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Where Can I Buy Acidophilus Probiotic

The Story Behind This Product


Essential Formulas is an award winning probiotic supplement that has been meticulously researched by renowned microbiologist, Dr. Iichiroh Ohhia. He has been studying good bacteria for well over 20 years, and this product is the fruit of his labors.

Despite having a relatively low CFU count per pill many people swear by the efficacy of Dr. Ohhiras probiotic.

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When Should You Not Take Probiotics

You should not take probiotics when you have a severely compromised immune condition. A study from 2017 found that this could lead to bacterial or fungal infections, especially if the probiotic is low quality. If youre in doubt, consult your doctor. In healthy individuals, probiotics are almost always safe and beneficial.

Supplementing Is As Easy As 1 2

Step 1 Add Probiotic Miracle® to your dogs or cats food.The serving size of Probiotic Miracle® is tiny , and theres a pre-measured scoop located inside your canister. Add 1 scoop for cats and dogs up to 50 lbs, and 2 scoops for dogs up to 100 lbs.

Step 2 Mix and Serve.The powder will disappear in your pets food and theres virtually no taste, so theres no chance theyll notice it in there.

You can add more or less depending on your pets condition.

For best results, use with Enzyme Miracle® to provide complete digestive support for your pet.

Animals given supplemental probiotics are known to have reduced gas, and better stool regularity and consistency. By fortifying the intestinal lining, your pet may experience less allergy symptoms , diarrhea, and even a calmer mood. *

Results may be immediate, but every animal is different and will respond on their own timeline. We suggest 5-6 weeks of consistent use to establish lasting improvement. Then, continue the supplements daily for ongoing wellness.

Which size should I buy?Because there are no artificial preservatives, and the live organisms in any probiotic product will gradually die-off over time, its important to only buy the amount of Probiotic Miracle® you can use within approximately 8 months.

Do probiotics have any side effects? The probiotics strains contained in Probiotic Miracle® have no known side effects.

FOS is naturally occurring fiber from chicory root . In fact the body even produces it on its own.

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Which Probiotics Should You Avoid

As weve touched on above, lots of things can make probiotics sub-par. Some of these are:

  • Few strains
  • Not a complete blend of Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and Saccharomyces boulardii strains.
  • Filler ingredients

Obviously we cant put a list of individual products to avoid together because it would be pages long, but as a general rule, anything under 1 billion CFUs per serve is not worth your time. Anything that contains only lacto or only bifido strains is also not the best choice. Anything that contains cheap vege capsules is also likely to be ineffective, as the bacterias will be long dead by the time they hit your gut. You generally get what you pay for with probiotics, so if something looks suspiciously cheap, theres probably a reason.

Stick with our recommendations and youll be just fine!

Rexall Naturalist Acidophillus Probiotic

Nature Made, Acidophilus Probiotics, 60 Tablets

I haven’t ever heard of Rexall probiotic capsules before but the company has been around since 1903 and I was impressed with what they had too offer.

For just $4.50 you can get a 100 Million CFU count of the Lactobacillus Acidophilus probiotic strain which may help with vaginal health.

These capsules are also gluten free, sugar free, dairy-free and contain no artificial colors.

These capsules are not multi-strain and are not that strong but they are perfect for those new to probiotics.

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How To Give Your Dog Probiotics

First of all, we should note that some commercial dog food formulas contain added probiotics. However, if your dog needs an additional boost, the number of live cultures in the dog food is not enough.

In such cases, you need to consider supplements. Luckily, there are different forms of probiotic products powders, capsules, liquids, soft chews, and treats. This gives you the freedom to choose which option is best for you and your pup.

You can also use some natural sources of probiotics like yogurt and kefir. For optimal results, add a supplement product to your dogs regimen and occasionally enrich its meals with a natural probiotic.

This Dr Ohhira Probiotics Review To Discover If Its Worth That Price

According to the manufacturer, Dr. Ohhira Probiotics is the worlds most popular premium probiotic supplement. It has won numerous International Supplement Awards, including Best Supplement Award by Better Nutrition Magazine for seven years running. So, there must be something here right ?

As for the product page and their website itself, its quite messy. They have at least two different product pages for the product which is unlike what weve seen so far with any Probiotic supplements, including Nature Made Digestive Probiotics and Natures Bounty Probiotic 10 . Plus, either one doesnt really give the impression that theres another one somewhere .

Overall, I feel they could definitely be doing a much better job at complementing each other. And really, why the two pages? I imagine it would sell a whole lot more if they fused them together. Which brings me to the marketing side of things.

Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. But other than that, they have a really odd way of doing things.

I mean, there are those separate pages we have to visit for a single container to be less pricey if we buy more than one. Which also then gives free U.S. shipping. But we cant get either of the deals no matter how much we order through that most basic product page.

On top of all that, it is also said to be 100% Vegetarian, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Chemical-Free, and Non-GMO. But is the supplement really that good?

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Are All Yogurts Probiotic

When you ferment milk to make yoghurt, you create live bacterial cultures, however only some types of yoghurt have added probiotics.

