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What Are The Benefits Of Probiotic Drinks

Ways To Take Probiotics

The Benefits of Yakult: A Probiotic Drink

There are different ways to consume these beneficial microbes, such as having various meals containing live and active cultures. Therefore, food like pickled vegetables, yogurt, kimchi, tempeh, kombucha tea, sauerkraut, miso, and kefir can help to increase the levels of healthy bacteria in your gut.

Prebiotic foods made from plant fibers help the gut bacteria to survive in our guts, allowing them to work effectively. You can find probiotics in asparagus, onion, bananas, garlic, and whole grains like barley, oats, and wheat.

Additionally, food items like sourdough bread, cane sugar, and yogurt smoothies can be the best probiotic supplements, and probiotic beverages are also highly effective in maintaining good microbes in your body.

Moreover, while buying groceries, you should check the label of the diets you consume for words like live active cultures. Additionally, look for products with probiotic strains such as Saccharomyces boulardii and, Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium. Alternately, if you dont like dairy, you can consider the diary-free probiotics options.

Whether you want a few flavors per four servings or drinkable yogurts, probiotics got you covered. Some basic probiotics include Milk kefir, Buttermilk, Probiotic lemonade, Apple cider vinegar drink, Coconut kefir, and Green juice.

Finally, you should compare serving size, nutrition facts, and cost to select the product that fits your needs.

Tropicana Essentials Probiotics Juice

Product information

Per Serving: < 1 g protein, 0 g fat , 33 g carbs , 140 calories, 10 mg sodium

Tropicana Essentials Probiotics Juice contains a variety of nutrients like potassium and vitamin. However, it contains an unhealthy amount of carbohydrates that may affect peoples health. As a result, many people avoid it.

Benefit Of Probiotic Drinks Vs Supplements

Although taking probiotic supplements is a great option for many people, there are a few benefits to consuming your probiotics in a drink.

One of the most attractive benefits of probiotic drinks is that they are easy to consume and are often quite tasty. Additionally, they usually contain other nutrients as well as the probiotic. For example, tepache contains lots of vitamin C because it is made from fermented pineapple.

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Scientific Evidence Of Probiotics

Probiotics have existed for centuries as naturally occurring in yogurt, cheese, and other fermented dairy products. With technology improving, scientists and medical experts started making these probioticsâ cultures using bacterial strains to develop supplements. These cultures are nurtured in a modern laboratory using friendly bacteria that are safe for human consumption.

Probiotic dosages are referred to as Colony Forming Units, mostly termed as CFUs. The higher the CFU, the longer the shelf life and the higher the quality of the probiotic. However, the mode of delivery affects a probioticâs effectiveness regardless of the CFUs. A well-coated probiotic with fewer CFUs may do more work than a poorly coated probiotic with more CFUs.

According to the National Health Interview Survey in 2012, at least 4million adults in the US had used Probiotic within the past 30days during the survey. Over the years, the number has increased immensely as more people discover these probiotics and new companies are developed more rapidly as technology improves.

Most digestive tract issue such as diarrhea, indigestion, bloating gas, stomach discomfort may be due to poorly balanced bacteria in the stomach. Antibiotics destroy both useful and harmful bacteria when taken thatâs why most doctors recommend taking a probiotic after a complete antibiotic dosage.

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The 17 Best Probiotic Drinks Were Sipping On In 2022

Pin by Valeria Carrillo on Healthy Tips

You probably know that kombucha is good for gut health and digestion, but when it comes to the why, the answer is pretty simple: probiotics. These bacteria help maintain a balanced gut microbiome, which supports gastrointestinal health and function.* Bonus: a healthy gut can then enhance everything from skin health to mood and more.

But in fact, kombucha is only one of the many types of probiotic drinks you can enjoy. There are a number of beverages that, through some type of fermentation or another method, contain probiotics. We took a look at the options available and rounded up this list of favorites. Read on to find out which probiotic drinks can support a happy and healthy gut.

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What Are Probiotics And How Do They Work

Probiotics are living organisms that are found naturally in foods such as yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, miso and kefir. They are known as good or friendly bacteria as they compete for space and food against harmful bacteria and prevent them from settling in the gut.

Check out the top 10 probiotic foods to support your gut health.

How Safe Are Probiotics

Because microbes used as probiotics already exist naturally in your body, probiotic foods and supplements are generally considered safe. They may trigger allergic reactions, and may also cause mild stomach upset, diarrhea, or flatulence and bloating for the first few days after starting to take them.

There are certain people who need to use caution when using probiotic supplements. There is a risk of infection in some people. These people include those who have:

  • A weakened immune system .
  • A critical illness.

Caution should also be used when giving probiotics to very sick infants.

Always talk to your healthcare provider before starting a probiotic supplement.

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How Probiotics Might Be Bad For You

Because these good bacteria already exist in the body, theyâre considered safe for most people. But there are some things to consider.

They can trigger an allergic reaction. They might cause mild stomach problems, especially the first few days you start taking them. You might have stomach upset, gas, diarrhea, or bloating. Those symptoms usually go away after your body gets used to them.

