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Best Strains Of Probiotics For Weight Loss

Whats The Downside To Taking Probiotics

TOP 9 PROBIOTICS STRAINS – Health Benefits of Probiotics for Weight Loss & Leaky Gut

If youre beginning a probiotic supplement for the first time, some people report a temporary increase in gas or bloating. This usually subsides in a couple days, and then results in better digestion overall.

Taking a high dose of probiotics may result in side effects like gas, bloating or nausea. People who have immune dysfunction or other illness may be more susceptible to these side effects .

You can find probiotics in certain foods in fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, kimchi, or any fermented vegetable. Many people choose to boost their gut bacteria from foods instead of a probiotic supplement.

Some Strains Can Increase Histamine Levels

Some bacterial strains used in probiotic supplements can produce histamine inside the digestive tract of human beings.

Histamine is a molecule that is usually produced by your immune system when it finds a risk.

When histamine levels rise, blood vessels dilate to bring more blood to the affected location. The vessels likewise become more permeable so that immune cells can easily enter into the relevant tissue to fight any pathogens.

This procedure develops soreness and swelling in the afflicted area, and can likewise activate allergic reaction symptoms such as itching, watery eyes, runny nose or problem breathing.

Normally, histamine that is produced in your gastrointestinal system is naturally broken down by an enzyme called diamine oxidase . This enzyme hinders histamine levels from rising enough to trigger signs.

Some individuals with histamine intolerance have trouble effectively breaking down the histamine in their bodies, seeing as they do not produce adequate DAO.

The excess histamine is then absorbed through the lining of the digestive system and into the bloodstream, causing symptoms similar to an allergic reaction. Best Strains Of Probiotics For Weight Loss

Individuals with a histamine intolerance ought to avoid foods which contain excess histamine.

Theoretically, they may wish to choose probiotic supplements that do not consist of histamine-producing germs, but to date, there has actually been no research on this specific area.

Use Of Probiotics For Ibs

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a chronic condition that affects the large intestine. Symptoms of IBS include cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea and/or constipation. A systematic review published in 2019 looking at whether probiotics supplements improve IBS symptoms found that, overall, there was a beneficial effect from using multi-strain supplements for at least 8 weeks. However, none of the trials included in the review used the same probiotic mixtures. That being said, of the trials that reported beneficial effects of multi-strain probiotics, L. acidophilus was the most commonly represented probiotic, followed by S.thermophilus, B. breve and B. longum.

Another systematic review and meta-analysis published in 2019 looking at the efficacy and safety of probiotics for IBS concluded that probiotics can significantly improve the overall symptoms of IBS and abdominal pain. Similarly, the review also found that combinations of probiotics, rather than single-strains, appear to be more effective. However, similar to the study mentioned above, the paper stated that it was unclear what particular combination of probiotic species and strains were more likely to be effective, as all the studies included in the review used different combinations of strains and doses. The review concluded that Lactobacillus and Saccharomyces showed little or no beneficial effect, but that there was a trend toward a beneficial effect of Bifidobacterium.

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Can Probiotics Help You Lose Weight

There is some evidence to suggest that probiotics may help with weight loss. One study found that obese people who took a probiotic supplement lost more weight and body fat than those who didnt take the supplement.

Another study found that probiotics may help prevent weight gain and promote weight loss in women who are overweight or obese.

However, more research is needed to confirm these findings. If youre interested in trying probiotics for weight loss, speak to your doctor first.

Load Up On Pickled Cabbage

Pristine Food

Pickled cabbage is a type of sauerkraut that is made from white cabbage that has been fermented with salt. Pickled cabbage is a good source of fiber, which can help with weight loss and a healthy digestive system.

Fiber helps to keep you feeling full after eating, which can help you eat less and lose weight. Pickled cabbage also contains antioxidants, which can help protect your body against disease.

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What Are Probiotic Supplements

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, probiotics are healthy microorganisms that are already present in our bodies.

However,there are different instances when these could be disturbed, such as when onetakes antibiotics.

