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Kevita Sparkling Probiotic Drink Review

What Does Kevita Taste Like

Sparkling Probiotic Drinks by Kevita – Decent Review

Okay, so weve just had an in-depth look at the Kevita’s kombucha brewing process…and we got a little into the weeds there. So I think its time for a quick break. And I bet youre wonderingwhat does it taste like?

I hear you! So lets pour a glass of Kevitas Ginger Kombucha and give it a try.

So in doing this taste test, a few things are notable about Kevitas kombucha:

Review: Kevita Sparkling Probiotic Drink

  • Review: KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drink
  • Im a big fan of eating ones nutrients in food. In our pill-heavy culture, I think this idea is important and something that too many of us have strayed quite far from. So when food products come along which offer healthy benefits with a great taste, then I feel its almost a given that everyone should give these products a try. The potential positive impact on your health could be quite astounding.

    Recently you may recall that I shared by thoughts on the benefits of maintaining healthy gut flora. A major problem for many of us on the gluten-free world is that your gut flora is no longer supporting you the way it should because its either be hijacked by bad bacteria, yeast and perhaps even parasites, or the amount of flora present isnt what it should be. One way to do this without adding in more pills is to consume healthy fermented foods which support digestion.

    Lightly sweet, refreshing and good for you, KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drinks combine all of these aspects. They happen to top the list of recommended products in my ever-popular Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse program as a result.

    KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drinks are vegan, gluten-free, certified organic and non-GMO. If you have wanted a way to replace your morning yogurt addiction which is potentially contributing to mucus and an upset stomach, this could be it! Now you can lose the dairy, but still get in the healthy digestive bacteria into your system naturally.

    Our Verdict On Kevita

    So weve been on a bit of a journey. And along the way weve seen that Kevita has a passionate founder behind it in Chakra Earthsong, who continues to push the company to create new and interesting digestive health-focused products.

    And when it comes to their Master Brew kombucha, we saw there are some things we like about it, such as the probiotics, and some things we believe could be improved to bring it closer to the world of traditional kombucha.

    For us here at Essential Stacks, Kevita is an affordable commercial kombucha brand, but not at the same level in terms of quality as some of its competitors .

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    Why I Love Kevita

    As I gently swirl my KeVita probiotic beverage I sip and savor the taste. Each flavor I have had is delicious and uniquely its own. There are a TON of probiotic beverages on the shelf, and KeVita is one of my favorites. A few reasons I like them: they tend to be more affordable than some others, the company is one I like to support, and they taste delicious. I am always satisfied when I drink KeVita, and the bonus is it is also helping my body at the same time!

    Kevita Sparkling Probiotic Reviews: Everything You Need To Know

    KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drink Review


    Bottom Line: KeVita Sparkling Probiotic reviews show you how gut health is so important, especially when you want to be regular and feel energetic.This bubbly sweet tea can replace soda and its good for you! Find out how it stacks up against other gut supplements.

    KeVita Sparkling Probiotic reviews can tell you how this bubbly tea works wonders for my health during the hectic work week. Because I have wanderlust, my passion for spending time outdoors takes me on the road at least 3 weekends out of every month. I simply feel more alive when I am on-the-go however, there is one aspect of my health that gets neglected when I travel: my digestive system. You see, when I am at home and on a regular regimen its easy to stick to my diet. When I am traveling I grab convenience foods that arent always good for me.


    I know that my Gastrointestinal tract needs attention because I tend to suffer from a range of digestive issues all week. That is why I buy a probiotic powder and now I drink KeVita tea regularly as well. Experts can back up the health claims of KeVitas website that drinking kombucha tea targets the gut to deliver gut balance, immunity and energy. Not to mention the slew of long-term benefits also mentioned like mental health and weight loss.

    • Ease of digestion
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Feeling of vitality

    Benefits of drinking KeVita Sparkling Probiotic tea:

    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Antioxidant 5

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    Kevita Review Is It Right For You

    The past several decades have seen a sharp decrease in the quality of foods and beverages available to the general public. Whether it involves processing the foods so they no longer contain nutrients and vitamins or filling drinks with so much sugar they harm the body, this decrease has been felt across the country. And it hasnt gone unnoticed. In fact, studies have found that the obesity problem facing the Western world today is one of the worst health epidemics ever.

    However, the past several years have seen a shift in focus when it comes to health and wellness. As is the case with most health epidemics, when it gets to its worst stage is when people really begin making a change. This has resulted in many people, especially the younger generations, becoming more and more health conscious. Whether its the food they eat, the drinks they consume, or the many different forms of exercise that are becoming popular, society is becoming more health conscious.

    As society becomes more health conscious, the availability of healthy alternatives for food and drink products has increased. Organic and natural foods offer less sugar and more nutrients, allowing purer forms of fruits and vegetables to be consumed. KeVita is a brand that is committed to creating organic options using natural resources and helps those who want a healthier beverage option.