Check the label on the yoghurt as it will tell you if and what probiotics are in the yoghurt. Some yoghurts have the National Yoghurt Association’s Live and Active Culture seal, but if not, check the ingredients.

What Are Probiotics For Dogs

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Probiotics are living microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host this definition from the World Health Organization depicts the true nature of probiotics and their tribute to health.

Basically, the dogs digestive system is inhabited by billions of microorganisms primarily bacteria but also yeasts. Some of them are bad, and others are potential pathogens. Together these microorganisms are collectively called the microbiome, and under normal circumstances, they are in balance.

Sadly, many conditions and medications can throw this balance out of order for your dog. This is where probiotics can benefit them. They support the growth of good bacteria and prevent the potential pathogens from overgrowing and compromising digestive health and overall wellbeing.

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Dr Ohhiras Probiotics Ingredients List

  • Bifidobacterium breveis the ideal probiotic element to facilitate digestion, regularize bowel movement, and treat issues such as diarrhea and constipation episodes. Moreover, Bifidobacterium breve can protect the gastrointestinal tract against diseases like Candida and E. coli by acting as a powerful antimicrobial and anti-pathogen screener. Additionally, this friendly bacterium has the same positive effects on lactose intolerance, microflora imbalances caused by antibiotic treatments, and regular fibre digestion.
  • Bifidobacterium infantis represents an antibacterial probiotic which generates improved digestive patterns by producing lactic acid and by boosting nutrient assimilation. Bifidobacterium infantis is also responsible with sustaining immunity through active pathogen screening and increased vitamin absorption, as well as general detoxification of the body and better response to outside factors which might otherwise be detrimental to overall health.
  • Bifidobacterium longum is a probiotic component renowned for its ability to significantly reduce the symptoms of lactose intolerance, thus leading to better nutrient absorption at the level of the gut and boosted immunity. In addition, Bifidobacterium longum can also act as an antimicrobial, anti-pathogen, and cholesterol-reducing factor.

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What Is Seeds Shipping Policy

This Seed probiotics review found out that they offer free shipping to those living in the United States. For other countries, they charge a flat rate of $10.

According to their website, If you live outside of the US, after your first month you may continue with monthly refills shipped flat rate, or enroll in our Sustainable Transport Program for 90-day refills, billed every 3 months, shipped free.

Customers will receive a tracking number via a confirmation email in order to monitor their package.They do not offer expedited shipping at this time.

Due to COVID19, Seeds carrier partners are experiencing a surge in deliveries, so they ask for some patience as unforeseen delays occur.

They understand that some countries may even temporarily shut down receiving inbound shipments, and in that case, Seed will notify their customers immediately.

You can find out more on all the locations that they deliver by visiting their website. You can also find out more information by accessing your My Seed account, by inputting your Seed login credentials.

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Who Should Take Probiotic Supplements

Probiotic supplements are a great way to reintroduce regular probiotics to your diet.

Theyre especially good if you dont eat fermented foods like kefir and sauerkraut often. Many people dislike the taste of these foods, and eating them daily or regularly is difficult.

A probiotic supplement is tasteless and easy to take at meal time in a few seconds, giving you all the benefits of healthy gut flora without having to worry about adding a side dish of probiotic foods at every meal.

Probiotics are also fantastic for people who have:

  • Recently taken a course of antibiotics .
  • Have taken antibiotics regularly in the past.
  • Been experiencing diarrhea.
  • Regularly been getting sick.
  • Dont eat a well rounded diet.

If that sounds like you, keep reading to see our choices for the best probiotic supplements we recommend you add to your daily wellness stack.

The Probiotic That Makes A Difference

Buy Acidophilus Probiotic 100 Tabs Nature

Since its origin over 30 years ago, Dr. Ohhiras Probiotics® has prided itself on purity and the pristine process that creates this perfect whole food supplement.

Our nourishing prebiotic culture medium is fermented with live cultures comprised of EXCLUSIVELY pure spring water, fruits, wild vegetables, mushrooms, and seaweed. Click here to see full ingredients.*

This carefully balanced and perfectly blended composition goes through a three-year fermentation process based on ancient Japanese traditions. Fermentation maximizes the natural health-promoting properties of each ingredient.

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Probiotics And Enzymes For Dogs

Both probiotics and enzymes help in maintaining the essential bacteria to reach the gut of dogs. Also, they give more immunity power to fight off any toxic bacteria, thus preventing illnesses. Probiotics, in general, release the good strains of microorganisms that will cling on to a pups gut walls to reduce gastric-related problems and increase their overall health.

What To Look For

Lactobacillus acidophilus products are available at health-food stores, supermarkets, drugstores, and online.

Just as there are several forms of acidophilus, there is a variety of formulations as well. You may benefit from reading labels and looking for two things in particular:

  • Strains: Some acidophilus products contain a single strain of the bacteria, while others contain a number of different strains or species. There are many different strains of probiotics that have similar health benefits as acidophilus. Look for a broad-spectrum option that includes L. acidophilus.
  • Pectin: Some acidophilus supplements contain pectin, a soluble fiber found in citrus and other fruits. Proponents claim that the pectin is a prebiotic .

