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Whats A Good Probiotic For Yeast Infections

Are Probiotics Beneficial To Vaginal Health

Will A Probiotic Cure My Yeast Infection? | Ask Eric Bakker

Some researchers believe that consuming probiotics can help restore a healthier bacterial balance in the vaginal area. In theory and some lab studies, this works.

However, what works in the laboratory may not always function in the real body. It might not be as straightforward as taking a pill or suppository containing beneficial microorganisms.

There is currently no evidence that these substances benefit vaginal health. This could change as scientists gain more knowledge. However, antibiotics and antifungal medications are currently the only treatments for vaginal bacterial and yeast infections that have been proven to be effective.

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Complete Probiotic

Hands down, Renew Life Ultimate Flora Womens Complete Probiotic 90 Billion is the best available anti-Candida probiotic currently available.

This impressive 12-strain formula provides 54 billion live Lactobacillus cultures and 36 billion live Bifidobacteria to help restore the normal, healthy balance of these organisms in the genitourinary tract. The water-based enteric coated vegetable capsule help protect the flora from stomach acid, so the organisms get to where they are needed.

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Womens Complete Probiotic includes 8 of the strains featured in our list above, as well as L. salivarius which has also shown efficacy against Candida, particularly in helping to prevent Candida from sticking to the walls of the genitourinary tract:

  • L. acidophilus
  • B. bifidum
  • B. breve.

Garden of Life also offer a shelf-stable probiotic powder version of the formula above in individual packets , providing 4 grams of prebiotic fiber to support your microflora alongside 50 billion live cultures.

Probiotics For Yeast Infection

Using probiotics for yeast infection is a very important part of the yeast infection treatment, especially since the majority of the yeast infections are caused by an overgrowth of candida yeast in the gut. Probiotics supplements work by populating the intestines with beneficial organisms that can prevent the yeast from overgrowing and help the body to naturally balance the infection.

When choosing the best probiotic supplements for yeast infections, it is important to use the right probiotic strains. Different probiotic strains have different properties and as such, they have different uses, benefits and side effects. Taking the wrong probiotics can cause die off symptoms and side effects such as bloating, gas and other digestive issues. In some cases, it can even make the yeast infection become worse.

This experts guide summarizes our experience working with probiotics for yeast infection and candida issues. We hope this guide will help you get the many probiotics benefits while minimizing the side effects and risks.

In this guide

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Other Mechanisms That May Help To Combat Vaginal Yeast Infection

Besides probiotics, antibiotics, antifungal drugs and applicant creams, there are other factors that will help you to keep vaginal yeast infections at bay. Personal health and hygiene is one key factor.

You should maintain a good vaginal health hygiene, by regularly cleansing it. You should avoid cleaning your vaginal area with scented soap products or even using any scented products on that area. You should also avoid douching.

Further, you should maintain a healthy diet. The main food product that you should avoid is excessive sugar. Low sugar levels will inhibit the growth of candida and yeast in your body, and insulate you from yeast infections.

Additionally, make it habit to always buy cotton underwear, as they help to keep your genital area dry. This way, you will be one step ahead of yeast infections as yeast usually does well in humid environments.

Restore Balance To Your Vaginal Microbiome*

Top 3 recommendation yeast guard advanced capsules

The material provided below is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the diagnosis or treatment by a qualified healthcare professional. You should always seek medical advice before consuming any new medicines or supplements. AZO products referenced on this website are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease such as overactive bladder, urinary tract infections, or vaginal infections.

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Best Probiotic For Period Cramps: Ortho Molecular Products Ortho Biotic

This probiotic doesnt contain any bacteria that produce histamine, a substance linked to inflammation, according to Nour Zibdeh, RDN, an integrative and functional dietitian in Washington, DC. Histamine intolerance is more common in women because of estrogen. The higher your estrogen level, the more histamine your body will produce. Symptoms of histamine intolerance include headaches, itchy and red skin, anxiety, congestion, post-nasal drip, stomach pain, diarrhea, and period cramps. If these symptoms are worse at ovulation or right before your period, I suspect histamine intolerance and recommend a probiotic that will help break histamine down. Dr. Zibdeh recommends this brand. Its a mix of strains that are either neutral or may help metabolize excess histamine, she explains.