    About Kevita Sparkling Probiotic Drink

    KeVita is a handcrafted sparkling probiotic beverage that is produced in Southern California. KeVita contains 4 strains of probiotics and is certified organic, non-dairy, non-GMO, gluten free and vegan. KeVitas ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible. More than half of the ingredients are from vendors within driving distance of their Certified Organic facility. Neat-o!

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    Does Kevita Actually Work

    The scientific experts who validate the health claims make it sound like this is a magical drink that gives you good health. I was not sure that it would even be worth the money to drink a probiotic tea, however, I was really interested in trying it. In fact, I even purchased a DIY Kombucha Kit which did not turn out well. I wanted to know more about kombucha so I tried this product and used it as recommended on the package for 60 days. I can tell you that I experienced many of the health benefits reported by other customers.

    Kevita drinks are my favorite way to reintroduce good bacteria ???? back into my gut after a course of antibiotics. The drinks taste good, not too fermented, which is great if you like to enjoy your drink rather than endure it as with other brands. Lemon & Ginger isnt my favorite flavor but still tastes good enough to keep buying it to break-up my normal routine of flavors from the brand. Brittany

    My take: After just two weeks of replacing sodas with this tea, I felt like I could NOT be without kombucha. From here on I have found one way or another to keep a fizzy probiotic drink close by. Sometimes, I have packets and oftentimes I will keep a 6-pack of KeVita refrigerated just for a sweet, fizzing treat. I know this product works based on the immediate energy I get and the ultra-light feeling in my belly when I drink it every day. You can learn more about how to blend this tea with the Passion Fruit Juice from Gundry MD in my Vital Reds reviews.

    How Kevita Can Be Used

    Kevita Sparkling Probiotic Drink Product Review

    So many other probiotic products on the market come with a long line of rules. When they should be consumed, what diets people need to follow for them to be most effective, and so on. However, KeVita drinks do not have any of these limitations. KeVita can be enjoyed by anyone, because the drinks are made with natural, organic products, so theyre safe for everyone. And, KeVita can be enjoyed at any time of day.

    KeVita recognizes that life keeps people busy, which is why it wanted to create a product that could be used anytime and anywhere. KeVita can be taken in the morning as a coffee or tea alternative, or it can be used in the middle of the day to give drinkers the perk they need to get through the day. Its also the perfect drink for after a workout, replenishing and rehydrating the body after it works. And, because KeVita products are only sweetened with stevia, so they dont cause an increase in blood pressure, they work as a great alternative to sodas or as evening treats.

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    What Products Does Kevita Sell

    Kevita has expanded its product range over the years and now has several distinct categories. Ill quickly run you through them, so they make sense, and also show you what we’re focusing on in this article.

  • So first up, they have a sparkling probiotic water line . This is basically a water kefir based drink. Funny enough, this is actually the very first product Kevita launched. Meaning, the companys roots are in the kefir world, as opposed to the kombucha world.
  • Of course, soon enough they created their Master Brew kombucha line. And this is a kombucha-tea-based drink, and the focus of this article.
  • Kevita has 2 other product lines. They are rather recent additions to the brand and will likely take some time to reach mainstream adoption. They include
  • An apple cider vinegar tonic, which is basically water kefir plus apple cider vinegar.
  • As well as prebiotic shots, which are an interesting mix of water kefir, apple cider vinegar and prebiotic fiber in the form of inulin from Jerusalem artichoke.
  • Anyways, enough about these new products. Its time to focus on Kevitas kombucha!

    In the rest of this article, I want us to take the gloves off and really shine a spotlight on whats actually inside Kevitas kombucha, so we can answer 4 questions

  • How well is it made?
  • Does it taste good?
  • Is it in fact good for you?
  • Is it worth your money?
  • Of course, to make this analysis even more useful, well also look at how Kevita compares to other kombucha brands.

    What Are Kevitas Competitors

    Taking a look at expert reviews on it becomes clear that not all probiotic supplements are created equal. I set out to find only the best-sellers and top-rated products in the category of gut health on leading shopping websites like and Here is how they stack up side-by-side:

  • PreBio Thrive. A game-changer for your gut health! This flavorless fiber mix contains prebiotics the nutrients to feed your friendly, gut bugs. It is intended to be used along with probiotics to grow large colonies of beneficial bacteria in the GI tract.
  • Activated You Probiotic Capsules. This is a powerful formula made with CA capsule technology to deliver a controlled release of 30 unique probiotic bacteria strains. Made to prime the GI tract with friendly, bacteria strains.
  • Align Probiotic Supplement . A daily probiotic formula that works with your body 24/7. Ideal if you are eating fast food or suffer with digestive upset like gas or bloating. This top-rated probiotic has s Labdoor score of A 90.3%.
  • THE VERDICT: KeVita Sparkling Probiotic tea taste so good you would never know its good for you. Its refreshing, fizzy taste is ideal refrigerated for a mid-day treat. I know this product works based on the immediate energy I get and the ultra-light feeling in my belly when I add it to my diet. I highly recommend you try this bubbly tea!