Asidefrom that, they also help improve our digestive health and immune system.

Probioticsupplements are dietary supplements that feature a single probiotic strand or acombination of several ones.

As asupplement, it should not be treated as a drug.

Thesesupplements have no approved therapeutic claim.

Probiotics May Help With Improved Energy And Glucose Metabolism

“There are some studies that link certain strains with improved energy metabolism and glucose metabolism. While there are some studies on specific bacterial strains, it seems that low diversity is a major culprit in obesity and inflammation,” says Foroutan. “So from that perspective, any high-quality probiotic could be helpful in addition to establishing the habits that promote bacterial diversity. Strains of interest include lactobacillus acidophilus, gasseri, reuteri, and fermentum, and bifidobacterium including B. longum, bifidum, and infantis,” she says.

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Olly Probiotic Nutritionals Recommendation Of Probiotic Pills For Females


  • Great Taste: These vitamins are flavorful and chewable. So, even though plant-based, they do come with a degree of fun-factor. For best results, take one to two pieces each day. Hence, this product combines form and immune function, presenting an enjoyable way to treat a medical condition.
  • Effective Probiotic Blend: Each gummy contains 500 million CFUs of the Bacillus probiotic strain and 1.5 grams of prebiotic combination. The prebiotic fiber stimulates the probiotic bacteria, allowing them to perform better. Also, it positively affects gut health too. As such, OLLY Probiotics are an excellent choice even for pro athletes.
  • Attractive Choices: This product comes in various flavors and gummy shapes. The four most popular ones include Tropical Mango, Juicy Apple, Bramble Berry, and Peach Peachy Peach. They have a candy-like flavor and are very easy to chew.
  • Effectiveness: OLLYs Balanced Belly Gummies consist of effective probiotics and prebiotic fiber. They operate alongside your bodys healthy bacteria. The probiotic strain Bacillus Coagulans helps maintain a healthy digestive tract and affects the immune system.


  • Possibility of a side effect
  • Expensive item

Good Gut Bugs Identified By Zoe:

Best Probiotics for Weight Loss – Jillian Michaels

Farhan : associated with higher insulin sensitivity and lower levels of insulin.

Hina : associated with higher insulin sensitivity and lower levels of insulin.

Oscar : associated with higher insulin sensitivity and lower levels of insulin.

Finn : associated with higher insulin sensitivity and decreased cardiovascular disease risk.

Rosie : associated with higher polyunsaturated fat levels and lower levels of insulin.

Cheng : associated with higher insulin sensitivity and lower levels of insulin.

Otis : associated with higher polyunsaturated fat levels and lower levels of insulin.

Euan : associated with higher polyunsaturated fat levels and lower levels of insulin.

Priscilla : associated with higher insulin sensitivity and lower levels of insulin.

Veronica : associated with higher insulin sensitivity and lower inflammation levels.

Felicia : associated with higher polyunsaturated fat levels and lower levels of insulin.

Valentina : associated with higher polyunsaturated fat levels and lower inflammation levels.

Biyu : associated with higher insulin sensitivity and lower levels of insulin.

Romeo : associated with higher polyunsaturated fat levels and lower inflammation levels.

Violet : associated with higher insulin sensitivity and lower insulin levels after you eat.

Microbes compete with each other in the gut for resources. So, if you boost your good bugs, you will likely reduce the number of bad bugs in your gut.

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Understanding Weight Gain Through Bacteria

Products sold on 1MD. Here’s The Science. On the most basic level, we know that you eat food, your body digests the food, and the waste gets eliminated.

After the week maintenance period, the weight of the women in the placebo group had remained stable but the probiotic group had continued to lose weight, for a total of 5. How does it work? Specifically, bacteria belonging to the Lactobacillus family have been found to act in this way and can support the maintenance of a healthy weight. After 12 weeks, people slugging the probiotic milk formulas dropped roughly 8 to 9 percent of their visceral fata particularly unhealthy type that builds up around your heart and organs.

