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Best Probiotics For Flat Stomach

Culturelle Digestive Daily Probiotic

“Magic” Pill for weight loss. (Probiotics) [Flat Tummy Hack]

Image courtesy Culturelle

Culturelle’s Digestive Probiotic is a daily supplement that contains 3 highly active probiotics to improve digestion and reduce gas, bloating, cramping, and abdominal pain caused by IBS.

Culturelle is a well-researched brand that has been clinically improved to help with bloating, gas, and IBS symptoms.

Probiotics And Loose Stool

Probiotics can also lead to loose stool. Loose stool is what you refer to as diarrhea. It is characterised by watery content being excreted from the gut. All diarrheal episodes are loose stool but not all loose stool refers to diarrhea.

This is due to the fact that diarrhea is defined as having 4 6 episodes of loose stool in 24 hours. Probiotics have caused loose stool in many people. This therefore calls for information on how it does so yet it is supposed to treat diarrhea.

It is even indicated for the treatment of antibiotic-associated diarrhea as an alternative to other antibiotics indicated for the same such as vancomycin and rifamycin. The two are known for the treatment of pseudomembranous colitis which results in diarrhea just as probiotics. How paradoxical!

Fortunately, there are beliefs that diarrhea is caused by the expulsion of bacteria. This leads to temporary reactions such as constipation and diarrhea. This is attributed to by the process of remodeling and detoxifying that occurs when you start taking probiotics. When you are taking probiotics for the first time, this likely occurs.

Another reason as to why diarrhea may occur is that of an osmotic effect of some probiotics. The presence of osmotically active sugars in the probiotic brand may result in the movement of water across the intestinal membrane. This results in the flow of water downwards and as it passes through the rectum, it results in the liquefaction of stool or poop.

Biotics 8 Probiotic Species

The standard dose is three capsules per day but the manufacturer suggests beginning with two capsules for the first few days to give your gut time to adjust.

The full dose provides 10 species of probiotic bacteria:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Saccharomyces Boulardii

Like Probiology Gut +, Biotics 8 utilizes the fat-burning ability of Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus is another good probiotic to consume if you want to get rid of your body fat mass and lose weight. Strains from this species can be very effective in this area.

For the purposes of one study, conducted at Université Laval in Quebec, Canada the researchers recruited 125 overweight people, who then followed a 12-week weight loss diet.

As is generally the case with this type of study, some of the participants got probiotic strains from the Lactobacillus rhamnosus species, while others got a placebo.

However, although the women who got the probiotic lost significantly more weight than the women in the placebo group, Lactobacillus rhamnosus did not appear to work for men.

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Can Probiotics Cause Weight Gain

While some probiotic species are noted for effects on weight loss, these effects may vary by strain. For example, while L. gasseri BNR17 showed weight loss effects in a clinical trial,³ L. gasseri L66-5 promoted weight gain in a different trial. This means its important to pay attention to the genus, species, and strain to find a product promoting weight loss.

Probiotics May Help With Improved Energy And Glucose Metabolism

best probiotics for men flat stomach

“There are some studies that link certain strains with improved energy metabolism and glucose metabolism. While there are some studies on specific bacterial strains, it seems that low diversity is a major culprit in obesity and inflammation,” says Foroutan. “So from that perspective, any high-quality probiotic could be helpful in addition to establishing the habits that promote bacterial diversity. Strains of interest include lactobacillus acidophilus, gasseri, reuteri, and fermentum, and bifidobacterium including B. longum, bifidum, and infantis,” she says.

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Best Probiotics For Weight Loss In 2022

Your gut health is essential in describing your bodys overall health and functionality. In addition to assisting with digestion, your guts microbiome is also critical to your overall health.

Therefore, food supplements like probiotics are essential to support your gut system and help you digest food quickly. Many brands are providing Probiotic supplements in the market, but it is not easy to trust anyone.

Moreover, you must research before buying any health-related product, especially for your digestive system. Hence, to help you save your time, we reviewed some best sellers in the Probiotic market and selected the five best brands for you.

Additionally, you can read our buying guide to find your required product with the best results.

Md Complete Probiotics Platinum Probiotic Strains

Unlike the other two top weight management products, with this probiotic, you only need to take one capsule per day. It’s a one-hit wonder but some people find it a little hard on the stomach so it’s generally best to take it with a meal.

Each capsule provides a mix of 51 billion bacteria from the following 11 probiotic bacteria species:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus bulgaricus

Like the other two high-ranking digestive health supplements, Complete Probiotics Platinum provides Lactobacillus acidophilus. The fact that it’s in three of the best probiotic formulations says a lot about the value of this probiotic species.

It also has Lactobacillus gasseri. That’s another probiotic that can help you become a weight loss winner.

It’s a good probiotic for belly fat reduction too. In a 12-week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial involving 90 volunteers, Lactobacillus gasseri produced delivered significant reductions in visceral adipose tissue .

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What Causes Bloating In The Stomach

Gas is produced as a normal part of the digestive process, and bloating is essentially a build-up of this gas. But where does it come from? Well, our microbiome is responsible for breaking down and digesting our food, and gas is a natural byproduct of this process. We actually excrete up to 1 and half pints of hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide each day15!

