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Vitamin Shoppe Women’s Probiotic

The Latest Probiotics Go Above And Beyond The Gut

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Thanks to all of the processed and sugar-laden foods out there these days, most Americans dont consume enough probiotics, the healthy bacteria that nourish your gut microbiome. On top of that, frequent use of antibiotics, exposure to environmental toxins, and chronic stress also take a toll on your gut microbiome.

The good news: Regularly taking a probiotic supplement can help get your gut back on track. The even better news? New varieties of probiotic supplements now contain unique strains and herbs to help you meet more individualized health goals.

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How Much Is Cbd Gummies

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Vitamin Shoppe Overall Needs Work

Love the app so far, but there are a couple changes I would make. One would be with the Spark program. I get texts whenever its time to have my products sent to me. Just recently, I got that text with an option to pick it up at the closest vitamin shoppe by replying with store. I was right around corner so replied store and went to the shoppe. I was then sent a text that I would receive an email when I could pick up the product huh? So since I was at the store, I tried to go in and pick up the product, but was told I couldnt pick anything up because no email had been sent yet. So I had to go home and go back to the store the next day to pick up the product When I finally got the product, there were no free samples like what you get when its delivered. Not too cool.

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A Note About These Studies


The FDA has not yet endorsed the use of vagina probiotics for conditions like BV, vaginal dryness, yeast infections, or UTIs. Why is this?

Probiotics are generally considered safe, says Dr. Krapf. it has been difficult to determine if probiotics truly provide the benefits claimed by manufacturers. This is because the studies on probiotics for vaginal conditions have small sample sizes and have many variations, including different Lactobacillus types, dosages, length of treatment, antibiotic co-treatments, and outcome measures.

Still, whenthe Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists compared 34 eligible studies on the impact of vaginal probiotics for treating BV and vulvovaginal candidiasis , they found that probiotics may be helpful for treating and preventing BV and possibly vaginal yeast infections.

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The Endocrine System Explained

The endocrine system is a system of glands in the body responsible for hormone production and regulation, explains holistic health expert and doctor of chiropractic Suzanna Wong, D.C., founder of Twin Waves Wellness Center in San Diego. Typically, it keeps the levels of our various hormones within whatever range is most optimal for our health and wellbeing.

However, if any of the glandswhich include the pancreas, thyroid, pituitary gland, adrenal glands, ovaries, and testes, to name just a fewmalfunction, the system as a whole can stop functioning optimally, says adds Josh Axe, D.N.M., C.N.S., D.C., founder of Ancient Nutrition and author of Ancient Remedies. In some cases, the endocrine gland saboteurs are lifestyle factors like excessive stress, a nutrient-poor diet, and wonky sleep, he says. But there are other thingslike tumors, infection, injury, and conditions such as diabetes, Cushing disease, or congenital hypothyroidismthat can cause problems, according to Wong.

Regardless of the root cause, a malfunctioning endocrine gland either over- or under-produces one or more hormones.

The Vitamin Shoppe Unveils Expansive Line Catered To Women

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Women’s bodies have different nutritional needs to support the physical and emotional changes throughout her lifecycle, and the Vitamin Shoppe now has premium wellness formulas aimed at supporting those unique life cycles with a range of 14 supplements to enhance physical, mental, and emotional health.

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When Not To Take Your Probiotics

Most experts and studies assert that if theres one time of day not to pop your probiotic supplement, its first thing in the morning.

Probiotics are living organisms, they need food, water, and warmth to survive and multiply, explains David Friedman, N.D., C.C.N., author of Food Sanity: How to Eat in a World of Fads and Fiction. In the morning, conditions are not optimal for probiotics simply because there is not enough food or water for the bacterial strains to flourish.

Another reason the early A.M. isnt ideal probiotic-taking time: Your stomach is super-acidic. In a fasted state, or when you have an empty stomach, your stomach is more acidic and has a pH around two, explains Robert Zembroski, D.C., D.A.C.N.B., M.S., functional medicine specialist, clinical nutritionist, and author of REBUILD. Its hard for probiotics to survive this harsh, acidic environment, so fewer make it through the stomach to the intestines, where they work their magic. The biggest danger for probiotics is the powerful acids in the digestive system, which are meant to break down and disintegrate materials that travel through it, says Friedman. If enough acid overcomes the coating of a probiotic capsule, it could kill the delicate strains.

Can Probiotics Intended For Digestive Issues Help Other Parts Of Your Body

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What if youre already taking a general probiotic for gut healthmight it help more than just your digestive tract? Unlikely, according to Dr. Krapf. Probiotics have demonstrated efficacy in certain gastrointestinal conditions, including inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and different types of diarrhea. It is possible that probiotics taken for gut health could benefit the vagina, but it is more likely that there are specific bacterial strains and vice versa. Also, worth noting, most probiotics for gut health are taken orally, whereas probiotics that have shown the most promise are vaginal capsules.

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Could Vaginal Probiotics Solve Gynecological Issues

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Even with the best personal hygiene, dysbiosis is not a good thing for women, as it can result in uncomfortable ailments in the vagina and surrounding organs. Thats why many women are searching for more holistic cures for their gynecological distress.

Enter vaginal probiotics, which may have the potential to help with everything from UTIs to bacterial vaginosis. But how could probioticsmost commonly used for alleviating digestion and stomach disordersaffect vaginal health? Below, a deep dive into all things vaginal probiotics.

