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Does Canned Sauerkraut Have Probiotics

The 3 Supermarket Sauerkraut Brands

Homemade Sauerkraut: more probiotics than yogurt!

Now that we know which factors are conducive to a higher content of probiotics in sauerkraut we can for the sauerkraut with the most probiotics. Naturally, you will have the most control over your sauerkrauts probiotic levels when making it at home.

But if thats not an option, lets look at some store-bought alternatives!

Suitable Fermenting Containers For Sauerkraut

For each 2 kg of cabbage that you are making into sauerkraut, you will need 4 litres of capacity in your fermenting container.

Were going to refer you to the The National Center for Home Food Preservation for their succinct advice on fermenting containers.

Note: they do warn that batches in small containers, such as Mason jars, can be prone to spoilage.

The Ball / Bernardin Complete Book says,

A 4-quart container is needed for every 5 pounds of fresh vegetables. Thus, when making sauerkraut with 25 lbs of cabbage, you will need a 20-quart container such as a stone crock or glass or food-grade plastic container. We do not recommend using multiple smaller containers, because there will be greater spoilage loss. Ball / Bernardin Complete. 2015. Page 344.

How To Chow Down

It’s easy to make your own sauerkraut, which keeps for a while in your fridge. Serve a little spoonful alongside pork or sausages or on top of toasted bread with avocado. If you’re going to have a hot dog , top it with sauerkraut, mustard and fresh onions. Yum.

  • There is no better make-ahead side for a summer BBQ than sauerkraut slaw. The flavors mature if you refrigerate it overnight — you’ll be asked for the recipe, so bring copies.
  • Nothing beats a Reuben sandwich, a classic in its own right. Make a healthy version by replacing the corned beef with turkey. While you’re at it, why not swap the bread for a scooped-out baked potato, top it with kraut, and call it dinner?

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What Are Probiotics In Sauerkraut

Essentially, probiotics in sauerkraut are tiny microorganisms that form in the process of fermentation. Sauerkraut ferments because it contains plenty of lactic acid bacteria that ferment the cabbage at around 18 degrees Celcius or 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

The fermentation process has a very specific purpose in sauerkraut: to rapidly proliferate lactic acid-producing bacteria, primarily Lactobacilli, through the food. These Lactobacilli cause the pH to decrease, rendering the environment acidic and inappropriate for the development of unwanted bacteria.

Pasteurised Vs Unpasteurised Sauerkraut: How Heating Destroys Good Bacteria

Top 5 Reasons Sauerkraut Outperforms Probiotic Supplements ...

People ask us questions like Why is raw sauerkraut better? and Whats the effect of pasteurisation on sauerkraut? This week well answer why raw, unpasteurised sauerkraut is better for our gut health as well as our overall health and wellbeing.

The humble sauerkraut has been with us for centuries. In pre-refrigeration days, our ancestors fermented the remains of the summer crop. This was to ensure there was no hungry gap during the winter.

The ability to store foods helped these communities survive lean times. In colder climates, the ability to store successfully over long periods was often the difference between life and death.

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Possibly Rich In Iron

The possibly high iron content in sauerkraut helps boost energy as it increases metabolism and blood circulation. More significantly, a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition found that the fermentation process in its preparation increases the bioavailability of iron. In other words, your body absorbs a higher amount of iron from sauerkraut than many other iron-rich foods.

Sauerkraut is finely cut raw cabbage that has been fermented. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

May Improve Brain Health

The probiotics in sauerkraut can relieve stress and social anxiety. Probiotic-rich foods keep the gut healthy, which may lead to improved mood and brain health. Although research in this area is still ongoing, several human and animal studies have shown that probiotics have a significant impact on our central nervous system.

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Garlic Rubbed Roasted Cabbage Steaks

  • black pepper
  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Pull outer leaves off the cabbage, and cut it into 1 thick slices starting at the top .
  • Use a pastry brush to evenly spread olive oil over both sides of the cabbage slices.
  • Rub both sides of each slice with garlic.
  • Sprinkle each side with a bit of Kosher salt if desired, and black pepper.
  • Roast on the middle rack of oven for 30 minutes. Carefully flip the cabbage steaks and roast for about an additional 30 minutes, checking to make sure they dont start to burn at the edges.
  • Serve hot and enjoy!

    Adapted from

    I prepared this for my family, and it is not an exaggeration to say we were, um, fighting over the cabbage steaks. Well, three of us were .

    Cabbage is high in vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B-6, manganese, and fiber, and is also a good source of many other vitamins and minerals. Its inexpensive and stores well a perfect winter vegetable. Keep it in your fridge lightly wrapped, dont wash till ready to use come back to it over a week later, and it is still like new. It can keep a long time.

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    Do You Reheat Sauerkraut Before Serving It With Brats

    If I Eat Sauerkraut Daily Do I Still Need To Take Probiotics?

    Combine the drained sauerkraut, optional sugar, beer, and browned bratwurst in a mixing bowl. Cook for five minutes before removing the lid and turning the bratwurst. Raise the heat to a medium simmer and cook for another 5-7 minutes with the lid off to absorb some of the liquid and finish cooking the bratwurst. Its OK if theres still some liquid in the pan.