Acidophilus Probiotic For Yeast Infections

The effectiveness of lactobacillus acidophilus probiotic for yeast infections was suggested by research . Most studies combined lactobacillus acidophilus with other types of the Lactobacillus strains together for increased effectiveness, which is considered a best common practice when using Lactobacillus probiotics for yeast infections. A good example can be found here.

Probiotics for yeast infection experts guide

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Our Choice For The Best Probiotic Yogurt For Yeast Infections

Now that you have an idea regarding the best probiotic yogurt brands to try, it is time to choose which ones of these products are worth trying out first. From what we have gathered, we think that GoLive Probiotic + Prebiotic Supplement is where you should start as this supplement contains both prebiotic and probiotic to help with your digestion. We like the fact that it is made from safe ingredients that are good for both young and old. It does not matter whether you are a male or female, GoLive Probiotic + Prebiotic Supplement can be your go-to solution of probiotics. Taking this yogurt supplement can balance your gut environment so that bacteria and fungus will not thrive. When this happens, it will reduce your risk of yeast infection in the long run.

Whats more, GoLive Probiotic + Prebiotic Supplement is not just for adults only, but kids and teens can have it too. Anyone who needs that extra dose of probiotics in their system will find this supplement an excellent choice especially when it is easy to take. You can even bring it with you wherever you go. By taking this supplement, you will be able to help keep your digestion in good working order so that your risk of infection will be reduced significantly.

Candida Overgrowth In The Gut

Yeast Infection vs Candida Infection: Is there a Difference? Dr.Berg

The most common signs for Candida overgrowth in the gut is severe bloating and flatulence, an intense craving for sugar and sweets, strong fatigue especially after meals, and a thick, white coating on your tongue. Candida overgrowth in the gut may also be accompanied by changes in mood, particularly increased irritability, anxiety and restlessness .

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Health Origins Natural Probiotic

Healthy Origins Brand aims to provide high quality supplements that are natural and filled with maximum nutrients, vitamins and healthy bacteria in order to improve gut functioning to optimal level.

They have formulated a probiotic supplement that provides everything a healthy gut requires. Its unique formula has a blend of 8 different bacterial strains that include L. acidophilus, B. lactis, L. casei, B. breve, L. salivarius, L. plantarum, B. Longum and L. rhamnosus.

Each capsule contains 30 billion colony forming units which will flourish in your intestines to improve your immune system. Actually, the potency of this supplement is 60 100 billion CFUs at the time of manufacturing. However it reduces by the time it reaches you. This can be due to shipping factors or any other reason.

Probiotic capsules presented by Healthy Origins are encapsulated and packaged in USA. The bacterial strains are manufactured using FloraFIT by Danisco USA. In order to verify its purity, safety and potency, this product is third-party verified.

This supplement doesnt have any gluten, fish, shellfish, egg, soy, milk or wheat. It also doesnt have artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.


How Does Candida Grow And Spread

Candida is present in small amounts in the human gut of most people. Usually, our good gut bacteria keep Candida in check.

But Candida is an opportunistic fungus. This means that it will take any opportunity to grow and push away other microorganisms that also live in the gut. When our gut flora is out of balance, Candida gets the opportunity to reproduce much faster than normal. In fact, Candida can send signals to the brain that encourage the body to crave sugar. And the more sugar you eat, the faster Candida grows!

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How Many Probiotics Do I Need

It is advised to take probiotics that contain at least 1 billion colony forming units . These assist in establishing and further growing the amount of healthy bacterias in your body. Any decent probiotic will have between 1-10 billion CFUs, but the particular dose will depend on the unique probiotic and how it was manufactured.

Natural probiotics are also an excellent source if you would prefer to forego supplements. However, this option will make it significantly more difficult to get enough CFUs, as supplements are specially designed to administer a large, concentrated dose of the best probiotics for your body.