Vitamin Shoppe To Sell Jarrow Formulas Probiotic

LOS ANGELES, Calif. Jarrow Formulas on Friday announced that Vitamin Shoppe will be the first national retailer to sell Jarro-Dophilus CDS, a vegetarian capsule of seven clinically-documented probiotic strains to provide a broad spectrum of health benefits.

Jarro-Dophilus CDS contains a high concentration of 20 billion total probiotic bacteria per capsule, stated Peilin Guo, EVP Jarrow Formulas. A gel-forming matrix helps protect them during transit through the stomach to assure effectiveness. All of these features make it a unique, premium product with great value.

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The Vitamin Shoppe Ultimate 10+ Probiotics 50 Billion Cfus Vegetable Capsules 60


A healthy gut is the core of your wellbeing, which is why supplementation with a quality probiotic is a smart way to safeguard your health.

We all know probiotic bacteria are good for the gut, but did you know certain strains also support respiratory health?

Nourish your microbiome with 12 diverse strains of beneficial bacteria specifically selected to support your healthiest self. Ultimate 10+ Probiotics from The Vitamin Shoppe® brand contains 50 billion colony forming units of probiotic bacteria plus two newly added strains.

Ultimate 10+ Probiotic provides benefits for digestion, immunity, and respiratory health and Fructooligosaccharides prebiotic fiber to help cultivate healthy flora and a protective desiccant bottle to keep out moisture?

Our brands are put through 320 rigorous quality assurance steps, and ingredient purity and potency are verified by independent, third-party labs.

You can feel confident that all products from The Vitamin Shoppe® family of brands meet or exceed industry quality standards.

Take one vegetable capsule daily, preferably with a meal.


The Best And Worst Time Of Day To Take Your Probiotics

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Youve probably heard 100 times by now how important your gut health is for your overall well-beingand that the healthy bacteria that live in your digestive system play a huge role in keeping that gut health in tip-top shape.

After all, these probiotics help us digest food, destroy microorganisms that might trigger disease, and even produce vitamins. Our bodies naturally house both good and bad bacteria, but as long as the two are in balance, our immune system stays strong, which is crucial for our general health, explains Sarina Pasricha, M.D., M.S.C.R., a Harvard-trained, double-board certified gastroenterologist with the Delaware Center for Digestive Care in Newark, Delaware. In fact, probiotics have been shown to help us fight off everyday bugs, overcome irregularity in the bathroom, and manage digestive conditions.

Given their many benefits, its no wonder many of us have added probiotic supplements to our daily routines. Thing is, benefiting from a supplement isnt quite as simple as just remembering to take it at some point every day. Turns out, when we take our probiotic supplements actually has a pretty big impact on just how much theyre able to do for our digestive system.

Heres what top gut expertsand the latest sciencehave to say about when to take your probies.

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Does The Vitamin Shoppe Sell Cbd Gummies

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Research On Vaginal Probiotics Is Still Developing

To women suffering from recurrent vaginal conditions like BV and yeast infections, vaginal probiotics may seem like a lifeline. However, according to Dr. Krapf, Prolonged antibiotic treatments are more effective in reducing recurrence of bacterial vaginosis than probiotics.

That said, she confirms that promising research has shown vaginal probioticsespecially those including L. crispatusmay be useful in treating people with recurrent bacterial vaginosis, aerobic vaginitis, or urinary tract infections.

Women looking to supplement traditional Western medicine methods for treating vaginal bacterial imbalances with a vaginal probiotic may want to try one that contains the L. crispatus microbe. While vaginal suppositories have shown the most promise, several oral vaginal probiotics also contain this helpful bacteria.

Ongoing research could uncover additional uses for probiotics. There may be hope yet for women eager to avoid taking antibiotics and antifungals when encountering a vaginal bacteria imbalance.

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Pinpointing What You Need From A Probiotic

With the probiotic supplement market booming, you can now personalize your approach to probiotics in order to best meet your specific health needs. So, in addition to supporting your gut health, there are probiotics that can also support healthy skin, brain function, mood, energy, immune function, weight management, and more.

After pinpointing what you want your probiotics to achieve, you can better determine which type of supplement to choose.

When To Take Your Probiotics

Tonalin CLA | Supplement Spotlight | Vitamin Shoppe TV

After you eat, your stomachs pH rises to about a four, which is much less acidic and easier for probiotics to survive, so its best to take your probiotics alongside a meal, says Friedman. By consuming your probiotic with food, you provide a buffering system for the supplement and ensure its safe passage through the digestive tract, he says. Plus, aside from protection, food also provides your probiotic with the proper nourishment it needs to survive, grow, and multiply once in your gut.

A study published in the journal Beneficial Microbes found that probiotics taken with a mealor even within 30 minutes of eating somethingsurvived in much higher numbers than those taken 30 minutes after a meal. You see, about a half hour after you eat, the pH of your stomach once again becomes more acidic .

The study also noted that probiotics taken with food containing healthy fats had the greatest survival rates, so the authors recommend the meal you take your probiotics with contain some fat.

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Diggin Whats Good? For more essential health facts, tips, and inspiration, join our Facebook communities, Eating Healthy and Staying Fit, today!

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Who Might Be A Good Candidate For Vaginal Probiotics

Many women could find value in vaginal probiotics, according to Livingston. from recurrent yeast or bacterial vaginosis would benefit greatly from probiotics to help their vaginal flora to maintain a healthy balance, she says. Many of these women struggle from month to month with vaginal imbalances or infections. Others have such issues after having sex therefore, they mentally start to shut down their intimate life because the rebounding infections are that disruptive.

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