If you have an immune system problem or another serious health condition, you may have a greater chance of issues. Some reports have linked probiotics to serious infections and other side effects. The people most likely to have trouble are those with immune system problems, people who’ve had surgery, and others who are critically ill. Don’t take probiotics if you have any of those issues.

Always talk to your pediatrician before giving probiotic supplements to your child. If you’re pregnant or nursing, you should also talk to your doctor before you try one.

Most probiotics in the U.S. are sold as dietary supplements. That means the companies that make them don’t have to test their products and show that they work or that they are safe. More research is needed to confirm that probiotics are safe and effective.

Ask your doctor which probiotics are the right ones for you. Be sure to stop taking them if you have any problems.

Show Sources

Type 2 Diabetes Management

Probiotics Benefits + Myths | Improve Gut Health | Doctor Mike

There is also some evidence to suggest that kombucha may also be helpful in managing type 2 diabetes, though only in animal studies.

For example, a 2012 study found that kombucha helped manage blood sugar levels in rats with diabetes.

That said, there is currently no evidence to suggest that kombucha is effective for reducing blood sugar levels in humans.

What is more, most kombucha drinks are high in added sugar, which can increase blood sugar levels. Drinking sweetened beverages such as kombucha can worsen blood sugar control in people with diabetes.

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What Do Probiotics Do

Our bodies are home to a mix of good and bad bacteria. They’re pretty much everywhere the mouth, gut, and skin. Probiotics may help

  • improve immune function
  • protect against hostile bacteria to prevent infection
  • improve digestion and absorption of food and nutrients.

Under normal or “balanced” conditions, friendly bacteria in the gut outnumber the unfriendly ones. Probiotics can act as gut-beneficial bacteria that create a physical barrier against unfriendly bacteria.

Probiotics can also help offset the bacterial imbalance caused by taking antibiotics. Antibiotics kill good bacteria along with the harmful ones, often leading to gas, cramping or diarrhea. Potential benefits of probiotics have been seen in the treatment or prevention of many conditions such as diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease.

Probiotics may help breakdown protein and fat in the digestive tract a valuable benefit to help infants, toddlers or patients who need to build strength throughout and after an illness.

Why Unique Biotech For Probiotic Drinks

If youâre wondering how to formulatethe best probiotic drink on the market, then Unique Biotech is your one-stop solution to the choicest probiotic ingredients. Unique Biotech specializes in developing probiotic drinks of the best quality backed by scientific research to enhance health and wellness, naturally.

Unique Biotech is the leading manufacturer and supplier of probiotics that can serve as ingredients to set your drinks apart. Weâve got well-established scientific expertise in fortifying a wide range of beverages, includingprobiotic drinks for kids. Incorporating our scientifically backed, premium probiotic strains can help position your products as the best probiotic drinks for gut health.

Along with probiotic drinks, we also offer probiotic strains for foods & beverages which are easy and tasty to consume and won’t burn your pocket, either. We offer probiotics as ingredients for vegan probiotic drinks, probiotic water, food, gummies, snacks, juices, smoothies, sauces, protein shakes, protein bars, carbonated & non-carbonated beverages, and probiotic chocolates, among other applications.

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Help With Weight Loss

The gut microbiota plays an important role in how the body extracts energy from food, so the gut may be an essential factor for weight loss. Some research shows that probiotic supplementation can result in weight loss.

There are likely a handful of factors at play, including the specific strain of probiotics, how long supplementation is done, plus age, gender, and baseline weight. More research is needed to understand what role probiotics play in weight loss.

Can Probiotics Hurt Me


For most healthy people, probiotics dont cause any harm. They are generally considered safe and are often given a try to see if they could help with various medical conditions. Theres a lot of research around the topic of probiotics. Scientists are trying to determine when and how they should be used, as well as how effective they are. Talk to your healthcare provider before starting a probiotic supplement because there are some cases where you shouldnt be taking them. Its always best to have the conversation first before starting a new supplement.

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Probiotic Foods That Are Super Healthy

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Probiotics are live microorganisms that have health benefits when consumed .

Probiotics, which are usually called beneficial bacteria, provide all sorts of powerful benefits for your body and brain. They may (

Consuming probiotics in supplement form is one popular way to get them, but you can also get them from fermented foods.

Here is a list of 11 probiotic foods that are super healthy.

Where To Find Probiotics

You don’t have to take a daily supplement to get enough of this beneficial bacteria. Probiotics are found in yogurt and other fermented dairy products such as kefir, naturally aged cheese such as Gouda, fermented soybean foods such as miso and tempeh, naturally fermented sour pickles and cabbage such as sauerkraut and kimchi, sourdough bread, and the fermented tea kombucha, says Newgent.

“You can get plenty of probiotics from foods you eat,” notes Newgent. “If you’re regularly eating foods rich in probiotics, purchasing these probiotic drinks isn’t necessary, especially if you’re on a tight food budget,” she adds. But it’s certainly fine to opt for a probiotic beverage, especially if you have minor digestive issues or don’t regularly consume natural food sources of these good bacteria, says Newgent.

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What Are Probiotics And How Are They Supposed To Work

Probiotics are essentially friendly bacteria that can help support both your digestive system and immune system,” says Amber Pankonin, MS, RD, registered dietitian and owner of Stirlist.