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    Does All Sauerkraut Have Probiotics

    Quite often, commercially pickled items like sauerkraut or pickles that you can get in big supermarkets are made with vinegar. It is important to note that sauerkraut made with vinegar and/or is pasteurized does not contain live probiotics.

    Also, artificial coloring and preservatives are often added to the products that can further minimize the level of live bacteria that are actually found in sauerkraut.

    FERMENTED AND PICKLED ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS: Unlike fermenting, pickling merely means exposing foods to vinegar or brine, which doesnt facilitate fermenting as such.

    Where To Find Oligofructose

    Inulin is present in high concentrations in chicory root, agave, and even dandelions. It is present to a lesser extent in bananas, wheat, onions, asparagus, rye, and barley. Indeed, it has been found in over 36,000 plants around the world. Oligofructose, also present in these foods, is a similar fiber. Very surprisingly, Americans get only about 2 grams/day of these fibers, 70% from wheat and 20% from onions. Europeans eat three times this amount. Somehow our food industries and our eating habits have simply bypassed this remarkable fiber. These soluble prebiotic fibers have by far the most science behind them. Much of the research in the scientific literature, in fact, has been done with a combination of inulin and oligofructose.

    The mixture of these two fibers is called oligofructose-enriched inulin. It seems to provide a synergy whereby the mixture of the two has been found to be more effective in producing beneficial results than either one by itself. It is also a full-spectrum lower gut health solution because it acts in all areas of the colon, not just one localized site. The laboratory, animal and human studies reported in the medical literature are impressive and it is only just beginning. The benefits of these prebiotic fibers include better digestive health, improved immunity to disease, better appetite control, reduced anxiety, improved mineral absorption, stronger bones and more.

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    Directions For Option One

    Follow these simple directions to make your own sauerkraut that you can store for up to 4-6 months in your refrigerator:

  • Hollow out a head of cabbage. Cut the stem and core out, and then carefully cut on angles and spoon to hollow out the cabbage.
  • Pour salt into the cabbage. You will fill the hollowed out section with salt.
  • Fill a container with brine. This container must be big enough to hold your cabbage and the brine must fully cover the head of cabbage.
  • Cover and seal. Place your cabbage into the brine and seal it with a lid.
  • You can also watch the video on how to do this, here.

    What Are Fos Or Fructooligosaccharides

    Does Freezing Sauerkraut Kill Probiotics? (Explained)

    Fructooligosaccharide, also known as FOS, is a simple carbohydrate and soluble fiber that occurs naturally in many healthy foods. It fertilizes beneficial bacteria in the right side of the colon. Inulin is a complex soluble fiber that reaches the distal or left descending portion of the colon. Inulin and FOS together fertilize Bifido and Lactobacilli, the healthy bacteria that live throughout the colon.

    Eating foods or supplements that contain both fibers can provide for improved health throughout the lower gut, as well as greater overall wellness. Unlike Prebiotin, other prebiotic supplements contain only the fibers that fertilize one side of the colon not both. Our all-natural formula is the only supplement proven to give your body the nutrients it needs to nourish all of the bacteria in your gut, not just part of it.

    Beneficial gut bacteria improve your health in several diverse ways. Youll notice improved regularity, and if you suffer from a lower GI condition such as leaky gut syndrome, you may notice a reduction in uncomfortable symptoms. Beneficial gut bacteria also make it easier for your body to absorb plenty of calcium. Unfortunately, your body only absorbs about 30 percent of what you consume. Prebiotins oligofructose-enriched inulin is clinically proven to increase the bioavailability of calcium already in your diet, making you less susceptible to osteoporosis.

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    It’s Paired With Gut Busters

    While yogurt is often touted as a rich source of probiotics, that doesn’t mean that every yogurt variety is always the best choice. The plethora of options in the grocery store can sometimes contain large amounts of refined sugars and artificial sweeteners, both of which are linked to poor gut health. Instead, choose yogurts that don’t contain added sugars and have a short ingredients list to get the full benefits.

    Does Sauerkraut Have All The Probiotics I Need

    Sauerkraut, or “sour cabbage,” is an example of a fermented food that’s loaded with lactic acid probiotics. The sauerkraut bacteria provide you with tons of health benefits, but they also increase the shelf life of the sauerkraut because they act as a preservative.

    Video of the Day

    But you may be more concerned with whether or not sauerkraut can give you all the probiotics you need so that you don’t have to take a supplement. The short answer is yes.


    Fermented foods like sauerkraut are one of the richest sources of probiotics out there. A 2-tablespoon serving of sauerkraut meets the recommended CFUs, or colony-forming units, that you need per day.

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    Why Raw Sauerkraut Is Healthier

    Sauerkraut is a staple in Eastern European diets and is growing in popularity throughout the world. This dish was introduced long ago to preserve cabbage by mixing shredded cabbage with fresh salt and putting pressure on the mixture to release water, ultimately creating the right environment for fermentation. This process encourages the growth of microbes or good bacteria, commonly known as probiotics.