But if these gases are produced in greater than normal amounts, we may suffer symptoms, such as a full feeling in the stomach, or a bloated tummy. These can be signs that the digestive process is not functioning in an optimal manner. There can be a number of different causes, some of which may respond to simple diet and lifestyle changes, whereas others may need medical investigation/intervention.

The gut microbiome is made up of many different strains of bacteria, and is influenced daily by our individual environmental and lifestyle exposures. We play host to this army of bacteria, including beneficial probiotics, which are essential for our health and wellbeing. You may like to read: Are all types of friendly bacteria the same?

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I Tried Probiotics For 30 Days | Before/Afters | Worth It?

Probiology Gut + provides strains of probiotic bacteria from the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium families. All the best probiotic supplements provide Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium because these two bacteria families have the most research behind them and proven value in many areas.

At this point, you may be asking yourself why you should use a daily supplement like Probiology Gut+ instead of eating probiotic yogurts and fermented foods. If you are asking this, it’s a good question and the answer may surprise you.

Although yogurts provide Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium bacteria too, when you eat them, some of the live bacteria they provide are killed by your stomach acids.

None of the bacteria in Probiology Gut + falls victim to stomach acid because the capsule it’s encased in has a special coating, called Maktrek, that shields the gut bacteria from harm. It does not break down until it has delivered its precious cargo safely to the gut.

Probiology Gut + also provides prebiotic fiber to nourish your new and existing probiotic bacteria and help them to flourish.

Although there are other forms of prebiotic fiber, fructooligosaccharide is one of the top options. This is the type Probiology Gut + provides.

As you will soon see, all the best probiotic supplements provide prebiotic fiber. That’s another thing that sets them apart from probiotic yogurts.

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Can I Take Probiotics While I’m Using Antibiotics

No. This would be unwise. Your medication would lose a lot of its potency killing the probiotic bacteria.

The truth is, antibiotics can play havoc with gut health. They kill all bacteria be it good or bad. However, antibiotics are important. They can save lives. If a doctor has prescribed them to you, they will be a necessary evil.

Although it is unwise to take probiotics alongside antibiotics, probiotics offer untold benefits after the antibiotic treatment is complete by helping you to restore your gut microbiome in the shortest possible time.

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Is It Ok To Take Probiotics Every Day

Yes, it is generally safe to take probiotics every day. However, you may want to start with a lower dose and increase it gradually as your body adjusts to the supplements. Some people may also experience side effects such as gas or bloating when they first start taking probiotics.

If this happens, try reducing the dose or taking the supplements with food. You may also want to try a different probiotic supplement.

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Discover Which Probiotics Work Best For Weight Loss By Balancing Your Gut Bacteria And Speeding Up Metabolism

You may have heard of probiotics for gut health and digestive problems, but it turns out they are also helpful for various other issues, including weight loss. Although more research needs to be done, specific probiotic strains have shown promise for weight control in clinical studies. But can all probiotics help you lose weight?

Weve reviewed the research and figured out which probiotic supplements on the market might be the most effective to help you shed pounds. Read on to learn more about how probiotics help with weight management and decide if one of these supplements is right for you.

If youre pressed for time, take a quick look at our recommendations below.

Super Healthy Probiotic Foods

One Week Flat Stomach Probiotic in 28sachts from Optibac Probiotics

Get as much of the health benefits of probiotics by consuming the following:

  • Yogurt: Made from milk and fermented by friendly bacteria. Its one of the best sources of probiotics.
  • Kefir: Believed to have come from the Turkish word keyif which translates to feeling good after a meal, this fermented probiotic milk drink comes with various health benefits.
  • Sauerkraut: Not only does it have probiotic qualities, but is also rich in vitamins B, C, and K and fiber.
  • Tempeh: Its the best choice for vegans who are looking for a nutritious probiotic to add to their diet.
  • Miso: A Japanese seasoning that provides fiber and protein and is high in minerals, plant compounds, and vitamins.

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Should I Take Probiotics For Bloating Every Day

Probiotic supplements can be taken daily as long as your doctor recommends them. However, if you find that the side effects are too much for you to handle, take a break from probiotics and talk to your doctor about what you can do next.

Some people with IBS find that 30 consecutive days of taking probiotics works best for them before they need to give their body a break.

If you are looking for how to take probiotics, just follow the dosage instructions on the label and continue taking as long as your doctor recommends.

Natures Bounty Probiotic Gx

Image courtesy Natures Bounty

Nature’s Bounty GX is a daily supplement that contains 8 probiotic strains. It improves the bodys ability to absorb vital nutrients while destroying bad bacteria in the gut.

GX contains prebiotics to nourish good bacteria and improve IBS symptoms like bloating gas and abdominal pain.

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Apple Cider Vinegar To Alleviate Gas And Bloating

If you want to follow a low gas diet, you should start your day with a glass of diluted apple cider vinegar.

Although there are no direct studies showing that apple cider vinegar is a food that eliminates gas, there is evidence that it can help with digestion. For example, the SicenceQ Publishing Group from Harvard reported that apple cider vinegar helps fat digestion in the intestines.