Webber Naturals Probiotic 30 Billion

Probiotics For Yeast Infection

And, finally, Webber Naturals Probiotic 30 Billion is a shelf-stable 8-strain formula ideal for traveling. This one-a-day formula provides a minimum of 30 billion active cells including the following 6 strains shown to act against Candida:

  • L. casei 5.88 billion colony forming units
  • B. breve 4.5 billion cfu
  • L. rhamnosus 4.5 billion cfu
  • L. acidophilus 4.2 billion cfu
  • L. plantarum 4.2 billion cfu
  • L. rhamnosus 2.1 billion cfu.
Editorial Sources and Fact-Checking

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Lactoferrin Treatment In Women With Bacterial And Yeast Vaginal Diseases

Even if the use of prebiotics for the treatment of vaginal infections has been investigated less than probiotics, the data available in the literature have highlighted prebiotic therapeutic potential. As far as lactoferrin is concerned , it has been reported that its oral and vaginal administration in women refractory to conventional treatment for vaginosis and with a history of late miscarriages and preterm delivery due to refractory vaginitis and chorioamnionitis resulted in a significant improvement of the vaginal bacterial flora.

How Do I Take Probiotics

You can take probiotics in supplement form or by eating fermented foods and yogurts that contain live and active cultures. If you choose to take a supplement, be sure to look for one that contains at least 50 million CFUs and is specifically designed for vaginal health.

Its also important to take probiotics on a regular basis not just when youre experiencing vaginal issues. This will help prevent future problems from occurring.

When it comes to choosing a probiotic supplement, there are many factors to consider. Here are a few of the most important:

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Does Enteric Coating Matter

On the other hand, enteric coating or delayed-release probiotics are usually not necessary. You have trillions of bacteria that live in your gut and most survive the acidic stomach or bile that they are exposed to in the intestines.

Spore-based or soiled-based probiotics are especially resilient and can thrive in any gut condition.

Additionally, food-derived probiotics help the gut, and they dont have a capsule at all!

Signs Of A Canine Yeast Infection

Can probiotics help with yeast infections and UTIs?
  • Constant chewing, biting, scratching and licking at the skin. Scratching bouts can be frantic and lead to inflamed skin and bleeding. Dogs with a severe yeast infection may continue biting and scratching even when the area is hairless, raw and oozing blood.
  • Dandruff and/or scaly skin
  • Depression, lethargy, anxiety
  • Acting skittish or aggressive when approached

When internal or external stressors overstimulate a dogs hair follicles, skin oil production increases significantly and exacerbate yeast infections. Bathing dogs too frequently or using incorrectly formulated shampoos can irritate hair follicles. Dogs suffering psychological problems, especially nervousness and anxiety stemming from a change in owners or residence, may also contribute to the development of a yeast infection.

Lethargy can be one of the symptoms of a yeast infection.

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How Probiotics Can Help Bacterial Vaginosis And A Yeast Infection

Both bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections are common conditions that many women deal with at one time or another. These illnesses each stem from having an overproduction of unhealthy bacteria in the vagina. Such bacteria are only able to grow when there is an imbalance in vaginal microflora, which is a group of bacteria that keep the vagina healthy.

When left untreated, BV and yeast infections can lead to serious complications like the development of transmitted infections or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease . If the patient is pregnant, these conditions could also result in a preterm birth or low birth weight.

So Whats The Best Probiotic Supplement For Vaginal Yeast Infection

When youre treating a yeast infection, its best to use probiotics with a high CFU count, a large variety of probiotic strains and probiotic strains scientifically proven to colonize your vagina when taken orally, Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus reuteri. One of the best probiotic supplements that meet all these criteria is:

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What Is Saccharomyces Boulardii

Even though the majority of probiotics are bacterial, some yeasts are good for your health because they are able to combat infections and reduce symptoms, like Saccharomyces boulardii, and S. cerevisiae. That’s why they’re probiotic.

Probiotics are live microorganisms, which when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host

Yeasts are microscopic fungi that make their home on and in living things. Most of the time, yeasts are harmless to humans, but sometimes they can cause infections or even make you drunk a very rare health condition called auto brewery syndrome.