Some probiotic supplements may contain milk allergens or traces of lactose. If you are allergic to milk proteins or lactose intolerant, or if this is of concern because you are vegan, look for a formulation that is labeled “dairy-free.”

Unlike prescription and over-the-counter drugs, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate probiotics or test them for safety. Some products may contain fewer than the stated number of live organisms. Other products may be contaminated with other bacterial strains or ingredients.

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Finding High Quality Probiotic Supplements

So, how can you identify the legitimate products through all the smoke? There are a few key factors to look for that can all but guarantee the product is genuine.

  • Third-Party Monitoring: Independent monitoring companies track each companys reputation and customer satisfaction. One of the most important qualities for a supplement manufacturer is their reputation. Look for a company with a solid reputation backed by third party monitoring.
  • Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee: Go with a company that guarantees their product and offers your money back if you arent satisfied. If the company is not willing to put their money where their mouth is, that means they dont believe in their own product.
  • Third-Party Testing: Different than third-party monitoring, third-party testing verifies the quality of each companys products. Third-party testing is really expensive for manufacturers, since it can actually disqualify entire shipments of pills. But when companies dont have independent quality control, there is no guarantee that their products are what they claim to be.
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    Side Effects Of Dr Ohhira Probiotic Supplements

    Best Probiotics – learn about raw probiotics before you buy probiotics online

    If you are using this product for the first time, you are likely to experience temporary effects or reactions such as minor bloating or a mild laxative or constipation. According the manufacturer, these actually are positive signs. They show that beneficial bacteria are remodeling, detoxifying, and improving your gut environment.

    However, if the signs persist for more than ten days, it is recommended that you consult your doctor immediately.

    Other common side effects of probiotics include

    • diarrhea

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    Can Dogs Take Human Probiotics

    Human probiotics for dogs work greatly. Probiotics of humans, when given to canines, do not pose any harmful threat to them in general. However, we cannot expect the same result as we get through dog-specific probiotics. Bacteria required for a pups body might be in human probiotics as well. The bacteria found in human Bifidus help better for a persons intestinal tract only.

    Meal Composition May Help

    The microorganisms used in probiotics are tested to ensure that they can survive various conditions in your stomach and intestines .

    Nevertheless, taking probiotics with specific foods may optimize their effects.

    In one study, survival rates of the microorganisms in probiotics improved when the supplement was taken alongside oatmeal or low-fat milk, compared with when it was taken with only water or apple juice .

    This research suggests that a small amount of fat may improve bacterial survival in your digestive tract .

    Lactobacillus probiotics might also survive better alongside sugar or carbs, as they rely upon glucose when in an acidic environment .


    Though research indicates that more bacteria survive if you take probiotics before a meal, consistency is probably more important than specific timing when it comes to reaping the greatest benefits for your gut.

    4 ).

    While they may also support a healthy immune system and oral, skin, and mental health, research on these benefits is currently limited .

    Some of the live microorganisms in probiotic supplements also occur in foods that are naturally cultured or fermented, including yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and kimchi. These foods are linked to lower blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight .

    If you dont regularly eat fermented foods, you may want to consider taking a probiotic supplement .

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    What Makes Lactobacillus Probiotics Unsuitable

    I am one of those people who do not do so well with lactobacillus probiotics. With high amounts of L. acidophilus my sleep suffers, I feel foggy, and I experience shortness of breath. The latter feels like I dont get enough oxygen when breathing in. Air hunger is another term for this sensation a sensation which I suspect has to do with D-lactate, which is produced by the L. acidophilus, not being metabolized as it should be.

    It is wise to remember that we are all different. Our bodies, surroundings, genes and the composition of our intestinal microbiome are all individual. Several different conditions may lead to lactobacillus probiotics becoming unsuitable and perhaps even harmful.

    What You Should Look For In The Best Probiotic For Dogs

    Natrol, Acidophilus Probiotic, 1 Billion, 150 Capsules

    Following are some measures which one must consider while looking out for probiotics for their dogs.

    Type of Probiotics

    Type of probiotics we choose is one important feature to look for when buying them. Commonly, they are either available in powder, pills, capsules, and treats. It is best to get chewable treats. Dog digestive enzymes and probiotics are available in powder as well. This powder type is mixable with food directly by sprinkling it. Other most uncommon types are pills that one must break and mix with dog food.

    Made from Natural Ingredients

    Almost every pet lover prefers treats, and these treats must consist only of natural ingredients only. Flavors added in treats should be from real items and not from flavor additives. For example, treats we buy should be free from soy, grain, wheat, preservatives, colors, etc. Even other powders and pills should contain probiotic strains only and not any other chemicals that will harm our paw mates health.

    Helps in Reducing Common Problems

    Vets prescribe Probiotics to reduce toxic bacteria and increase essential bacteria in canines. We have to choose a Bifidobacterium that will help reduce gas, bloating, digestion discomfort, allergies, and many more. Best probiotic for dog yeast infection reduces infection behind ears and skin. It should also help in reducing scratching and itching from allergies due to antibiotics treatment.

    Strains Involved

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