Lactobacillus helps with heart health, lactose intolerance problems, increasing iron levels, lowering the risk of yeast infections, and so much more. Our online classes and training programs allow you to learn from experts from anywhere in the world. With Will Cole, D. But that’s not all these supplements can do.

Some studies have found that particular probiotic strains might make you add some weight. Hi everyone, this is Rajee! I accept loxs Privacy Policy. Hassle Free, Auto Ship Select your preferred delivery frequency and relax, knowing you’ll never run out of your favorite products. X Added to Cart Item successfully added to cart. The results largely depend upon the type of probiotic, as certain bacterial strains seem to provide specific results.

Benefits Of Probiotics For Weight Loss And Menopause Symptoms

There are plenty of weight loss-related benefits that menopausal women can experience when they start using the right probiotic supplement. Here are some of the primary ways in which adding probiotics to your daily regimen can help you combat menopause weight gain, manage other common symptoms, and feel more like your old self:

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What Has The Research Shown About Certain Probiotic Strains For Weight Loss

The existing research has examined varying strains of probiotics, such as different strains of lactobacillus in capsule and powder form, combinations of several bacteria strains, yogurt with added probiotics, and more. Currently, the probiotic species that are believed to have the most promising effects on weight loss or fat loss are:

  • Bifidobacterium
  • Lactobacillus spp.

However, keep in mind that there are strains of each of these species, and the amount of the specific strain also matters.

Whats The Distinction Between Probiotics And Prebiotics

This Affordable $17 Probiotic Basically Flushes Belly Fat ...

Each of them are important to assist immune well being, however theyve totally different capabilities. Probiotics are like meals for intestine micro organism, it passes via the digestive tract and is then eaten by the micro organism. Prebiotics assist strengthens them to combat towards the dangerous micro organism within the intestine. Most dietary supplements comprise prebiotics you possibly can all the time examine the label or products description to study extra about them.

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Why Some Probiotics Are Bad For Weight Loss

For many women frustrated by menopause weight gain, the idea of using probiotic supplements isnt new. Lots of them, possibly even you, have turned to probiotics from their local drug or health food store to try and reduce bloating, increase their energy, and get rid of the extra weight thats taken up residence around their midsection.

Are you hesitant about using probiotics again because you didnt see results, or possibly even gained more weight? The problem might have been that you were using the wrong probiotic strain or a subpar probiotic supplement. Here are some reasons why your probiotic may have caused weight gain or made your symptoms worse:

  • It contained the wrong strains: Strains like Lactobacillus acidophilus can encourage weight gain and are actually used for fattening up livestock
  • It contained lots of sugar or fillers: Many probiotic supplements contain fillers that may be less-than-ideal for your gut health probiotic-containing foods and beverages can also be loaded with sugar, which can alter your gut microbiome and feed bad bacteria
  • It didnt contain other beneficial ingredients: Probiotics are not the only ingredients that can help you stave off menopause weight gain things like curcumin, piperine, and Moringa leaf can also help to support hormone balance, reverse weight gain, and provide better effects than probiotics alone

How Do Probiotics Help With Weight Loss

Because of the links between the microbiome and weight that scientists have identified, changing the balance of the microbes in the gut to favor good bugs may help with weight loss.

However, it is not clear how or whether this actually works at this point. There are other theories about how probiotics might affect weight, including that they reduce fat absorption, but more research is needed.

There is currently no good quality evidence to show that taking a probiotic supplement will help with weight loss.

A recent analysis of studies that looked into probiotic supplements concluded that they dont work for weight loss. But the authors note that more rigorous research is needed.

Most of the studies they looked at did not qualify as well-conducted clinical trials, which means the author did not include them in their analysis.

ZOEs PREDICT1 study is a large clinical trial of over 1,000 people. Using the most advanced microbiome analysis tools, ZOE researchers have identified 15 good gut bugs that are linked to indicators of better health, along with specific foods that encourage them to thrive.