Saccharomyces boulardii side effects are rare. However, if you have any symptoms of an allergic reaction , you should discontinue treatment and seek medical help.

TIP Find out how to keep your gut healthy with the Atlas Microbiome Test and get personalised prebiotic food lists each week.

Renew Life Vaginal Health

Can I Treat a Yeast Infection With Antibiotics?

Since 20 years, Renew Life has been pioneer in providing superior quality wellness supplements which help people achieve optimal health. Among their products, Ultimate Flora vaginal health is perfect for womens vagina health.

This supplement contains 10 probiotic strains which include Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. rhamnosus, L. plantarum, L. gasseri, L. casei, L. paracasei, L. salivarus, L. brevis, Bifidobacterium lactis, and B. longum. Each capsule contains 50 billion colony forming units, out of which 45 billion are lactobacillus strains and 5 billion are bifidobacterium.

Lactobacillus is well known for supporting urinary and vaginal health if taken daily. It also helps to balance the pH levels of the vagina to prevent/treat any infections. So, this supplement is best suited for women.

The potency, purity and quality of the bacterial strains are guaranteed through the expiration. However, you have to store it in cool dry place to maintain the potency. We recommend to store it in refrigerator once the bottle is opened.

Its delayed rupture technology ensures the capsule withstands the stomach acid and opens only in the intestines. The outer shell of the capsule is made of vegetable cellulose, so this supplement is safe for even vegetarians and vegans.

It doesnt contain any artificial ingredients, allergens, flavors and additives. This supplement is developed only for adults. It is not suitable for delicate tummies of kids. So, keep them away from children.


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When Should I See A Doctor

If youve never had a yeast infection, you should see a doctor for a proper diagnosis before you try any OTC treatments.

You should also talk with a doctor if you dont notice any improvement in your symptoms within 7 to 14 days. In this case, you may need a prescription-strength treatment, or you could have a different infection.

Best Value Probiotics For Candida

Seeking Health Probiota 12

Seeking Health Probiota 12: is one of the most broad-spectrum probiotic and it is also inexpensive with great reviews. Contains 7 lactobacillus species, 4 bifidobacterium species, and 1 Streptococcus species for a total of 26 billion probiotics per serving.

These include Lactobacillus rhamnosus , Lactobacillus plantarum , Lactobacillus acidophilus , Lactobacillus casei , Lactobacillus salivarius , Lactobacillus bulgaricus , and Lactobacillus paracasei . The Bifidobacterium species are Bifidobacterium bifidum , Bifidobacterium infantis , Bifidobacterium breve , Bifidobacterium lactis , and Streptococcus thermophilus.

The Seeking Health brand is third-party-inspected for purity and quality and is GMP certified. It is also free of harmful additives and fillers, with only gellan gum, vegetable fibers, and L-leucine.

Another perk of this brand is that it is doctor-formulated by Dr. Lynch.

You can find this product on . But, you should know that you can get the product at a much better price directly from the company. Compare here.

NSP Nutrition 40 Billion

Another very cost-effective probiotic is called NSP Nutrition 40 billionthat contains Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus paracasei, and also contains the prebiotic fructooligosaccharides and marine polysaccharide complex.

Other ingredients are safe and include rice and L-leucine with the vegetable fiber cellulose.

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How To Take Probiotics

Most probiotics on the market for vaginal or womens health are oral, which is a problem because theres very little data suggesting that taking a probiotic by mouth will impact the vaginal bacterial community, says Caroline Mitchell, MD, MPH, the director of the Vulvovaginal Disorders Program at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Taking probiotics through a vaginal suppository is likely to be more effective, though research on products is still in the early stages, Mitchell says.

Lactin V, a product currently moving toward FDA approval, uses 2 x 109 colony forming units in each dose, which is similar to the doses used in current published studies. The manufacturers suggest taking using it daily for five days, starting two days after finishing antibiotic or antifungal courses, and then twice weekly for 3 months to renew your normal levels of good bacteria.

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