They boost “good” bacteria by fighting off “bad” gut bacteria.

” help fight off ‘bad’ and harmful bacteria that may lead to chronic disease and illnesses,” says Sarah Schlichter, MPH, RDN, registered dietitian nutritionist and owner of Bucket List Tummy. “We have research showing they can be helpful for immunity, digestion, and GI diseases. They may even reduce the risk of chronic disease, like heart disease.”

Pankonin adds, “Research suggests that probiotics might be helpful when treating diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome and could even influence your weight and mood.”

Where Do You Find Probiotics

Best Probiotic Drinks- Kevita Probiotic Drink Benefits

Fermented or cultured dairy products are a major source of probiotics. Other sources of probiotics include

  • fermented milk.

The bacteria either occur naturally in these foods or have been added during preparation. Probiotics are also available as dietary supplements in capsule, tablet or powder-form.

Here are the most common strains of probiotics:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Enterococcus faecium
  • Saccharomyces boulardii.

Bifidus regularis, a name created for marketing purposes by Dannon, is also known as Bifidobacterium animalis DN-173 010. This strain of probiotics is used exclusively in Dannon’s popular Activia products, which Dannon claims promote regularity.

Keep in mind that in order for a yogurt to be considered probiotic, it must contain one of the strains listed above. All yogurts are required to be treated with the strains Lactobacillus bulgaricusand Streptococcus thermophilus.

Food marketers have found a new niche with probiotic-containing foods, which include

  • Probiotic cereal
  • infant formula.

However, their claims may be based only on preliminary scientific findings.

More research is needed to see whether probiotic bacterias’ beneficial effects are the same when they’re treated or added to food products. Dried probiotics may survive a trip through the intestines if prepared and stored properly. Heat often kills live active cultures.

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How Safe Are Probiotic Drinks

As in our body there exist trillions of microbes, so probiotic drinks are generally considered to be safe to take. However, in some cases, these drinks may trigger allergic reactions, create some bloating for a few days, resulting in some stomach upset. Mostly, these problems arise among individuals having weak immunity systems, or suffering from any critical illness, or recently gone through any surgery. Moreover, though generally taking probiotic drinks are safe, but proper balance out is necessary. Therefore, taking probiotic drinks by consulting your dietician or nutritionist will be more beneficial, rather the imbalance of bacterial infection may result in adverse health conditions.

Probiotics And Gastrointestinal Health

Probiotics have been shown to have a positive impact on a variety of gastrointestinal disorders. They are used routinely in the health care setting to reduce diarrhea associated with taking antibiotics in both adults and children. Certain probiotics may help manage symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and may also inhibit the growth of Helicobacter pylori, bacteria that colonize the stomach and can cause ulcers and stomach cancer.

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Future Of Research In Probiotic Drinks

Are there more benefits of probiotic drinks that we do not yet know? Can regular use of probiotic drinks help lose weight? Or truly reduce alcohol cravings? Can probiotic drinks improve hydration and reduce symptoms of hangover? And can they work in preventing secondary gut infections after antibiotic use?

Clearly, there is a lot of research left to be done on probiotics in general. But one approach could be to use a combination of a prebiotic and a probiotic which can provide both, the food for the bacteria as well as the beneficial bacteria themselves. The key however, is to find which bacteria or yeast are truly beneficial, how to keep them active and get them to transplant where they can improve the function.

Improve Mood And Reduce Stress

Probiotics Infographic

The bacteria in the gut produce neurotransmitters that are your bodys messengers. Neurotransmitters help with sleep, mood, as well as controlling your bladder and heart function. Stress is known to disturb the gut bacteria, which may affect the quantity and function of neurotransmitters.

Probiotic supplements can help repopulate the gut bacteria during and after periods of stress and have been shown to improve mood, sleep, and cognitive function.

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Best Probiotic Drinks For Gut Health

In recent years, gut health has become one of the trendiest health words in wellness. And for good reason. Links between the gut and our overall health have been studied and proven time and time again. While there are many ways to improve your gut health, one proven method is through probiotic supplements. But does that mean that probiotic drinks are an equally good way to get your probiotics? We asked experts to find out.

Do Probiotic Drinks Do Anything

In short, the benefits are negligible. The research on probiotics themselves is still in its infancy. Early studies have suggested that they can support everything from immunity to digestion and mental health. However, the science is still rather thin. A review found that probiotic products including capsules, as well drinks, biscuits and sachets may be of no benefit, since there was no evidence they changed the composition of faecal bacteria.

Less appetising still are the explorations into probiotic drinks specifically. Research has questioned the purported positives of making it a daily part of your routine, since the beneficial bacteria is unable to get a foothold in peoples digestive tracts. Another study suggested more needs to be done to protect consumers from false and misleading claims in this area.

However, it seems some might make the cut. ‘One key test with probiotic drinks is to make sure that the live bacteria survive our stomach acid so they can get to where they need to do their work the gut,’ says Hamrebtan. ‘A study did show that Actimel Original was more able to withstand the harsh environment in our stomach, and therefore could be better for the gut.’

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