least four weeks while monitoring the effect. However, there is insufficient evidence to recommend named bacteria or probiotic products.How long should I be taking probiotics | AXA Health

    Can Probiotics Cause Gas And Bloating


    Whats the difference probiotic and prebiotic?Probiotics: Living strains of bacteria that add to the population of good bacteria in your digestive system. Prebiotics: Specialized plant fiber that acts as food for the good bacteria. This stimulates growth among the preexisting good bacteria.Whats the Difference Between Probiotics and Prebiotics?

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    Best Probiotic For: Immunity Gi Support

    Time, stress, diet, and antibiotics can all deplete the bodys supply of B. bifidum. Researchers found that these microbes help regulate the innate immune response, your bodys first line of defense against infection.

    B. bifidum has also been shown to prevent intestinal pathogens or digestive disrupters from flourishing in the gut, essential in restoring the bacterial balance and optimizing digestion. Clinical research found it supports a significant reduction in IBS symptoms, an improvement in quality of life and even helps relieve occurrences of ulcerative colitis, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. .

    Make Sure They Are Safe For You

    Probiotics are generally considered safe by the Food and Drug Administration . It is possible to experience mild side effects during the first few days of taking a new probiotic as your gut microflora adjusts.

    Side effects while your gut microbiome adjusts can include mild bloating and gas but these side effects typically go away within a few days.

    If you have a serious health condition, consult with your healthcare professional before adding a new supplement to your wellness routine.

    Some probiotic supplements are single strain, others are multistrain or multispecies.

    Single-strain means that the product only contains one strain, for example Bifidobacterium Longum.

    Multistrain means that the product contains different strains from the same family of bacteria. For example Bifidobacterium longum and Bifidobacterium lactis.

    Multispecies probiotics combine different bacterial strains. In most situations, a multispecies probiotic is the preferred option as it allows for more diversity in the gut.

    Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli are among the most commonly used bacterial species in probiotics. Certain Bifidobacteria are known to support immune function and overall gut health. Lactobacilli produce lactic acid, which helps maintain a low pH in your intestines and protect from potentially harmful bacteria.

    Thats why its so important to mindfully combine probiotic strains with a specific health benefit in mind.

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    Probiotics For Males And Females

    The effects of probiotics may be different in males and females.

    In a 2014 study, researchers gave males and females with obesityLactobacillus rhamnosus. The results suggested that females lost weight and fat during the trial, and that they maintained the loss after study completion. The males in the study, however, did not.

    A different study in people with Salmonella infection suggested that the effects of taking Lactobacillus plantarum varied according to sex. Although the study authors saw little evidence that this probiotic can treat Salmonella, they noted how males and females experienced the symptoms and clearance of the infection differently.

    Scientists need to conduct more studies to establish whether or not probiotic therapy should be different depending on a persons sex.

    shows that people with obesity have lower bacterial diversity.

    A small 2019 study found that people following a low calorie diet for 15 weeks had changes in their gut bacteria. They also had a reduction in bacteria associated with atherosclerosis, which occurs when the arteries become clogged with plaque.

    The links between weight and gut bacteria could indicate that probiotics may be able to support weight loss.

    Some suggest that supplementation with synbiotics, using strains such as Lactobacillus gasseri, cause weight reduction in large independent studies. Adding certain fibers may increase these effects.

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