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How Long Do You Need To Take Probiotics To Start Losing Weight

With all of the great benefits you can achieve from taking probiotics you might be wondering how long it will take for you to start seeing results.

As with most things related to improving your health or losing weight, this isnt an overnight magic fix!

However, this study found that people began seeing results from their probiotics in just 4 weeks.

That means that in just one month you could start seeing a flatter stomach, less bloating, and improved IBS symptoms!

In that study, the participants took the probiotic twice a day in order to achieve those results. So if you feel like youre getting slow results by taking your probiotic just once a day you may want to consider increasing your intake to twice per day.

Now, while this study shows that you can start seeing weight loss and reduced bloating as soon as 4 weeks after you start taking your probiotic supplement its important to note that 4 weeks isnt when you will see maximum results.

This study found that the longer the participants took the probiotic, the more weight they lost!

The study was designed for 24 weeks. The initial 12 weeks were supposed to be the weight loss period when the researchers thought the participants would lose the most weight from taking the probiotic.

Then there was supposed to be a subsequent 12-week maintenance period when the participants would simply maintain their new lower weight.

This study shows that the longer you take probiotics, the more weight you will lose!

Can You Take Too Many Probiotics

The Best Probiotic For Weight Loss

If you have a medical condition that weakens your immune system, have recently had surgery, take antibiotics or have other medical conditions, talk to your health care provider before consuming supplemental probiotics.

Listen to your body, follow the recommendations above and read your instruction labels if you decide to supplement for general gut health purposes.

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How Does Gut Bacteria Affect Weight

Your gut microbiome influences everything in your body from digestion to nutrient absorption and even your immunity.

They change how much energy you get from your food which is a major contributor to high metabolism. Most people have a sluggish metabolism which results in fat storage because they have gut bacteria that are really inefficient.

Inflammation is one of the major driving factors of fat accumulation. Chronic inflammation is the bodys immune response to foreign materials and harmful pathogens in the bloodstream which escape through the intestinal junctions.

Gut bacteria effectively layer the intestinal junctions acting as a barricade which allows only nutrients to slip through. This prevents inflammation and helps you look slimmer.

Probiotics can also affect feelings of hunger, fullness, insulin sensitivity, and metabolic health by releasing hormones which act as neurological transmitters.

Certain good bacteria send signals to the brain to stop eating. An imbalanced gut microbiome with more harmful microbes will send hunger pang signals to the brain, making you crave more sugar and fatty foods.

How Probiotics Influence Weight

Your digestive system is a busy factory of trillions of bacteria. Some of these bacteria are friendly, helping you digest food and absorb nutrientswhile others can be harmful. When your gut is functioning optimally, theres a healthy balance that helps good bacteria keep the bad ones in check.

If something throws this complex system out of balance, such as an illness, poor diet, stress, or medication, the bacteria in your gut can shift in the wrong direction.

Research shows that a change in the amount or type of bacteria in your gut can affect your health, and contribute to weight gain, increased fat storage, and sometimes make it harder to lose weight .

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Probiotic Supplements Vs Foods

Probiotic supplements can be purchased in liquid, powder, capsule or pill form. Probiotics are also both found naturally and supplemented in foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, tempeh, miso and probiotic enriched yogurt. While the probiotic load in food is not nearly as significant as in a supplement, there are a lot of added benefits to eating probiotic-rich foods over taking a supplement, as many of these foods are also rich in vitamins and nutrition.

For example, lets take a look at probiotic yogurt. To be considered a probiotic yogurt in Canada, the stated serving size must contain a minimum level of 1 billion CFU. However, 1 billion CFU is not a therapeutic dose as it is far less than probiotic supplements which have upwards of 10 billion CFU. Quick and easy math tells us that you would need to consume upwards of 10 servings of probiotic yogurt to get the same amount of CFUs that are in one probiotic supplement. This would also mean that you would need to consume yogurt every single day. For more details on the probiotic food vs. supplement debate, check out our previous post here.

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