    What To Do With Canned Sauerkraut

    Probiotics from Sauerkraut – Watch Out Colitis!

    20 ways to eat plain sauerkraut with your meal. I know, not particularly exciting, but the most common and easiest way to eat it. Eat it like salsa. Replace the sauerkraut for the salsa with peppers like my cilantro jalapeño. Put it on the eggs. Add it to a burrito. It is delicious with avocado. Avocado toast. Use it in a dip. Vinaigrette.

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    So What Are The Health Benefits Of Sauerkraut

    Research has shown that probiotics found in canned sauerkraut arebeneficial to digestive health, feeding good bacteria in your gut and combatinflammation. It was found that sauerkraut has helped in reducing gas, bloatingand constipation.

    Surprisingly, there has also been new research on the correlation betweengood gut bacteria and long-term physical health and mental health.

    With so many promises canned sauerkraut offers to an individualswell-being, heres a more in-depth lense into the many things sauerkraut canhelp you with.

    What If You Can’t Make It

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    May Help Maintain Strong Bones

    The minerals found in sauerkraut make it ideal for building strong bones and preventing osteoporosis. A high level of vitamin K2 is important for maintaining the integrity and strength of your bones, as vitamin K produces the proteins that regulate bone mineralization. This vitamin may also aid in delaying the onset of age-related bone loss in post-menopausal women.

    Word of Caution: Sauerkraut is very high in sodium, Hence, caution is advised for people with cardiovascular and renal diseases. Speak to your doctor about an appropriate level of sauerkraut consumption if you suffer from these types of health concerns.

    May Promote Heart Health

    How to Pick the Best Sauerkraut on the Market

    Sauerkraut may contribute to a healthier heart.

    Thats because it contains a good amount of fiber and probiotics, both of which may help reduce cholesterol levels .

    Probiotics such as those found in sauerkraut may also help lower blood pressure slightly in people with hypertension. People seem to achieve the best results when they take at least 10 million CFUs per day for longer than 8 weeks .

    Moreover, sauerkraut is one of the rare plant sources of menaquinone, more commonly known as vitamin K2.

    Vitamin K2 is believed to help reduce the risk of heart disease by preventing calcium deposits from accumulating in the arteries .

    In one study, regular intake of vitamin-K2-rich foods was linked to a 57% lower risk of dying from heart disease over the 710 year study period .

    In another, women reduced their risk of heart disease by 9% for every 10 mcg of vitamin K2 they consumed per day (

    78 ).

    This is thought to contribute to stronger, healthier bones. In fact, several studies have shown that vitamin K2 may benefit bone health.

    For instance, a 3-year study in postmenopausal women observed that those taking vitamin K2 supplements experienced slower rates of age-related loss in bone mineral density .

    Similarly, several other studies have reported that taking vitamin K2 supplements reduced the risk of spine, hip, and non-spine fractures by 6081% .


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    How Do Brands Add Probiotics To Sauerkraut

    To try and make up for the lost probiotics, many brands are incorporating supplemental probiotics in their canned sauerkraut. This is done by adding bacteria and yeast spores into the food before the container is sealed airtight. By the time the spores start to grow into live probiotics, the temperature of the sauerkraut will have cooled down to habitable levels.

    Desirable Fermentation Temperature Ranges

    The USDA Complete Guide says,

    For obtaining a good quality sauerkraut at home, the USDA recommendation is to store at 70º to 75ºF while fermenting. At temperatures between 70º and 75ºF , kraut will be fully fermented in about 3 to 4 weeks at 60º to 65ºF , fermentation may take 5 to 6 weeks. At temperatures lower than 60ºF , kraut may not ferment. Above 75ºF , kraut may become soft. USDA Complete Guide. 2015. Page 6-8.

    Linda Ziedrich says, Set the container out of direct sunlight at cool room temperature, no higher than 75º F . Sauerkraut that ferments at cooler temperatures 65º F or lower has the best flavour and colour and highest vitamin C levels. The Joy of Pickling. 2016. Page 217 and 221.

    Wisconsin Extension says if the temperature gets too cold, all is not lost: If the temperature drops below freezing, fermentation will stop, but will start again when the temperature rises into a favourable range. Make your own sauerkraut. Page 3

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    How To Buy The Best Sauerkraut

    When buying sauerkraut, there are few things you need to look out for. Always check the product label and look for the following.

    Your sauerkraut should be:

    • Unpasteurized
    • Free of vinegar

    The labels will tell you if it is naturally fermented. Once opened, if the jar bubbles up, its a sign that living organisms are present and brimming with probiotic power for you.

    At this point, I should mention that pickled and pasteurized foods are not bad for you. Pickled sauerkraut or pickles can taste absolutely great, but they just come without the benefits of live cultures.

    Also, if you are planning to cook/heat your sauerkraut, then the probiotic content of the product does not matter as the heat will kill the bacteria anyway.

    Probiotics can be found naturally in fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, and sauerkraut, and our ancestors were consuming fermented foods as far back as 10,000 years ago.

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