Other studies have shown that apple cider vinegar can help alleviate other digestive-related symptoms such as heartburn.

To help prevent gas and bloating after eating, dilute a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water. Consume before your lunch and evening meal to help eliminate a buildup of gas after eating.

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How Does Gut Microbiome Influence Weight

Banish Belly Bloat with These Simple Tips – Dr. Anthony Youn

The activities of your gut bacteria, apart from aiding digestion and providing beneficial nutrients also include weight regulation. Two main families of bacteria residing in the gut bacteroidetes and firmicutes, are related to weight gain.

Studies have shown that overweight people or those at a risk of obesity have more firmicutes and less bacteroidetes. This ratio is completely different from the bacterial composition of healthy weight individuals.

Animal studies have confirmed that weight gain can occur due to an unhealthy or imbalanced gut microbiome. When the gut bacteria from obese mice were transplanted into lean mice, the lean mice began gaining weight within a few weeks.

These studies indicate a causal relationship between gut microbiome and weight gain which is almost as apparent as linking patriotism with Jack Bauer and Barney Ross.

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Best Probiotics For Women

While probiotics are beneficial for everyone, certain probiotics are particularly good for women. These probiotics can boost fat burn and help you reach your goals faster.

These particular strains are also great for your digestive system your immune system your cholesterol levels your vaginal health and suppressing cravings.

This brief video is packed with information about the best probiotic strains for women:

How Much Weight Can I Lose By Taking Probiotics

The benefits of probiotics are better known for digestive health, and for things like reducing bloating.

But as outlined above, having the right probiotics in your gut can impact your weight, and lead to healthy weight loss.

How much, you ask?

More research may be needed before accurate estimates can be made, as the amount of studies that indicate weight loss via probiotics are still limited.

That being said, a 2019 meta-analysis and review on the effects of probiotics for weight loss found that probiotic supplementation helped people lose on average between 0.25 to 0.73 kg .6

Another study found that probiotics may help individuals lose up to 1 kg of fat mass when taken regularly.7

These arent exactly dramatic figures, but when you consider that these results were from simple gut bacteria alone they become slightly more promising!

Combining several of the best probiotic strains for weight loss with a comprehensive diet and exercise program could very well help drive rapid weight loss.

A natural weight loss supplement is another way to complement a healthy diet and exercise program.

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Does It Contain An Effective Dose

In addition to containing an evidence-based strain, probiotics for weight loss should contain an effective dose of that strain.

For example, Bifidobacterium lactis B-420 has been shown to be effective at a dose of 10 billion CFU per day.

Additionally, weight loss studies using a mix of L. acidophilus CUL-60, L. acidophilus CUL-21, L. plantarum CUL-66, B. animalis subsp. lactis CUL-34, and B. bifidum CUL-20 were effective at 50 billion CFU per day.

What Is Gut Microbiome

Optibac Probiotic For A Flat Stomach

Sometimes you need to look inwards when all high intensity workouts and dedicated exercises fail to deliver the flat stomach you want. The bacteria found in the gut can help you lose weight and effectively burn stubborn belly fat.

Your gut microbiome has 40 trillion microbes in it, which is more than the number of cells in your body and a lot more cans of beer and slices of pizza Drew Carey has drank and eaten, respectively, in his life which says something. It is a lively thriving place that holds the key to your health and weight regulation.

Not all gut bacteria are good kind of like not all Iron Man or Star Wars movies are good . 15% of the human microbiome comprises of neutral or harmful bacteria.

The other 85% good bacteria or probiotics overcome these minute numbers and prevent infections or illnesses. These friendly bacteria are known to assist with digestion and optimal absorption of nutrients.

They are also responsible for producing certain essential nutrients like B vitamins, vitamin K and short chain fatty acids.

Bacteria thrive upon a lot of fiber that is indigestible to human beings. They break down the fiber into easy-to-absorb short chain fatty acids that is required to maintain an overall healthy weight.

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Biotics : Recommended Prebiotics For Weight Management

Prebiotics can help balance gut bacteria, enhance health, and reduce belly fat. Boitics8 is a brand that launched its product Bauer which is helpful for men. This product helps mens overall body weight management and metabolism regulation.

Moreover, the ingredients of the Bauer help lose weight, and it contains pre and probiotics. Additionally, fibers, digestive enzymes, and vitamins are also part of this product that prevents fat storage. They are also helpful in slowing down the weight gain process.

This product boosts the metabolism as it contains amino acids, which help increase the energy level. In addition, these amino acids are responsible for a happy mood resulting in the release of neurotransmitters, including dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine, that lower stress.

Gut microbiota need essential enzymes for its sustainability in the gut, and Bauer by Biotics 8 has these necessary enzymes in their composition to regulate gut health. Moreover, the presence of Vitamin B complex in this supplement helps in weight maintenance by enhancing the digestive system.

Digestive health directly affects skin health and texture. Therefore, using Bauer can also enjoy health benefits related to skin and hair. Probiotics can help utilize the biotin, which as a result, increases hair growth. Moreover, this probiotic product reduces inflammation and eases stomach cramps.



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