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    Kevita Sparkling Probiotic Drink Review

    Are you familiar with probiotics? You know, that beneficial bacteria that lives in your gut to help your immune system and aid in digestive health?

    Probiotics are my friend. My dear friend.

    I take probiotics daily. In addition to the supplement pill form, I also take probiotics in other ways. One of my favorite and most tasty forms of consuming probiotics is drinking them in the delicious sparkling probiotic beverage, KeVita.

    Pasteurization Filtering & Dilution

    The Good Karma Kitchen: Product Review

    Okay, so the next big thing we want to look at, is how Kevita treats their kombucha AFTER it has been brewed. And from all of our research it seems that Kevita is not exactly following the traditional process that other brands like GTs follow.

    Instead, after brewing their kombucha, they pasteurize it, filter it and dilute it with sparkling water.

    Now the most controversial part of this process is the pasteurization. Obviously, this is a pretty hot topic and can be complicated, so just to be clear – right now we are talking about it only as it relates to kombucha.

    So in case you arent familiar with it, pasteurization involves heating the liquid to kill off any potentially harmful microorganisms, like bad bacteria or yeast.

    But in doing so, the process can also kill off beneficial bacteria and yeast created through the kombucha fermentation process. This is a bit of a catch-22 as the live and active cultures one might hope to get from kombucha may be gone.

    So why on earth is Kevita pasteurizing their kombucha?

  • Well, for starters Kevita would argue it doesnt really matter, since they add supplemental probiotics back into the kombucha AFTER pasteurization. And this is an interesting point – something well talk about later in the article.
  • Kevita might also say that their low heat pasteurization process – about half the temperature of UHT processing – doesnt destroy all the natural goodies in their brew. But we havent seen any studies showing this to be true or not.
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    Mojita Lime Mint Coconut

    This reminds me of a mojito without the alcohol and thats cool with me because I dont really do mixed drinks! The light mint and lime flavors tickle your tongue while still allowing a hint of the coconut water to shine through. So, think of this as a coconut water-based virgin mojito.

    At first you dont think about the coconut flavor. You notice it, but cant really tell what it is. You just know theres more to it than lime and mint. Then you realize its coconut and it all comes together.

    This flavor was plenty sweet without being sugary, and you cant taste the stevia at all. Thats awesome and makes this a very enjoyable flavor, maybe as good as the strawberry acai coconut!

    Who Should Drink Kevita Kombucha

    KeVita makes some fun claims about the benefits of kombucha saying their sparkling probiotic drink is made for all gutkind. I can tell you that my own experience verifies its all true. I am not a health expert but studies show that taking probiotics may deliver these same types of benefits for anyone who uses it, even children. KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Tea is ideal for anyone who desires better health. Try adding a probiotic supplement to your diet and drink kombucha if you suffer from digestive irregularity, gas and bloating. Probiotic tea may also help with a weak immune system, mental energy and even weight loss.6

    The yummiest probiotic drink ever. Ive tried all the sparkling series and loved them all. And best of all theyre healthy and contain minimal sugar. Fresh sometimes has a price cut, too, on certain flavors. Kevin K.

    My take: I like to use these fizzy probiotic teas as a replacement for sugary sodas as a treat during the day. At my office, it is easy to cheat on my diet with the vending machines options like candy, chips and soda for a pick-me-up. Now I drink KeVita for a mid-day energy boost. It not only conquers my sweet cravings but it also boosts my mental power I need for the rest of my day.

    I also blend the bubbly sparkling tea with other probiotic supplements as well as my favorite health booster a passion fruit flavored Vital Reds drink. You can read more about Gundry MD formulas in Energy Renew reviews as I found them educational.

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    Daily Cleanse Lemon Cayenne

    You definitely taste lemon in this one, but it was only a light to moderate flavor not something overpowering. Zesty you could say.

    There was also a bit of cayenne flavor, but not much just enough to give the drink a little zing. As I got through the bottle, I could feel the warmth in my mouth from the cayenne, which was a pretty neat sensation.

    I could also taste vinegar, which wasnt bad, just surprising this was the only flavor where I tasted it, even though each flavor contains ACV.

    What about the daily cleanse part?

    I dont think there is much of an actual cleanse involved here, so dont get too excited about that. You wont get any of the benefits typically associated with a cleanse. And I think the Kevita daily cleanse wording has since been removed from the labels, possibly due to this confusion. The 10 calories per bottle factor will be of interest to dieters, though.

    Overall, it was OK, but I highly preferred the lemon ginger.

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